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That buzzing sound flying insects make seems almost calculated to wind people up. The incessant droning often drives people up the wall or into insanity. Flies, in particular, are commonly use to deliver this effect in media as their tendency to hover around people and food combined with their inherently loud buzzing is found to be incredibly annoying by most. Stinging insects are also popular as stings are just bothersome as the annoying noises they make.

For tropes about bugs that can buzz but are disliked or negatively portrayed for reasons other than incessant buzzing, see Bee Afraid, Flies Equals Evil, and Mosquito Miscreants. See also Drone of Dread and Hell Is That Noise.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Cicada chirps frequently accompany outdoor scenes. The reason given for this is that Japan has been in a perpetual summer since Second Impact, and since the ecosystem is returning to its former state, cicadas are coming back to Tokyo-3. They're also used to dramatic effect in episode 4, where Shinji is overwhelmed by the din of cicada sounds at one point.

    Comic Strips 
  • In one Calvin and Hobbes comic, Calvin complains about how irritating bugs' characteristics are, including their noise. Hobbes snarks that a lot of the same things apply to human kids, leading the enraged Calvin to chase him.
  • Garfield: In the March 25, 2012 strip, Garfield is glad that winter is over, remarking that he can finally enjoy the weather and open the windows now that spring is here... then is immediately annoyed by a fly buzzing in circles around his head.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In The Right Stuff the invading horde of news reporters is always accompanied by the sounds of locusts.

  • The narrator of The Events at Poroth Farm, Jeremy, is renting an outhouse on a farm deep in the New England countryside, and constantly has to put up with the sound of insects while he's trying to sleep. Which makes it very unnerving when, one night, the crickets just stop for a second, and then continue again out of rhythm for a moment - "as if a hand had jarred the record or there'd been some kind of momentary break in the natural flow..."
  • In The Inheritance Cycle, while traveling to Ellesmera for the first time, Eragon and his companions encounter a swarm of bugs that prove to be so bothersome that even Arya is annoyed and uses magic to shoo them away and keep any similar bugs at a distance.
  • In the children's book The Thing That Bothered Farmer Brown, Farmer Brown is bothered by the whining of a mosquito when he's trying to sleep.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Bolivia episode of Top Gear (UK) had a startling moment around sunset on the first day when all the insects in the rainforest seemed to suddenly sound off at once. Richard Hammond, who is afraid of insects, was not happy at all.
  • Victorious: In "A Christmas Tori", Beck's subplot involves him being kept awake for several nights by a cricket that got stuck in his RV. It annoys him so much that Andre's Secret Santa gift for him is to catch said cricket.

    Myths & Religion 
  • According to legend in the south of France, cicadas were created by God specifically to keep people from sleeping during the middle of the day so they would get back to work.

    Video Games 
  • Animal Crossing: Due to their small size making them difficult to see, honeybees and mosquitoes make their presence known with a high-pitched buzz when the player is close to them.
  • In the Pokémon world, Bug Buzz is a Bug-type special attack that has a 10% chance of lowering the target's special defense by one stage. It is also a sound-based attack since it involves the user to generate loud buzzing noises strong enough to damage the target.
  • Valheim: Two sounds inspire fear and paranoia in veteran players: The giggling of Fulings and the buzzing of the very aptly-named Deathsquitoes, giant bugs that swoop down and one-shoot underequipped players with buzzing as the only warning.
    From the mountaintop, this plain looked peaceful and pleasant. But I have found it worse than anywhere else. I always hear the buzzing of those thrice-damned insects. My beard has turned as white as snow.

    Web Animation 
  • The God is a 2003 animated short made by a Russian animation studio, which depicts a multi-armed living statue being disturbed by a buzzing fly. Cue an epic statue-vs-fly showdown, which hilariously ends with said statue accidentally dislodging himself from his perch while failing to defeat the fly and falling off his altar.
  • Simon's Cat: In "Fly Guy", a buzzing fly wakes up the cat, so he tries to kill it, but accidentally makes a huge mess of Simon's living room instead. When the cat believes he has killed the fly, he tries to show it to Simon without realizing Simon is asleep, and ends up pushing the fly into Simon's mouth. To make matters worse, it's still alive and buzzing in his stomach, which annoys both of them.

    Western Animation 
  • Big Mouth: Season 4 introduces the "Anxiety Mosquito," a symbol of chronic anxiety who stresses people out by buzzing and whispering doom-mongering comments in their ear.