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"Staring contest! You lose!"


A Stock Superpower (and also a classic Super Robot weapon) that allows characters to shoot blasts out of their eyes. Blasts of what, you ask? Sometimes the generic, all-encompassing term of "energy." Sometimes "heat," in which case it is (logically) known as Heat Vision. Sometimes "lasers," in which case it is known (again, with excessive logic) as Laser Vision. The point is, they hurt. These are the real Glowing Eyes of Doom.

This is the stock power of the Mecha Mook and those with powers beyond mortal men. Also, a stock joke about "laser eye surgery" fad.

Seldom is it explained how a beam which can burn or injure just about anything else is contained when trapped behind the character's eyelids, nor how the beam-producing mechanism within the eye avoids obstructing the vision of the actual seeing parts of the eye.


Compare X-Ray Vision, Deadly Gaze, Magical Eye, Breath Weapon, Hand Blast and Psi Blast. Often The Glasses Come Off for this. A favorite attack for the Oculothorax. Not to be confused with I-beams, the architectural element, although those too can be used as weapons.

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  • In Metro Manners's "Aisle Blocking" PSA, Super Kind vaporizes Rude Dude's bike with her eyes.

    Asian Animation 
  • In BoBoiBoy, whenever BoBoiBoy Light isn't shooting light beams with his hands, he's doing it with his eyes instead.

    Card Games 
  • At one point, the silver golem Karn in Magic: The Gathering vaporizes a Phyrexian who has latched onto his arm with,"A blinding light from his eyes".
  • One of the powers in Super Munchkin. Users risk accidentally destroying their own headgear with it.

    Fan Works 
  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): In their final form, Viv and San gain the ability to fire Gravity Beam-like Destroyed Thunder from their eyes, an ability which the original Toho incarnation of Monster X possessed.
  • Advice and Trust: Zeruel's optic beams are extremely powerful. He used them to pierce nearly all defensive layers of the cast's underground base and nearly vaporized Rei with them.
  • In Power Girl fanfic A Force of Four, three Kryptonian criminals use their heat vision wantonly to burn places down and punish or even fry enemies.
    The three outlaws of Krypton were standing in a circle about Power Girl, sending six beams of heat from their eyes at her caped back. One Kryptonian could cause pain. Two could injure. Three could destroy.
  • The Child of Love: In chapter 7 the cast fights an Angel is armed with a wide beam of yellow light it shoots at regular intervals.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Shinji has heat vision thanks to his Kryptonian DNA. He uses it most memorably to burn Leliel down when it tries to Mind Rape Asuka in a scene which is a homage to For the Man Who Has Everything.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Asuka has heat eye-beams due to being half-Kryptonian. She discovers this when she is cooking and accidentally sets the eggs on fire.
  • In Origin Story, Alex Harris (being a Kryptonian trapped in the '"Marvel Universe'') uses her heat vision multiple times, most notably to disable Carol Danvers.
  • In the Haunted Mansion and the Hatbox Ghost Fan Verse, the One-Eyed Black Cat can project a laser-like red beam from his "missing" eye, which can destroy, reshape, mind-control, and a dozen other things.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku is Kryptonian, with the Heat Vision to match. It's currently powerful enough to slice off the arm of a robot with ease and bore through the hide of a rotting Kaiju corpse, but his lack of practice has made his fine control poor, to the point that he can't cut in a straight line.
  • In the Undertale AU Inverted Fate, Undyne has a robotic left eye that can shoot lasers instead f an eyepatch, as she is the Royal Scientist instead of the Captain of the Royal Guard she was in canon.
  • In Showa & Vampire, Black 13 has the ability to fire lasers from his eyes.
  • Inner Demons: This is an apparently inherent ability of Queen!Twilight's zombie soldiers.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Supergirl's heat vision is her best weapon, but Darkseid's Omega Effect eye beams can easily hurt or even kill a Kryptonian.
    She’d tried to keep out of the way of his Omega Effect beams, but, finally, it just wasn’t possible. The terrible beams from his eyes lanced out, caught her in the eyes, and dealt out blindness and pain. Supergirl screamed.
  • In The Last Daughter, Taylor discovers she can shoot heat blasts from her eyes during her fight with Behemoth.
  • In Project Ignition, Lux's optic beams hurt as bad a Procyon shots, so it's best to just not get hit.
  • The Future Flash: Bart Allen has this power due to being half-Kryptonian.
  • "Recently we picked up a Dennis The Menace storybook with charming Bob Paplow illustrations. What we didn't bargain on, however, was that the original owner had used a pencil and his or her imagination to turn a prosaic story of Dennis and Ruff into an orgy of BLASTING MUTANT-STYLE EYEBEAMS!!!"
  • Xu Chu has these in Farce of the Three Kingdoms. Ma Chao complains that this is out of genre (he's wrong).
  • In the A Dip In The Inkwell oneshot "Lemonade Pitcher", Estimation Eddie wears an Eyepatch of Power that covers up his eye, which can shoot beams that create and reheat hot dogs. When he tries to use his power for the former purpose to help his teammates, however, he ends up getting injured and fears that the energy in his eye can backfire and cause him severe brain damage.

  • In the Sorcery! series, Red-Eyes are a race of lanky humanoids whose eyes are constantly closed. That's because when they open them, they can shoot fiery beams that are quite deadly. Having such a lethal weapon at their disposal has made all of them conceited bullies.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Incredibles:
    • The first movie features an eye-blasting hero named GazerBeam. He's already been murdered by the villain Syndrome before the movie starts. He uses the power to leave an important clue: the password to the computer in Syndrome's lair.
    • Baby Jack-Jack starts manifesting these during his Day in the Limelight short film Jack-Jack Attack. The rest of the family learn he has this ability, among many others, during the sequel. During the climax Violet picks Jack-Jack up and basically uses him as a gun to shoot one of their enemies by shouting "Pew Pew" to get Jack-Jack to fire his beams.
  • A witness in Monsters, Inc. credits Boo with "laser vision" that she used to blast a car.
  • The title character in The Iron Giant involuntarily deploys these if someone shoots at it, even if it's only with a toy gun.
  • In Megamind, after Hal gets empowered and becomes Tighten, he uses these to write his alias across the city. He also uses them against a mannequin of Megamind.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Brandon from Brightburn, in addition to the other powers of the Superman package, also has laser eyes. But given that this kid is a supervillain, and that this is a horror flick, he puts this power to very horrific use on his father after he tries to shoot him.
  • Gort from the original The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951).
  • DC Extended Universe:
    • In Man of Steel, Superman's heat vision blasts look more focused than Zod's, presumably because Superman has had more time to master it. Both of them seem to find the ability painful to switch on and off.
    • In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Doomsday has eye beams, presumably because he was created from Zod's corpse. This allows him and Superman to have a brief but awesome Beam-O-War.
    • In Zack Snyder's Justice League, Alfred Pennyworth reverse-engineered Kryptonian tech to make Batman's gauntlets plasma-proof, which ends up being very useful when an angry revived Superman targets the Dark Knight with his eye beams. Later on, in scenes showing how the Bad Future started, Darkseid uses his Omega Beams to kill some Atlanteans.
  • Also found in the world of daikaiju (giant monsters), such as Godzilla foes Battra, Mechagodzilla, and Gigan.
    • Gigan is a special case as it never had eye beams in its first two appearances (it had a laser weapon in its forehead that was never used) but the games give Gigan one despite that. Gigan's first film eye beam attack was in the Millennium era film Godzilla: Final Wars, where it was a short range attack called "Cluster Light Beam" and caused a explosion as the beams split apart, like a cluster bomb. In the Pipeworks Godzilla Trilogy, Gigan has both a long range beam and short range "shotgun blast".
    • In Toho's fantasy adventure film Yamato Takeru eye beams are a powerful weapon used by both the titular hero and his foe the Physical God Tsukuyomi. When the latter is in his Scaled Up Orochi form he can even shoot lightning bolts from his (many) eyes.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • The Marvel movies also give us Thor. The Destroyer armor opens its mask to reveal an empty helmet, and you can see the inside of the empty suit glowing like a furnace. Whenever this happens, this means a massive beam of KABLOOEY is about to be unleashed. Though it does stretch the definition of the 'eye' portion of the trope a little.
    • This is one of Ikaris' powers in Eternals, and he is considered by several of the other Eternals as the most powerful among them.
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. After Captain Kirk and Spock question the authenticity of "God", he fires beams of energy out of his eyes at them. He does it again while pursuing Kirk later on.
  • Kryptonians have heat vision in the Superman:
  • The 1985 shot-in-the-Philippines post-apocalyptic film Warriors of the Apocalypse features a duel between two characters with this power.
  • When the Grand High Witch destroys a fellow witch for daring to argue with her in The Witches (1990), this is the form her magical incineration attack takes.
  • X-Men Film Series

  • Ok Go song Invincible have this in lyrics:
    When they finally come to destroy the Earth
    They'll have to deal with you first
    And now, my money says they won't know about
    The thousand Fahrenheit hot metal lights behind your eyes
  • "CNR" by "Weird Al" Yankovic includes the lyric:
    Ninja warrior, master of disguise
    He could melt your brain with his laser beam eyes
    Oh yeah
    Oh yeah
    • Weird Al also offers "Slime Creatures from Outer Space:"
      They'll zap you with their death ray eyes/and blow you up real good
  • This was one of Paul Stanley's powers in their TV movie, KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park.
    • Afterwards, the band spent $250,000 trying to come up with a way for Paul to appear to shoot laser beams from his eye during their concerts.
    • Ace Frehley is shown with these on the cover of Rock And Roll Over.
  • In the music video for "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons has the teddy bear, after defeating the champion vaporize two of the boss's Mooks with its eyes.
  • In They Might Be Giants "The Lady and the Tiger", the Lady from Frank Stockton's "The Lady, or the Tiger?" claims to have laser eyes that she plans to use to escape, but the Tiger doesn't think that's such a good idea:
    The Lady said "I'm busting out of this prison,
    I got laser vision
    And I'm burning a hole in the wall!"
    The Tiger said "Wait, you'll start a fire
    Destroy the entire
    Lady and the Tiger hall!"
  • The surreal music video for Hot Chip's single "I Feel Better" - which already features an angelic figure with a Breath Weapon - also ends with the floating head of a black man who can fire lasers from his eyes, who uses this power to kill off the parody boy band Hot Chip's portrayed as, the actual members of Hot Chip, and a few audience members before destroying the stage itself.

    Myths & Religion 


    Theme Parks 

    • Heat Vision is one of the 42 Makuta powers. Other users include Rahkshi of Heat Vision and Tahu.
    • Most Skakdi, including the Piraka, have some variant of this as well. Noticeably, not all of them had offensive-based versions. Three of the Piraka had telescopic/x-ray vision, infrared vision, and spellbinder (basically inducing confusion and vertigo) vision respectively alone.

    Web Animation 
  • Burnt Face Man from the flash animation series by the same name, attempts to use "his laser eyes" to catch a falling baby. He does not have said power. Baby go splat.
  • FreedomToons:
    • Ben Shapiro (and his family) use these to obliterate their debate opponents.
    • Marianne Williamson uses this at the end of "Dem Debate 2: Electoral Boogaloo".
  • X-Ray & Vav has this as X-Ray's main weapon, a pair of glasses that also give him X-Ray Vision. However, X-Ray is such a horrible shot, he'll end up destroying the city before he hits his target.
  • DSBT InsaniT:
    • Robo-Wolf can fire powerful red laser beams from its eyes.
    • Robo has eye beams, but they are really weak.
    • Portica has 'eye laser rings', as Boo calls them.
    • Rodney has eye beams strong enough to destroy boulders.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • In a Halo 3: ODST online ad from , Church tells a few legends about Sergeant Johnson. One of them that his friend's cousin's neighbor told him, was that he has laser eyes. He does.
    • Church gets a powerful laser eye in Recreation when he's transported into a spherical body.
      Church: I am not a thing! My name is Leonard Church AND YOU WILL FEAR MY LASERFACE!
  • Thrilling Intent One of Markus' attacks involves shooting thin beams of fire from his eyes.

    Web Original 
  • Uncyclopedia articles judged to be "bat fuck insane" feature a photomanipulated image of Pope John Paul II shooting eye beams while shouting "Eye Beams!"
  • World Domination in Retrospect:
    • Amplitude applies his Sizeshifter powers via eye beam.
    • Captain Lightning has the more traditionally destructive type.
    • Gecko installs a laser eye for himself, though it will fry his brain if left on for too long.
  • Discussed in Deviant, though no one's been shown with the power yet.

    Web Videos 

    Real Life 
  • Technically, any military laser is that - the mirror or lense that focused the beam on target could also be used in reverse to collect light FROM target on sensor, thus acting like telescope.
    • The James Webb telescope that scheduled to flight in 2021 (after LONG delays) used the folding mirror, initially developed for Cold War era SDI laser satellite.
  • The Horned Lizard, or at least some species of same, has a defense mechanism whereby it can, to quote The Other Wiki, "squirt an aimed stream of blood from the corners of the eyes for a distance of up to 5 feet." The blood is caustic, foul-tasting, and a bit of a surprise for a would-be predator.


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