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Film Posters

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Posters used to advertise a specific movie, usually for its cinema release. Other media have their posters, too.

Compare Cover Tropes.

If you're designing one yourself and need a little guidance, visit Design a Film Poster for some pointers and elements common to posters for films and the various genres they belong to.

Notable film poster artists:

  • John Alvin
  • Andrew Bannister
  • Saul Bass
  • Robert Brownjohn
  • Steven Chorney
  • Claire Curtis
  • Bill Gold
  • Kyle Lambert
  • Robert E. McGinnisnote 
  • Bob Peak
  • Karine Savard
  • Jay Shaw
  • Tony Seiniger
  • Akiko Stehrenberger
  • Drew Struzan
  • Howard Terpning
  • Tomi Ungerer
  • James Verdesoto