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Dramatic Dangling

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The Super-Trope of Dramatic Wind, Badass Long Coat (and similar), Badass Cape, All-Encompassing Mantle, Scarf of Asskicking and a bunch of other stuff (including relations to some seemingly unrelated ones like Ring Around the Collar, which can double up as this in some cases).

In Media anytime a character does anything dramatic or badass it seems to be regarded as exponentially cooler if the Character has something hanging off their clothing while doing it, whether it be the Scarf of Asskicking, Badass Longcoat, A Cape, a decoration on their hat, a Tie, general bling or anything else. It can also extend to things like hair. This is generally because it makes the Characters overall appearance much more visually engaging.

This goes straight into Impossibly Cool Clothes and/or Impractically Fancy Outfit in many cases, with that hanging stuff, however extravagant, never getting in the way, encumbering the user, being exploited by enemies (or heroes, for that matter, when the enemy abuses this trope) and is always in the right position for maximum drama.

Not to Be Confused with High-Altitude Interrogation, which generally involves dangling and drama, but is entirely different.

Tropes that use this: