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"Boy, being back at the coliseum, back in the arena...
...and with the crowds and they're just cheering...'s gonna be like...It's gonna be like heaven.
Spinner Dunn, Death to Smoochy

A character whose motivation is public approval and praise - he lives solely to bask in the adulation of the cheering spectators, to hear the roaring applause rise up as he performs. More often than not a (former) prizefighter or another competition sport persona, or a musician.


In a world where Gladiator Games are a preferred form of entertainment, the Crowd Pleaser will find his adoring crowds much more easily in the Thunderdome or any fighting tournament, as they thrive under the deafening roars rising from the spectators. Fighting a Crowd Pleaser may be signing up for a Death of a Thousand Cuts, as they'll be more likely to draw blood and prolong a battle to get the crowd worked up for the eventual kill with their signature style, prompting the crowd's approval to Finish Him!

Villainous characters exhibiting this trope may be The Fighting Narcissist, prone to Trash Talk their opponents, especially in the show-sport of pro wrestling.



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    Comic Books  

     Film — Live-Action  

  • Legend of the Drunken Master: Jackie Chan's Character is subject of a derogatory remark that his Drunken Boxing exists solely as a show-off martial arts style geared for crowd pleasers who can't do proper martial arts. He proceed to prove the might of his Confusion Fu in the subsequent fight. Funnily inverted later, when Jackie's stepmother is subject to an attempted robbery, and Jackie steps in, prompting his stepmother to announce that there's going to be an exhibition match showing off the Drunken Boxing style.
  • Proximo from the Gladiator hints at being this during his years as a gladiator himself.
  • Spinner from Death to Smoochy is a retired boxer Manchild who suffered brain damage during his career. He tells Sheldon about his boxing career and how he loved the crowds cheering around him.

    Video Games 

  • Beowulf from Skullgirls, at least before the beginning of his story mode.

  • Pokémon Sword and Shield has an interesting variation with Raihan, the Dragon-type Gym Leader of the Galar region. Despite the Gym Challenge being a major spectator sport, he doesn't do much to address the live crowd, but his Rotom Phone is constantly flying around him with the camera on, and his Dynamax animation has him pose with the Max'd ball for a photo, indicating he's an internet crowd pleaser.


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