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Buxom Beauty Standard
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When it comes to her breasts the men are impressed but the other girls are distressed!

Prince Herbert: But I don't like her.
King of Swamp Castle: Don't like her? What's wrong with her? She's beautiful! She's rich! She's got huge... tracts of land!

Within various forms of media, there is a prevalent assumption among creators that large breasts automatically make a woman more attractive. This often leads to significant focus on said breasts, or in-universe social norms (or specific Cast Herds) treating larger breasts as absolutely more attractive than smaller ones, sometimes going as far as making it the most important or even sole standard of female beauty — regardless of who the fans think is really the most attractive, or whether there is an in-universe distinction between sexual attractiveness and non-sexual beauty. In some cases, establishing that this trope is in effect from the get-go can help avert Informed Attractiveness while still being constrained by Generic Cuteness or Hollywood Beauty Standards. Contrast World of Buxom (though there can be overlap).

This trope is not simply "Big Breasts = Hot Girl;" the female character needs to be seen as more attractive in-universe because of her larger breasts. Her breasts should at least be referenced in dialogue if not an integral part of the character. Male characters often gawk at her breasts and may be easily influenced if said female character flaunts her breasts, leading to I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!. Female characters, especially flat-chested ones are often prone to jealousy and yearning for larger breasts. Compare Big-Breast Pride. Plastic Bitch is when a character does get a boob job, but the story portrays her as vain and bad for it. If the boobs are target of comedy, it's a Boob-Based Gag.

The logical opposite to D-Cup Distress and Petite Pride (though in different ways). A common cause of A-Cup Angst. Also the Distaff Counterpart both to Bigger Is Better in Bed, which applies Bigger Is Better to penis size and quality of sex, and the male half of Muscle Angst, which equates attractiveness with larger muscles. When it is paired in some way with another female with a smaller chest, then it's a Bust-Contrast Duo.

In-Universe Examples Only:

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    Anime & Manga 
  • 7 Seeds: Semimaru overall says he really likes women like Botan, particularly mentioning that he likes her large breasts, too. Though he ends up falling for Natsu, whom he has previously bullied and made fun of, though more because of her bony butt than her breasts, which are not particularly large or small. Chimaki calls Ran "well-proportioned", though it's unclear if he's referring to her breast size specifically or her overall form, which appeals to him in the artistic sense.
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: Rentarou's face can be fully enveloped in Hahari's I-cups. They're the equivalent of Karane taking about 60* doses of Vitamin π.
  • Airmaster Nakanotani Mina. Unfortunately, it's much to her dismay as it's the main reason why she gets hit on so much. Ironically despite being the most attractive female in the series Mina and her breasts are mainly played for satire and the source of many awkward situations.
  • Kaoruko from Akahori Gedou Hour Lovege, her large breasts are the reason she's much more popular than her flat-chested partner Aimi.
  • Chapter three of the manga series Asklepios, has the protagonists trying to convince a village girl to let them remove a tumor on her ovaries that resulted in a huge increase in bust size, but at the same time is killing her. She initially refused because she thought her love interest liked big breasts but eventually accepts the surgery when said love interest says he cares about her and not her bust. After the surgery is over, he even says she looks better flat-chested.
  • Albegas: Both Daisaku and the Vice Principal prefer busty girls. When Daisaku looks at a porn magazine, he laments that Hotaru's breasts aren't as big as the pornstar's. The anime also features breasts getting groped a lot as Fanservice.
  • Haruka Gracia in Basquash!. She's from the moon, where it's fabled that due to the low gravity women all have gargantuan, perfectly spherical breasts, so here her "lunar bust" became the focal point of attraction from most men and jealousy from most women. At one point in episode 9, Sela's determination to win the match against the Idol team Eclipse (and an early access to Moon Eyes, the city on the moon) stems from her desire to develop a lunar bust herself (complete with an Imagine Spot of Sela flaunting her new humongous breasts in a super skimpy bikini).
  • Booty Royale: Never Go Down Without a Fight!: Played straight with protagonist Haebaru Misora and recurrer Sarashina Utako, both of whom are gravure models whose large cup sizes are part of their professional appeal: Utako goes up from a J- to a K-cup in chapter 50, while Misora is officially a K-cup for marketing reasons (the two are the 'K'-cups in the current two generations of the idol troupe Japan KGB), but in fact has gone all the way up to M by chapter 64. Discussed in Extra Chapter 2 when some middle school students in the Greek Chorus debate the relative merits of Utako versus Misora. The female class rep comes to Misora's defense: Misora being over 25 centimeters taller and having darker skin means that Utako looks bustier by comparison, but then notes that Misora's muscular physique from her karate practice means she scratches different itches compared to the much girlier Utako.
  • In Brave10, most of the men (especially Niko and Jinpachi) are enamored with Gorgeous Gaijin Ana and her massive breasts, with the former being downright obsessed with her bust. Averted by Niko's colleague and Heterosexual Life-Partners Ichimaru, who says that he prefers petite girls (prompting Niko to call him a lolicon).
  • In Cage of Eden, most of the male characters are attracted to the large breasts of Oomori (a Sexy Stewardess) or, in alternative, the schoolgirls Rion and Mami. Oomori is also really proud of this and she considers it an advantage in the "fight" to win the affection of Akira, the main male protagonist.
  • There's a conversation in Castle Town Dandelion that involves this trope. Hikari, who has some observable breasts as a 10-year-old girl and is predicted to be the biggest when she fully develops, brags about this fact. Kanade, who is currently the largest, argued it's the shape that matters, while Shuu, the local Hormone-Addled Teenager, claimed it's the sensation that's the most important.
  • In A Centaur's Life, Hime's breasts get lots of comments. In the very first chapter, a boy praised them, and only them, in a love letter, showing they were the only reason he was interested in her.
  • Daimos: Raiza is stated by many characters to be beautiful, and the anime loves to remind us she's busty by panning the camera on her boobs. In one episode, Raiza is showering and Balbas accidentally walks in and sees her Sexy Silhouette. He's embarrassed and apologizes, but Raiza assures him it's fine.
  • The Dangers in My Heart: Amongst other things Kana is amazed about when meeting Yamada in person... is this. While in a bathhouse in Chapter 109, Yamada's classmates distanced themselves from her and refrained from staring, feeling that they would need to pay to look at her. Kobayashi even charges Moeko 1000 yen per second of staring at Yamada's chest.
  • Over half the male cast in Desert Punk is enamored with Junko's huge breasts and she is more than willing to take advantage of that.
  • In Devil Hunter Yohko, Yohko Mano lampshades the fact that, despite being the most buxom character in the show, every romance she has ends in disaster. In fact, it is her lack of romantic success that ensures her role as The Hero since the initial activation of being a devil hunter is Virgin Power. Afterwards, a hunter can have all the sex they want, as demonstrated by Yohko's grandmother.
  • In Diamond Cut Diamond Yuyami Shigyou (Yami-nee) grows quite a big pair that gets emphasized and commented on by multiple characters.
  • In The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., the students at PK Academy note that while Aiura isn't as attractive as the more petite Teruhashi (who is fawned over for her beauty to the point of absurdity), her large rack kind of makes up for it.
  • Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro: A rather hilarious scene has Nagatoro's friends commenting that there's no way Senpai can compete with the Art Club's President (who painted a self-portrait nude, showing off her large chest and rear). Gamo-chan teasingly states that while there's a "market for slender girls", when it comes to winning a popularity contest, size is power. At which point, she, Yoshi, and Sakura are intentionally bouncing their large chests to help illustrate the point, much to poor Nagatoro's irritation.
  • Of all the Dragon Ball female characters, Bulma has the biggest bust (with the exception of the Dragon Ball Z filler character Maron) and Roshi naturally like this.
  • The homunculus Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist has pretty impressive breasts, though it only gets brought up once.
    Mustang: I can see how she tricked you. You've always been a sucker for big boobs.
    Havoc: I'm sorry sir. [cue Cherubic Choir] I just love them so much!
  • Alex from Gangsta. certainly gets a lot of attention due to her sizable assets. Probably helps that she doesn't wear a bra.
  • Girls Bravo: It's two of the main reasons Fukuyama, Kosame, and countless middle-aged perverts all have the hots for Kirie - because she's already an F-Cup at only 16 years old. Which is also why Fukuyama can't keep his hands off them, no matter how many times she flattens him for groping her. Tomo even refers to Kirie as a "boob monster," while Fukuyama says he prefers to call her "booberiffic".
  • In Heaven's Lost Property, the perverted male lead Tomoki is a devout adherent to this trope. This causes considerable A-Cup Angst in Nymph, the Token Mini-Moe member of his harem.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
  • Hajime of I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying has an obvious breast fetish, which Kaoru (with her relatively big boobs) is fully able to satisfy.
  • Yuki from Iketeru Futari gets tons of men fawning over her because of her large breasts, and even gets her a modeling gig. Ironically they don't help at all with her romantic pursuits. Her childhood friend, Saji, whom she's been in love with for years, only has eyes for the more slender Koizumi. She eventually gets over him when she gets a new love interest and boyfriend named Kaede, who happens to have a phobia of breasts. He gets over it to some degree but she notes that he loves her in spite of her breasts.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: Rohan's editors believed that he needed more large-breasted female characters for his manga to be successful. His manga, Pink Dark Boy, is an action story full of young men and was able to become a massive hit even without the addition of more female characters. Building upon this, he is particularly drawn to Koichi as the lad exhibits several laudable traits associated with the genre.
  • Jungle de Ikou! Mii has extremely huge breasts, the explanation being that since she's the spirit of fertility and reproduction her huge breasts represent Earth's life-giving energy.
  • The rival cake shop in episode nine of Kamen no Maid Guy makes use of this trope. They get away with selling terrible food to their predominantly male customers because they're too busy staring at the waitress' large breasts to notice how bad it is. Also this trope is very much in effect for Naeka, much to her annoyance and her friends' financial gain.
  • Komi Can't Communicate: Agari Himiko, despite her own insecurities, is considered very attractive, and her most notable physical trait is naturally her huge rack (the biggest among all the female cast). During the sports festival, she gets "a lot of art points" in the mixed obstacle race thanks to them.
  • Macross Frontier: Ranka goes to the Miss Macross competition and suffers A-Cup Angst in the face of the competition, all of whom follow this trope to a T. There is also an infamous line said by Sheryl Nome while she's groping her own breasts.
    Sheryl Nome: My chest isn't the same as yours: Mine brings people hopes and dreams.
  • Maken-ki!:
  • Manyu Hikencho: The size of a woman's chest not only determines a woman's attractiveness but her wealth and worth in society as well. Small breasted women are outcasts and well-endowed women are showered with wealth and power.
  • Martian Successor Nadesico: Yurika Misumaru is often commented about how well-endowed she is. She herself seems to be aware, since in one episode she discovers that Uribatake is making a diorama with figurines of her and Ruri, and takes offense when she notices how hers has as smaller chest while Ruri's is disproportionately larger.
  • Lucoa's boobs in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid have almost universal appeal among the opposite sex, from Shouta's preteen classmates all the way up to geriatrics at a retirement home.
  • Monster Musume
    • Centorea has the largest bust of the main cast, and gets a lot of attention for it.
    • Tionishia gets similar attention for her own bust, which is even larger than Centorea's.
  • Mikoshiba from Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun has a fetish for large breasts as Wakamatsu notes that all his dating sims have stacked heroines and his bishoujo merchandise features busty women. This stands in contrast to the other male main characters, who don't care or dislike large breasts (Wakamatsu himself questions it, calling them "just lumps of fat," Hori is very strongly a leg man, and Nozaki has never shown any inclination towards them).
  • Tsunade from Naruto. She is not only regarded as the most powerful kunoichi, but the most beautiful as well. It is a common gag to have characters run into her huge bust.
  • Most of the boys in Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary (especially Hanyuu) seem to think this, though Mr. Tatara notably prefers flat chests. By the end of Chapter 7, Hanyuu has learned an important lesson:
    Hanyuu: There are no worthless breasts. Big breasts have an overwhelming presence...but small breasts are cute and stylish.
  • One Piece. In the post time-skip, the first thing Brook says to Nami is how much better she looks having increased in bust size.
  • In Onegai My Melody, schoolgirl Iijima has very large breasts indeed and lusted after by the boys in class for having such "bodacious boobs."
  • Photon: The Idiot Adventures: The primary reason Photon took a liking to Keyne Aqua, even though she tried to zap him out of existence, is that her bare breasts remind Photon of his older sister, who'd left him behind after being betrothed to a townsman. Photon's other sister, Aun is envious of Keyne's breasts, and Keyne loses no chance to needle Aun over their size disparity. However, both women are put to shame when Princess Lashara Moon joins them in the inn's hot spring. Lashara's breasts leave both Keyne and Aun gawking in awe.
  • In Remote, Ayaki's breasts are the object of much desire on the part of her boyfriend. Oddly, in certain panels, they seem to change in size.
  • Rosario + Vampire. Kurumu Kurono (pictured) repeatedly invokes this trope as her major selling point in her quest for coming up on top of Tsukune's Unwanted Harem. As a Succubus, Distracted by the Sexy is her specialty.
  • Sailor Jupiter (a.k.a Makoto/Lita) from Sailor Moon has breasts that range from visibly larger to twice the size or more (depending on the scene) of her cohorts. At one point in the anime, she tries to use her breast size (memetically dubbed as "talent") as a qualification for the lead role in a play. Unfortunately, she can't get a boyfriend to save her life, because she stands taller than most of the boys at about 5'6" and is physically strong and active and has a history of getting into fights.
  • In Saki, Kyotaro hold this view. He often ignores Yuuki's obvious attempts at seduction and dismisses the idea that he could find any sex appeal in her every time she tries to tease him. On the other hand, he has quite a few Imagine Spot about Nodoka and her assets.
  • In Samurai Deeper Kyo, the titular jerkass protagonist initially insults the main heroine Yuuya for her lack of breasts note  and when going to town asks for buxom prostitutes and meat for lunch. Kyoshiro also loves big-breasted women, though he's more of a Lovable Sex Maniac (at one point, when having to choose between two hookers, he opts for the one with bigger breasts specifically because she's buxom). Finally, when Yuuya is thinking about how beautiful Mahiro is, the very next thing she thinks of next are her huge melons. She then goes on a rant about how a big bust isn't all in beauty.
  • Asami from Say "I Love You" has a complex about her chest, having been the recipient of unwanted attention in the form of teasing during middle school due to her bubble buddies. Yamato, a friend of hers, stood up for her during middle school, leading for her to idolize him and wish for a prince of her own. He comes in the form of Kenji, Yamato's best friend, who is at first misunderstood and even hated by Asami for his focus on her boobs, but he eventually confesses that he likes her for who she is, and the two begin dating.
  • Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie: Seen when the monitor cyborg is streaming a live feed of Guile and Chun Li, to Bison's lair. The cyborg gets a clear shot of Guile's face, but when it shifts focus to Chun Li, it zooms in on her breasts instead, causing Bison to grin.
  • Time Stop Hero: Kuzuno Sekai constantly expresses attraction to big chested girls like Fury and especially Lovisa, who has breasts the size of her head.
  • A chapter of To Love Ru has the girls discuss this after listening to Saruyama give Rito a speech about big breasts. Risa and Mio also tease Yui for having a great figure, telling her that she should appeal to boys using her chest.
  • In UQ Holder!, Touta Konoe, under the effects of a truth potion, begins to wax on all the reasons he likes Karin Yuuki, eventually ending up on the point that he appreciates how large her chest is. She promptly whacks him. Other members of the organization have also commented on her rack with appreciation.
  • Usagi-chan de Cue!!: Of all the girls in Haru's class, Miku has the second-most developed breasts, a fact she knows well. Then Mimika joins Haru at school, pressing her G-cup boobs into Haru at every opportunity. The girls ship Haru x Mimika, the boys drool at the window, and Miku is boiling jealous.
  • Inverted and Played for Laughs in Ushio and Tora: when Ayumi gives an amnesiac Asako a shirt she used, the latter, blushing, points out that it's rather loose on her chest. Cue to Katayama and Kagami promptly barging in and claiming that big boobs mean nothing if the girl has no brains. Ayumi doesn't appreciate that opinion.
  • The titular protagonist of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! is very short but also pretty stacked (she even wears a Fun T-Shirt with the words "Sugoi Dekai"* as if emphasizing this). Another character once calls her breasts "weapons".
  • Vermeil in Gold: Every named female in the anime is D-Cup or larger,note  and even unnamed background characters come with sizable chests. Biggest of all is Vermeil herself, with each boob the size of her head, and she is considered the sexiest woman at the school by every male student.

    Comic Books 
  • Agent 327: Olga Lawina, a Swiss female spy, has very large breasts, who even have grown to ridiculous round sizes in later albums. She takes advantage of her nature's gift by keeping all kinds of stuff hidden there and uses her attractiveness to seduce men. Her actual extra part-time job is bodyguard in the literal sense: she guards her clients by taking them into bed and covering her nude body over them. The only one who remains to shy to actually be tempted by her is Agent 327 himself.
  • Gold Digger features this conversation between the busty Cat Girl Brittany and her also-busty sister Gina:
    Brittany: You've gotta be joking!!! You're gorgeous! Look at you! Look at these! <hoist>
    Gina: Eek! (Narrating): "I remember thinking: 'Jinkies! where did those come from'?"
    Brittany: Do you know how many gals would kill for a nice, firm set like yours??? What man wouldn't fall all over himself just to get to talk to you?''
  • Knockout from Invincible wears large prosthetic breasts, her boyfriend wishes otherwise but her salary has doubled because of them.
  • Love and Rockets has quite a bit of this. Luba's breasts are enormous. So are most of her female relatives, especially her mother Maria and half-sisters Fritzi and Petra. Their huge busts are constantly commented on by others and are a very integral part of the characters of Luba, Maria, and the rest of the girls in the family. The attention they receive runs the realistic gamut from fascinated and aroused men, disgusted men with a preference for thinner women, and jealous women who call them names like blimp-chest. Luba in particular has complained that her build makes people automatically assume that she is a slut. Petra actually had the largest breasts out of all the women in the family until she had a breast reduction, going down to simply "regular busty." Luba's daughter Doralis has a delightful combination of huge rack and voluptuous hips and ass. Her other daughter Guadalupe looked like she was going to escape the "family curse"... until she got pregnant.
  • Alejandro Jodorowsky's Megalex:
    • Adamâ, one of the book's protagonists. She has large breasts and wears a very revealing set of overalls. Fellow hero Ram obviously is fond of them and gropes her when she tells him to "grab my waist" to hold on during a hippodrile ride. She is not amused by Ram's mistake.
    • Shalise, the holographic projection of the police clone training ship. She tells the clones that she's been "endowed with a feminine personality" while she caresses her considerable bust.
  • This is an actual plot point in W.I.T.C.H., and it is generally accepted that larger breasts are a sign of greater beauty: three of the five girls all try or actually do use magic to enhance their breast size, leader Will angsts about her small bust, and Irma tries no less than twice to artificially enlarge her already sizable breasts using magic. Let's not even get started on the near-constant Breast Expansion fetishism that is seen throughout the series, but needless to say it's omnipresent. The TV show seems to go even further. Even the transformation sequences feature visible, onscreen Breast Expansion every episode, the characters talk about it directly the very first episode, it's referenced or directly addressed several times, and the show actually made headlines in the UK for being so outright blatant about it. Basically, in W.I.T.C.H., if you're flat-chested you're flat out of luck.
  • In Wonder Woman #34, Dinah Lance, the Black Canary, mentions Power Girl as having the top bosom of DCU, comparing her assets with a "national treasure".

    Eastern European Animation 
  • Ersatz: A man at the beach has the ability to create anything, literally anything, with blow-up balloons. Eventually, he creates a woman. After he's done, he looks her over, then goes back to the air pump and uses it to inflate her breasts to a bigger size.

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm notes that there are several kinds of beauty, not strictly restricted to those who have large racks. However, breast size is obliquely touched on as part of what makes some characters pretty. At one point, after a somewhat rambling discussion that (somehow) Makes Sense In Context, Harry quips that if he was turned into a girl, then if his cousin Jean Grey is anything to go by (or his mother, per Sirius Black), he'd need a looser shirt first. Lex notes that Jean is a Head-Turning Beauty already, and Clark - who has not met her and is a little bit naive - doesn't quite get it, comparing her to his crush, the prettily petite Lana Lang. After a little back and forth trying to get him to understand, Lex finally comes out with this gem.
    "Please, Clark, don't make me resort to spelling it out. Or, worse, hand gestures."
  • The later character models of Smurfette in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story series add breasts to her physical form. This gets mentioned by her in a few of the mini-stories she appears in.
  • Among M-rated Harry Potter fanfic writers, there seems to have been an unspoken agreement long ago that Susan Bones is the bustiest girl in school (and her aunt Amelia is the most impressively endowed adult).
  • In "Smurfette's Crazy Love" from Hero: The Guardian Smurf, due to a combination of Smurfette's uncontrolled infatuation with Hero and Hero's own powers, Smurfette starts developing breasts and is in a passionate desire to mate with Hero. After her sexual energy has been expended, though, Smurfette still has her breasts and decides to keep them.
  • In the Peggy Sue fanfic I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again!:
    • While Naruto loves Hinata no matter how she looks, he really misses her very large boobs.
    • Sakura misses having boobs. When she gets back to her own time, her first action is to grab her own chest and tell her boobs how much she missed them.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • According to Wicke, her boss Lusamine clicks pretty much every standard of female beauty except large breasts, where Wicke has her beat.
  • Izuku's Quirk in Level Up (MHA) bases a woman's charisma score off her bust, as Itsuku finds out when she asks Izuku to put a stat point to her charisma and she gains a cup size. Though increasing charisma is also shown to improve the shape of a woman's breasts, eliminate back pain from said bust, give clearer skin, and remove split ends, resulting in a general improvement to their looks.
  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread: Heather is of this opinion, both in regards to herself as well as those she pursues. Given that her first experience with the same sex was with Lindsay of all people it's easy to see why.
  • Yang Xiao Long is one of the bustiest girls in RWBY (if not the bustiest) and she is portrayed as a sex worker in Vale's Underground, where it is mentioned that her E-cup breasts help her attract customers.
  • Voyages of the Wild Sea Horse: Almost all of the beautiful women who are part of the Kamikaze Pirates crew are called out for being extremely curvaceous, with literally three who aren't — and of those, one ends up experiencing Breast Expansion and a second suffers from A-Cup Angst. It stands out slightly less than usual, since the Grand Line has a reputation in canon as a World of Buxom.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Towards the end of 12, a Russian remake of 12 Angry Men, one of the jurors tells the others that he really wants to wrap up deliberations so he can go to the airport and pick up his hot new girlfriend. "She has tits like melons!"
  • All About My Mother: Nina suggests that Agrado, a transgender male-to-female prostitute, could get rid of her fake breasts. Agrado responds that if she did she wouldn't get work. Apparently the men that patronize transgender hookers demand big racks.
  • In All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Chloe invokes this trope by wearing a padded bra to make her breasts appear larger. When she takes it off, we get to see that she's rather flat-chested.
  • Angel on My Shoulder: When first meeting Barbara, Eddie does a thorough Male Gaze inspection, even turning her around. After he's done looking over the very snug business dress the costume designers squeezed Anne Baxter into, he says "You got a lot of all the right places."
  • Are You Being Served?:
    • Mr. Harman remarks that the inflating breasts of the Lifebelle Inflatable Swimsuit could be used to attract Robert Redford's attention on the beach.
    • When looking at a pamphlet, Mr. Harman admires some rather large "bristols" on display.
    • When telling Cesar about Mrs. Slocombe and Miss Brahms, Carlos makes sure to point out their "big booby-doos".
  • In Art of the Dead, Alpha Bitch Tiffany has a well-endowed chest, which she herself brags about. Donna is so jealous of her breasts that when she kills Tiffany, she also cuts off her breasts and gives them to herself.
  • In The Aviator, Howard Hughes is all about this, going so far as to design a special bra to display Jane Russell's assets in The Outlaw and arguing with Hollywood censors when they try to make him take all the cleavage out of the movie.
    Glenn Odekirk: Howard, you really think they're gonna let you put out a whole movie just about tits?
    Howard Hughes: Sure. Who doesn't like tits?
  • In the film of A Chorus Line, the character Val sings about her breast implants, while a "less endowed" dancer wishes she had even one of them. Midway through the number, Val poses and asks, "You're all looking at my tits now, aren't you?" One of the male dancers is quite noticeably ogling her, with a goofy grin.
  • Crazed Fruit: Natsuhira is impressed by Eri's curvy figure.
    "Did you get a look at that body? Those ain't no falsies."
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love: Jessica asks a schoolmate for advice on snagging older guys. Madison's first answer is that she has a huge rack, and Jessica doesn't.
  • Dazed and Confused has a couple of scenes involving the junior high school boys. One boy says a girl attending the party that night is supposed to have "a double handful". Another girl is said to stuff her bra- the boy remarks disillusionedly "I thought those were real. I didn't know they were socks."
  • Doctor... Series:
    • Doctor at Large: The lisping Eva has large breaths, sorry breasts, for a thixteen-year-old.
    • Doctor in Trouble: When Dawn first starts to chat up Wendover, he takes note of her two beautiful breasts.
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark: Patty is considered the most attractive woman in town due to having the largest bust until Elvira moves in and is noticeably larger. It's later revealed Patty's actually flat-chested and wearing several padded bras.
  • Fanny: Marius and Cesar's English friend are talking about Cesar's bosomy girlfriend.
    English guy: Tell me, is it the same [[makes "big breasts" gesture]]...voluptuous Dutch lady?
    Marius: She is Spanish and [[makes a boob gesture]]...monumental.
  • The Firemen's Ball: The firemen hosting the ball are a bunch of dirty old men obsessed with breasts. When they're scouting the crowd at the ball for beauty contestants, one says "We're going to have to go to the balcony to see real busts." When they do, the same man sees a large and massively endowed older woman and calls her "a queen!"
  • The male lead in Friends with Kids sincerely believes this, leading to A-Cup Angst from his would-be girlfriend.
  • In the porn spoof Gladiator, General Eroticus is giving a Rousing Speech to her troops, who give a half-hearted cheer. So she flashes her breasts and gets a much better response.
    Emperor: General Eroticus, your soldiers love you.
    Eroticus: Nah, they just love my tits.
  • Girls Like Magic: Maggie admiringly says Jamie has "such big boobs" when they first move toward having sex and asks for her to go topless.
  • Imitation Of Life: Loomis establishes himself as a gross creep when he evaluates Lora: "You have a chest full of quality and quantity. I like that."
  • The eponymous character from Kick-Ass is obsessed with large breasts, going so far as to watch photos of female African tribals. It's telling that, when a girl asks him to spend the night, the first thing he does (before even kissing her) is grab her boobs. She doesn't mind.
  • La Ronde: After dancing at the ball, Franz praises Marie's figure.
    Franz: I tell you, Miss Marie, none of those girls had curves like you.
    Marie: So you felt them all?
    Franz: When you dance you can compare.
  • Larry Crowne: As far as Mercedes' husband Dean is concerned. He loves women with large breasts, spending a lot of his day on the computer looking at nude or semi-nude photos with them, to her annoyance. His snide comment that she's jealous as a result of her having small breasts is her last straw, ordering him to get out of the car and dumping Dean.
  • Liar Liar: Fletcher met an attractive woman in an elevator and her well-endowed body triggered his new inability to lie, which is to the effect of this trope.
    Woman: Everybody's been real nice.
    Fletcher: Well, that's because you've got big jugs...
  • Machete Kills. When Miss San Antonio takes off her top to have sex with our hero, a message on the screen advises the audience to put on their 3D glasses now.note 
  • Mean Girls (2024):
    • Regina, in her introductory song, opens her blouse slightly to show off her large breasts and assures the listeners they're real.
    • Though not stated, Karen clearly feels showing off her own large breasts has an appeal since she mostly wears tops which reveal her cleavage.
  • Lampshaded by Serleena in Men in Black II:
    Serleena: Silly little planet. I could rule the place with the right set of mammary glands.
  • On the Buses films:
    • On the Buses:
      • Eileen has rather large breasts, which Stan and Jack take the chance to ogle when they help her adjust her ticket machine:
        Eileen: I can't adjust me ticket machine, can you give me a hand?
        Jack: Hehe, not 'alf. Ha, ha! Oh, blimey, I can see your trouble - it stands out a mile.
      • Stan doesn't care if Bridget (the new canteen's new cook) is good at her job or not for one reason:
        Jack: I wonder if she can make a decent stew.
        Stan: I don't know, but there's nuffin' wrong with 'er dumplin's.
    • Nymphy Norah from Mutiny on the Buses has big breasts that are a great asset to her. Jack even tries to grab hold of them at one point.
  • In Paper Moon, Miss Trixie exploits her ample bosom to squeeze money and favors from all the men she meets.
    Trixie: So how 'bout it, honey? Just for a little while, let old Trixie sit up front with her big tits.
  • In Presumed Innocent, a police officer remembers Carolyn Polhemus because she had "a nice set of lungs". His chief comments the officer will make a good cop because he can remember a woman's breast size.
  • The Relic. The Mayor of Chicago proudly boasts of how his wife will be wearing a dress that shows off her cleavage, which he claims won him the last election.
  • In Rookie of the Year, Henry tries to give excuses why he can't talk to Becky Fraker, the Head-Turning Beauty at school, but George is quick to point out her obvious assets.
    Henry: Forget it, guys. She doesn't like me. And besides, she's not that hot.
    George: Not that hot? She's stacked! Just look at her sipping that milk. Milk's done that body good.
  • In the 1975 film adaptation of The Stepford Wives, Walter evidently thinks this. The Reveal is that the women of the town are being murdered and replaced with identical Sexbot Robotic Spouses. When Walter's wife Joanna meets her robot twin at the climax, the camera lingers on said robot's much bigger breasts. The remake also contains a robot wife whose breasts can be enlarged by remote control.
  • In Summer Rental, the protagonist (John Candy's character) meets a neighbor at the resort town who has just had enlargement surgery, and feels the need to ask everyone's opinion of how they look. Her husband tells Candy she's been doing this for weeks, much to his chagrin.
  • The Sundowners: Paddy takes an appreciative glance at curvaceous Ida as she's undressing and says "You're built the way a woman ought to be built." He then compares her favorably to all the "sheilas" in town who are unattractively skinny.
  • Superbad has an (unseen) girl who apparently had huge breasts, but she got breast reduction surgery. Seth claims that this is "slapping God in the face," but Evan counters that "she had back problems," and "now that she can exercise comfortably, she's in the best shape of her life."
  • The Sure Thing involves Gib (John Cusack) traveling 3000 miles across America to get with a promiscuous girl at his buddy Lance's college. When he meets the girl, played by Nicolette Sheridan—tan and toned and leggy, but not very busty—he expresses reluctance. A nonplussed Lance says "The breasts are too small?" The real reason is that he's developed feelings for Allison, his companion on the trip from New England to California.
  • Suzy: Andre's buddy approves of Suzy, who is played by the curvaceous Jean Harlow.
    Andre: What does she look like? Thick or thin?
    The buddy: Mixed, but in the right places.
  • So thinks the sexist director of the Film Within A Film at the heart of Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One. As his crew is filming in the park he says "Where's that woman with the tits?" On cue, the camera whirls and captures a busty blonde riding through the park on a horse. "Get her, get her, they're bouncing", he says.
  • That Little Band of Gold: Fatty Arbuckle and his buddy Ford sneak out of the opera, Ford's women trailing behind. The women exit and the friend shucks off her coat, revealing a lush curvaceous figure. Ford grins and makes the universal "hourglass" sign with his hands. (Ford's wife is much more slender.) Fatty for his part makes a beeline for the friend, refusing Ford's attempt to palm his wife off on Fatty.
  • Up Pompeii films:
    • Up Pompeii:
      • Titta's appeal comes from her large breasts:
        Procuria: Now this one I can really recommend. She's called "Titta".
        Lurcio: I'm not surprised. Well, don't point them at me, dear. They might go off.
      • Nausius compliments Flavia's bosom in his ode to her.
    • Up the Front: When in the field hospital, Lurk admires Fanny's breasts.
  • Alice's boyfriend thinks so in When Evil Calls. He uses his wish to cause her breasts to grow bigger.
  • Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She is based on a pinup drawing after all.
    "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."
  • This is the defining trait of the women in Russ Meyer's films.

  • An old joke tells of a man who has to pick between three women and hands them each a sum of money to see what they do with it. One does herself up because she wants to be his ideal attractive woman; the second spends the money on gifts for him; the last invests the money in stock and returns to him the portion he gave her. So after all of this, who does he go for? The one with the largest breasts, which the story doesn't give the answer to.

  • Patrick Bateman in American Psycho believes this; every time he describes a woman as attractive he mentions her "big tits". He also finds breast reduction ridiculous. This objectification of women is doubtless a symptom of Serial Killer Bateman's pathology.
  • Brave New World: Various characters will occasionally speak approvingly of how "pneumatic" a woman is.
  • Alicia, one of a series of Alpha Bitches in The Clique series. She has huge breasts for her age, sufficiently large that it's a plot point. The boys at her school love her and shower her with affection. The other girls, including her Girl Posse, make fun of how absurd she looks at thirteen with such big breasts. Later we find out they're implants.
  • In John C. Wright's Count to the Eschaton, the Nymphs have held to this and bioengineered their own breast to past human proportions.
  • Discworld:
    • In The Truth, the Lemony Narrator goes on a tangent describing how various aspects of Sacharissa's face would have been considered attractive in different eras. The narration then adds that her conservative fashion sense does little to hide the fact that she also has "a well-crafted supply of other features that never go out of fashion at all and are perfectly at home in any century." This causes some problems with the Times' Black Ribboner vampire photographer Otto Chriek, who nearly falls off the wagon at the sight of her "heaving bosom" after she faints.
    • In Thud!, Tawnee, who is convinced something is wrong with her because men never ask her out, because it's obvious to almost any man with half a brain that she's way out of his league. As a result, she's dating Nobby, because for the purpose of this conversation, he does not have half a brain, as he's long used to being knocked back - plus, he's a nice bloke and makes her laugh. She also believes that she's a popular pole dancer because she's very skilled at actually dancing. Among her litany of reasons is "my bosom is too large". Angua and Salacia explain to her that this is not actually a problem in the way she thinks.
    • In Snuff when Lady Sybil tells Sam Vimes that one of the Gordon daughters who are seeking husbands is self-conscious about her bosom, Vimes makes a valiant attempt at keeping a straight face as he suggests that finding a husband may not be as difficult as she believes. In fact, as he puts it, "I suspect that a husband shall find her. Call it male intuitivon." When he actually meets her, he thinks "Men would be queuing up to fight over you. Why has nobody told you?"
  • Kylie in Duumvirate was buxom before she could genetically alter herself. After, she jumped chest-first into this trope.
  • Boxxy in Everybody Loves Large Chests prefers women with large chests. Not for the reason you think... Boxxy likes large chests due to a misunderstanding with Creg, the demon who works with Demons R Us, who is in charge of assigning demons to warlocks according to their preferences. Boxxy, being a mimic who takes the form of a wooden chest, thinks that when Creg is asking him if he prefers large chests or small chests that the demon is talking about the wooden kind of chests filled with treasure when the devil is actually talking about breast size. Due to this misunderstanding, all of Boxxy's demonic familiars have the biggest boobs in hell.
  • The Familiar of Zero:
    • Several of the women, particularly Henrietta and Siesta, utilize this trope in an attempt to seduce Saito. Louise is not too happy about that.
    • Tiffania's breasts are often called to "debate" by many of the male characters in the series. And all like them.
  • Girls Don't Hit: Joss thinks admiringly about how buxom Shannon is while looking at her photos.
  • In one of the Gossip Girl novels, one girl uses artificial means to try and increase her breast size, but it backfires because she becomes too big. Jenny Humphries, on the other hand, has naturally huge breasts that garner her plenty of attention from male characters.
  • The title character in Haruhi Suzumiya thinks this, which is why she forcibly recruits the well-endowed Mikuru into her club. This gets lampshaded by Kyon, of course.
    Kyon: So, you brought this girl, Ms. Asahina, up here just because she happens to be cute, tiny, and extremely well-endowed?
    Haruhi: That's right.
  • Higehiro: In the protagonist's own words:
    Yoshida: I only like older women with big tits.
    • Also:
    Sayu: Aren’t F-cups you can touch better than the H-cups you can’t?
  • High School Dx D:
    • While Issei Hyoudou loves women of all shapes and sizes, his favorite ones are the ones with big boobs.
    • In the side story EX, it's revealed that Issei's future children have this belief due to the fact that their mothers are all busty. Yes, this even includes Asia and Koneko.
  • His Family: With a dose of Squick and maybe even some Incest Subtext, as Roger is describing his youngest daughter, Laura.
    "The blue evening gown she was wearing to-night (doubtless not yet paid for) made her figure even more supple and lithe, set off her splendid bosom, her slender neck, her creamy skin."
  • The trope is given a bit of a disturbing cast in The Hunger Games: a near-throwaway line from Cinna near the end of the first book mentions that the Games officials almost had Katniss's breasts surgically enhanced without her knowledge or consent while she was tranquilized and recovering from the Games, to make up for the weight she lost during the whole experience. Fortunately, Haymitch threw enough of a fit that they backed off and agreed to let Cinna simply pad her clothes instead. What really makes it disturbing is in the third book of the series when you realize that the breast enhancement was probably meant to attract/please customers. The most attractive winners ended up prostituted by President Snow.
  • Jeeves and Wooster: Bertie Wooster might be a Celibate Hero, but that doesn't mean he can't appreciate the female form. Like in Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit, when he describes the gorgeous Daphne Dolores Moorehead as having "more curves than a scenic railway". In Ring for Jeeves, he says, "Bill, as I remember it, was always more of a lad for the buxom, voluptuous type."
  • Loyal Enemies: While Shelena is not exactly suffering from A-Cup Angst, she often remarks on how some of the women the party meets have bigger breasts and how those must be considered more attractive. Gloom certainly seems to think so. When Shelena steals a set of clothes from the Big Bad, she smugly asserts that the shirt is uncomfortably tight, meaning her assets are bigger — and thus, better.
  • The Magicians: Quentin notes Alice's "heavy breasts" more than once, including while they're having sex, which is clearly depicted as part of her attractiveness.
  • The Reluctant King: Jorian is highly admiring of Yargali, as she has huge breasts described as melon-sized.
  • Rhythm of War (the fourth book of The Stormlight Archive): Veil spots one of Adolin's old girlfriends, Dakhnah, and wonders if they should set Kaladin up with her. There are two big reasons why.
    Veil: Those aren't real, are they? She pads, right?
    Adolin: [shakes head]
    Veil: Seriously? Stormfather. To get mine that big I'd have to eat six chulls. How do they feel?
    Adolin: You're making assumptions.
    Veil: Come on.
    Adolin: This is not a topic for gentlemen to discuss.
  • Santa Olivia: Pilar is mentioned more than once as having a large bust, which gets her lots of attention and she generally enjoys flaunting it (though not always, as her pervy uncle was also attracted by this).
  • So, I Can't Play H!: Ilia's a blonde bombshell and a popular teen idol, thanks to her F-cup breasts (which are actually just padding).
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: While at a wedding reception as the bedding gets underway, Catelyn Stark remembers from her own bedding that Lord Willam Dustin, upon seeing her bare breasts, joked to Eddard that they were enough to make him wish he'd never been weaned.
  • This trope is amply used in Spitfire. Feon and Caederyn, two of the POV characters, frequently notice themselves Eating the Eye Candy when presented with low-cut necklines and generous bosoms; Allene, another POV character, expresses quite a bit of Big-Breast Pride both in her narration and out loud; and in one gossip scene, the ladies of the Nadaran court (plus foreigners Allene and Lysithea) all agree that Eugenia, a woman with particularly massive breasts, is so overwhelmingly attractive as to be "a force of nature."
  • Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs: Leon does not even try to hide that his favorite type of women are the ones with big busts, to the point it's a Running Gag.
    Leon: Do you seriously think I only judge people by their bust size?
    Luxion: Yes.
  • In Warbreaker, gods are mortals who have died and come Back from the Dead. One of the perks of this resurrection is that their appearance is a combination of their idea of physical perfection and how they see themselves. Common traits are being taller than normal humans, in prime physical condition and, for goddesses, having a huge rack.
  • We Can Remember It For You Wholesale: The tidy and articulated receptionist Shirley has ample melon-like breasts and has no issue working her job topless.

    Live-Action TV 
  • One arc on 30 Rock featured Jack Donaghy's romance with nurse Elisa, played by the patron saint of Buxom Is Better, Salma Hayek. Liz's take?
    Liz: If I had knockers like that, I'd be thanking God too.
  • Ali G from Da Ali G Show says to a group of doctors and experts on medical ethics that he heard that some women got their breasts reduced. He thinks it's selfish as it's just one woman getting rid of backache, but pleasure is taken away from numerous men. One really cool doctor (who might have figured out that they were being trolled) politely explains to him that those breasts are grossly enlarged and not attractive. Ali G assures him he was talking about nice ones, and the doctor suggests that it's a matter of taste. Ali is impressed and wants to chat about that after.
    Ali G: I heard about this thing and it's probably rubbish, that some girls h'actually gets their babbylongs reduced. Is that true? Ain't that selfish, though? Cause like, is one woman getting back ache but you is taking away thousands of men getting pleasure, innit?
  • The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette is considered cute and attractive, and she's fairly well-endowed. Acknowledged in the show.
    Howard's Mom: (regarding a custom made vest) She has a tricky figure, she's short and stacked like me!
  • Korean Drama The City Hunter:
    Yoon-sung: (denying interest in a girl) And more importantly, you’re a B-cup, aren’t you? I don’t ever see anyone under a C-cup as a woman.
  • In the first season of Eastbound & Down, Jerkass protagonist Kenny Powers is obsessed with the ample breasts of ex-girlfriend April; in her first scene the camera zooms in on her cleavage as Kenny stares. In Season 2 he dates the gorgeous but less bosomy Vida, only to decide that he's "a breast man" and go back to April.
  • Euphoria: Played with as Cassie is a slender, busty young woman and loves showcasing her figure but the attention she got from older men as a younger girl (men she grew up knowing and were leering at her) can be degrading.
  • The Good Place: Tahani notes that her bosom is large more than once approvingly.
  • Great News: Among the reasons Carol lists for Greg being attracted to Katie (her own daughter!) is "she has Nana's yabbos."
  • Penny on Happy Endings says that she used to draw attention to her cleavage to get bigger tips during her waitressing days. It's still one of the first things that people notice about her.
  • In How I Met Your Mother, Ted runs into his ex Stella after she left him at the altar and his friends rate how he handled the situation favorably on a scale from sobbing-like-a-baby-about-how-his-life-is-ruined to dating-someone-exactly-like-her-but-French-and-with-bigger-boobs. In the fantasy, even the ex's current boyfriend tries to hit on her French version in front of her.
  • It's Awfully Bad for Your Eyes, Darling...:
    • In "A New Lease", Samantha grumpily remembers Bobby dancing cheek to cheek with "Miss Dairy Produce, with the biggest chest I've ever seen".
    • Also from "A New Lease", Hugo can't help himself from looking down at Samantha's cleavage every time she talks to him.
  • Just Shoot Me!: Maya consistently gets a lot of compliments or envious comments about her large breasts. She's largely annoyed by this, as it's often from creeps such as Finch or mixed with mockery.
  • MADtv: Parodied in a Ghost Whisperer spoof where the ghosts are all distracted by Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts.
  • The Magicians (2016): Margo comments on Alice's large breasts being her "assets" which she shouldn't hide under her modest outfit.
  • In Monty Python's Flying Circus "All England Summarizing Proust Competition", the announcer basically says that all contestants sucked, and he therefore awards the first prize to somebody who deserves it: the girl with the biggest tits. Those are really his words.
  • This is one of the many tropes examined (and confirmed) by MythBusters: working as a barista, Kari earns 30-40% more tips from both genders (well it is San Francisco) when she wore extra-large Fake Boobs, as compared with her normal bust and when she bound them.
  • NCIS: In "Deception", Tony and Ziva get into a small argument over Lt. Commander Wilkinson's "hotness" and Tony rates her a "perfect 10" mostly due to her buxom figure. Upon hearing this, Gibbs promtly gives them both his signature slap in the back of the head.
  • When Kevin from the American The Office tries to figure out who is hotter, Karen or Pam, he specifically notes that Pam has bigger breasts.
  • Orange Is the New Black: McCullough has a pretty large bust, it turns out, which was previously concealed by her uniform. Maritza and Flaca are both complimentary to her about this once they see.
  • In Parks and Recreation episode "Ron and Jammy", Leslie describes Tammy 2 as "a demonic sociopath...with great cleavage."
  • The reality show Playboy Shootout, which made a centerfold out of its winner, had said woman mention she had actually met mostly subversions of this trope, as she auditioned all over town, only to be rejected for how big her breasts were. Hence she jumped at a casting call for Playboy for knowing it was the one place where she wouldn't get that.
  • Pretty common on The Real Housewives, which often illustrates the process of breast augmentation surgery; however, this trope is just as often averted, as not every Housewife has implants, and some ultimately get theirs removed.
  • Samantha in Sex and the City wants to get enlargement surgery. She is told during the pre-op examination she has breast cancer.
  • The Sex Lives of College Girls: Kimberly gets a couple complimentary references to her having large breasts.
  • The makeover reality TV series The Swan usually had each contestant getting some form of breast augmentation.
  • In one episode of Two and a Half Men, the current girlfriend of Charlie wants to get her sizable breasts reduced due to back pain, to the horror of Charlie; the crisis (from his POV) is avoided when he tells her that once they're done people will notice her ass more - whereupon she decides to cancel the operation and keep her chest (and live with the backache).
  • Vida: Lyn got breast implants as a boyfriend of hers in the past thought larger ones were more attractive and pushed her to.

  • Yo-Han from Need a Girl! makes extensive speeches about how Bigger = Hotter. He is very much a breast man.

  • "Brick House" by The Commodores is all about admiring a voluptuous woman's figure. ("The lady's stacked and that's a fact").
  • Eye-catching stage dancer The Amazing Stacia was this trope to Hawkwind.
  • "Boobs A Lot" by the Holy Modal Rounders (originally by The Fugs). "They're big and round, they're all around."
  • Cledus T. Judd spoofed Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup" as "Double D Cups", a tongue-in-cheek ode to busty women.
  • In his song "Just a Friend", Biz Markie makes sure to mention that the woman he meets has "a very big bra".
  • "Dicke Titten" (translates to "Big Tits") by Rammstein leaves very little imagination to what it's about; in it, Till Lindemann sings about his desire to have a girlfriend with big tits, and the music video features a lot of busty women.
  • The Catalonian band La Trinca has the song Em descontrolen les neurones (translated: "My neurons are out of control") - which was translated into Spanish as Quiero una novia pechugona (translated: "I want a big breasted girlfriend") - and in spite of the different titles on both songs, both of them are odes about wanting to have a girlfriend with breasts so large that they can cast a shadow on him and go at them without respite.
  • The entire point of the song Tig Ol' Bitties by Your Favorite Martian. The song is about the singer seeing an attractive new girl in class, who has a large pair and asks her to the prom with "I like your boobs. Go to prom with me?" She says yes, and in the end, it turns out she stuffed her bra. "Those aren't boobs! They're lies!" He then dumps her.
    ''It's like two beach ball in shirt disguise
    Or Earth and Mars havin' some fun
    Wait, I take that back — it's like two of the suns.

    Music Videos 
  • "Dicke Titten" by Rammstein has a blind old man who just wants a wife to keep him company. She doesn't have to be pretty, smart or rich, "But I would like to ask for one thing: big tits!"
  • Miserable: What do you expect when you get Pamela Anderson involved in your music video? There's even a scene where she's lying on her back and the members of Lit trek across her boobs like they're hills.

    Myths and Religion 
  • Classical Mythology:
    • In The Iliad (book III), Helen is able to immediately identify Aphrodite through her "lovely bosom", among other traits.
    • Implied in certain English translations of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, who call her "buxom wife"note 
    • Surprisingly the goddess Artemis is this. In one epic poem, the Dionysiaca, a nymph named Aura spends a good while describing how large, sensual, and voluptuous her chest is. Aura concludes that with boobs like that, Artemis cannot possibly be a virgin.
    • The Homeric Hymn to Demeter describes Persephone as "trim-ankled" and "buxom", and Eros and Psyche's myth even claims her beauty rivalled that of Aphrodite.
  • The Bible:
    • The Song of Songs comments on the beloved's breasts a few times - "How beautiful and pleasant you are, O loved one, with all your delights! Your stature is like a palm tree, and your breasts are like its clusters." (Songs 7:6-7) being one instance.
    • The Book of Proverbs proclaims "Let her [your wife's] breasts fill you at all times with delight" (5:18)

  • This constituted part of the "Bally look," or at least what the higher-ups at Bally-Williams thought should be incorporated into pinball machines, as pinball artist Greg Freres pointed out in an interview. This is the reason why large-breasted women were so common in pinball machine artwork from the '70s to the early 2000s.
  • Invoked with the Mellon sisters in Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons, as the buxom girls attract lots of admiring attention from all of the men passing by.

  • So thinks the speaker in the Robert Browning poem, "A Tocatta of Galuppi's", when imagining all the great things in Venice.
    Was a lady, such a lady, cheeks so round and lips so red—
    On her neck the small face buoyant, like a bell-flower on its bed,
    O'er the breast's superb abundance where a man might base his head?

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Jacqueline Moore has bragged about how much woman she was on Monday Night Raw. To be fair, she only did this during the then common WWF "Bikini Contests". Really, this was still a fairly new concept in pro wrestling; she and Luna Vachon being some of the first really "stacked" wrestlers on national television and both of them were heels, at first anyway.
  • Terri Runnels was proud of her boob job and would boast that it was better than Trish Stratus's. This came back to bite her when Trish's Arch-Nemesis, the insane Victoria, began to associate Terri with Trish when Trish wasn't around.
  • ODB loves every part of her body, including her boobs, and has mocked Christina Von Eerie, who is about the same size as her, excepting one (or two) part(s) of her body.
  • According to The House Of Truth Anthem sung on the unauthorized Ring of Honor A Night Of Hoopla, larger breasts are a benefit of becoming one of Truth Martini's Hoopla Hotties.
  • Debra Marshall was known entirely for her large breasts, and the Unusual Euphemism 'puppies' was coined referring to them. She was one of the biggest Ms Fanservices of the Attitude Era.
  • Behind the scenes, a lot of women in wrestling opt for breast implants. Maria Kanellis says that some do it on their own, or else get pressured into it from the office. As wrestling tends to have some form of titillation, Fanservice is usually the aim.

    Tabletop Games 
  • People with the Eros genemod in GURPS: Bio-Tech have "exaggerated sexual characteristics" as part of the modifications for making them attractive. Sarcastically from the vignette: "Yes, you too can be stacked like a pleasure bioroid."
  • In Shadowrun, the player can get breast implants of varying sizes. Gamemasters are encouraged to use discretion in determining actual in-game effects.

  • One character in A Chorus Line sings a song about how her breast implants have helped her career as a dancer.
  • Men in White: Dr. Pete admires Miss Simpson, an X-ray tech at the hospital.
    Pete: Luscious! She had one of those tight black silk dresses....And a pair of mammaries! Mm!

    Video Games 
  • ANNO: Mutationem: Ann Flores, the protagonist, is skilled in martial arts and shown to have a well-endowed bust, and it's conveyed promptly when she's wearing her combat suit. Ayane is wholly intimate with Ann, and had given her a qipao for a stylish view, then leaps onto Ann to grab her chest when together.
  • In BlazBlue, the source of many A-Cup Angst is due to big breasts. Kokonoe threw a tantrum over Makoto's bigger breasts; mentioning her small breasts and comparing them to others makes Noel really mad, and she wished to get bigger breasts like Litchi's; and when Tsubaki was groped by Taokaka and the catgirl called "Average" despite Tsubaki having decent-sized breasts, she's indignantly pissed. And big breasts was one of the reasons Litchi is such a Ms. Fanservice. Even in Chronophantasma, Celica wonders if Ragna believes in this trope, both by getting angry when he calls her "normal" and when he becomes enamored by Makoto's chest.
  • Shows up in Castlevania: Judgment, in which Token Mini-Moe Maria laments her undersized chest and is in awe of Sypha's large breasts. When Sypha herself expresses annoyance, claiming that "They only get in the way", Maria gets mad:
  • Inverted in Crusader Kings II. One of the nicknames a woman may get for losing a beauty contest is "The Flat-Chested".
  • In Dofus, out of the three original Goddesses, Cra is the one considered so beautiful that any non-Cra who sees her falls head over heels in love for her, and out of the three she has the largest bust, complimented by a green dress showing off both her cleavage and her sideboobs.
  • Varric begins telling the story of Dragon Age II by portraying Hawke's sister Bethany as incredibly well-endowed. Soon Cassandra calls bullshit (mostly because of what the Hawkes do in the narration, rather than the size of their chests) and when he begins again, her bust is back to its regular size. (Hilariously, if Hawke is female, her assets remain the same size throughout.) It's probably a nod to Varric's canonical status as an Unreliable Narrator, but it does paint him as a bit of a Covert Pervert.
  • One of the fetishes that can be appealed to in HunieCam Studio is the 'Huge Tits' fetish. Nikki, Candace, and Marlena all appeal to this fetish (although it should be noted that Candace's tits came through plastic surgery). On the other hand, though, 'Flat Chest' is also a fetish.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel treats Emma Millstein's breasts as a running gag due to how massive her size is. Enough that Alisa, whose breast size is slightly below Emma's but, ends up getting jealous at how big Emma's is. Enough that Rean ends up staring at them while the two of them were studying in one of Emma's bonding events.
  • Mass Effect:
    Daniels: I've got green across the board. The forward tanks are buoyant and elevated.
    Donnelly: Are ya talking about the Normandy or Miranda?
    Daniels: I'm talking about the one covered and protected, not bouncing in the breeze.
    • In Mass Effect 3, Liara's father, Matriarch Aethyta, practically goes starry-eyed remembering her mother "Nezzy"'s magnificent rack, with predictable results as far as Liara's reaction is concerned.
  • Omega Labyrinth Life turns this into a key gameplay mechanic: separate from the levels gained via XP, characters with larger breast sizes have better stats and special abilities due to all the "Omega Power" stored in their chest. Though some characters inherently start with larger breasts than the others, everyone can eventually achieve a Z cup with enough grinding or special items.
  • In the Queen's Blade PSP game, Spiral Chaos, Reina and Cute cup their breasts in disappointment while looking at Cattleya's massive melons.
  • Defied by Emelia in SaGa Frontier. When discussing a porn mag, she says that the girl shown is "disgusting" and "out of proportion," and that "size isn't everything." Red, on the other hand, is thrilled, and Asellus is more attracted than she wants to be.
  • Saints Row: The Third has a sex appeal slider in its Character Customization. For Females, all it does is increases the size of their bust - men get a different upgrade.
  • Shining Resonance treats Sonia's breast size as a running gag, since even her armor can't hide the fact that she's stacked. One skit has Marion deciding to drink more milk after being told by Sonia that she drinks lots of itnote . In a separate skit, Primula says she intends to have boobs like Sonia's when she's older, so she can get back at Rapple for making fun of her "pancakes".
  • The governors' daughters in the 2004 iteration of Sid Meier's Pirates! were ranked plain, attractive, and beautiful. Since it's set in the 16th century, corsets are part of ballroom apparel; the 'rather plain' daughters are dressed to de-emphasize their bust, while the 'beautiful' ones are dressed to show theirs off.
  • The pilot of JakuBuOh in 2nd Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, Jun Kanan, is pretty much obsessed with voluptuous figures, but especially one that belongs to Kusuha Mizuha, to the point of pointing out her 'assets' is her spoken reasons why she wants Kusuha to join them. To hammer things down, Kanan also explicitly said that she had no interest in those with flat chests... this is within the earshot of poor Ibis Douglas.
  • This appears in Tales of Vesperia with Judith, who is regarded as the sexiest party member because of her large breasts. Oh. And exposed midriff and legs.

    Visual Novels 
  • Mia Fey from Ace Attorney was once able to use her large breasts to get information out of a Dirty Old Man witness. Also, in the first game, she gets a small boy to start talking with a Cheshire Grin smile when Phoenix had a hard time getting him to cooperate at all.
  • The Fruit of Grisaia: Amane is rather well endowed, which mostly played for laughs, but protagonist Yuuji, by self-admission, likes breasts bigger, and since Amane is aware of that kind of tendency in man, she is not afraid to take advantage of it. In fact, Amane deliberately dresses in skimpy outfits, not only to show off her "assets" more but because she noticed, that the elderly male shopkeepers tend to shower her with freebies.
  • Fun Bag Fantasy Series: Lute, the main protagonist, has a fetish for big-breasted women, and every lady in his harem all sport very large boobs he would lovingly grope and fondle to pleasure them. You won't find a main girl's cup size lower than an H cup here. One of his lovers' main greetings to him is to press their tits on him, much to Lute's delight. There are even times when Lute's desire for large breasts actually saved his life.
  • In My Girlfriend Is the President, small-chested Ell becomes worried that Junichirou believes this, based on the common knowledge that guys like big boobs as well as his constant comments about Ran or Putina's impressive chests. However, it's subverted when Junichirou declares that it isn't true - what he loves isn't specifically large breasts, but instead the existence of breasts altogether.
  • Somewhat deconstructed in Every Day's Different with Yuika. She's much better endowed than her friends and proud of it but, as her chest gets so much attention, she has developed the idea that it's her only notable quality.
  • Played with in Oppai Sensou ~Kyonyuu vs. Hinnyuu~ (literally: Breast Wars ~Big Breasts vs. Tiny Breasts~). The struggle between large-breasted women and flat-chested women to determine which is superior has escalated to full-on war. Women are literally murdering each other in an attempt to prove this trope is true (or untrue).
  • In School Days Kotonoha's large bust is the reason she attracts so much unwanted attention. As a result, she becomes extremely self-conscious and is repeatedly bullied by jealous girls trying to slut shame her.
  • In Strawberry Vinegar, Licia tells Rie it wouldn't be all that nice bathing with her anyways since she's not "cushiony" like her older sisters, which upsets Rie.

    Web Comics 
  • In Dangerously Chloe, Abby asks Chloe if boys would like her if she had big boobs. "Aww sweetie... Yes. Yes they would."
  • Eerie Cuties: Briefly discussed when Nina asks her big sister, Layla, if guys prefer girls with big breasts like hers. Layla answers "yes", so Nina asks if her boobs will ever grow to be as big. Laylah tells her not a chance, which causes Nina to retaliate by stealing her sister's body in order to have her breasts.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Ashley "sabotages" Elliot's transformation into a girl. She enjoys the result, though.
    • It's a Running Gag, that Sarah's interest in transformation magic specifically includes magic that increases her bust size. See, for example, here, here, and here. She doesn't exactly have A-Cup Angst, but she's not going to turn down the opportunity if it presents itself.
  • Flower Knight 4-koma Theater: According to Dancing Lady Orchid in the comic "Number one", there exists a "Beautiful Boobs festival" in Spring Garden, implicitly a competition judging beauty based on the girl's bust sizes. The fact that Orchid suggests for Cattleya to participate out of belief that it fits her well, to the latter's shock and confusion.
  • In Girl Genius this is the belief of Zeetha with regards to herself, who is notably busty but apparently enjoys enhancing it...
    Zeetha: [trying on armour] Does this make my chest look too big?
    Agatha: No.
    Zeetha: Drat.
  • In Girls with Slingshots, Jamie is extremely well-endowed and quite proud of the attention this brings her. Though she is still surprised when she has to bundle up for the winter, and suddenly everything at her favorite bar is twice as expensive as she's used to.
  • Didi of Ménage à 3 is this trope in perfection. Her breasts are incredibly large and she inspires lust in everyone she meets. However, this also slips into Blessed with Suck territory, as she's never had a partner last more than 2 minutes at sex as a result - with one poor guy lasting -39 Seconds.
  • In My Girlfriend's A Hex Maniac, the titular Hex Maniac is depicted as quite curvy and well-endowed. Shauna gives Calem her approval after taking one look at her large chest.
    Shauna: (patting Calem on the shoulder while smiling) Don't ever let her go, my dude.
  • NEXT!!! Sound of the Future: Roll considers Shine's big boobs to be her only physical trait that would make her stand out as an idol, and Shine gives Princess' big breasts as a reason why her pictures will sell for a lot, showing how larger chests are seen as more desirable in the idol world.
  • In Nip and Tuck, Hortence assumes it, but in fact she has body issues, and even more pragmatically back aches.
  • Intentionally invoked in Pacificators. The platoon needed to lure away Rendo away from the others as part of a diversion, and Cinna discounted Taffe because her sister "stole so much from her chest". When the group decided that Cinna would be The Bait, Qamra said that she needed "padding up." Turns out, it worked excellently on Rendo.
  • In Rascals, pretty much the majority of female characters, especially Kyoko and Reiko the latter's the source of her little sister Jazzmin's A-Cup Angst Shiro in particular has a funny reveal of her own.
    Jamie: You've been giving me boob discounts?!
    Quick: Like wearing those magic bandages that hides your chest. It's a shame for a cute girl like you to hide yourself [proceeds to take a sip of Orange Soda unamused while Shiro blushes speechless]
    Shiro: OH FINE! [proceeds to rip it off letting them spring freely while Quick spits his Orange Soda and crushes the can in reflex]
  • Dr. Edward Bunnigus of Schlock Mercenary is a gene-tweaked test-tube baby, as her parents were mentally stunted and therefore not permitted to produce naturally. The "model" of her gene-tweaking was the "Exotic Dancer" package, hence her massive mammaries and her name ("ED"ward). She's used her considerable assets as a stripper and pole dancer to pay her way through medical school, and in one case "weaponized" her body during a strip search.
  • Subverted in Shotgun Shuffle. While Ellie's large breasts get her a lot of attention, she personally believes she's not as pretty as the more moderately endowed Quinn. Taken further, these strips imply that Ellie has little to no dating experience, as guys were too intimidated to ask her out.
  • In Spying with Lana, Lana's large breasts help in her honey traps against her targets.
  • This is subverted in Unit-M in an issue where Shield’s curvaceous figure is the focal point of vicious online harassment.

    Web Original 
  • Queen Lilie from Britsune Garden has large and very prominent breasts, both described In-Universe and in the author’s artwork. Many of the characters constantly make jokes about them, which Lilie doesn’t mind at all. This trope is also one of the main reasons why Lilie happens to be a Silver Vixen.
  • In Chakona Space, Chakats all have positively huge breasts (with in-story justification that they're actually made from a spongy tissue that stores a sort of natural sports drink they secrete when they're not in full pregnant lactation mode). Of course, there's no shortage of endowments among non-chakat races, either.

    Web Videos 
  • A running gag in LouLou's "How To Sue" series involves giving the titular Sues unrealistically huge breasts and the narrator is under the impression that normal boobs shouldn't be that small.
  • Mother's Basement: Geoff Thew knows what he likes in a waifu. For example, when reviewing Princess Connect! Re:Dive, in a video where he's already made it clear that as well as her personality he appreciates Pecorine's bust, he starts talking about how KonoSuba only exhibited a certain quality when dealing with a few secondary characters like Wiz, with all the buildup seeming to be about Princess Connect's sincerity and heart...before delivering the Bait-and-Switch that he's actually talking about, quote, "some of the best-animated huge anime titty I have ever seen in my entire life," before rhapsodising about how round and bouncy they are.
  • SynthOrange's Let's Play of Princess Maker 2, casts Gendo Ikari as the father of the main character. Upon getting a visit from a travelling salesman, who, amongst other things, sells "Buxom Pills", a drug that increases bust size. Gendo first does a Flat "What", then angrily chases the salesman away for being a creepy weirdo. In a later chapter, Gendo eventually buys a Buxom Pill... to use on himself.

    Western Animation 


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