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Corvid Tropes

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Clockwise left to right: a jackdaw, a Eurasian magpie, a rook and a hooded crow.

This is an index for tropes about birds in the corvid family (including crows, ravens and magpies).


  • Clever Crows
    Crows and ravens are intelligent and resourceful birds.
  • Creepy Crows
    Crows are creepy animals, and associated with unpleasant things.
  • Eyeball-Plucking Birds
    Ravens and other scavenging birds will ALWAYS go for the eyeball of both living and dead animals.
  • Idiot Crows
    When someone does or says something stupid, a crow flies by cawing at them.
  • Magpies as Portents
    Magpies' behavior can be used to predict the future.
  • Scary Scarecrows
    Scarecrows that scare more than just crows.
  • Tengu
    A type of Youkai resembling either humanoid crows or red-faced humans with wings..
  • Thieving Magpie
    Magpies are attracted to, and will steal, shiny objects.

Alternative Title(s): Magpies, Crows And Ravens, Ravens And Crows