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Fall 2015 Anime

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This chart is a list of known TV anime series that aired between October and December 2015, along with their Laconic descriptions.

For the previous season see Summer 2015 Anime. For the next season see Winter 2016 Anime.

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TV Series

  • Ani Tore EX
    Airing from October 12

    Budding idols doing exercise routines.


  • The Asterisk War
    Airing from October 3

    In a World… where the apocalypse brings about power in humanity, we follow a boy and his school as they go for glory in the "Star Wars Festival".

  • Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation (Sakurako-san no Ashimoto Ni Wa Shitai Ga Umatteiru)
    Airing from October 7

    A high school boy hangs out with a woman in her 20s that likes bones. They get involved in mysteries involving bones.

  • Brave Beats
    Airing from October 11

    Dancing anime by the staff of Tribe Cool Crew. This time, a boy becomes a hero by fusing with a machine.

  • Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan)
    Airing from October 3

    In a school for mage-knights, we follow an F-ranked boy, who gets paired with an A-ranked girl.

  • Comet Lucifer
    Airing from October 4

    On a planet known for mining crystals, a boy meets a mysterious girl.

  • Fist of the North Star: The Taste of Strawberry (Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji)
    Airing from October 6

    A parody of the iconic series, centered around Holy Emperor Souther trying to befriend Kenshiro.

  • GARO: Crimson Moon (Garo -Crimson Moon-)
    Airing from October 9 for 2 cours

    A new GARO series, set in the Heian era.

  • Hacka Doll the Animation
    Airing from October 2 as 10-minute shorts

    A comedy about news app mascots and their life in their master's phone.

  • Haikyuu!! 2
    Airing from October 3

    Second season

  • Kagewani
    Airing from October 2 as 10-minute shorts

    In the modern day, monsters suddenly appear and attack humans.

  • Lance N Masques
    Airing from October 1

    A boy belonging to the last remaining knight order decides to watch over a girl that lives on her own.

  • Onsen Yousei Hakonechan
    Airing from October 4 for 13 episodes

    A hot spring spirit who's lost her powers meets a boy who helps her get them back.

  • Osomatsu-san
    Airing from October 5

    A Milestone Celebration commemorating the 80th birthday of Fujio Akatsuka, the creator of the 50s and 60s manga Osomatsu-kun. The series follows the sextuplet protagonists of the original manga in their adult years, but losing absolutely none of the zaniness of the first series.

  • Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai (Anti-Magic Academy 35th Test Platoon)
    Airing from October 7

    In a platoon for poor students at a school to train anti-mage soldiers, our hero is a boy who can only fight with swords.

Friendless girl meets a group of Academic Athletes and form a Amateur Sleuth group together. Adapted from a series of children's novels.

The Testament of Sister New Devil Burst (Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst)
Airing from October 9 for 1 cour

Second season.

  • ValkyrieDrive -Mermaid-
    Airing from October 10

    An action series set on a artificial archipelago, with girls turning into weapons. Yuri fanservice abounds.

  • YuruYuri San☆Hai!
    Airing from October 5 for 1 cour

    Third season