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Fan-Preferred Couple
aka: Fan Preferred Pairing

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"I won't marry Jo to Laurie to please anyone."
— From the journal of Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, who has had it with the fan letters asking of her to do that.

A lot of fans are rooting for this couple to get together. A lot. Way more than they are for any conceivable alternative. And it is not happening.

Unrelated discussions degenerate into Ship-to-Ship Combat involving them. Fan-Art of them embracing passionately is everywhere. Threads dedicated to gushing over their sweet, fluffy, legendary love and scorching hatred of anyone in the way dominate forums. Bits of trivia are cited and Word of God is creatively interpreted to show that they are going to happen. The Official Couple they're breaking up gets only three votes in fan support polls, possibly including one vote cast by a very alarmed author. They are a phenomenon shrouded in infamy.

And still yet, in spite of it all, they are not happening. Certainly not now, and probably not ever.

A subreaction of Better Than Canon. Most often the result of a Relationship Writing Fumble, or a Romantic False Lead whom the audience latched onto, but sometimes happens by design or because fandoms just make no sense. Often, but not always, involves disregarding a competing Official Couple with extreme prejudice. Can eventually lead to an Author's Saving Throw or a Writer Revolt.


The highest aspiration of a Fan-Preferred Couple is to beat the odds and evolve into an Official Couple. This is about the only way the same couple can end up being both of these things.

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Other examples:

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     Fan Works 
  • Quite a few reviewers in Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità prefer Itapan over Gerita. There are plenty who also like Geritapan.
  • In The Vampire Diaries story "To Build A Home", reviewers preferred Stephanie with Klaus rather than her canon love interest Jeremy. The fact that they dated in the past (despite her not remembering it) factors in.
  • Similarly, in The Jill Gilbert Saga, reviewers preferred Jill with Stefan over Tyler, whom she has long been in love with. It only recently became canon.
  • In Child of the Storm:
    • While neither of these pairings has come about, fans have vocally called for Harry Potter/Carol Danvers, on the grounds of the considerable chemistry the two share despite their mutual insistence that they are Just Friends, over the Word of God stated original plan of Harry/Ginny. While the author has been enigmatic about the former (though his attitude has shifted from "never gonna happen" to, "All right, the Portmanteau Couple Name is cute"), the latter has been confirmed to have been removed, as part of a raft of grand scale changes to the future of the story.
    • The story also manifests an example of this trope, with a strong Bucky/Natasha dynamic woven in, despite the fact that the fic as a whole is heavily based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with not even a tiny bit of Bruce/Natasha chemistry (despite it being MCU canon).
    • Relatively early on, the author created a poll out of curiosity to see who fans would prefer Harry to be with. Jean Grey won by a clear margin, with Emma Frost and Hermione Granger not far behind, tied in second place. Based on Word of God, Harry's not going to be paired with any of them - Jean Grey is his cousin and Cool Big Sis, though a letter written by a version of Harry from the future notes that she's 'disconcertingly attractive' and pretty definitely shipped with Scott Summers, Emma Frost and Harry are stated not to get on at all and the narration has on more than one occasion noted that Harry very rarely notices that Hermione is female and is 'about as attracted to her as he is to mould'.
    • A more recently released poll confirmed that Harry/Carol is the most popular possible choice, but also showed that Harry/Diana was a very close second.
  • Despite being a killer, burned dream-demon, many readers of Tainted Dreams would rather see Helyse being with Freddy Krueger than with Jonathan. AnaShadowWolf (the author) went so far as make a poll during the fic to know with whom the readers wanted to see Helyse with. Freddy won. By a large margin.
  • In Suzumiya Haruhi no Seitenkan, the gender-swapped version of Haruhi Suzumiya, will pair the canon's Kyon with his Distaff Counterpart, Kyonko. While the ship passes under the radar of fans of the regular series, it stands out that at least half the fan fics of the genderswap features Kyonko with Kyon.
  • A Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and Naruto crossover called Angels and Ninjas has many reviewers wanting a Naruto/Stocking pairing rather than Naruto/Panty and Sasuke/Stocking note  due to the fact that Naruto and Stocking obviously have better chemistry, spend a considerable amount of time together, get along better than Naruto does with Panty and Stocking does with Sasuke and that's not even mentioning the fact they share a bed.
  • Happens In-Universe in the South of Nowhere story Romance on the Set. Spencer was originally cast as the main character Mandy's love interest, but fans of the show preferred Mandy with the Perky Goth Rachel instead.
  • Weiss Reacts: Fans wanted Ruby and Weiss to get together in Volume 1, knowing that the author was also a fan of the couple, which they end up doing, upgrading it to the Official Couple.
    • In Volume 2, Jaune and Winter are favoured by fans to get together in place of the aforementioned Weiss, Pyrrha or Minako.
  • Advice and Trust has a large and vocal fan contingent that actually quite likes the idea of Asuka and Shinji giving Rei the "Israfel Special". Doing It Right This Time and Neon Metathesis Evangelion were both written as a result of wanting to see said pairing come to fruition. (The author of Advice & Trust took this really rather well, by the way, and has in fact commented favourably on both.)
  • Some readers of Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox were in favor of Naruto and Ino hooking up, due to Ino displaying the traditional Tsundere behavior in response to Naruto's put-on stupidity, but many more were in favor of the more expected Naruto/Hinata pairing. Although in-story Ino is presented as The Matchmaker and Shipper on Deck for Naruto and Hinata, the author twice saw it necessary to conductu a poll to determine which of the two pairings should win out; both times, Hinata won out over Ino. The Distant Finale has Naruto and Hinata being married, while Ino is married to Sai; however, the Ship Tease continues with Ino's daughter being hinted to like Naruto's son.
  • Despite initially being presented as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Lelouch's wife Abigail in ''Dauntless received enough Character Development that fans started wanting her and Lelouch to be the Official Couple rather than Lelouch/C.C. Aurora Gale found this hilarious.
  • Out of the many ships on The PreDespair Kids, one of the most beloved is between Peko and Original Character Rina Kirishima, Class 79's Ultimate Taxidermist. The latter started off as a shy, insecure girl who hated being weak, and who asked Peko to give her sword fighting lessons. Over the course of the story, both of them undergo quite a bit of Character Development, with Rina becoming much more confident in herself and Peko growing out of her own shell. It's also very clear that Rina has a crush on Peko, and Everyone Can See It aside from Peko herself.
  • In Supergirl story Hellsister Trilogy, most of readers would rather see Kara Zor-El hooking up again with her traditional Love Interest Brainiac 5 than with Dev-Em, a character who made few appearances prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths and is rather impopular among Legion of Super-Heroes fans.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse): In the earlier chapters, a number of readers suggested the possibility of Oliver/Kara or Tommy/Kara, despite Oliver already being slated to be either with Laurel or Nyssa, while Kara remained single. The author permanently sunk former by reiterating that none of the three leads (Oliver, Barry, and Kara) would be paired with each other, and sunk the latter by informing readers that, like Kara, Tommy wasn't getting paired with anyone for plot reasons.
  • Well, “fan” is a relative term, but anyone who's read Supper Smash Bros: Mishonh From God will point out the blatant subtext between Sara and her best friend Lauren, to the point that most people seem to prefer pairing them together rather than pairing Lauren with Ike and Sara with one of her numerous boyfriends. The author's repeated denial that she's a lesbian hasn't stopped anyone.

  • Wooden Overcoats doesn't have much by way of canon romance — Antigone has an unrequited crush on Eric, and Eric has unrequited feelings for Georgie. By far the biggest ship in the fandom, however, is Rudyard/Eric despite (or because of) the fact that they're rivals and Rudyard hates him.

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