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Closer to Earth
aka: Voice Of Reason

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Minority representation in media is a tricky thing. Usually, with most media the majority is represented pretty well with minorities fighting for airtime. And with historically-oppressed minorities, you don't want to add insult to injury by portraying them badly. So what is a writer to do?

Why, simply make them more rational!

Closer to Earth is a specific form of Flawless Token in which the minority character is portrayed as wiser and more level-headed than The Hero (who is usually played by a member of the majority). This trope is more prevalent in Western media, particularly with works with the White Male Lead. The minority character will usually be the moral center of the work. They dish out plenty of reasonable advice. They're level-headed and rational. They can and will give the main lead a good talking to if he gets out of line. They're always there when the hero needs a shoulder to cry on. As for themselves, they've always got it together and never need help. Personal struggles? Overcome years ago. Flaws? They don't have any. Or if they do, it's nothing when compared to the flaws of the characters around them. Effort? None needed. Bad hair days? They never have them.

If you were looking for a character getting "closer to Earth" in a different way, Call to Agriculture is probably your real destination.

Closer to Earth is the Super-Trope of the following:

Alternative Title(s): Women Are Closer To Earth, Voice Of Reason