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One Count von Count.

Tropes about the original purpose of numbers, counting things. High overlap with the Index of Lists, because they have a natural ordering and ordering creates lists.

Some overlap with Competition Index, because counting is a way to track things to be competed against. Also Time Tropes and the Clock Index because time is measured numerically, making it easy thing to count with.

One, Two, Three, Four, Go!, is not one of these tropes. It's a witty name, not directly describing the trope.



  1. Body-Count Competition
  2. Counting Bullets
  3. Counting to Potato: Someone counts in an incorrect or nonsensical manner, commonly by listing numbers out of order or substituting numbers with random words.
  4. Counting to Three
  5. Counting Sheep
  6. Episode Code Number
  7. "Jar of Jellybeans" Contest
  8. Kill Tally
  9. One, Two, Skip a Few: Skipping numbers either on purpose or inadvertently.
  10. On Three
  11. Scoring Points
  12. Take a Number
  13. Tally Marks on the Prison Wall
  14. Ten Paces and Turn
  15. Three... Two... One...
  16. Too Many Halves
  17. Two Words: Added Emphasis
  18. Two Words: I Can't Count
  19. Unusual Chapter Numbers