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Fall 2011 Anime

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This is a list of TV Anime series that aired between September to November 2011, along with their Laconic descriptions.

Forum thread.

See Summer 2011 Anime for the previous season and Winter 2012 Anime for the one after that.

TV Series:
  • Bakuman。 Season 2
    Airing from October 1st for 25 episodes

    Second season of the Bakuman。 anime based on the manga, a series about a couple of aspiring mangaka trying to make it in Shonen Jump.
  • Ben-To
    Airing from the 8th of October

    Based on a Light Novel series, this is an Action-Comedy show about the epic battles between the customers of the local supermarket, in order to claim one of the rare, half-priced bentos. Really, that's the plot.
  • Haganai
    Airing from October 6th

    The protagonist, Kodaka, looks like a delinquent and scares everyone. The female lead, Yozora, is sullen and talks to imaginary friends. Together they decide to start a club for people without any real friends.
  • C3 - Cube×Cursed×Curious
    Airing from October 1st, for 1 cour

    The main character is an otherwise Ordinary High-School Student that is resistant to curses. He regularly receives cursed items from his father, including, one day, a mysterious, heavy cube. That night, he wakes up from a noise from the kitchen and finds a naked young woman stealing some rice crackers. She is the human form of the cube, and the two of them go on to fight other cursed items.
  • Future Diary
    (OVA teaser Short PV)
    Airing from October 9th, for 26 episodes.

    The Animated Adaptation of the manga about twelve people given "diaries" which can predict the future and are forced to kill one another in a survival game created by God.
  • Guilty Crown
    (trailer) (forum thread)
    Airing from October 13th, for 2 cours (probably totalling 22 episodes)

    An anime about a seventeen-year-old boy with a psychic ability in his right hand which allows him to extract tools from his friends. He meets a girl from a La Résistance which fights against the government using Humongous Mecha. Scheduled to air during the noitaminA block.
  • Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
    (trailer) forum thread
    Airing from October 1st, for 1 cour, with a second season sometime in 2012

    An After the End series by Sunrise in which humans move to an "upper world" after the Earth is devastated. The upper world is also destroyed after a war, and humans return to a mostly uninhabitable Earth as they rebuild the upper world.

    ...This sounds depressing, but the series is mostly about large-breasted girls fighting each other in ridiculous outfits.
  • Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam
    (Trailer) (forum thread)
    Airing from the 7th of October

    Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing is a new original tale in the Last Exile universe. It features new characters, new mechanics and an all new story centered around the young ace vanship pilot, Fam, and her trusted navigator, Giselle, as they pilot their vanship, Vespa, through the free and peaceful skies.
  • Mashiro-iro Symphony
    Airing October 4th for 1 cour

    A boys' school and a girls' school are merging. Our protagonist is sent to attend the girls' school for an integration period before the actual merger. The problem? All the girls there hate guys.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
    Airing from October 9th

    In A.G 108, seven year old Flit Asuno lost his mother when UE attacked his colony "Ovan". His mother left him a memory unit "AGE" which had stored data of an ancient mobile suit Gundam. In A.G. 114, Flit completes the Gundam AGE and counterattacks against GAFRA Ns.
  • Squid Girl
    Airing from September 26th.

    The second season about the Slice of Life Comedy adventures of the Squid Girl who wants to take over the world.
  • Tamayura: Hitotose
    Airing from the 3rd of October for 1 cour

    A peaceful Slice of Life series following its first OVA version. The story takes place in the town of Takehara at the Seto Inland Sea and is about a girl who likes taking pictures.
  • Towa no Quon
    Airing biweekly from the 14th of October for 6 hour-long movies

    Children are beginning to wake up with strange powers and an unnamed group is attempting to capture them.
  • Un-Go
    Airing from October 13th, for 11 episodes.

    An original noitaminA series produced by Studio Bones. A re-imagining of Ango Sakaguchi's Meji-era detective stories in a near-future setting.
  • Wagnaria!!: Season 2
    (Trailer) (forum thread)
    Airing regularly from October 1st, with an early premiere on September 3rd.

    Second season of the anime about a seventeen-year-old boy hired to work for a family restaurant. He loves small things ranging from insects to children. The restaurant employees are an equally strange crew of workers.