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Curtain Fic

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Fanfic that has a domestic chore as the plot. The classic situation is shopping for curtains, hence the name. Other sorts of shopping also work.

This can also mean just a fic of a couple, either Het or Slash Fic, spending the day at home.

This is a variety of W.A.F.F., a fan-created Breather Episode; the point is showing the characters doing something quiet and mundane together. Interestingly, this genre is popular even (especially?) for fandoms where the work itself (including official Breather Episodes) is action-packed. The phenomenon of fanfic written about characters shopping for curtains was first noted in an on-line article about fanfic for The Sentinel.

True examples of this trope rarely contain sex; the trip to IKEA rarely ends with IKEA Erotica. This trope is all about character study... or about a 'plot' as paper-thin as a writer can make it (with the possible exception of the plot of a Lemon fic.)

This can also be played for laughs when a character with No Social Skills acts like a Fish out of Water for something as "simple" as buying toilet paper; see also Villains Out Shopping.


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  • The surprisingly in-character Vetinari/Death Discworld fic called, reasonably enough, "Curtain Call."
  • The Harry Potter fanfic "House Proud" is about Draco helping Harry to refurbish a vaguely-sentient Grimmauld Place by means of various domestic tasks. Curtains feature heavily.


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