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Dramatic Landfall Shot

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The opening shot that takes the form of a forward travelling on the sea, with the camera slowly rising to give a view of the shore.


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     Film - Live-Action 

  • Braveheart opens with a camera flight over costal water after which the rough Scottish mountain landscape comes into view.

     Video Games  

  • The intro movie of The Curse of Monkey Island plays with this: The camera zooms towards the titular Monkey Island... then swerves to zoom in on a drifting bumper car with our hero.
  • In Myst it's almost the opening shot of the entire game... as seen in a book.
  • The opening of Sonic Advance 2 turns this into a fun landfall shot that whips up to the sky to reveal the logo. The landfall itself is towards a roller coaster that isn't featured anywhere else in the game.