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Kids have no attention span, right? Especially younger kids, right? And yet, you gotta put a lot of dialog in this one scene for the older viewers who will want to know what's going on! How do you do that without boring the younger ones?

Simple. While the characters are still talking about something important, have the camera suddenly focus on something funny. It could be a pet goofing around, or anything really, but the point is so younger viewers have something to see so they don't get bored while older viewers are getting their vital dialog in.


Not to be confused with Funny Background Event, which is when something specifically takes place in the background where viewers might not notice it. In this trope, the funny event is intended to be noticed, and intended to be prominent so some viewers wouldn't be bored with talking.


Comic Strips

  • One Big Happy added a pet dog to its cast. The dog started to be used more and more in the comic as a way of showing something funny happening when adult characters were talking about things.

Film - Animated

  • Pocahontas did this a few times. Sometimes while characters were talking, such as when Ratcliffe discusses his operation with his assistant, the cute animals in the movie were having funny antics.

Film - Live Action

  • Dinosaur Island (2014) has a scene early on where Lucas and Kate are talking a great deal about the mysterious island and the backstory. To lighten the mood a bit and entertain younger viewers, the movie focuses at one point on Kate's pet dinosaur playing around with some fireflies and doing silly things.
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  • In an early scene of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, after Harry arrives to the Leaky Cauldron, Cornelius Fudge gives a long talk about how they caught Aunt Marge and deleted her memory after Harry accidentally blew her up. During this, instead of Fudge's face, we see Tom the Barkeep offer Harry some disgusting-looking pea-soup and bread.

Western Animation

  • Clue Club did this all the time. Near the end of every episode, the heroes would be explaining what happened in the mystery, while the camera would cut away to a scene of the two dogs, Woofer and Wimper, doing something funny.


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