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"And for comic relief he should go right through some sort of village, with a fiesta or something happening, with llamas. He knocks a llama over."

Here's a llama. There's a llama. And another little llama. Fuzzy llama. Funny llama. Llama, llama, duck.

If Everything's Better with Monkeys and Everything's Better with Penguins, the same is true for llamas. Maybe it's the extra silent "l", or the whole spitting thing, or the resemblence to the word lamer. Whatever the case, llamas are funny.

Other llama-like camelids like alpacas, guanacos, and vicuñas are fair game too. (Actual camels aren't; when they show up in fiction they're almost always Horsing Around but worse.)



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Llama is a regular patron at Shirokuma Cafe. He works at the local zoo alongside many of the cafe's animal patrons. However, this is then subverted when the zoo visitors ignore him in favor of the giraffes in the next exhibit over.
  • It seems that alpacas are getting up there with sheep in terms of fluffiness, and they have begun appearing in recent anime. Hanayo of Love Live! has a certain kind of fascination with alpaca, and is seen taking care of a couple of said animal in the school. Kotori too, but she's a Friend to All Living Things. In fact - most of the girls like the alpacas, with the exception of Eli, who is terrified of them.
  • In Animal Land, llamas are abundant and usually provide a form of Plucky Comic Relief.
  • Angela, a very friendly, easy-going and rather dim pink alpaca from Jewelpet.
  • In Kemono Friends, Alpaca. Although it's not technically a llama (alpacas are closely related to llamas), she still qualifies.
  • In Witch Craft Works, a trio of luckless Tower Witches go around with a llama, even complaining when a restaurant refuses to seat it. It also tends to get tied up when they're captured.
  • Ecuador from Hetalia: Axis Powers has an alpaca in one of the first pictures of him, as seen in his profile.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • As with a lot of tropes in Those Lacking Spines, this gets deconstructed. In Vacillating Heights, our three heroes bemoan how many Crack Fic writers think that just inserting llamas into their stories automatically makes them funny. Even comes with the llama song at the end of that particular Author Filibuster.
  • Just after escaping with a spaceship in If They Haven't Learned Your Name, Barnes touches down in Peru, near where a few llamas are grazing. His narration describes them as a cross between a deer, a sheep, and a pile of dirt, and 50% overbite. After a moment of deep consideration, a llama spits on him, so Barnes, feeling utterly done with this day, lays back down on the ground and goes to sleep. He's woken up the next morning by a pair of llama farmers, bringing a llama with them that also spits on Barnes.

    Films — Animation 
  • There's a passing line and blink-and-you'll miss it sighting of 65 elephants balancing on three llamas on a ball at the end of the "Prince Ali" number in Aladdin.
  • The Emperor's New Groove obviously, with the main character Kuzco transformed into a llama for a majority of the film.
  • Ice Age 5: Collision Course gives us the Shangri Llama, a horned, yoga-practicing llama who leads the residents of Geotopia but refuses to help the heroes use his people's magnetic crystals to divert the trajectory of a deadly asteroid.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The 2009 girl's film An American Girl Chrissa Stands Strong, in which Chrissa's grandmother gave her a baby llama named Starburst, which naturally received its own toy.
  • Barn Of The Blood Llama, an awful 1997 movie in which (quoting IMDB) "Inbred hillbillies trap various passersby at their World o' Wool llama farm where an animal coroner is conducting genetic experiments which turn the animals into sex-starved toxic beasts".
  • The 1978 film Brutes And Savages, a bizarre and racist "documentary" featuring, among other things, a "ritualistic, native llama sacrifice" and an ending that involves llamas mating.
  • The 1967 Doctor Dolittle film had the Pushmepullyou. Llama at both ends. (In the book illustrations it had horns, so it was more like "gazelle at both ends".)
  • In Evan Almighty, a llama delivers a well-deserved facial to John Goodman's character.
  • The titles for Monty Python and the Holy Grail mention llamas as a Credits Gag, said to be done at the last minute and at great expanse. Every single card after that point will mention llamas at some point, including as names for people.
  • Napoleon Dynamite featured a scene in which Napoleon fed his llama.
  • Apparently someone thought so in the production of Troy as, inexplicably, a Trojan civilian is shown leading a pair into the titular city before it is besieged. Llamas are not native to Asia Minor, obviously, nor are they native to Malta and Mexico, where the film was shot. So someone evidently had to have wanted them, for... some reason.

  • A spelling error in the Sherlock Holmes story The Empty House:
    "I traveled for two years in Tibet, therefore, and amused myself by visiting Lhassa [sic], and spending some days with the head Llama [sic]."
  • This poem by Ogden Nash:
    The one-l lama,
    He's a priest.
    The two-l llama,
    He's a beast.
    And I will bet
    A silk pajama
    There isn't any
    Three-l lllama.*
    *(The author's attention has been called to a type of conflagration known as a three-alarmer. Pooh.)
  • In Animorphs #12, Marco acquires a llama morph. The kids are infiltrating a Regis and Kelly-style talk show, and one of the guests is an animal tamer; Marco morphs the llama so he doesn't have to hide anywhere, and gleefully talks about how cute he is and how he's going to be on TV, but he never uses his llama morph again.
    • When Rachel (as a grizzly bear) ends up fighting with a crocodile on the set, Marco desperately joins in to help. He doesn't do anything, but it does distract the crocodile.
  • Anna Dewdney has written some books for preschool children about a young llama, originally known as "Baby Llama" in the actual text of the original book, but later known as simply "Llama Llama." The books were originally about Llama Llama and his mama, but as the audience of the series grew, Llama was eventually aged up to a schoolchild. Titles include Llama Llama Mad at Mama, Llama Llama Red Pajama, Llama Llama Misses Mama, Llama Llama Home with Mama, Llama Holiday Drama, Llama Llama Time to Share and Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa. There are also a number of board book titles with shorter stories and simpler language, as well as a one-off book featuring one of Llama's friends, Nelly Gnu. Netflix has announced an animated Llama Llama series for 2018.
  • In the mystery novel A Small Target, a group of hikers ventures deep into the Rockies with a pack train of llamas. When a deranged young woman shoots one of the group and then flees into the woods, the party's cook lures her out with food, and the soothing presence of a fluffy white llama at her campsite helps calm the anxious girl's nerves.
  • I Don't Want To Kiss a Llama points out the negatives to llamas.
  • In The Saga of the Borderlands of the Argentine writer Liliana Bodoc, the inhabitants of the Fertile Lands are Fantasy Counterpart Culture fo the pre-Columbian peoples of America, so we should not be surprised that one of them, the Desert Shepherds, is dedicate themselves to the breeding of llamellos (a combination of the word camello -camel- and llama), basically llamas big enough to be ridden by grown men.

    Live-Action TV 
  • On Veronica Mars, Logan said his mother wanted alpacas.
  • On Aliens In America, the dad bred alpacas for money.
  • "Would you like to pet the llama?" is a common riff in Mystery Science Theater 3000. At one point, Crow becomes a llama.
  • Howie Mandel was on an episode of The Tonight Show and did a "llama call" as part of his schtick with Jay. Several minutes later, an animal trainer led a llama out from backstage (as if it was answering Howie's call). Howie looked concerned and said, "That's not the llama I hired for this bit."
  • In the first series of The Mighty Boosh, Vince and Howard reminisce about a llama rampage in the zoo and Howard's ability to "calm a llama down." Cue crimp.
  • The classic "Me And My Llama" sketch from Sesame Street is how a whole generation of North American kids ever learned what a llama is. A little girl takes her llama to the dentist, set to music.
  • The Amazing Race has had Detours involving llamas on two separate seasons. There was also a Roadblock with camels, but they just made the racers cry (okay, one racer cry), and a Speed Bump that involved filling out a loan to rent a llama.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus has the Llama Sketch. "¡Cuidado! ¡Hay llamas!"
  • Horrible Histories had the very catchy Call A Llama Farmer! segment, about the important role of a llama farmer in the Incan times.
  • In the third season of The Joe Schmo Show, the "spirit animal" assigned to the season's Joe Schmo, Chase Rogan, was a llama.

  • The Llama Song, of course. This is really the only example we need.
  • The Schoolhouse Rock! song "The Four-Legged Zoo" featured practically the whole llama family:
    There were elk and bison, a gnu or two,
    Giraffes and elephants, quite a few,
    A llama, alpaca, vicuna too,
    Zebras, ibexes, and one big kudu.
  • The video for Stillness is the Move, by Dirty Projectors. It is argued that the llama is the only thing saving the video from being completely horrible.
  • British musicians Patrick & Eugene produce many delightful catchy songs including one called "Llama"
  • "Ride My Llama" by Neil Young.
  • It's alpacas, but ARPK and Leave in Summer, Yet You're in my Fluffoughts (written by Baker) also count, ARPK in particular.
  • TV's Kyle has a song called "There's a Llama Inside My Fridge".
  • "Llama" by Phish.
  • Ranko Ukulele has alpacas in several of her songs - let her introduce you to Żaklin.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The card game Llamas Unleashed has players filling their stables with animals. The game also features goats, rams and alpacas, but the llamas are the ones who get their name in the title, largely thanks to this trope.

    Theme Parks 
  • The ending of the former Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast ride at Universal Studios Florida takes Carl's obsession with llamas to a whole new level when he uses Cosmo's magic wand to continuously poof llamas into Jimmy's lab, to the point that there's an entire army of them.

    Video Games 
  • Soon as the first alpha of the fan expansion for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, Forgotten Empires, was available for free in the internet, the public began to demand that llamas be included in the next patch. The expansion included the Incas as a new civilization and the programmers referenced first their nature as sole ingame Native American civilization with pack animals by giving them a free turkey, but that wasn't enough. Llama fans finally got their wish when the programmers released a version of FE for the new AOK HD in collaboration with Microsoft Studios themselves, which includes llamas as herdable units and gives the Incas one free llama at the start of each game.
  • The Titans (the expansion pack of Age of Mythology) introduced the Atlantean civilization. They use llamas as caravan units to seek gold.
  • The match-3 game, Animal Cove, has one of the animals that moves in during the Food Court arc be an alpaca named Alma who's not only quite spiritual, but beats Bunny and Boudreaux in a Cooking Duel with...pancakes.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf introduces Reese and Cyrus, who are Pink and Blue Happily Married Alpacas (close relatives of llamas). They run Re-tail, where they buy, sell and refurbish items.
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth lists the llama as one of the five mythical creatures of Old Earth, along with dragons, chimera, griffins, and unicorns.
  • Many Maxis games, including SimCity and The Sims, are stuffed full of llama references. Sometimes this bordered on worship, as with the llama shrines in SimCity.
    • Not to mention the "Llama Dome" in SimCity 2000 (it had a statistic labeled "Llamas Wed").
    • SimCity 4 contains the "dollyllama" code to turn your advisors into llamas.
    • Let's not forget the llama-themed Tourist Trap. Somehow businesses regard it as some sort of capitalist icon.
    • Will Wright's official title is, in fact, "Llama consultant".
    • Universities in both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 have llamas as their mascot.
    • One Spore mission has you go in search of the mythical Golden Llama.
  • Kingdom of Loathing has the Llama Lama, a Buddhist llama who will take you on a Vision Quest.
  • A mention of Llamasoft is truly mandatory, being the games company of ungulate-obsessed programming legend Jeff Minter, and games like Llamatron and Metagalactic Llamas Battle At The Edge Of Time ("Possibly the most stupidly-named game of all time," says the Llamasoft website.)
  • Vega Strike starting ship, a light shuttle with decent armament capabilities, is called "Llama". It's a part of Theme Naming: other cargo shuttles include Ox and Mule.
  • One of the playable characters in the 1994 animal fighting game Brutal: Paws of Fury was an evil llama named Dali Llama.
  • Even Interactive Fiction is better with llamas; presenting: Llama Adventure!
  • Skull Tag, a port for Doom, has a Llama "award" for killing a player who is in chat mode.
  • You can adopt lost llamas on Farmville now.
  • Farmville-like Island Paradise had the option to adopt alpacas (a similar animal) from the start.
  • One of the two main stage elements in stage 3 of Contra: Rebirth are lots of robotic llamas.
  • The casual Android game Balloon Popper sets up the background story like this: You are a llama. A llama that hates balloons. Shoot those pesky bright cheerful, colorful balloons out of the sky before you run out of loogie.
  • One of the Beastclan races in Flight Rising is the Longneck race, who are basically sentient llamas that walk on two feet. There are four "classes" of Longneck (Skirmisher, Interloper, Magi, and Mender) that can be fought in the Coliseum and obtained as familiars.
  • In Guild Wars 2's second season of the living story, llamas were introduced, mostly to comedic effect.
  • There are llamas in Minecraft now. You can decorate them with carpets, which turn into patterned blankets; they'll form a caravan if you leash one of them, making them more useful (though unridable) pack animals than donkeys; and they will spit on you for Scratch Damage if you attack them.
  • In Rimworld, alpacas are one of the featured animals your colonists can encounter. They can be hunted for the meat, or tamed and kept for their valuable wool which can be used to produce winter clothing or sold to traders for a decent price. They can also be used as pack animals for your trade caravans.
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider has llamas appear due to the game taking place in Peru. There's even an achievement, "Como Te Llama," for petting 5 llamas.
  • Tropico has the llama as its national animal! You can also farm them for wool to sell to China. Llama-related jokes also pop up repeatedly, such as the American ambassador saying they remind him of his mother, who also spit a lot.
    • One of text boxes that pot up after you've researched a technology has Penultimo say you can get away with doing anything by putting "and we killed a llama" at the end of it.
  • Ultima Online lets you choose between horses and llamas for a low-level mount or pack animal. The game's programmers also included several llama-related Easter eggs. For example, when an ancient wyrm polymorphs itself to look like a human NPC, its profession is listed as "mystic llama herder".
  • World of Warcraft now has alpacas in Vol'dun in Battle for Azeroth, with the quests "Alpacas Gone Wild" and "They Have Alpacas Here" for the Horde and Alliance respectively. Explosioneer Zoidfuse even embodies this trope.
    Zoidfuse: Did you see? Did you see them? The floofy alpacas?! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A... I mean, ahh, ahem! I would like to acquire an alpaca. To study. For scientific reasons. Nothing to do with floofiness at all.
    • Since the 8.3 patch, three of them are obtainable as mounts, through various (and for one, often frustrating) means.
  • Paprika from Them's Fightin' Herds is an alpaca is a total Genki Girl with a manic energy, even if her affection isn't reciprocated on account of not knowing her own strength.
  • Fortnite has the Piñata Llama for its mascot.
  • The Pokémon franchise has Arceus, who is not only the strongest Pokémon, but literally God. Fanon says that it based off of a llama. It has many inspirations, but a llama is NOT one of them.
  • The Rolling Sky 2 level Vinicunca has the player's character ride a brown llama with a white head and neck until 10%. Multiple white llamas are also seen along the way, especially the starting area. Justified because it’s based off of the real-life location in Peru, where llamas are quite common.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Shining Song Starnova, Natsuki’s parents raise alpacas on their farm. She talks about them at length on a TV segment during her route, and at the end of her route they send her one to keep as a pet in the city. Hilarity Ensues. They do it again in Sasami’s route, and this time the alpaca somehow becomes a successful Idol Singer under the name Alpaca-kun.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 
  • Least I Could Do and its running joke llama.
  • In User Friendly, Stef's obsession with Llama Porn is a running joke. Including that time where listening to 'The Llama Song' on an iPod transforms him into a (black silhouette of) a Llama.
  • On +EV.

    Web Original 
  • The SCP Foundation has SCP-1296, "Dial-A-Llama", which is a llama delivery service. Another, not so "Better" entry is SCP-1545, a two-person llama suit wearing galoshes... that brainwashes its wearers, who forget to take care of themselves unless forcibly removed from the costume.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • Among US presidential candidate Obama's many fundraising efforts was rural Butler County, Ohio's "Kiss a Llama for Obama!" Quote: "And yes, the llama did kiss a few preferred people."
  • Don't forget the Elgin Llamas of Swindon
  • Various farms, where, in addition to providing wool, they apparently act somewhat like guard dogs. Interestingly, the camel itself is not included in this trope. This might be because Real Life camels are scary as hell, and not particularly fluffy.
    • Sheep ranchers sometimes keep a llama or two in the herd, because llamas will attack and run off predators, including coyotes.
  • Even DeviantArt's picked up on this trope, and has made Llama Badges, able to be given away for free and (once one receives enough) featuring llamas such as Albino Llama, Ninja Llama, Fancy Llama, Wizard Llama, GOLD Llama, and the mythical Rainbow Llama.
    • dA's 10th anniversary was celebrated with real llamas brought into the party.
  • This statue, found in Plaza San Martin in Lima, Peru. A statue of a woman with a flame on her head was ordered; the Spanish word for "flame" is "llama." Turns out the order was not specific enough for the artist.
  • Llamas used as pack animals really are better, at least for the environment, than most of the alternatives. Their softer feet don't chew up paths and contribute to erosion the way a donkey's or mule's hooves can.
    • On a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park there is a sign that reads, "No horses beyond this point. Llamas permitted."
  • Some llamas and alpacas can be trained as therapy animals for visiting places such as hospitals and nursing homes, as seen here.
  • The trope is rampant in Israeli humor, as "llama" happens to be pronounced exactly like the Hebrew word for the question "why?" (an amusing side effect of this is that in Israeli humor, llamas are characterized as being either curious, skeptical or stupid, constantly questioning things).



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