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Drill music is a subgenre of Hip-Hop created in Chicago, Illinois in The New '10s, stemming from Atlanta's Trap Music. The term "drill" comes from slang meaning to kill someone with an automatic weapon.

Musically, drill music features grim, minimalistic beats and simplistic, deadpan flows. The lyrics tend to follow suit, generally being gritty, violent, and direct, with topics such as crime, gang violence, sex, and drugs being common. This can be attributed to the genre's hometown of Chicago, known for its high crime and fatality rates (drill musicians refer to the city as "Chiraq" due to its murder rate being higher than wartime Iraq's). Many drill rappers are very young, with many of them achieving fame while still teenagers.


Examples of drill rappers include

  • Ballout
  • Chella H
  • Chief Keef (the Trope Maker)
  • Dreezy
  • Fredo Santana
  • Hittz
  • Katie Got Bandz (the self-proclaimed "queen of drill")
  • Kid Smoke
  • King L
  • Lil Bibby
  • Lil Durk
  • Lil Herb
  • Lil Mouse (notable for being co-signed by Lil Wayne at the age of 13)
  • Lil Reese
  • Lucci V
  • MTG
  • Rockie Fresh
  • Sasha Go Hard
  • SD
  • Slim Jesus
  • Spenzo
  • Tadoe
  • Tink
  • Top Shotta
  • Tree
  • YP

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