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"That's a comedy without the laughs."
Valerie Cherish, The Comeback

"Dramedy" is a neologism formed from a combination of the words Drama and Comedy to describe a genre of film and television, such as M*A*S*H, blurring genre lines to combine comedy and drama elements in a consistent fashion. Though this has become popular in recent times, these two genres have actually been combined for centuries, known as "Tragicomedy", making this Older Than They Think.

Dramedies sometimes make use of Magic Realism. Due to its nature, the genre is especially vulnerable to Mood Whiplash.

Note that a dramedy is not just "drama with some comedic elements" or "a comedy with some serious moments". It must contain about equal parts drama and comedy. Elements of comic relief can appear in all but the very darkest dramas, and most stories have at least some serious elements. Because of this, expect to see them get lumped in with the sitcoms come award season (this can actually serve as a litmus test for if a show is dramedy or straight drama—can you imagine it being nominated in the same award category as a sitcom?)

While many stories contain both comedy and drama, a true Dramedy must belong to the genre of Drama- defined by stories focusing on character development, intense emotions and inner conflict as the primary source of plot. Just because it’s dark, doesn’t mean it’s a drama. Sci-fi, action-adventure stories, superhero stories and Shōnen adventures rarely qualify as Drama. Even if the comedy and drama are equally balanced with each other, if both are clearly subservient to the adventure story, it’s not a dramedy.

See also First Law of Tragicomedies.


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  • ‘’The Dead Kennedys’’ make angry songs about very dark and serious political topics, but they take the piss out of it at the same time.
  • System of a Down, possibly the only group that can fit in songs about mass genocide and Kombucha Mushroom People on the same album.

  • Frootch: Even though it talks about the misadventures of a stand-up comedian wannabe, comedic moments are overshadowed by key plot points being dramatic (especially on the second season).


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