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Comic Strips of the 2000s

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Newspaper and magazine comic strips of the 2000s.

  • Baldo started its run in April 2000.
  • Big Nate continued its run all through the decade.
  • The Boondocks continued its run from 1999 until 2006.
  • Cul de Sac began as a Sunday Strip in the Washington Post in 2004, went to daily nationwide syndication in 2007, and ran until 2012.
  • Fleep started as a newspaper comic in 2002.
  • Foxtrot continued its run all through the decade.
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  • Frazz was launched in April 2001.
  • Max Finder Mystery started in 2002.
  • Pearls Before Swine was launched in 2001.
  • Pooch Café is the first comic strip of this era, launching in January 2000.
  • PreTeena launched at April 2001 and ended in May 2008.

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