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Black Comedy Rape
aka: Rape As Comedy

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Except when this trope is in play. Maybe.

"They'll say, 'You can't joke about rape! Rape is not funny!' I say, fuck you! I think it's hilarious, how do you like that? I can prove to you that rape is funny! Picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd. Well, why do you think they call him 'Porky'?"

The whole point of Black Comedy is to find humor in otherwise depressing situations. When a good joke is made of a horrible thing, the darkness of the subject-matter gives it a unique strength and poignancy.

Given that sexual assault is as old as humor itself, it's not too surprising that it features in some of the oldest comedy known to us — although the notion of sexual assault as a "humorous" form of punishment or comeuppance hasn't traveled particularly well, since modern audiences no longer find sexual assault funny in itself; nowadays people are generally too aware of the immense pain of the subject matter to be amused by it, except when it — and attitudes towards it — are effectively Satirized (e.g. the page quote, which we managed to agree presented a situation which was sufficiently ridiculous as to be funny for almost everyone).

A partial exception (depending on how well it's done) to the "not inherently funny" caveat regarding sexual assault is the sexual assault of men (including, if not especially, by women). A big part of the humor is the idea that men shouldn't need help, and aren't sufficiently masculine if they ask for and/or get it — this "meaning" that being sexually assaulted as a man isn't just amazingly painful, especially if it's someone you know and/or trust, but also something one deserves if one is unwilling or unable to prevent it.

As a general rule, the best comedic material about sexual assault demonstrates a certain compassion and understanding (that sexual assault as largely a question of power/control rather than sex, having effects unique to each victim — sexuality, gender, species, etc. of perpetrator being irrelevant — and not reflecting the sexuality of victim or perpetrator, not being the fault of the victim, etc, etc.) that the worst does not, with the latter typically involving a kind of sneering dismissiveness that hints at a very real contempt for victims — especially when it takes the form of a deliberate mean-spiritedness and/or ignorance that highlights our own compassion and knowledge. More compassionate portrayals often happen to Butt-Monkey characters who are deliberately written as sympathetic; when confessing what happened to The Hero, they will immediately be offered sympathy and help, when confessing to a villain, they will more than likely be brushed off, to indicate the villain's Lack of Empathy.

See also Ass Shove (based on the same principles), Prison Rape (when played for comedy), Karmic Rape, Comedic Lolicon, Stalking Is Funny if It Is Female After Male and Memetic Molester (specific sub-tropes). Often overlaps with one of the Double Standard Rape tropes, as it's easier to laugh at a type of sexual assault considered less "serious" than a man attacking a woman. Compare Rape Portrayed as Redemption. Contrast Rape as Drama and Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil (since both tropes justifiably portray sexual assault as a bad thing). Since most people find it distressing instead of humorous to see someone traumatized regardless of the circumstances, the horror of the sexual assault itself is often softened by having the victim treat it as a moderate annoyance at most, or even enjoying it in spite of themselves.

Note: Skinship Grope is not Black Comedy Rape. Nor are the many, many varieties of consensual sex being used for comedy. noreallife

Please avoid adding specific pornographic/Hentai examples here, as per wiki rules.


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Rape in General

    Comic Books 
  • Some old jokes from the Chilean comic Condorito, like the following: An 80-year-old woman goes to the police because she wants to denounce that a man kissed her by force.
    Police: That when it happened?
    Woman: 60 years ago.
    Police: But why did you not report it before?
    Woman: I made the complaint at that time... but it's so nice to remember.
  • Red Ears: Employed occasionally.
    • One comic featured a tubby guy getting exercise from his female trainer by having her strip nude and run around the room on the first day saying he can have sex with her if he can catch her. However, on the second day, the trainer is replaced by a Scary Black Man who tells him to start running before he catches him.
    • Another has a woman who's been kidnapped by a rapist, who takes her to the woods, forces her to strip, and ties her to a tree. A hunter appears to scare him off, and the woman is elated and thanks her rescuer... only for him to zip open his fly and snark that fortune isn't smiling at her.
    • A Bad Santa manages to trick a woman who's about to commit suicide after experiencing the worst day of her life into giving him a blowjob by promising her a Christmas Miracle.
    • A man traveling through Corsica is stopped on the road by a local man with a shotgun and forced to jack off in front of him. After he finishes, the Corsican tells him to do it again. After about seven times and being too tired to get up, the Corsican calls over to his sister who's been hiding in the bushes and says that the nice man will drive her to town.

  • Russell Howard's stand-up act includes Yawn Rape.
  • Frankie Boyle found out that Rape is in predictive text in his phone:
    Boyle: Why would Rape be in predictive text!? "Sorry mum, will be late for dinner, gone raping."
  • On Chelsea Lately, sometimes the comedian Loni Love will suddenly grab the man sitting next to her by the head and kiss him. She calls it "face-raping someone".
  • The Brazilian comedian Rafinha Bastos told a lot of rape jokes of man by man, and even told one about him being a child/teen prostitute that would please truck drivers. Things hit the fan when he made a joke about ugly women thanking the rapists, and another that he would "do" a famous actress and her baby.
  • Neil Hamburger has been known to do this, usually in the form of a Poor Framing Device. Example:
    Q: Why don't rapists eat at TGI Friday's?
    A: Well, it's hard to go out and rape when you've got a stomachache! [when audience reacts poorly] Hey, that wasn't a rape joke, that was a TGI Friday's joke! This is a family show, after all!
  • George Carlin had an entire bit on how you can joke about rape, including the page quote.
  • Bill Cosby, after being subjected to rape allegations, told female audience members that they should be careful drinking around him. It did not go over well.
  • David Mitchell in his Soapbox YouTube series discusses how rape sounds horrible standalone, but loses its edge when not, on the example of "Raping and Pillaging". Going off to Rape and Pillage sounds like jolly good fun, but takes a dark turn if someone states "...Well, not pillaging".
  • Comedian Mike Birbiglia had a woman let him into his apartment building while he was lugging a large mattress and found it difficult to reach for his keys. She justified letting a stranger into the building by saying "I know you're not a rapist because a rapist wouldn't have a bed like that".
    Mike: Now... what I should have said... was nothing. What I did say was, "You'd be surprised".
  • A considerably positive example is the stand-up comedy tour Rape is Real & Everywhere, which is made by female stand-up comedians and without lacking fun is still used to raise consciousness. The catch, of course, is that the performers are all rape survivors.
  • Rapes as Comedy is very common in the Spanish-speaking world (Pedro Almodóvar has like five comedy movies with rape on it), and its presence on comedy shows, popular jokes, and the like is common. Which is probably why once Sofía Vergara joked about it in The View when speaking on how young of a mother she was, which did not go well with her hosts. A case of Cross-Cultural Kerfluffle nevertheless, Vergara apologized about it and most of her co-panelists later explained this case of Values Dissonance.
  • Bill Burr's SNL piece about how white women took over the "woke movement" at the expense of ethnic minorities closes with a rant about how white women spent centuries living off the ill-gotten gains of white men while occasionally cheating on their husbands with black guys and if they got caught, they'd just say they were raped.

    Fan Works 
  • In Promstuck, Vriska says it is important to always be on top during sex, because that means you're winning. She also tells John not to bother with foreplay and go straight for the goods ("no-one 8others with the salad 8ar, John!"), and that 'negotiating clear boundaries' are for 'dowdy middle-aged English professors'. Fortunately, being in a fanfic, the humour relies on the audience knowing that this is completely wrong, and that Vriska is therefore an extremely inexperienced blowhard who has no idea what she's talking about.
  • "Fail!rape" crops up occasionally; this refers to Attempted Rape which fails in a humorous manner. A Hetalia: Axis Powers Kink Meme fill loosely inspired by the infamous "Financial Crisis Gang Bang" comic falls under this heading; in it, Canada is extremely angry at America and decides to rape him as "punishment", but Canada is "too polite and too French to make sex unpleasant".
  • A more literal example than usual in Hivefled; while raping Dualscar, the Grand Highblood forces him to try to tell a joke with the promise he'll be allowed to live if he finishes the joke before GH is done with him.
  • Mangle sexually assaulting Foxy in Dante's Night At Freddy's 2: Animatronic Boogaloo is treated as absurd, sad, disgusting, and hilarious all at the same time. It helps that Foxy himself actually responds to it with little more than annoyance.
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest Rewrite: The Lunites attempt to impregnate themselves by kidnapping young Ultu men and performing oral sex on them.
  • Living The Dream
    • Happens several times throughout the story. Most often Lance Greenfield is the one who suffers this.
    • The most prominent use of this trope is chapter 50 "Heat Survival". In which every mare in Equestria goes into heat, and the male characters are picked off one by one until all of them are captured and raped for two days straight.
    • Another significant example of this is when Annabel did a repeat of The Heat mentioned above. She turned the main cast into mares (except Vinetion) and forced them to survive an entire month in a city with hypnotized sex hungry stallions. Fortunately, the event was Cut Short with only two characters getting raped.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Tank Girl, the eponymous character jokes about her first time having sex... with her daddy.
  • In the Self-Parody Gremlins 2: The New Batch, there is a scene that mocks the first movie when Kate explains why she hates Christmas (her father died while trying to pass as Santa Claus getting down the chimney). At another ill-timed moment, she launches into another explanation of why she hates President's Day: because she was molested as a little girl by a guy dressed as Abraham Lincoln. Billy ends up dragging her off-camera.
  • In Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers, they describe men so evil they "rape the fields and pillage the women".
  • In Bio-Dome, Bud and Doyle sneak into the rooms of the two attractive female scientists and climb into bed with them. They are even shown reaching their hands down to the women's crotches.
  • In Young Frankenstein, Victor's frigid fiance Elizabeth is raped by the monster. This is treated as comedy, since she reacts by singing joyfully, looking like the Bride of Frankenstein in the next scene, and later treating the Monster as a Henpecked Husband.
  • In Team America: World Police, the reason Chris hates actors is because he was gang-raped by the cast of Cats as a young man. Apparently the actors were all in costume as well, as Chris refers to them all by their characters' names (which stops the event being disturbing and makes it hilariously absurd instead).
  • Cooper of EuroTrip visits a brothel in Amsterdam. As soon as he consents to a sexual encounter (with an unintelligible foreign safeword), the context is changed to a BDSM fetish room. He reappears the next morning clearly traumatized but having earned a free T-shirt.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Whitest Kids U' Know:
    • One skit has the Fellowship of the Ring angrily confront Gandalf upon the destruction of the One Ring about why he chose not to ask the eagles to drop the ring into the fires of Mount Doom. When Gandalf threatens him with his magic, the others express doubt as to whether he's actually a wizard, and decide there's only one way to find out: RAPE HIIIIM! It moves into Refuge in Audacity as the narrator describes how the heroes continued to rape Gandalf until he was near death and how it eventually became a tradition among their descendants to rape Gandalf again and again, putting aside only one day to heal him back to near-health so the raping can resume. Eventually the tradition is broken when a hobbit named Goodo rapes Gandalf on the day designated for his healing, which kills him. However, everyone thinks this is hilarious and they build Goodo a statue.
    • The famous "Grapist" sketch has some ad execs shown a commercial where a mascot called the Grapist chases children while threatening to "grape [them] in the mouth". The one presenting the ad insists that the ad isn't intended as anything sordid or offensive, but one of the ad execs continues expressing his uncertainty that the ad is appropriate and is especially aghast at hearing that the mascot is named the Grapist.
  • One episode of MADtv featured a horrifically novel take on aversion therapy: having patients locked in a room and violated by horny hillbillies dressed up as whatever vice they were looking to kick.
  • Played with in an episode of Broad City, Abbi invites her boyfriend Male Stacy over to her in the dog days of summer, and when they start to have sex, he passes out from the heat. She spends the rest of the episode worrying that in the few seconds before she noticed he passed out if she had raped him and Ilana tries to make her feel better first by saying that she's taking rape culture by the horns and secondly by saying that at worst (between the aforementioned sex and that she makes out with sixteen year old while high after confusing his age) she's a sex offender.
    Abbi: Wait, there's a club?
    Ilana: Yeah. It's... not hard to get into.
  • In Titus, a teenage version of the main character gives the advice given to him by his father:
    Titus: Dad taught me to never give up. And when it comes to women, never take "no" for an answer, and only sometimes take "get off me" or "I'm calling the police" for an answer.
  • In Seinfeld, it's heavily implied that Jerry was sexually assaulted by his dentist and his assistant while he was unconscious from laughing gas. This is, of course, Played for Laughs, with Elaine out and out dismissing the importance of it.

  • Massacration's "The Mummy" is about an old emperor cursed by a sphinx after he had anal sex with her, awakening in the present era in order to rape anyone who is close to him. The video for the song implies at the end that he screwed the band members and guest vocalist Falcao.
  • Gogol Bordello's "Invisible Zed" has darkly humorous and surreal lyrics about a woman who has no idea that an invisible man is lurking in her home, watching her get naked. He's apparently even able to have sex with her without her realizing, as "Little does she know, when she is yawning, she's orally pleasing an invisible man." By the end of the song, Zed has impregnated her with invisible sperm, and she gives birth to a new invisible man.
  • The Kunt and the Gang song "Jimmy Savile and the Sexy Kids" is about the ghost of the titular disgraced TV personality and disc jockey pleading that Kunt write a song defending his sex crimes, rationalizing that sexy kids were why he molested so many children.

  • Lo Zoo Di 105: Although the show rarely uses the word "rape" as anything aside from a purposefully controversial analogue to generic sexual intercourse.

    Video Games 
  • The Korean arcade game "Boonga-Ga Boong-Ga", made for the Japanese market, allows you to commit Kancho on various targets of choice for points. Kancho is a uniquely Japanese way of pranking someone by trying to ram your fingers up their butt, primarily among children. If you've seen Kakashi's "Thousand Years of Pain" technique, you know how it's executed.
  • Duke Nukem Forever. From Destructoid's review:
    One level in particular takes place in an alien nest where Earth's women... look like they're getting raped. In fact, they are. That's the big joke of the level. The aliens are raping the women to create babies.
  • The Witcher 3: The "rape them to fix them" version comes up in one minor sidequest. Four village men decided that the White Lady would settle down if "she had a good ploughing," and set off to do the deed. The problem? The White Lady is an extremely powerful noonwraith and they knew that (they were very drunk). None of the other villagers are surprised or upset when they're found dead.
  • In South Park: The Stick of Truth, after you are all ambushed in the Giggling Donkey Inn and save Cartman from being beaten up, he tells you to go and save Princess Kenny from being raped. Butters cheerfully spurs you on with phrases like "They're probably raping Princess Kenny right now". Once you reach the landing, you can hear a bed thumping and Princess Kenny squealing. Open the door, and you find a Drow Elf and Princess Kenny jumping on the bed together. After you get back to Cartman, he asks "How badly did they rape you, Princess Kenny?" and Kenny's reply is "Not too badly." Sexual assault is certainly more funny when it's being interpreted by 11-year-olds, and anal probing by aliens later on... Randy himself says "This is what happens when you live in a quiet mountain town," as if he's used to it.

    Visual Novels 
  • In CLANNAD, Tomoya uses an expression involving Kotomi (who has a fear of being bullied) having a tail. Kyou launches a thorough investigation and checks breast size while she's at it. Kyou later uses threats of "massages" to coerce Kotomi. This is downplayed — somewhat — in the anime.
    • When visiting Ushio and Tomoya, Fuko worriedly asks if Tomoya slipped any sleeping pills into the food he prepared.

    Web Animation 

  • Sexy Losers has this as one of its staple gags. According to his blog, the author was deeply offended to discover this entry, and promises not to do it again. But incest and necrophilia are still A-okay!
  • In Goblins, Dellyn thought this was true of raping near-human monsters. He laughingly explained to Minmax how he raped Kin every night while beating her nearly to death and then healing her back to perfection. Minmax gave him a Dude, Not Funny! moment... by throwing him through a window. This is also the first time that Minmax is depicted as a decent human being instead of a Munchkin out to murder the main cast for experience and loot or The Chew Toy comic relief.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fancomic "Why Me!?", Applejack feels lonely because her friends are too busy to hang out with her. Princess Luna visits her in her dreams and tells her that she can use her power to increase her friends' interest in her. Hilarity ensues as it goes from Rainbow Dash asking her out, to Attempted Rape by two of her friends.
  • Rape jokes were a common theme in Twisted Kaiju Theater.
  • Muh Phoenix: Spider-Man raped Wolverine. Apparently, Daredevil recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube.
  • A frequent topic in Jerk City, although it reflects more on the players' puerile sense of humour than anything else.
  • A frequent topic in The Bedfellows, in which Sheen is a Depraved Bisexual who mostly rapes and harasses his roommate Fatigue. The web series even does this a few times, with "Rap Song" consisting of Sheen rapping about how it's not legal for him to rap, the main joke being that he mentions "rap" in contexts where it would make more sense if the word ended with a silent E as well as having only one P in its present participle and the ending having him wind up in jail as his lizard cellmate informs him he's about to be the victim of his next "rap" song.

    Web Original 
  • Also an Internet meme "There is nothing funny about rape. Unless you are raping a clown."
    • At least that's better than "It's not rape if they're dead."
    • "In Japan, rape is like saying 'Hello'!"
    • And the "surprise buttsecks" meme.
  • The entire concept of the Memetic Molester. Sometimes it's treated seriously, most of the time it isn't, especially when the term "raep face" (sic) is involved.
  • Read this entry from Something Awful.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • Happens on American Dad! with Steve and his friends a lot, although it's usually more molestation than rape. Who could forget Randy in "The 42 Year Old Virgin".
    • Or what about Barry's uncle's "secret basement movies"? It Crosses the Line Twice when Barry's reminiscence saddens him because he got too old for it.
    • There's the joke about boys who don't get enough sleep letting off a scent that attracts pedophiles.
      Creepy Man: "Hey champ, get enough sleep last night?"
    • In gym class, when everyone has to tell a secret, Snot's is "My therapist says I'm a bad kisser".
    • Snot also remarks nonchalantly "Maybe now [that I have a girlfriend], my wrestling coach will finally believe I'm heterosexual and let me shower myself." in "Jenny Fromdabloc."
    • Roger did that weird chin innuendo with Steve in "License to Till." In "School Lies", when he's dressed up like Steve, he wants Stan to kiss him on the lips because he "wants that kind of relationship".
  • Family Guy: Happens regularly with Peter:
    • In Season 5's "Stewie Loves Lois," much of the plot is centered around Peter's mistaken belief that Dr. Hartman was molesting him during a prostate exam. At one point, the trope kicks in as Peter (during Dr. Hartman's misconduct trial) testifies that Dr. Hartman raped him, exaggerating the whole incident.
    • Season 8's "Dial Meg for Murder" sees Peter victimized twice — possibly a series record:
      • In the opening gag, where Peter tries to make true his latest "dream" of being a rodeo star, he is bucked off a bull (during a bull-riding event), after which the steer performs an act widely interpreted as a sexual assault. note 
      • In a later scene, after Meg returns home from prison (she had been sentenced to jail for harboring a fugitive), she repeatedly rapes Peter, first by deciding to share his shower.
    • The character of Glenn Quagmire lives and breathes this trope. He is guilty of rape, sexual harassment, sexual assault, necrophilia, and a host of other sex crimes (and for that matter, also non-sex crimes). He's been caught spying on ladies in changing rooms, been shown to keep a harem of Asian women who are likely sex slaves in his home, blatantly drugs and date rapes multiple women, stole the murdered corpse of one of his dates so he could take it home to have sex with it, and is explicitly referred to as a convicted rapist more than once by the characters. It is all Played for Laughs and relies heavily on Refuge in Audacity. Also, he does draw the line at Domestic Abuse.
    • The neighbour Herbert, likewise, is an elderly man who is strongly implied to be a pedophile on his first appearance. Later episodes only make it even more explicit — while he has never been shown outright raping any children, he is almost always alluding to it in some way, shape, or form, or attempting to lure children to his house or trick them into touching him.
  • A recurring joke in Bojack Horseman is that Sarah-Lynn was molested by her stepfather.
    My mom's boyfriend home-schools me. He's a photographer.
    It's bear fur. I can tell, my step dad was a bear.
    • Season 4 has BoJack believe his mother's inability to recognize him is part of a ploy she'd used before after he'd botched a choir solo.
      BoJack: I had to get a ride home from the pianist, who liked to tickle a lot more than just the ivories. When I made it home unscathed, she said "Huh, I guess no one wants you."
  • An implicit example in TaleSpin (although the joke is not strictly related to rape), where a paranoid military believes that we are being invaded by aliens and, while firing madly in all directions, shouts: Stop the evil aliens! They will rob our cattle and cook our women!

Rape of/by Animals

See also Bestiality Is Depraved.

    Anime & Manga 
  • The Death Panda manages to cross the line twice since the raping is done by a big fat panda that makes hilarious faces.
  • In one episode of Hayate the Combat Butler, Hayate ends up dressed as a Cat Girl maid by his employer. Naturally, the employer's pet white tiger, Tama, takes a liking to him, and, umm... yeah. The scene is censored, so we're not quite sure if it's actual rape or molestation, but Tama's certainly going through the motions there before Hayate knocks him away with an uppercut.
  • Green Green features a bear explicitly raping Bacchi-Guu... but it's hard to think of who could deserve it more, as he repeatedly plots sexual assaults and actually goes through with what he thinks is a sexual assault. (She liked it.) The same thing happens to the whole Baka Trio on a later occasion. Far worse is the rape of Reika by a troop of monkeys for the apparent crime of being a prude.
  • He Is My Master has Pochi, a horny alligator who seems quite fond of Izumi Sawatari. (In the anime, at least. He's surprisingly more courteous in the original manga.)
  • In Rizelmine, Aoi's initial meeting with her future boyfriend has her accidentally using a mind-controlling helmet on him, which results in him fiercely licking between her legs, much to her distress. Said future boyfriend was a dog. When her three friends came, she thought she was saved, but it went From Bad to Worse for her; see the rape of women by women section for more details. Meanwhile, although their first meeting was rough, Aio's relationship turned into what she would consider puppy love, but to the now non-mind-controlled pup, it was a literal Rape The Dog moment.
  • One of Mayo Mitama's favorite hobbies in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei is raping dogs; she likes to use small sharp objects like pencils and branches to anally violate them.
  • While no rape actually happens, Momoka being resuscitated by a space octopus in Sgt. Frog is played out like this trope. On a Sunday morning kids' anime, no less. The manga version could actually apply, since Momoka doesn't remember anything and the others do a Suspiciously Specific Denial when she asks about it. Whatever happened was apparently bad enough to warrant Pixellation.

  • In Ross Noble's Fizzy Logic, he discusses about having your face swapped with your arse and warns people not to have bum-faced children, due to teasing. While it's okay if they get sad, you don't want them to get embarrassed at the zoo.
    [audience laughs] "You're ahead of me here, aren't you? THEIR FACES GROW BRIGHT RED! A nearby baboon sees the face!" [mimes baboon] "LEAPS! And starts bumming the child in the face!"
He then proceeds to go into a Broken Record routine to see how many times he can say "bummed in the face".

    Comic Books 
  • Happens to the entire "Rifle Brigade" in the Garth Ennis comic Operation: Bollock. They're in a stolen German halftrack, while on assignment in the Middle East. The Sultan's pet bull elephant decides the halftrack looks cute. The major orders his men to think of England, and maintain their proper level of detached Britishness. Then the elephant dies in the act on top of them.
  • Happens with relative frequency in another Garth Ennis comic, The Boys.
    • A Running Gag is Butcher's pet bulldog Terror, who he trained to violate other animals (and in Monkey's case, people) that annoy him on command.
    • It's revealed later on that Monkey got his nickname when a pair of monkeys in a superhero brothel decided to violate his ears while he was shadowing Butcher.
    • When Tek-Knight attends a therapy session for his Extreme Omnisexual tendencies, he mentions that one of his victims was his niece's chinchilla.
  • In the third issue of Satan's Six, Doctor Mordius drinks a transformation potion and ends up accidentally turning himself into a literal bitch, subsequently having to run away from the hellhound Fury, who is overcome with desire at the sight of Mordius' she-hound form, to avoid being violated by him.

    Fan Works 
  • In Harry Potter, Unexpected Animagus, Viktor Krum cheats during the First Task by using a rabbit covered in sex-change potion to turn the female dragon he's facing into a male so it'll be less interested in guarding the nest containing the golden egg. Unfortunately for him, he bungles the Cheering Charm he tries to cast afterwards, turning it into a Gay Charm. Let's just say that karma can be a real bitch sometimes...
  • In the Dragon Ball Z Abridged Christmas Special, one of the villains admits to raping Rudolph.
  • In Living The Dream Lance Greenfield had a stallion forced onto him back on earth because his cousins found out he was a brony.
  • The Eevee Game Mod for Pizza Tower replaces Fake Peppino with a Ditto that really wants to breed with your Eevee character, and is unconcerned with higher concepts like consent. While portrayed comedically (the Ditto showing heart-shaped Eye Pop at the sight of the Eevee), it makes the fight a bit more desperate and visceral than it already was in the base game.
  • In-universe example in With Pearl and Ruby Glowing, where an adult male sea turtle attempts to hump Eliza Thornberry on a livestream and the entire internet finds it hilarious. Out of universe and from Eliza's point of view, it wasn't funny at all, because the turtle could easily have crushed/drowned/impaled her if her dad hadn't fended it off. She blames "turtle" being an Inherently Funny Word.

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Adventures of Tintin (2011), Captain Haddock mentions that one of his crewmen lost his job as a shepherd due to his "animal husbandry". The camera then cuts to a mouse struggling to escape his grip while he's asleep.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Top Secret!, two resistance fighters disguise themselves as a cow and attempt to traverse a field. Unfortunately for the rear member, the "cow" gets mounted by a large bull. A sight gag is made of him later walking funny in the middle of a plot-critical rant.
  • In the Ace Ventura sequel, When Nature Calls, the main bad guy, after his plans to bring the Wachati and Wachootoo tribes into war with each other are brought crashing down around his ears, tries to escape their wrath, but is cornered by a silverback gorilla with... amorous intentions. Cue "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".
  • In Gremlins 2: The New Batch, the ending has the main human antagonist trapped in his escape tunnels with a voracious mutated-female gremlin. He ultimately shrugs and decides to make the most of it.
  • In Trading Places, Clarence Beeks finds himself Bound and Gagged inside a gorilla costume in a cage with a horny male gorilla, in what is supposed to be karmic justice. They're both last seen being loaded on a freighter bound for Africa, for release into the wild.
  • Nutty Professor II: The Klumps has Dean Richmond raped by, of all things, a giant hamster.
    Richmond: A little child pointed at me and said "Look, mommy! There goes the hamster's BITCH!!"
    Klump: ... uh, well sir, if it's any consolation, Petey is perfectly fine, and—
    Richmond: Oh, is he? DO YOU THINK HE'LL CALL?!
  • In the New Zealand Zombie-WereSheep-Horror-Comedy Black Sheep (2007), the main hero tries to masquerade as a sheep with a wool seat-cover across a field of flesh eating haggis-ingredients. One of said animals takes an interest in our disguised hero (who is male), and... "hilarity" ensues.
  • In The Rundown, Dwayne Johnson (aka, The Rock) is humped by a monkey while hanging from a tree in a rope trap. Interestingly, he, the big bounty hunter, gets this treatment and not the comparatively smaller and comic relief character who is also trapped next to him.
  • The main antagonist of George of the Jungle marries himself to a gorilla in a dark cave, mistaking it for the pretty girl. The gorilla allows him to fire up his lighter and take a good look at his "bride" before blowing it out, and the next shot is the gorilla making out with him as they exit the cave.
  • And then there's the interrogation from The Cowboy Way, where a calf and a pantsless Mook interact in a manner that, to the milk-seeking calf, was probably frustrating.
  • The infamous "You just got stuffed!" scene from ThanksKilling.
  • In the Rob Schneider film The Animal, the protagonist, under the influence of his animal "parts", attempts to sex up a goat. Hilarity, supposedly, ensues.
  • American Pie:
    • In Beta House, Edgar of Geek House has a sheep fetish, resulting from being forced to rape one during a fraternity initiation rite. He was the only one to actually do it; the other initiates jerked off into the condom or simply gave up.
    • In Book of Love, the current member of the Stifler clan winds up (in his own words) "[taking] a moose pickle up the butt".
  • The sequel to An American Werewolf in London, An American Werewolf in Paris, heavily implies that, as a werewolf, the main character raped a dog... to death.
  • Feast II: Sloppy Seconds has a scene where one of the monsters rapes a cat, treated as a throwaway gag.
  • One of the most notorious such scenes in recent years is the bit in which Mike Tyson's pet tiger is drugged and then mockingly penetrated by one of the main characters in The Hangover. Phil, who was high on roofies at the time and has no memory of the incident, is utterly aghast at seeing the security footage of him doing that.
  • In the John Waters film Multiple Maniacs, Lady Divine is raped by a giant lobster called Lobstora. Doubles as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in that it happens with zero foreshadowing and is never brought up again.
  • In Revenge of the Nerds, one of the "initiation rituals" at the Alpha Beta fraternity is to have sex with a sheep. (At least the ABs are "kind" enough to give the would-be pledges a condom to use.) The nerds decide they don't want to do this, and run away from AB house and eventually start their own fraternity.
  • In Madhouse (1990) (the one with John Larroquette), Kirstie Alley's character thinks she's having sex with her husband (played by John Larroquette), but it's a kid's pet snake.
  • Mirror Mirror (2012): The Big Bad at one point punishes her top lackey by turning him into a cockroach. When he turns back later, he frightfully mentions how he was "taken advantage of" by a grasshopper.

  • The Stephanie Plum novel Ten Big Ones involves Stephanie being mounted by seven dogs at once, although there's no penetration. While the character doesn't enjoy the experience, she doesn't seem much traumatised by it either, except for discomfort about a foreign substance in her hair. Repeated in Fearless Fourteen, with Pop Diva Brenda suffering a similar fate via monkey.
    • A running gag in the series involves Vinnie's... liaisons with various animals, the most notable being a duck. Stephanie occasionally uses this as blackmail material against him when he's getting on her nerves, threatening to tell his wife. It's played for laughs, though.
    • It's also been implied that Stephanie's rival, Joyce Barnhardt, has gotten... friendly with dogs in the past.
  • The Amazing Kingdom of Thrills, a theme park in Carl Hiaasen's Native Tongue, buys a dolphin on the cheap to compete with Disneyland's swimming-with-dolphins attraction, but it turns out to be mentally unstable and sexually deviant. One of the bad guys meets his fate by falling into the pool and drowning as the dolphin assaults him.
  • In the original first novel that paved Slayers, the heroine, Lina, is captured by a chimera named Zelgadis, and he allows his henchmen to do what they wish to her. In the original Japanese version of the book, one henchman, Zolf, encourages that he and the others rape her, and fellow-henchman Noonsa, a fish-man, partakes on it and stands there expecting eggs to show up. The gist: his race lays eggs to reproduce, and he expects Lina to do the same.
  • Possibly Dumbledore's brother Aberforth in the Harry Potter series, who got in trouble for practicing "inappropriate charms on a goat". Considering that he is shown to have a certain fondness for them, right down to having a goat Patronus, it is very telling that J. K. Rowling gave this answer when asked by a young fan.
    Fan: In The Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore said his brother was prosecuted for practicing inappropriate charms [JKR buries her head, to laughter] on a goat; what were the inappropriate charms he was practicing on that goat?
    JKR: How old are you?
    Fan: Eight.
    JKR: I think that he was trying to make a goat that was easy to keep clean [laughter], curly horns. That's a joke that works on a couple of levels. I really like Aberforth and his goats. But you know, Aberforth having this strange fondness for goats, if you've read book seven, came in really useful to Harry, later on, because a goat, a stag, you know. If you're a stupid Death Eater, what's the difference. So, that is my answer to YOU.
  • 47 Habits of Highly Effective Bank Robbers crosses over with Sexual Karma — one character avoids a lengthy prison sentence thanks to one Brick Joke, but gets anally raped by a dog thanks to another.
  • IF I'D KILLED HIM WHEN I MET HIM, by Sharyn McCrumb, includes an incident where a human woman gets drowned when attempting to consummate a liaison with a dolphin in a water park attraction. Described as a "conjugal visit" gone wrong.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In 30 Rock, after Jenna is attacked by her pet monkey, Liz meets up with Jack for a completely unrelated reason.
    Liz: Oh, and if you hear anything, the monkey didn't attack Jenna. It was trying to mate with her face.
  • Black Mirror: Deconstructed in "The National Anthem". The idea of the Prime Minister being forced to have sex with a pig on live TV to secure the release of a kidnapped princess quickly becomes the subject of jokes from the British public... jokes that quickly wear down both the Prime Minister, who spends the entire episode desperately searching for a way to back out of it, and his wife, who has to save face as the jokes inevitably make fun of her too. The jokes very quickly stop once he actually does the deed, the reaction of the viewing public soon going from titillation to real, abject horror as it dawns on them that this is a man being forced into a degrading sex act against his will.
  • On an episode of Boston Legal, Shirley represents an old friend in his divorce, and is horrified to discover that the "other woman" is a cow.
  • In the Dad's Army episode "Operation Kilt", Jones and Walker disguise themselves as a pantomime cow and try to hide amongst the real cows in a field, but are chased by a bull with obvious intentions. In the next scene Mainwaring says he will leave them to explain to the costume's owner how they ruined the cow skin.
  • In a deleted scene in Jonathan Creek's "The Grinning Man", Joey's actress friend Mina gives her tickets to her new play and warns her that there's a graphic rape scene. Cut to Mina getting taken from behind by a man in a paper mache bull's head making loud mooing noises. Granted, it's not a real rape scene, but it's deliberate narm.
  • The Kids in the Hall: Kevin passes out at the thought of deflowering his girlfriend in her parents' bed... then the family dog takes advantage of the situation.
  • The BBC2 nature series Last Chance To See features a rare tropical parrot who takes quite a liking to Mark Carwardine.
  • In Louie, the title character usually makes rape jokes in his stand-ups and in one he says that if he realized he was the last man on earth he would totally rape animals.
  • In an episode of Love Soup, one of the characters is raped by a dog (she has just stepped from the bath, and conveniently dropped her contact lenses). It is heavily implied that this is because the old lady who used to own the dog was exceptionally deviant.
  • The Mighty Boosh, with Panda-on-Man.
    • Attempted Yeti-on-man in another episode.
    • And in the stage show, The Hitcher remarks, "I've figured out that rape is always funnier if there's a crow involved!"
    • Pelt the rabbit (also from the stage show).
    • There is also some man-on-dolphin, and suggested man-on-fox action.
  • The "Christmas Kangaroo" sketch from Hugh Jackman's stint hosting Saturday Night Live.
  • Played with in Fargo. At one point, the villain, Malvo, relates a story about a woman being raped by a dog (due to a prank gone wrong) as if it's an amusing anecdote; his audience, however, is utterly horrified.
  • Daredevil: In the season 2 premiere, Matt and Foggy arrive at the office, where Karen is already in, and handling their waiting room full of clients.
    Karen Page: Good morning, guys! You take the scenic route this morning?
    Foggy Nelson: Good morning to you too.
    Matt Murdock: Morning, Karen. What do we got?
    Karen Page: All right. [motions to a man with a dog in his lap that's wearing a funnel] Well, uh, Mr. Marino's dog was viciously beaten by his neighbor after the dog, um... defiled the neighbor's statue of Saint Francis.
    Matt Murdock: "Defiled"?
    Karen Page: Um, humped repeatedly until completion.
    Foggy Nelson: That's a dog I want to defend.
    Karen Page: Oh, well, he's all yours, cowboy.

  • Played straight in French song "Le Gorille" by Georges Brassens (1952), but subverted at the end. The song comedically tells the story of a horny gorilla who escapes from his cage and seeks for a mate to lose his virginity. It settles for a young judge, who in the end shouts "Mommy!" just like the man whose execution the judge presided earlier the same day.
  • The death metal band Torsofuck have a song called "Raped by Elephants". The lyrics are about Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Purple Duck's three-part "Sex Falcon," about a falcon that terrorizes townspeople by raping them and dropping them off a cliff.
  • Sublime's "Date Rape" song gets the rapist landed in jail and raped himself. In the music video... Ron Jeremy rapes him.
  • GWAR's "Fucking an Animal".
  • Leslie Fish's song "Jack the Slob" ends with Venus punishing Jack by having him dragged off to the lair of an amorous chimpanzee.

  • In typical fashion, The Onion parodied this in one article, which reported a zookeeper's rape and subsequent death at the hands of an adult black bear as "the lighter side of the news" and full of really unbearable puns. Notable in being one of the only articles that is no longer on the main site.

  • The Goon Show: Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, and Spike Milligan allegedly produced the following limerick one line at a time, only viewing the rhyming word of the previous line until it was complete. Not surprisingly, it wasn't used on radio.
    There was a young man of Cathay
    On a slow boat to China one day
    He was trapped at the tiller
    By a sex-crazed gorilla
    And China's a long, long way!

  • In The Addams Family, the very uptight father of Wednesday's boyfriend loosens up and gets back together with his wife who he had been drifting apart from after being molested by a squid living in the Addams' basement.
  • Copper Face Jack's: The Musical gets a lot of laughs out of Gino being raped as a child by Fungie the dolphin.
  • When Meredith is working on a new breeding pheromone in Bat Boy: The Musical, her co-scientist raping her is treated dramatically but a flock of bats raping her later and getting her pregnant with the titular Bat Boy is played for laughs.

    Video Games 

    Web Animation 

  • Implied in Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures. "Did he at least give you a dinner and a movie?"
  • The Ironic Hell of Jack briefly shows the personal Hell of a character supposedly based on the ex-boyfriend of the artist's wife, who was apparently an extremely unpleasant fellow in many ways, including a... fondness... for dolphins. This being an Ironic Hell, the character now finds himself constantly being raped by dolphins, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not being real dolphins, the rapists aren't particularly bothered by the lack of water.
  • Usually, the panda living in the PVP offices violently attacks Brent. Then he ends up in a male panda outfit as an attempt to get beaten up by the male panda so a female panda (brought in to mate with the male panda) would find the local panda more attractive. Brent accidentally knocks out the local panda and the female panda is... ahem... quite smitten with Brent. The whole arc starts here.
  • Nerf Now page 383: a Sniper from Team Fortress 2 sets up a Spy by replacing his mask with that of a female dog and spraying "bitch heat" pheromones on it. The result is "Max is Dominating Spy!"
  • Digger: The deer-headed Deadpan Snarker Herne shuts down questions about his appearance by claiming that a deer raped his grandmother, which causes Digger to go a bit bug-eyed. The truth involves some dodgy herbal supplements.

    Web Original 
  • Casino NPC Becky of Gaia Online fame has a lingering fear of wearing costumes, due to an encounter with an amorous stallion while dressed up as the back-end of a horse for Halloween.

    Web Videos 
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: "Bad Horse, Bad Horse, the thoroughbred of sin! ... So make the Bad Horse gleeful/Or he'll make you his mare!!"
  • Rémi Gaillard, a humorist who does lots hidden camera, has once made one with two men disguised as bunnies pretending to rape a hunter.
  • There's a YouTube clip of a gentleman whose trousers slide off trying to run away from a donkey trying to... pursue him. Donkey gets fucking close, pun not intended.
  • One episode of The Nostalgia Chick has Brian The Sexual Predator admitting that while Dr. Tease hasn't injected Mignon with anything, he's "put some DNA in that puppy".
  • In College Saga, Final Boss Diculous is pinned down and molested by a summoned Chocobo.
  • A young lady makes the mistake of trying to get friendly with a young white-tailed deer. The deer seems a bit bemused through all the chasing.

    Western Animation 
  • In American Dad!, Roger tells Stan that, to keep their race horse in peak condition, Stan needs to make sure it gets sexual release. One Discretion Shot later, and the horse is unable to race due to its post-molestation trauma.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force has Frylock creating a dog, accidentally made using Master Shake's DNA. The dog takes a... liking to Carl, who seems to be in self-denial at first (probably realistic for a self-proclaimed macho man like Carl), and as the episode goes on, he seems to get more and more shellshocked.
    Carl: For years, I used to think it was funny, oh yeah, rape's sooooooo funny. 'Til you've been raped.
  • At the end of The Cleveland Show "A Cleveland Brown Christmas" episode, Santa Claus gets attacked and raped by a reindeer that was released early in the episode.
  • Dan Vs.: After being splashed with bear pheromones, Dan is "attacked" by a female grizzly bear and doesn't get away until next morning. Bonus points for the bear growling in a way that blatantly says "I've had better" after it lets Dan go.
  • Oddly enough, implied in Duck Dodgers. When the Cadet (Porky Pig) takes the fall for Captain Dodgers, he's sent to a prison (CLEARLY referencing Guantanamo Bay). The Cadet's cellmate pulls out a large coin and says "Oooh, toy piggy bank. Me make deposit." Wonder what happens next?
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Peter's Progress", there's a Cutaway Gag of Peter during his past life as a strawberry, where a caterpillar burrows into him. Cut again to Peter taking a Shower of Angst lamenting that he'll never end up in a fancy pie.
    • In "Dial Meg for Murder", Peter enters a rodeo. A few seconds later, he gets thrown off the bull, and literally raped by it. In front of everyone. No one does anything. It's then treated as though he's in an abusive relationship with the (anthropomorphic) bull.
    • In "No Country Club for Old Men", Carter and Peter go to play polo at a country club, and Carter is stuck with "Topsy the Roid Rage Horse". The horse begins mauling him, and Peter tells him to "submit" (he meant apologize). Carter then takes off his pants and the camera focuses on Peter exclaiming "Oh my god!"
    • In "Our Idiot Brian", when Brian is diagnosed with a benign brain tumor that's reducing his intelligence, Peter shrinks himself to enact a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot to destroy it, only to resize a second later looking traumatized and saying that he was raped by a bug.
    • In "Gronkowsbees", Peter buys an RC drone that gets raped by a hawk.
  • A dolphin tries to have his way with Hank in an episode of King of the Hill, after Hank accidentally arouses it. The resort buys his silence, but it doesn't sit well with him. In the end of the episode Hank confronts a golfer at the resort's golf course (who has been sexually harassing Hank's niece Luanne), throws him in the dolphin tank, strokes its abdomen, and leaves as we hear off-camera screams.
  • In The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins short "Make-Out Mountain", Zan and Jayna's efforts to rescue a pair of teens whose car is near a ravine are delayed because of an eagle trying to mate with Jayna in her eagle form. By the time the twins make it to Make-Out Mountain, a police officer coldly tells them that they are too late and the teenagers are already dead.
  • The final scenes of "Shotgun Wedding" and "Cootie Gras" from The Powerpuff Girls. Prison Rape, in the latter.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Homer vs. Dignity", Homer disguises himself as a female panda and is dragged away by a male panda eager to mate.
  • South Park:
  • King Gorilla from The Venture Bros. was a talking gorilla supervillain that was sentenced to life imprisonment after he murdered and raped Vince Neal during an episode of The Surreal Life, later saying "They wanted the surreal life? KG gave it to 'em!". Later he attempts to rape The Monarch in his sleep when they're in prison together, but says he couldn't get it up because he's "built too much like a girl".
  • The Wacky World of Tex Avery is a kids' show and can't do this, but they have a disturbingly large number of implied cases (e.g. a stone age guy in a croc disguise pursued by a love-struck female croc).

Rape of/by Machines/Inanimate Objects

    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • A story in Hack/Slash Trailers 2 featured the RapeVan, a malevolent van that prowled lovers lanes, raping other vehicles, obliterating them and anyone unfortunate enough to be in them at the time.

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Excessive Machine from Barbarella, at least until she proved Too Kinky to Torture to such a degree that it broke down.
  • The killer vacuum's exploits in Oversexed Rugsuckers from Mars.

  • Invoked in a book called Anguished English, which is a large collection of notorious (and hilarious) typographical errors from the history of the printed word — all of them real. Many of the bloopers are very risqué, such as the case when a student in history class was writing about the Industrial Revolution and accidentally referred to the mechanical reaper as the mechanical raper — and then, completely innocently, noted that it "could do the work of a hundred men."
  • In K. W. Jeter's Fiendish Schemes it almost happens to protagonist George Dower Jr., his father was commissioned by a deviant nobleman to create "Orang-Utan" a ferocious steam-powered simian with a huge iron penis that has its own steam source for more vigorous push power. The nobleman dies while having sex with Orang-Utan so it's still active and actually bends Dower over with force. Luckily an on-site foreman cuts Orang-Utan's steam hose before it could sodomize Dower. A very unlucky workman had encountered Orang-Utan months before and was permanently housed in an asylum for complaining of getting buggered by a steam-powered ape.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In one particular Bartender game of the British Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Ryan sings of his eternal love for his teddy bear. Being an improv show, sometimes scrambling for words leads people to... odd places. Because things weren't disturbing enough, Josie decides to reach for a little Rape of Animals to finish off the scene. At least she has the decency to look horrified at what's come out of her mouth. It really has to be seen to be believed.

    Video Games 
  • In Knights of the Old Republic a woman on Dantooine asks you to find her lost protocol droid. When you encounter the droid, it tells you that it left because the woman began to treat him as if he were her late husband and doesn't want to explain further. If you convince it to return to her and have Canderous with you, he says "Ha! I guess that droid is really going to serve his master tonight!"
  • As mentioned above, at one point of South Park: The Stick of Truth the player and several other men around town are abducted by aliens who proceed to violate them with phallic probing machines. When the player destroys the first one, the aliens replace it with a larger black one.
  • Not strictly rape, but in Snatcher, Gillian forces his reluctant Robot Buddy, Metal, to play him a porn video he found in a black market. Metal ends up enjoying it more than Gillian, his small animated portrait floating up the screen and shaking until coming sharply back down with him screaming in orgasm.

  • Penny Arcade:
    • Fruit Fucker 2000, an anthropomorphic juicer that's rather forward in the task it was built for.
    • They also had this strip, illustrating AT&T's commitment to the highest quality customer service.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del did one that involved an arcade machine and a young Jack Thompson.

    Web Original 
  • The Battle of California blog had a cartoon involving state-to-state rape. It has since evolved into one of the blog's trademark gags.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • In the American Dad! episode "Great Space Roaster", it's mentioned that Roger regularly rapes paper, like his own checkbook. Roger once went on a rampage trying to destroy another man's life, including destroying his garden and raping his sycamore tree, while the saplings were Forced to Watch.
  • Drawn Together has Captain Hero (unsurprisingly) do this to a robot. "N-O means N-O! Why doesn't he just remove the chip that allows me to feel pain?"
  • Family Guy:
    • A Cutaway Gag features Peter as a strawberry reacting with rape-like trauma when a worm starts burrowing into him.
    • Another episode had Peter being raped by steam coming off of a pie. The steam made Quagmire watch.
  • Futurama:
    • The Probe-U-Later, which is often described as being exceedingly painful to go through. What its procedure entails is alluded to by Bender in one episode.
      Bender: That Probe-U-Later sure knows how to please a man.
    • Everyone who's been a Human Popsicle has to go through the Probe-U-Later. This is reinforced several times throughout the series — except that, when the popsicle is female, the Probe-U-Later is never even mentioned. (One could presume that she went through it offscreen. However, the fact that it's not even hinted at still pushes this into Double Standard territory.)
  • Regular Show has an episode where Benson, a gumball machine, is shown tied to a door as a unicorn turns his knob and eats gumballs from him.
  • One episode of Robot Chicken has a man raping Snuggle the fabric softener bear, while items the Humping Robot has raped include a washing machine and Herbie the Love Bug.
  • South Park: Once again, Butters gets the short end of the stick... so to speak. When his parents think he has gone crazy, he is taken to a mental hospital, where they conduct many hours of tests involving what looks like a gigantic mechanical vibrator. The doctor shows up at the end of an episode holding one as large as a football.
  • The Simpsons: Barney Gumble once mentioned he drunkenly had his way with Moe's pool table. Repeatedly.
  • In an episode of The Venture Bros., The Monarch, living out his Foe Yay with Dr. Venture, proceeds to have sex with Guardo, a deactivated security robot that has Rusty's face displayed on the screen.

Rape by Monsters

    Anime & Manga 
  • Prevalent in hentai and pornographic doujinshi, usually in the form of tentacle rape, while other stories have the female victims being sexually assaulted by all manner of demons, evil spirits, and the like. The more comical instances sometimes has the victim turn the tables on their would-be assailant, being either Too Kinky to Torture, or have raging libidos.
    • Spunky/Punky Knight is definitely the latter case with the ending of one issue having Spunky being so horny she banishes/kills a Demon Lord that's normally on the giving end of such treatment and his remaining Mooks running for the hills from Phaia grabbing them angrily demanding another fuck.
  • Power Play is a doujishi series that parodies H-Games, by having the protagonist be a fledgling game designer who's being hunted by three of his own characters. In their universe,note  he's known the "Evil Sex King", a man-beast who's raped countless women and enslaved them with his sexual prowess — including them. But what begins as a quest for justice ends up being an excuse for them to get more. So he ends up being the victim himself when they repeatedly accost him, under the pretense of trying to "seal away" his evil.
  • In The Perks of Working in the Black Magic Industry, Chapter 2, Franz is bringing his succubus familiar Seruria to school, as proof of his employment at Black Magic Inc., per academy rules. After his class, which has already been highly dismissive of him, for trying, and failing, to get a job for months, slander him, proclaiming he's a liar, out of petty jealousy. Seruria roasts them, verbally, having many of them literally spontaneously combust. This isn't enough to discourage them. Along comes Drok, offended that there could possibly be a challenger to his self-proclaimed "unparalleled genius" and ropes them into a duel. He summons a golem to try to flatten them, she summons "that which can not be named," a Tentacled Terror which then proceeds to do what tentacles do in hentai. One Sexy Discretion Shot later, and the entire arena is covered in slime and unconscious students in various states of undress. What really sells the scene though is Seruria going My God, What Have I Done? when she realizes she went overboard.

    Comic Books 
  • In Big Trouble in Little China, this is implied to be the punishment of those who end up in the Hell of the Horny Dragon.
  • In the French comic 666, a news anchor is raped by one of the demons invading Earth, who insists that her cameraman keep filming. The scene then shifts to an apathetic family commenting about how news is boring and wondering what is on the other channels.
  • In Top Cow Productions' Aliens/Witchblade/Darkness/Predator crossover, Jackie is captured by the titular Predator and subsequently, ahem, probed, for no discernible reason. Jackie's response to the situation is "Ow. Ow. OWWWW!" This event is also referred to in the Darkness/Pitt crossover, wherein Jackie decides to help Pitt fight against a different set of aliens, on the account that they're probably gay. Pitt's half-brother Timmy Spit Takes at the remark.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Feast:
  • In Scary Movie 2, a parody of the Poltergeist (1982) scene with the Clown Doll turns into this, and was the likely inspiration for the Internet meme "There is nothing funny about rape, unless you are raping a clown." Of course, this scene also features the reverse when the 'victim' turns the tables on the clown doll.
  • An infamous scene from Jack Frost (1997) involves the title character, a killer snowman, liquidating himself to rape Shannon Elizabeth in a bathtub with a carrot.
  • In The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu, Captain Olaf recounts us with the story about how the monsters of the deep like to mate with humans.
  • In the 1980 film Night of the Demon, it's revealed that a woman had given birth after being raped by (of all things) Bigfoot. What could have otherwise been a slightly disturbing revelation is bogged down by the film's sheer ineptness.
  • Leprechaun in the Hood reveals the Leprechaun can rape people to death, a "power" he first demonstrates on a transvestite.
  • Several women are raped by Fish People in Humanoids from the Deep; the film seems unsure about whether it's black comedy or serious horror.
  • In one of two funny rape-based segments in This Is the End, Jonah Hill is impregnated long and thick by a demon, while initially dreaming, or thinking he was dreaming, of quite a more pleasurable encounter. The humour arises both from the discrepancy between what he was dreaming about and what was really happening, and because Jonah Hill was such an objectionable character up to then. Objectionable is subsequently upgraded in-universe. The other segment works differently (Emma Watson is neither male nor objectionable).

  • The SF "A Darkling Sea" by James Cambias has a very complicated example. First of all, it's alien, not monster, but the description makes it obvious that makes hardly a difference on the receiving end. Second, it's not by malice but rather by culture (imagine a bonobo wanting to mate with you). Third, since the whole book is rather funny, it's invariably read as this trope, but it quickly mixes with Rape as Drama. It's the last straw to bring Vikram Sen, a pacifist, onto a vengeful suicide attack — you can't call it otherwise.
  • The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman has an attempted rape variant during a virtual reality simulation of the Red Iberian Orcs invading Earth. Beatrice is surrounded by the Orcs who have the obvious in mind, but they rush in all at once and instantly crush her, ending the simulation. Afterwards, Beatrice's reluctance to mention what happened is played for comedy.
  • Esther Diamond: One book has the misogynistic Big Bad summoning a demon that will want to rape a virgin, only to be thrown to it himself once the hero realizes that he’s a virgin too. We hear him screaming horribly for a bit, then coming in hunched over and glaring, while the demon looks flushed and satisfied.

    Live-Action TV 

    Myths & Religion 

  • This is one of the darker points in Euripides' Cyclops. The Satyr chorus makes jokes about gang-raping Helen of Troy, and poor Silenus gets dragged off by the Cyclops to have something unsavory done to him.

    Video Games 
  • In the victory movie for the Dungeon Keeper computer game, the Lord of the Land is chained to a wall as trolls taunt him. Then a magic wand turns him into a female troll. It is implied that gang rape ensues.
  • In Fallout 2 a Super Mutant named Francis challenges you to an arm-wrestling contest, and if you lose he drags you back to his house and has his way with you. You wake up the next morning with a ball gag in your inventory, people in San Francisco start mocking you, and if you're playing as a female with the Sexpert perk then all the sex dolls in the game get named after you.
  • In an optional quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the player is tasked with taunting a Dremora until he attacks, and only then killing it. When aroused to combat, the Dremora delivers an ultimatum that is the same for both genders.
    Dremora: After I kill you, I'm going to rape your corpse. Don't worry, I'll be gentle.
  • The Jockey from Left 4 Dead has a habit of climbing on the survivors' backs and steering them around, all while humping and laughing its head off.
  • In Palworld, the sixty-ninth entry in the Monster Compendium is Lovander, a Corrupted Character Copy of Salazzle from Pokémon. It's a Psycho Pink anthropomorphic lizard that's known to force itself onto both other mons and humans, and will occasionally raid the player's bases. The game's rated T, so their attacks are more focused on physical violence rather than sexual, however.
  • Also from Valve, we have the Half-Life and its infamous cut monster, Mr. Friendly. It was cut for being more disturbing than funny.
  • In HuniePop, after a third successful date with secret character Celeste, she'll send you a picture depicting her getting molested by a tentacle monster. The log entry she attaches with it suggests that this kind of thing happens to her often while she's out on intergalactic bounty hunting missions, but she seems to take it in her stride, or perhaps even enjoy it. She does include a heart emoticon at the end of said log...
  • In Maniac Mansion, playing the tentacle mating call for Green Tentacle results in the screen going black and and cutting to the gravestone of the player you were playing as in the mansion's yard.


    Web Videos 
  • The With Voices Project:
    • The first episode covers one bad ending of Mogeko Castle where Yonaka Kurai gets raped by a small army of Mogekos. Said ending was in the original game, but the Gag Dub greatly tones down the Nightmare Fuel.
    • The next episode has the "Do you really want to know?" segment, which contains more bizarre rape imagery than you can shake a cat dick at.
      Please get that thing out of my ass!
      Don't be afraid...
  • The Halloween episode of ZTV has Dave getting raped (mercifully off screen) by Lemmy. Made worst by the fact that Zone-Tan does nothing to stop it despite being in hearing distance, only complaining about the noise and making a snide remark at Dave's expense. She's even shown cuddling with Lemmy afterwards.
    "I thought this thing was supposed to be attracted to girls!?"
    "Yeah, so what does that say about you?"

    Western Animation 
  • In the second Futurama movie, Beast With A Billion Backs, an Eldritch Abomination comes to our universe and attaches his tentacles to everyone's necks, apparently connected directly to their brains. Leela then finds out they are not tentacles but genitalia.
  • In Hazbin Hotel, Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain Sir Pentious is on the receiving end of this when trying to court his former rival Cherri Bomb. After a Running Gag where he buys drinks for everyone when Cherri questions him trying to buy her one, when she questions him propositioning her for sex he announces that he's having sex with everyone. He's then Ankle Dragged into the back room by a crowd of male and female demons.
  • The second episode of Xtacles has a lot of talking about rape, but the only thing that could have counted as actual rape happened to a statue (which we found out in The Stinger was done by a talking gorilla). Most of the plot was how the Xtacles were going after someone that obviously had nothing to with said defacement (they figured it only could have been done by an ape and they went after Rapier Ape).
  • In The Crumpets episode "Octosquito", the titular monster José used to be a pet octopus until his accidental fusing with a mosquito. Once José grows big and poses a threat to the Crumpet family, his owner Grownboy and one of his sisters create a costume for the former to cross-dress (wings, skirt, and chest strap included) and entice José. After his sister fires a syringe to Grownboy's tricycle tire by accident, José snatches his owner to a room before shutting and locking the door. After José's death, Grownboy sprouts tentacles and wings in the ending, suggesting that he was raped. This is supposed to be a kids' show.
  • Solar Opposites: Implied in episode 5, "The Lavitic Reactor". Yumyulack and Jesse are threatened with military school if they get expelled, and the bullies raping them (or fucking them, as the show describes it) is named as one of the negatives. This gets no reaction from them.

Rape of Men by Women

See also Double Standard Rape: Female on Male.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Played partially sympathetically but mostly for laughs in Ahiru No Oujisama (or, Duck Prince). The main character is raped by his stepsister! To make matters worse, it's only moments before the rape that he learns they aren't blood relatives. Other characters still get away with mocking him for it....
  • In Detroit Metal City (a show with a lot of rape jokes), a little girl that was dressed like Krauser was claimed by fans to be the next incarnation after singing one of his songs and deep throttling a white liquid. When her father entered, she jumped on him and the crowd started cheering for her to rape him and kill him like Krauser had done to his parents.
  • In Excel♡Saga (surprised?) the character Pedro is, on a regular basis, figuratively and literally raped by the universe. Which is to say, abused by the female Anthropomorphic Personification of "The Great Will of the Macrocosm" and the other half of Pedro's actual spouse (sort of), his "Sexy Wife".
  • Gakuen Ouji skirts the line with this. While the girls attempting to rape the male lead are seen as utterly depraved for doing so and it's not portrayed as being remotely okay or funny, the manga has an overall pretty wacky and over-the-top tone. Which makes it a bit hard to tell whether it's supposed to be taken seriously or not.
  • Tequila's actions toward Kazuya in Galaxy Angel II are played for laughs, although he's terrified; were it the other way around, the character would certainly have to be changed.
  • Girls Saurus opens with a burly, overweight, and generally hideous schoolgirl confessing to the male protagonist, and then take her clothes off. When he rejects her, she gets pissed off and beats him up thoroughly; the whole ordeal not only lands him in traction for a long while, but also gives him severe gynophobia. While the reader is made aware how strongly this affects him, few of the other cast members show much sympathy. None of the other main characters know about Shingo's phobia, except for the school nurse. The protagonist confided his condition to her hoping she could help, but this was a bad idea.
  • In Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun, the asexual Shungo is regularly tied up and sexually harassed by the girls in his class because they take sadistic pleasure in seeing him squirm; however, none of them try to go all the way with him. The same cannot be said though of Reika, who, after snapping, tries to physically force him to have sex with her (which is not played for laughs).
  • When Kaoru of I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying gets drunk, her only thought is to have sex with her husband Hajime (whether he's in the mood or not). Both of them are horrified by this (Hajime during and Kaoru after the fact), but it's played for laughs due to the jackhammer sound effects accompanying the scene.
  • A plot summary of Kanokon: the very well-endowed Chizuru molests/seduces/outright tries to have sex with Kouta on a regular basis, giving him the permanent reputation at school as a huge pervert. At one point, he is caught with a naked Chizuru in the middle of a street when her barrier shatters. She goes furthest on the last episode: tired of waiting for a confession, she abducts and sets out to rape him in an empty classroom, while the helpless, almost-crying Kouta covers his face and begs her to stop (which she does at the last minute, when his rejection finally hits home).
  • In KonoSuba, Aggressive Submissive Darkness tries to force herself on Kazuma, but gets too flustered to continue while he snarkily points out everything she did wrong, like forgetting to undress him first.
  • In the OVA Labyrinth of Flames, anemic pantyshotting Stalker with a Crush kunoichi Kasumi attempts to seduce the object of her desire, Datenoshin. When he pays no attention to her (he has more serious problems on his mind) she drugs him.
  • In the anime version of The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar, Yuuto Suou is sexually assaulted by his entire Yggdrasil harem, who have frequently made quite clear how much they sexually desire him, and all have strong pragmatic and romantic reasons to desire he sire children with them. Since most, if not all, are physically way stronger than he is, and he needs said harem to keep him alive, he can't resist even if he wants to, and the whole thing is played for laughs.
  • In the ecchi manga, My Balls, the lead male character has a demon lord sealed into his right testicle. If he ejaculates, then she will escape and destroy the world. As a consequence, every chapter consists of the character alternately being raped by a rotating ensemble of demonesses and his off-and-on nymphomaniac love interest.
  • Naruto: Although she never got to doing (being interrupted by forces from Konoha finding their group), it's heavily implied once that Karin planned to drug Suigetsu and Jugo, then when they were unconscious, rape Sasuke when he was injured from a battle.
  • Kanbaru does this to Koyomi in Episode 2 of Nisemonogatari after the latter accuses her of not being as perverted as she makes herself out to be.
  • Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!: Nyarko harasses Mahiro all along, but at the end of episode 6 (first season) tries to rape him in his bed. Her deranged idea of love, and Mahiro's terror, are made clear. Note also that Nyarko gets the same treatment; see under Rape of Women by Women.
  • In Penguindrum Ringo doesn't quite rape Shouma, but she does end up trying to kiss him by force and humping him rather... passionately during episode 6, in which she wants a "wedding night" with her crush Tabuki despite being very feverish. She only stops when she collapses atop of him due to her fever.
    • When Ringo does openly try to rape Tabuki so she can bear his child, this trope is averted as it shows how badly messed up she is.
  • In Ranma ½, Kodachi uses "paralysis powder" to render an unwilling Ranma helpless and is fully intending to take advantage of the situation more than once, fortunately interrupted each time.
  • Spotted Flower has the Husband cheat on his wife with an underclassman of his, only for her to turn the tables on him by topping him instead. Part of the humor came from her penetrating the Husband during the act, since she was pre-op and still wanted to use her old parts, and the wife was elated when she found out her husband was taken from behind.
  • In the finale of Tenchi Muyo! GXP, the protagonist Seina Yamada gets gang banged by four women after being kidnapped by them. Oh, and it was on video for all the universe to see.
  • You're Under Arrest!: There's an episode where the Scooter Mama gets her scooter stolen and forces the protagonists to help her find it (much to their chagrin given her penchant for speeding in search of the best shopping deals). At the end, it's all but stated that she submits the thieves to this. It's not fun for them in the least, but for the audience, it definitely is.
  • Yuria 100 Shiki features Yuria, a Ridiculously Human Robot Sex Bot who, because of her programming, constantly tries to force sex on her unwilling (because he is already engaged) roommate, Shunsuke. Fortunately for Shunsuke, he is a skilled amateur wrestler and has so far managed to avoid her very, very persistent "advances."

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In 40 Days and 40 Nights, the protagonist is raped by his ex-girlfriend, and has to apologize to his love interest for "cheating" on her. The ex-girlfriend not only gets away scot-free, but wins money on the deal.
  • In the comedy The Deviants, a woman tells a matchmaker for sex deviants that she must have sex with every man she talks with privately. It's immediately demonstrated as she pulls up a gun and tells him to strip. He refuses, so she knocks him out with the gun and proceeds to have her way with him. When his female helper hears about it, she not only laughs about him being raped, but gives him a weird look and then pressures him to laugh too. To top it off, he sends her another client of his fully aware of what she'll do to him (probably him just doing his job, given that this client smiles when she tells him to strip at gunpoint).
  • A major subplot of Wedding Crashers follows Vince Vaughn's character being pursued by a clingy, obsessive girl who eventually ties him to a bed, gags him with a dirty sock, and rapes him (Vaughn's character described himself as feeling like "Jodie Foster in The Accused" in a later scene). Of course, this is Played for Laughs, as the character is an extreme womanizer, and he reacts to these events more with annoyance than horror and ends up marrying the girl before the movie ends.
  • In National Lampoon's Barely Legal (aka After School Special), some high school guys plant a fellow student's photo in their porn site without him knowing. His hairdresser is then convinced he can cast her into porn movies. When he has no idea what she wants from him, she pours a can of hair mousse into her hand and circles him. Ignoring the other people in the salon, she gives him, out of nowhere, a handjob from behind, causing him to scream in panic.
  • In the direct-to-video American Pie Presents: Beta House, Stifler goes to a sex addicts' meeting in his college hoping to find easy targets. After he commends a speaker's bravery for finally being abstinent for a while, she looks at him and it is followed by them having sex in his dormitory. However, her hypersexual behavior causes him to eventually trick her and run away. His roommate then comes looking for him, and the still nude female student orders and immediately pushes the stranger to bed, and jumps on him.
  • In St Trinian's (2007), towards the end, Geoffrey Thwaites has a drink with his old lover, Miss Fritton, and wakes up naked in her bed the next morning.
  • In the 1990 Clint Eastwood vehicle The Rookie, Clint stars as a detective chasing down a ruthless car thief. Captured by the thief and his girlfriend, Clint is tied to a chair and interrogated by the villains. Later, the lady thief mounts Clint and screws him while a camera records the action. Later, when Clint's partner comes to rescue him, the sex is comically being played on a number of TV screens, causing the partner to jokingly prod Clint about how much fun he's been having. This is all played for laughs instead of as a perverse sexual assault.
  • In the musical adaptation of Reefer Madness, this happens in the musical number "Little Mary Sunshine," in which Ralph's marijuana-facilitated attempted seduction of Mary goes horribly, horribly wrong.
  • A '70s Made-for-TV Movie called It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy concerns a man who is kidnapped, stripped, and sent away naked by a beautiful woman, and his subsequent difficulties getting the authorities — or his wife — to believe his story.
  • Norbit's entire relationship is based on Rasputia strong-arming her way into his world by saving him from two bullies, and doing this to his entire social life.
    "Heeeeey. What's YOUR name? My name's Rasputia."
    "Hey Noooorbit. You got a giiiiirlfriend?"
    "WELL YA DO NOW!" and then she picks him up and drags him off cavewoman style.
  • Tomcats plays it straight and subverts it. The quiet Hot Librarian chick turns out to be an S&M monster ...and so is her grandmother! The lead character winds up not fully traumatized, more in a daze.
  • Beerfest at first makes it look like Jay Chandrashekar's character is being taken advantage of, he fades in and out of beer goggle vision of the woman he picked up at the bar. When he wakes up and turns over, he stares up at the ceiling camera and says "Naaah, I knew all along!"
  • In Super Troopers, while Foster is posing as a flasher in front of the police station, Ursula (his soon to be love interest) holds him at gunpoint from behind and uses a voice changing device to make him think he's about to be raped.
  • In Super, Libby rapes Frank Darbo. The build up to the scene is certainly played for laughs (Libby is hilariously bad at seduction) but the actual rape is shown to be fairly traumatic for Frank. It even deals with the guilt he feels afterwards (Frank considers it cheating on his wife, and is pretty skeeved out as Libby is significantly younger than him) in a surprisingly grown up way.
  • Zig-Zagging Trope in Wonder Woman 1984, as Diana has sexual relations with her Love Interest Steve who's possessing the body of a random man. While Steve was perfectly willing, his host is completely unaware with Diana even running into him again near the end of the movie and flirting with the clueless man.
  • In the third Basket Case the sheriff's Seemingly Wholesome '50s Daughter strangely turns out to be a dominatrix who tries to rape Duane, much to the sheriff's annoyance.
  • In Horrible Bosses, Jennifer Aniston's Depraved Dentist has her way with male patients while they're under the gas.
  • In Get Him to the Greek Jonah Hill's character is raped by a woman named Destiny with a large dildo.
  • In Euro Trip one of the characters gets trapped in a BDSM club/torture chamber, and is raped by a domme.
  • The film adaptation of Entertaining Mr Sloan ends with siblings Kath and Ed negotiating an agreement to "share" Mr Sloan, who is coerced into the arrangement under threat of being turned into the police for murdering their father.
  • An unwilling Nausius is dragged away by a woman at Ludicrus Sextus' orgy in Up Pompeii.

  • In Myra Breckinridge, the titular character anally rapes a man using a strap-on dildo. This act is generally construed as teaching the man a lesson and making a statement for sexual equality. The entire work satirized sex, gender, and sexual practices.
  • Judith Krantz's novel I'll Take Manhattan's Maxi and her ex Rocco — at one point she grabs his penis during an argument, which leads to a hard-on, which leads to... well, him saying she raped him afterwards.
  • In the first chapter of John Irving's The World According to Garp, a book that is otherwise largely concerned with gender equality, Jenny Fields mounts an unconscious, brain-damaged soldier with priapism in order to get pregnant. She goes on to detail this in her autobiography and is never called on it.
  • In Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, The Lancer and Fun Personified Mat Cauthon comes to the palace of Queen Tylin of Altara in his latest effort to help his friends. The queen decides that Mat would be perfect as her new boytoy. When he tries to get help from the awesomely powerful sorceress he's here to assist, she laughs and mocks him. Mostly because she misread the situation, she thought Mat was simply griping about his lover, and when she does find out how far Tylin is pushing Mat she regrets her mockery and tries to console him. However, this all happens rather briskly, since they're about to go hunting after an important MacGuffin and end up separated afterwards.
    • In the same book, this is implied to have happened to Lan as well with a bit of mind raped mixed in. At least in this case another character points out that the rapist ought to be punished. Egwene decides to blackmail her instead. Rape of the minor villain Galina by another woman with some rather sadist tendencies is presented as karmic justice.
  • The War World series has a female Havenite rape a genetically-enhanced Sauron at gunpoint in order to get pregnant with his "superior" child. She later frees him and his Ax-Crazy Cold Sniper cellmate from a prison camp and again forces them to impregnate her as the first time didn't take.
  • In the Red Dwarf novel Last Human, Lister is forced to marry a hideously ugly Gelf (Genetically Engineered Life Form). The situation is played mostly for laughs, but his emotions during the sex are touched on in a curiously realistic way.
  • In Memories of Ice, book three of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, there's a Running Gag in Antsy's squad of Detoran having a crush on Hedge, and Detoran in turn being the object of amorous intentions from a bull bhederin (something like a buffalo) who keeps following her around. Detoran shows her affection by pummeling Hedge into her tent or the nearest bushes and the remainder of the squad finds Hedge's frantic attempts to escape supremely comical. When Blend voices her pity for Hedge, Picker claims he's obviously enjoying it or it wouldn't still be happening night after night, but Blend counters that as soldiers, they all know following orders is the best way to stay alive, what with Detoran having broken Hedge's nose several times over already.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In one episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dennis forces the Gang to attend a sexual harassment seminar, and a Running Gag is each member sweating profusely when an action they're guilty of is brought up while Dee laughs at them. Later on, Charlie mentions that when he and Dee had sex he tried to back out but she forced him to continue, and it becomes her turn to start sweating when one of the hosts corrects her assertion that women can't rape men.
  • Porterhouse Blue: The rape of a college's only research graduate male student by his middle-aged bedder is graphically portrayed, but we never learn how it would have affected him because moments after the act starts they both die in a heating gas explosion.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episode #610, The Violent Years features a scene where a young man is sexually assaulted by a group of four attractive high school girls. While William Morgan, the director of the movie (and Ed Wood, its writer) attempt to play the scene dead straight as a horrific and traumatizing crime, Mike and the 'bots have the typical male "What a lucky guy" reaction to these events, because the scene ended up being pure Narm.
    [over shots of spinning newspapers]
    Crow: Refuses to Press Charges!
    Servo: Says: "ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou!"
    Mike: Hundreds of Men Flock to Crime Scene!
  • Only a few episodes after he raped his ex-wife, Tommy on the dark comedy/drama series Rescue Me is drugged with roofies and raped by his needy, obsessive, psychotic girlfriend Sheila after turning down her offer to retire and run away with her to live at her beach house.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In the sixth season episode "Gone", Buffy, while invisible, "forces" oral sex on Spike, who has just told her to get dressed and get out. His reaction is a simple "Hey, that's cheatin'!".
    • Faith did try to rape and murder Xander in "Consequences". He jokes about it in a later episode, but this is likely due to cover his fears after she wakes up from a coma and goes on a rampage.
  • General Hospital has sunk to a new low with a female-on-male rape storyline. Not for the actual rape of good-guy Jasper Jax by his sociopathic brother's ex-lover, but for the reaction of his wife and her hitman best friend (aka the moral centers of Port Charles). Carly accuses Jax of cheating while he's still bloody and bruised. Then she and Jason, her aforementioned sainted hitman best friend laugh at how silly the thought of Jax actually being raped is.
  • In Life on Mars, Sam Tyler gets slipped a roofie and ends up being both Chained to a Bed and raped by a woman. It's not really treated for comedy, except by Gene Hunt.
  • Invoked in Veronica Mars. A whole plot line was about women being drugged and raped, then a guy got drugged and had an easter egg stuck up his ass. Everybody thought it was pretty funny, but Veronica, who is no stranger to rape, pointed out there was no reason for the different treatment.
  • Initially partially demonstrated in season 5 of Peep Show when Mark's co-worker commits frotteurism by rubbing her bottom on him in a closet room until he comes and runs out. Then, some episodes later, Mark wakes up to find a woman he mistook for lesbian mounting him. He once again tries passing it off as an embarrassing misunderstanding, but this time shares it with Jez and Super Hans, who both remark it sounds like he was raped. Jez later even tells so to both the woman and her father, but the father just ignores it while the woman takes offense. Whilst the example where Mark wakes up having sex with the "lesbian" is discussed in a childish manner, the writers managed to sneak an adult topic into the plot when Jeremy and Super Hans not only argue that rape isn't OK regardless of the offender's gender, but discuss how all unwanted sexual contact is still rape:
    Super Hans: [surprised] You've been raped?
    Mark: ...a woman just continued to have sex with me after I asked her to stop. That's all!
    Super Hans: Sounds like you were raped to me, Mark. Classic case.
    Mark: It wasn't rape! It was... just a minor sexual assault. She never forced anything in my bum, so it's not rape.
    Jeremy: ...well it's '''not''' bum rape, no.
  • In the My Name Is Earl episode "I Won't Die With a Little Help From My Friends" when the titular character is in a coma his gurney falls out the back of an ambulance and gets caught on the grill of a passing semi. His friends are able to find where the driver lives and confront her. They find her about to marry the still-unconscious Earl, but it's implied that his friends have rescued him from rape. It later turns out that they were too late, as the doctor delivering a list of Earl's injuries includes involuntary orgasm, to which his ex-wife responds, "Oh my god, that crazy bitch tried to consummate the marriage!"
  • In Another Period, Garfield the valet is pushed to the ground and "ravished" by an older dowager and almost everyone dismisses his trauma; his boss Peepers even goes so far as to tell him that he should feel proud.
  • Red Dwarf:
    • In "Emohawk: Polymorph II", Lister's gorilla-like bride attempts to forcibly consummate the marriage (he married her to get a part for Starbug), prompting Lister to flee.
    • In the novel Last Human which uses part of "Emohawk" as its plot, Lister isn't lucky enough for it to stop at 'attempt,' as she started before he regained consciousness.
    • Rimmer is repeatedly raped by female crew members in "Back in the Red" after drinking liquid sexual magnetism (although being Rimmer, he doesn't mind the sexual attention). Complicating the matter is the fact that Rimmer was deliberately using the sexual magnetism virus, he's the one raping them via drugging, since most women wouldn't consent to being in the same room as Rimmer if given the option. This one's sort of a gray area though, since it all turns out to be hallucinations. In the non-hallucinated last part of the episode, Lister dumps a vial of the sexual magnetism virus on Rimmer, and we see him getting fondled by the male prisoners, and the earlier parts of the episode which take place in the aftermath, he's not on speaking terms with Lister, implying he was raped by the other prisoners.
    • Rimmer only had sex once in his life with an actual woman before he died the first time,note  with the ship's female boxing champion Yvonne McGruder. According to the recaps of the event, she had just finished a very intense match, and kept calling Rimmer by a different name, suggesting severe head trauma. The humor is clearly centered around Rimmer's complete inability to bed a woman unless she had a concussion.
      • The canonical book gives greater detail, stating that Yvonne was attracted to Rimmer, and after the incident, thought she'd hallucinated it. While the books have a lot of the same gags as the show, some things are taken more seriously: a major character from "Last Human" is one Michael R. McGruder, the result of this. Apparently, Yvonne talked up Rimmer to such a degree that Michael sees him as a legendary hero!
  • Married... with Children:
    • Even though Al Bundy never wanted to have sex with his wife, sometimes Peg just wouldn't take no for an answer, and hilarity would ensue.
    • His son Bud sometimes caught the fancy of very large, very fat women whose appearances bordered on horrific, who dragged him offscreen despite his horrified screams. After one such experience, a traumatized Bud commented that "Now I know how Tom Arnold feels."
    • Other episodes (for Bud):
      Season 8, Episode 17 - "Valentine's Day Massacre" (by a hotel guest when he is posing as a bellhop while trying to bypass security. In the end he gets past the guard by luring him to the same hotel guest)
      Season 10, Episode 06 - "The Weaker Sex" (twice by the same woman, the biker in the bar)
    • One episode had an unusual example of this trope, as Bud gets raped by an attractive woman. The reason he was unwilling? He had just finished having sex with another attractive girl who was joining a convent the next day and wanted to get her fill of sex while she could. As a result, for the first time in his life, Bud was all used up when the second girl came around and dragged him off.
    • Yet another example for Bud happens near the end of one episode, in which a girl with braces who flirts with him the whole episode meets him under the bleachers after he performs a Bed Trick on a girl who mistreated him as payback (it's in itself an example of this trope, albeit Gender Flipped) and is about to leave, before forcibly dragging him back for sex after he's already spent. The episode ends with him uttering Little "No" several times before letting loose a horrified scream as she drags him into the darkness of the space under the bleachers.
  • Commandant Grayza and John Crichton on Farscape, which granted is only funny once John finds an antidote to Grayza's date-rape pheromones and leaves her tied to the bed at the conclusion to an unpleasant romp through sexual interrogations.
  • In the Flight of the Conchords episode "Girlfriends", naive Bret hooks up with the manipulative Lisa. After several attempts to get him into bed, she feeds him some stories about how women can become infertile if they're aroused but do not climax and how she is being shipped off to Iraq the next day.
  • The '80s sitcom Too Close for Comfort had an episode called "For Every Man, There's Two Women" that has amiable dope Monroe abducted and raped by two women during his security guard job. Cracked has a suitably disturbing description here.
  • In Dagvaktin, Óli is repeatedly raped by his boss, Brawn Hilda Gugga, with realistic psychological effects - every time it happens, Óli wanders around the hotel looking violated, and his Jerkass Woobie coworker calls him a 'sex slave'. It's played for very, very Black Comedy and most of the humor comes from the fact that Óli is so stupid he doesn't even realise he's being raped and isn't just a Chick Magnet.
  • Averted in Fresh Meat. In one episode the characters, who are all first year students in college, drunkenly swap stories about their first sexual encounter. Kingsley, desperate to hide the fact that he's still a virgin, concocts a story about losing his virginity at the age of 12 to a woman in her 30's in order to impress them. This backfires, as the rest of the group point out the horrifying implications of this, and attempt to help him come to terms with what they believe happened to him.
  • Series two of Psychoville introduces Hattie, a Fag Hag who agrees to a Citizenship Marriage with her gay friend's boyfriend so that he can remain in the country. Hattie becomes romantically obsessed with him, chains him up in the house and eventually rapes him, all played for laughs (though it's obvious she is slipping into insanity, the victim in question is clearly very disturbed by what she did to him and her friend is horrified about what she's done to his boyfriend.)
  • In the "Secrets and Lies" episode of ER, Carter reveals that he lost his virginity at 11 to a 25 year old maid. The other characters laugh at this and joke that they hope his parents gave her a good holiday bonus, apparently finding it hilarious that his first time was an incident of child molestation. (At best, even if they thought he was making it up, they still found that amusing as well)

  • mr_melvis's "Whose Fantasy Is This, Anyways?" (released by Comfort Stand Recordings and free to download under Creative Commons) depicts a man picking up a girl in a bar, who proceeds to subject him to a lot of things he wasn't ready for, coldly telling him statistics about the porn industry and even delivering Bond One Liners after beating/electrocuting/burning him. She even tells him "It's time girls like me turn the tables on guys like you," before leaving the house with him bound up with a ball-gag.
  • Alice Cooper's "Raped And Freezin'", where the narrator is picked up hitchhiking by an older woman. She rapes him, he escapes but is left stranded and naked in Mexico, and it's all played for humor.
  • Slash and Fergie collaborated on a song called "Beautiful Dangerous". In the music video, Fergie drugs Slash's drink at a bar and drags him home to date rape him.
  • In the Filk Song Banned From Argo by Leslie Fish, in which the crew of the Enterprise get, well, banned from Argo, Nurse Chapel uses an "odd green potion guaranteed to cause Pon Farr" to take advantage of Spock. This is Played for Laughs and treated no more seriously than Scotty and Chekov's drunken parking violation.
  • In TIX's music video for "Shotgun", where a nerdy boy "loses his virginity" to an attractive girl after she and her friends drag him inside a toilet stall.

  • In The Comedy of Errors two men's twin brothers show up in town and hilarity ensues. Dromio of Ephesus is engaged to Nell. Dromio of Syracuse shows up and is mistaken for his brother, chased about by Nell and so on. He finds her repulsive and spends a good bit of the day avoiding her. In many adaptions Nell chases Dromio of S. around the stage, sits on his lap, paws at him, etc. This is all played for laughs. There are implications of Antipholus of S. spending the day in the company of his twin brother's wife...
  • Older Than Feudalism: In Aristophanes' The Assemblywomen (of Ecclesiazusae), a new law is enacted declaring that before any man may have sex with a beautiful woman, he must screw an ugly one (and a mirror provision for women). The second act has a couple of old hags dragging off a young man who'd shown up at his (young and presumably beautiful) lover's house.
  • In McMeekin Finds Out, a dark comedy drama by Scott Barsotti, one of the characters, Carla McMeekin, a 17 year old girl, rapes a football player (who was almost mummified with duct tape) during a hazing party which had been designed by the rest of the team to humiliate the player in question in order to punish him for his fumble during a match. This is treated seriously by all the other characters, even the father, Guy McMeekin who is sceptical about the possibility of a woman raping a man, but it is the subject of edgy humour, with the mother Pam McMeekin asking whether the player had been dressing slutty. The play itself is a dark comedy although Barsotti considers the possibility that it could be a comedy/horror mash-up in the sense that the subject matter is horrifying. To her credit, Carla bitterly regrets what has happened.
  • Entertaining Mr Sloan ends with siblings Kath and Ed negotiating an agreement to "share" Mr Sloan, who is coerced into the arrangement under threat of being turned into the police for murdering their father.

    Video Games 
  • One of the missions in Bully involves driving off kids who harass Edna, Bullworth's obligatory frumpy and slovenly cafeteria lady, while she's on a "date" with Dr. Watts, the chemistry teacher. Unbeknownst to Watts, Edna has slipped sedatives in his coffee, and once the mission is over, the viewer is treated to a (mercifully brief) cutscene of Edna dragging Watts to a nearby sleazy hotel.
  • In Maniac Mansion, when male kids are caught by Nurse Edna, she says "How silly of me! I should've tied you to my bed!" This line was omitted from the NES port.
  • Actually attempted in Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood: Just when Guybrush is about to answer to his criminal charge, a Poxed Elaine barges into the Flotsam Courthouse, threatening to pillage and plunder for "spoils, swags, booty and boodle", then sees him and calls him a "bonnie lass" before adding, "Step into me captain's quarters and let me ravish you silly!" and doing a freaky waltz with him. But then she sniffs his jacket and, thinking that he had an apparent affair with Morgan, triggers a Berserk Button as Elaine charges after her in an attempt to kill her.
  • If you get grabbed by a Vampire in Grabbed by the Ghoulies, you will be yanked inside her coffin, the coffin will rock, hearts will float out the top of it, she will make rather... interesting noises, and you will take damage gradually until you shake free.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, one of the pre-mission cutscenes involves Carl being chained to a rack and raped by his hostile Tsundere partner, Catalina. Thankfully, this is off-screen. Unthankfully, there is audio.
  • First Encounter Assault Recon: The achievement you get for finishing the game, and the name of the last level? "Climax". This is the level where tough-as-nails Delta Force operator Sgt. Mike Beckett gets sexually and psychically assaulted by an insane ghost. Note that the actual onscreen act is not at all comedic - it's the most disturbing scene in a series with a lot of graphic and disturbing imagery already.

    Web Animation 
  • Sonic Shorts
    Amy: Heeeeey Sonic, guess who lost their virginity! [chloroform] You did!

  • May have happened to the titular character of Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire on his first date with Rachel Hart, a literal Amazon who likes to break things with her face. How they hooked up to begin with is never mentioned, but since this incident involved kitty-ears and a bell even Dominic's ladyfriend, Luna, is inclined to agree that it's pretty funny. Dominic himself seems to recall it more with rueful embarrassment than with horror, as well. This attracted some controversy, but quickly took a back seat to what followed.
  • The protagonist of Something*Positive, Davan, was raped while in a drugged state by Kim. Though played for laughs, Kim is later shown accompanying Davan to a rape survivors' support group. The topic was also handled more maturely: When the subject of male rape is brought up, Davan recognizes that some men wouldn't be bothered by unsolicited sex, but they would have every right to be, as opposed to most proponents of male rape who say men would not and cannot be disturbed by a woman raping them. Kim also goes through therapy for issues, having apparently done it in the past to other men.
    • Davan's rejection letters for bad plays in cartoon form: "Cap'n Hoot-Hoot says a better title for your play would be 'Rape-Rape: A Tale of Rapening'. Also, your next play should have a little less rape in it."
  • In Girls with Slingshots, Candy attempts to rape Chris; this is played partly for laughs, though the character is portrayed as having done something at the very least tasteless.
  • In the Book of Genesis Lot's daughters get him drunk to rape him. Holy Bibble plays this for incredibly squicky laughs.
  • Seemingly played for laughs by Old Man Death in Girl Genius while reciting the story of how he met his wife.
  • Max strongly implies that she has this in mind for Jamie in this Leftover Soup strip, but hopefully she's joking...
  • Questionable Content's tenth comic had a discussion between Sarah and Faye about this trope, arguing "I think you would fulfill a fantasy shared by every shy, submissive boy on the planet. Rape away". Notably the word "rape" has since visibly been replaced by the word "hump".
  • A celebratory New Years webmanga has an ex-yakuza dog man taking in a wild girl off the streets. He helps her get on her feet, they get into scrapes together, and the pair eventually bond... then we see a spilled mug, the same dog man tied to a bed, and the wild girl straddling him with yet another rope in her hands, leaning in on him as he looks terrified. The very last panel shows him crying about the memory to his ex-boss while lamenting how wolflike she acted, all while the girl (now his wife) happily plays with their kid in the background.

    Web Original 
  • Played for very uneasy laughs in a Something Awful Thanksgiving article that featured the author falling into a coma while at his Gonk acquaintance's house (he was so desperate to leave that he thought drinking bleach was a good idea). He goes on to describe his intense coma dreams where he has sex with everything from Psylocke (who "used her psychic powers to make him pee") to a zebra. In the middle of a Does This Remind You of Anything? sword forging scene he wakes up from the coma to discover Miss Gonk "cripple-fucking" him. It turns out she had told the hospital staff they were married and she wanted to consummate their relationship ...and then you remember that this is semi-autobiographical....
  • In NFL Quarterbacks On Facebook, Tom Brady stated an unwritten rule in which he gets to sleep with the losing quarterback's wife/girlfriend whenever he wins, and tells them to get a wife/girlfriend if they don't have one. It backfired on him in the 2013 Week 15 convo, when after the Patriots lost to the Dolphins, Lauren Tannehill (Ryan Tannehill's wife) gets to sleep with Brady, with the roles reversed; Lauren gets to be the pitcher to Brady's catcher.

    Western Animation 
  • A Running Gag in Archer, in which Cheryl does this to Cyril once, then uses the threat of blackmail to force him to sleep with her anytime she wants. Pam also ends up raping Cyril while he is passed out from blood loss and being pumped full of heroin.
  • Family Guy:
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: the played-for-laughs romantic pursuit of the eponymous Eds by the Kanker sisters is incredibly violent and completely unrequited, even in the context of a cartoon, and would be considered far less funny in today's society if the genders were reversed.
    • The roles WERE reversed in one episode where the Eds (well, Double-D really) came up with the idea of using reverse psychology by feigning a similar over-the-top romantic interest in the Kankers in order to get them off their backs for good. It would have worked, too, except Eddy choked at the last minute, the Kankers caught on, and went right back to chasing the Eds.
    • In The Movie after Eddy's brother turns out to be such a Jerkass that everyone in the cul-de-sac cheers on the Eds for knocking him out, the Kankers drag his unconscious body back into his house, and sexual harassment probably isn't something they'd be beyond using as "punishment".
  • Fifi La Fume from Tiny Toon Adventures, who pursues reluctant boys with the same degree of enthusiasm that her predecessor pursued women, and the accompanying notion that her antics are a bit more acceptable for contemporary audiences because of her gender.
  • Futurama:
    • "Amazon Women in the Mood" involves Fry, Zapp Brannigan, and Kif being sentenced to "Death By Snu Snu" by burly muscular Amazons. Their response is a combination of cheers and groans of pain as they are locked in a room and the entire tribe systematically lines up to have their way with them. They are rescued (eventually) before their pelvises are crushed, and no lasting damage is done. (Note that Fry and Zapp don't seem to have any resistance to the idea itself until it starts really hurting; Kif, who does, manages to escape it, and is rescued by Amy.)
    • "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back" had Inspector Morgan Proctor come to inspect Planet Express. She found Fry's slovenliness incredibly hot, because she spent all her time with neat freaks. She was visibly giving him favor for sleeping with her, and he eventually tried to end the relationship, but made the mistake of sweeping items off a desk in anger. She grins and leaps on him. ("Dirty boooy!") Basically, they do every single thing Sensitivity Training warns against, though gender-flipped from the expected. It's played for both Comedy and Drama.
    • Lrrr is raped by a woman in one episode. To put this in context, Lrrr is a ten foot tall planetary overlord alien who eats human sized beings, and the woman who assaults him (she has a fetish for aliens) is a normal human who saw him at Comic-Con.
  • An episode of John Callahan's Quads! had the hippy girlfriend of the quadriplegic protagonist have sex with him while he was asleep, in the episode where he sold his soul to the devil to be able to get it up. He is somewhat distressed, but this is more because he's been having nightmares of going to hell and she doesn't seem to notice.
  • In The Venture Bros. episode "Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman", the title character's twin daughters Nancy and Drew think that Dean is cute, so they try to sleep with him. However, Dean has a crush on Triana Orpheus, is generally naive, and does not want to sleep with them, so they pin him down and force him to. Luckily for Dean, Hank called for help.
  • Subtly implied that this happens at the end of the Woody Woodpecker cartoon A Fine Feathered Frenzy. Gorgeous Gal who had a sexy voice aggressively attempted to seduce Woody Woodpecker but he was turned off by her weight and age. Woody tried to get away but she eventually dragged him into a submarine. Next a priest popped out of the sailing vessel and hung a 'JUST MARRIED' sign around the hatch. The submarine sailed off with cans on strings attached to it to end the film.

Rape of Men by Men

See also Double Standard: Rape, Male on Male

    Comic Books 
  • While it's softened by the Tintin/Popeye-like art style, Titi Fricoteur had the main character, a pre-teen boy, mind you, get orally and anally raped by a father that caught him with his daughters out of both paternal rage and jealous rage that by being a "good father" he hadn't done it/them first. The daughters even laugh at the scrawny kid being bounced in the air as if it was as innocent as his mouth being washed out with soap.
  • Garth Ennis' Preacher shows Herr Starr, the depraved Sacred Executioner of the international Grail conspiracy, order his lieutenant Hoover to secure a prostitute for him. Hoover, a prude who is extremely ignorant of such things, mistakenly sets up Starr for a "rendezvous" with Bob Glover, a "sexual investigator" who proceeds to rape Starr in a back alley. Shockingly, this would prove to be one of the least traumatic ordeals Starr would suffer in the series.
  • Garth Ennis' The Boys:
    • Tek-Knight in was kicked off his superhero team for raping his teammate Mind Droid, a Vision Captain Ersatz. Later on it's revealed that Mind Droid isn't actually a robot; just a man in a costume who claims to be one for marketing purposes. He gets in trouble for this again when his butler quits over him raping his ear while he was asleep. He tries to convince him to stay by offering to pay to have it syringed. It doesn't work. It's later revealed Tek-Knight suffered from an undiagnosed brain tumor, which helps explain why he also had sex with a cup of coffee and had a Dying Dream of having sex with a falling meteorite to break it up.
    • In the Herogasm special it's shown that every year Homelander manipulates Soldier Boy into sleeping with him under the pretense of it being a "test" of his endurance in order to join The Seven, and has to reassure him that it's not gay after.
  • In a parody of how Darker and Edgier DC Comics has become, Kyle Baker's Plastic Man run had Billy Batson killed by his Arch-Nemesis Dr. Sivana, who Plastic Man says invited Dr. Light over with him adding that it's like rape "is his new power now".
  • Hitman (1993): Section 8 member Bueno Excellente is a superhero who, according to Section 8 leader Sixpack, fights crime using the powers of perversion, which mainly amounts to him raping men and having it played for laughs. The Justice League crossover that came out after the main series ended even had Kyle Rayner imply that Bueno Excellente had his way with him after he was drugged.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Hateful Eight: At one point, Major Marquis Warren tells a horrific story to ex-confederate soldier Sanford Smithers about raping his son. Complete with an Evil Laugh for good measure.
  • The Mask: The Mask shoves exhaust pipes up some crooked mechanics' asses for cheating him as Stanley.
  • The film adaptation of Entertaining Mr Sloan ends with siblings Kath and Ed negotiating an agreement to "share" Mr Sloan, who is coerced into the arrangement under threat of being turned into the police for murdering their father.
  • In The Dictator, in a scene that Crosses the Line Twice Aladeen is chastised by his associate Nadal for an "incident" involving him and some teenage boys. Aladeen attempts a "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization, only for Nadal to point out that they didn't enjoy it and were in fact Driven to Suicide.
  • In Dumb and Dumber when Harry and Lloyd stop to gas up their van, Lloyd goes to the bathroom, where the stall he's in has some graffiti that says whoever's in there at that exact time will get some "manly love." The guy who wrote it is Sea Bass, a trucker that Harry and Loyd ripped off hours before. As Sea Bass is about to rape Lloyd, Harry, whose leg caught fire after talking to another traveler bursts into the stall and knocks out Sea Bass while using the toilet to extinguish the fire.

  • There are jokes about a group of explorers (typically either two or three) venturing too far into a tribal territory, then being brought to a chief and being forced to choose between chi-chi or death. Afraid to die, the first explorer chose chi-chi, which as it turned out involved the tribal men standing in line to rape him (if there are three people, the process repeats for the second person, who dreads it but would much rather not die). The last explorer, disturbed by what he saw, feared for his dignity and chose death. Upon which the chief would reply, "Very well, death by chi-chi!"
  • A man goes to the doctor and is prescribed some suppositories, the doctor giving him the first dose. The next day, the man's wife starts to administer the next one, putting her hand on his shoulder to stabilize herself... and the man gets into a Troubled Fetal Position on realizing that when the doctor did it, he had both hands on the man's shoulders.
  • In a Russian joke, a Georgian (these are depicted as constantly horny) tries to bait someone by dropping a bill on the floor and catching the victim once they bend over. A Jew sees it, and manages to pick it up without stopping. "Sneaky" says the Georgian and drops a second bill. An Ukrainian sees it, covers his ass with the bags he carries and quickly pucks up the bill. "Cunning" says the Georgian and drops a third bill. Another Georgian passes and doesn't even look at the bill. "Prideful" says the Georgian. After a while, he sees that no one else is coming, decides to retrieve the bill, goes to pick it up... "Devious!!!"

    Live-Action TV 
  • Heavily implied in Louie Season 1. While visiting the dentist, Louie experiences an anesthesia-induced hallucination where he has a banana placed into his mouth and, when he suddenly awakens from the said hallucination, his dentist is shown hurriedly tucking in his shirt and zipping up his pants. Possibly a reference to Real Life anesthetics that can cause vivid sexual dreams, which have led to similar accusations and are a big reason (besides the obvious) why no one is ever allowed to be in a room alone with an anesthetized patient without a witness to verify their good behavior.
  • Brit Com series Dark Ages has the character Redwald captured by vikings twice. He is returned in a sack each time, upon which he's asked if he's been treated "mmm... rudely"; he confirms it each time with specific mention of sobriquets like "the Cucumber" and "the Twelve-Inch".
  • In The Vicar of Dibley, Geraldine tells Alice one of her trademark jokes. As usual, Alice doesn't get it.
    Geraldine: Superman's feeling a bit bored because Batman and Spider-Man are on a scuba diving course, so he doesn't have anyone to play with. So he's flying around. Suddenly he sees Wonder Woman spreadeagled naked on top of a tall building. He's always fancied Wonder Woman so he thinks now's my chance and he swoops down and faster than a speeding bullet does the business and then he flies off again. A moment later Wonder Woman says "what was that?" Then the Invisible Man climbs off her and says "I don't know but it hurt a lot".
    Alice: I don't get it.
    Geraldine: No, I didn't expect you would.
    Alice: Well, you seem to be suggesting that Superman committed homosexual rape upon The Invisible Man. I just don't find that funny. In fact, you're besmirching the reputation of two of the finest superheroes this world has ever known. I mean, I've never actually met them. Well, I might have met The Invisible Man. I wouldn't know. He's invisible. I've heard that they are both really nice guys. Frankly, I think you should be ashamed of yourself. Goodbye, Vicar. [leaves]
    Geraldine: ...Prude!
  • Jam had examples of this in addition to most other variants of the trope. In one sketch, a woman talks about her favorite method of foreplay, which is for her husband (who is sitting next to her grinning) to come home crying and tell her he was raped by "A gang of street poofs." In another, a couple realise their young son didn't come home from school, but think that he "decided to stay at school overnight" and don't do anything about it. Even when he's still missing weeks later and they learn that he was seen getting into someone's car, they decide he is probably "staying with a friend." The police eventually find their son's body and inform them that he was raped and murdered - which the parents think is "taking it a bit too far" and resolve to "have a word" with the neighbor suspected of the murder.
  • One sketch on MADtv featured a unique form of aversion therapy to help smokers kick their habit: having two hillbillies dressed as giant cigarettes show up and violate the terrified patient.
  • Preacher (2016): Starr orders prostitutes to perform a rape fantasy with him where "No means yes." However, there is some confusion, so he winds up with three male prostitutes who've been told his "no" means yes. This turns out as you'd except, but Starr doesn't appear to be perturbed.

  • The culmination of the Jeffrey Lewis song "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror."
    "Then I got to thinking, 'Maybe it wasn't really Will Oldham.' Though he did hold my arms and fuck me, just like Will sings in 'A Sucker's Evening'."
  • He Almost Looks Like You by Rich Hall, a song inspired by the prison rape experiences of his ex-con alter-ego, Otis Lee Crenshaw.
  • Blue Öyster Cult's Dominance And Submission does this to the naive young narrator.
  • The Hung Like Hanratty song "The Ghost of Jimmy Savile" is about the narrator summoning Jimmy Savile's ghost, only for the spirit of the posthumously disgraced TV personality to try and shove his fingers up the narrator's bottom.
  • "Paperboy" by Kunt and the Gang is about a man who molests a paperboy because he reminded him of a girl he had a crush on in his adolescence.

  • The Book of Mormon features this line at the end of a Black Comedy joke about the AIDS epidemic in Uganda.
    Mafala (about his daughter, Nabulungi): She's all I have left in the world, and if either of you lays a hand on her... I will give you my AIDS!
  • Entertaining Mr Sloan ends with siblings Kath and Ed negotiating an agreement to "share" Mr Sloan, who is coerced into the arrangement under threat of being turned into the police for murdering their father.

    Web Animation 

    Video Games 
  • One sidequest in Final Fantasy VII features Cloud picking a room in a brothel to visit with a prostitute, only to have one of his hallucinatory episodes and pass out. Text comes up with various sound effects, Cloud shouts in pain, Cloud's HP/MP is restored, and then he comes to with the burly male prostitute Mukki lying on top of him. Cloud's response is very laid back and he actually looks directly at the camera and shrugs to end the scene.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: In-universe; a group of drunken soldiers in the inn at White Orchard will share a story where one attempted to rape a farmer's pretty daughter only to find the "daughter" was in fact a Pretty Boy playing an inverted Sweet Polly Oliver to hide from the war. The punchline to the joke, if you care to call it such, being that the soldier didn't care and went ahead with raping the boy anyway. You can practically hear the disgust in Geralt's head.
  • In Red Dead Redemption 2 one Stranger encounter has Arthur pass by a house on the outskirts of Saint Denis (New Orleans) where a totally-not-creepy hillbilly tries to lure him in with the promise of food. If you actually do go inside, cue Arthur getting knocked unconscious while being told "See? Friendship ain't so tough... and neither is you" before waking up in the middle of a field.
  • In the Team Play(2 player) mode of the Shoot 'Em Up Gunbird 2, nearly every character's ending with Aine ends with him getting raped by Aine. Yes, him. Even for Marion (a girl) and Valpiro (a robot}. The only exception is Tavia, because someone else cuts in and gets it instead.

    Western Animation 

Rape of Women by Women

See also Double Standard: Rape, Female on Female

    Anime & Manga 
  • Morinaga Miruku seems to like nonconsensual lesbian sex, since in her manga Bunny's Road she introduces Kurahashi, who works as a maid in a bunny-themed night club. Kurahashi gets "punished" by her female boss every time she makes a mistake—which happens quite often. Mind you, this involves the use of a carrot. Later Kurahashi even gets assaulted by her own trainee, and this is all played for laughs.
  • Makoto from Chocotto Sister already walks on thin ice with her groping of Chitose's breasts, but she really crosses the line when she forcefully removes Yurika's dress.
  • Cosplay Complex:
    • Lesbian pedophile Jenny tries to sneak into the bed of the Token Mini-Moe Athena to sleep with her. However she ended up in the bed of Chako's mom, Sachiko who says that she is a lonely widow that is glad to have some company in bed. She then rapes the now reluctant teenager.
    • Another episode had a near miss as Ranko the head of a rival cosplay club and the defending champion cornered Reika in a storage room and began to molest her.
  • In Demon King Daimao, Sai was given some medicine by Fujiko that was supposed to make him nicer and not become the demon king; however it is really a Love Potion which will cause him to be loyal to her. Kena then took the medicine and cooked it into rice which she later served to a big gang that was attacking Sai.
  • Elfen Lied: Nyu molesting the female flatmates of the Maple House (more prominent in the manga) is generally played for comedy fanservice. Except in the case of Mayu; Nyu only molests her once and stops doing that to her, but only to her.
  • Excel♡Saga:
    • The anime has the infamous 26th episode, which involves Excel and Hyatt switching bodies and individually winding up in a love hotel together (for entirely different reasons). Excel (in Hyatt's body) proceeds to sexually assault Hyatt's breasts (in Excel's body) in plain view for a whole thirty seconds or so. (And that's not even the weirdest stuff that happens in that episode...)
    • In episode 16, Excel is violently raped off-screen by the robot Ropponmatsu II, and it's played as over-the-top slapstick comedy.
  • Chapter 19 of Girl Friends (2006) by Morinaga Miruku starts with a non-canon two page gag involving its two female main characters, Akko and Mari. Mari wakes up one day and finds a cat bringing her a suddenly four inch tall Akko. They decide to go to school that day by having Akko ride between Mari's breasts. Unfortunately, there is a huge crowd in the train and Akko is starting to get crushed. Akko decides at that point that she's safer down below. First cue some noises from Mari, then cut to the scene at school where a traumatized Mari insists that she's never taking Akko to school again with Akko insisting she had nowhere else to hide.
  • Girls Bravo has Kosame all but rape Kiriei in episode 4. When she happens across her in the hall of Fukuyama's mansion, she coerces Kirie into the bedroom at gunpoint and shoves her onto the bed. Then strips down to her panties and straddles her. But she gets trampled by one of the wandering spirits Lisa released earlier, which allowed Kirie to escape.
  • Reika from Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun might be a huge pervert with a love of watching gay men but she herself is straight with a giant crush on Shungo. Unfortunately, his sister Ryoko does not believe her and regularly molests her despite Reika's protests.
  • In Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi's constant touchy-feely behavior towards Mikuru may not be rape in a strictly technical sense, but it is openly sexual and obviously very disturbing to the victim, and yet it's almost always Played for Laughs and/or Fanservice. After one such day of molestation, Mikuru even asks Kyon if he'll take her if she becomes "ruined for marriage".
  • In Haruka Nogizaka's Secret, Yuuto's troublemaking Hard-Drinking Party Girl roommates Ruko and Yukari at least go way over the line "playing with" Shiina when she comes over to ask him on a date and he's not there. The episode ends with her trapped under a Scenery Censor table with them doing something to her, as she screams "Sto-plea... stop, ah! Yuuto! Hurry, come back!"
  • In Kamen no Maid Guy Naeka receives a letter from a secret admirer and spends the episode debating whether to go through with meeting him. Kogarashi warns her about love and that if she meets him, she should be willing to go all the way. However, when she goes to meet the mystery man "he" turns out to be a lesbian Stalker with a Crush named Saki. She tries to run away but learns too late what the maid guy meant by "going all the way" as she traps her.
  • Sousou from Koihime†Musou has the habit of forcing girls into sex with her. She is shown succeeding on at least one occasion—and then there are her efforts to get into Kannu's pants.
  • In Kyonyu Hunter (D-Cup Hunter) by Yasunaga Kouichirou, a flat-chested girl is dumped by the stupid guy she wanted as her boyfriend because, as he admits himself, she had everything a man could wish, except boobs. Her revenge? Dress up as a super-heroine, attack big-breasted women and subject them to Humiliation Conga just to eliminate the competition (although the premise drifts to just humiliating busty women who get on her nerves).
  • In volume eleven of Love Hina, Motoko is tied down and raped off-panel by Keitarou's sister Kanako.
  • In Minami-ke, in the final minutes of the final episode of the first season, Hayami drinks too much "special imported juice" and assaults Kana (we don't get to see the results, but it's implied she succeeds). The whole thing is played entirely for laughs.
  • The running gag of Miyuki-chan in Wonderland has its title character getting sexually harassed, stripped, molested and nearly raped by other female characters. Mind you this is All Just a Dream... Or Was It a Dream?.
  • In Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!, after Nyarko is defeated in a duel against Kuuko in episode 2 (first season), Kuuko has her tied to a bed and starts undressing her. Nyarko fights her back before it goes any further. Nyarko gives as good as she gets; see under Rape of Men by Women.
  • Kaoru from Psychic Squad is seen to harass Oboro on several occasions. Sure, Kaoru is only ten years old, but it still gets rather poignant when you realize that she basically is a human weapon of mass destruction, so Oboro would not really be able to defend herself if push came to shove.
  • In Queen's Blade Leina gets groped by Echidna twice, the first was in a hot oil wrestling match, the second was Echinda rubbing sap on her.
  • Aoi from Rizelmine tried to use Kyouko's mind control helmet to get Ryunosuke to sleep with her. However, he is not on the other end by the time she gets the remote and she ends up getting raped herself by three girls and a dog. She later ends up in a relationship with one of them.
  • In the final episode of Sabagebu!, the other girls give a Bound and Gagged Momoka to Urara as a birthday present. The last scene of the show has Momoka, naked and tied up with her mouth taped shut, sitting in a bath tub while a naked Urara dives in next to her. She cries out "Itadakimasu!" before the camera pans to the skyline.
  • Shinra in They Are My Noble Masters is constantly raping and molesting her younger sister Miyu, adding incest on top of it.

    Comic Books 
  • In the fifth volume of Empowered, Ocelotina binds poor Emp with duct tape and spanks her during an interview, with the intention of putting it up on her website as a paid download. This isn't the first time Ocelotina has done something like this. Before deciding to take on a superhero identity herself, the girl who'd become Ocelotina decided to kidnap Emp and hold her for ransom. Of course, since Emp's powers come from her suit, she had to be naked save for her mask... and it was fairly strongly implied that Ocelotina engaged in some very intimate touching.
  • In a fortunately uncharacteristic passage in Love and Rockets, we discover that on the evening when Daffy first met Maggie and Hopey, they set her up to get raped by Depraved Bisexual Lois (with a nail-studded baseball bat, no less) and only rescued her at the last minute.

    Fan Works 

    Video Games 

Rape of Women by Men

    Anime & Manga 
  • Air Gear has Tomita Mari who keeps thinking she's about to get raped by a student, and Emily Adachi, who has a running gag of pretending she's being sexually assaulted when she takes her jacket off. Both of these are played for laughs.
  • In Arachnid, Setsuna Dinoponera was the only named character who got helplessly raped by the "Army Ant Zombies" at the Arachnid Hunt, all while Sasori, who had paralyzed her, mocked her for "making a lot of friends". Once she leaves the school as a zombie in the sequel, Blattodea, she gets raped again but turns out to be a nymphomaniac in that state, pinning down her now terrified assailant by the throat and having a rough Destructo-Nookie with him. Her going lucid for real and saving her friend Chiyuri from also getting rape-zombified is a major Mood Whiplash from how surprisingly graphic Chiyuri's molestation was — even as Dinopo is trying to be dramatic and heroic, the story overfocuses on the loss of her panties as if it's a Brick Joke to how she was intentionally portrayed without panty shots in Arachnid.
  • Bakemonogatari: Otherwise-morally-pure Araragi makes a point of thoroughly molesting Hachikuji as a form of greeting and as payback for her being a brat. The fact that she's actually a ghost may or may not help. It's treated mostly as playful teasing going a little too far. In the sequel anime he stops and Hachikuji tells him off for not realizing she secretly liked it. She notes in the same episode that she considers herself an adult despite her child body due to her having died 11 years prior, making her 22 years old in actuality.
  • Even though he never raped anyone, Lovable Sex Maniac Fukuyama from Girls Bravo (the brother of the above mentioned Lisa) deserves to be mentioned for all of his gropes of girls' breasts, and peeping on them the only reason he has not been arrested seems to be his money.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya gives a subversion. In order to get a new computer from the computer club, Haruhi takes a few carefully orchestrated photographs making it look like the president was assaulting Mikuru. When the other members of the club (who were all right there the entire time) say they'll vouch for him, she just says she'll claim they all gang-raped the poor girl. While there's no actual rape, the whole thing is definitely Played for Laughs. Especially when Haruhi goes back to the computer club and makes them run a LAN line to her club room.
  • Early chapters of Lupin III bordered on this and "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization. The anime toned things down substantially.
  • Male Maze in Maze Megaburst Space forces his way onto girls several times in the manga adaptation; quite often such girls awake next morning sharing a bed with a very embarrassed female Maze.
  • Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water: On the Lincoln Island, in "Labyrinth in the Earth", Ayerton driving Grandis aboard the Gratan to a secluded place, under the false pretense of a store of wine, to seduce and kiss her against her will is not treated as an attempted date rape but like the onset of a comical scene involving Ayerton being beaten up by Sanson and Hanson and finally subjected to a Sand Necktie.
  • In chapter 253 of Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Paru creates a temporarily golem clone of Negi to help ease many of the non-Pactio'd girls into the practice (as the version of the ritual she tells them involves a 'deep kiss'). Said clone ends up rather...aggressively kissing Akira in a way that's purposely rather...suggestive.
  • Nerima Daikon Brothers, episode 2: A gonk-ish Korean Pachinko owner tries to rape Mako, all set to a daunting musical number with Lyrical Dissonance.
  • Averted in Ranma ½. When the entire school gets stuck on an island, all the male high school students eat a certain fruit that makes them believe any girl they see is their newlywed wife. Ranma is female at that point with no hot water in sight. The guys start talking about how they want to do what all couples do on their honeymoon and when they pin down Ranma, he assumes the worst is about to happen. Turns out that all they want to do is get tan, take goofy pictures, and feed her like a particularly lovesick lover might.

    Comic Books 
  • In The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mina, Quatermain, and Nemo investigate a mysterious series of pregnancies at a girls' school (they chalk it up to the Holy Spirit). Turns out it's The Invisible Man raping the students. Elements of it are Played for Laughs, particularly Polly's reaction.
  • This happens in Harvey Kurtzman's Little Annie Fanny all the time. The protagonist is presented as an eternally innocent, buxom, blond, shapely young girl who is completely oblivious to the men who constantly try to take advantage of her, which tends to happen rather frequently.
  • Titi Fricoteur (you're gonna be sensing a pattern here), has at least two incidents of this in action with the first being a couple of lumberjacks running a train on a girl stuck in a window and singing a lumberjack song while doing so while the second is "revenge" for an earlier incident (yes on this page,) of Titi making one of the washer women suck him off. In the same incident related in "Rape of Men By Men", both daughters are raped by their father as well, and it's treated as if they were simply getting a spanking (in a work where that sort of thing is also treated as comedy).

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Lust In the Dust. Rosie (played by Divine) is gang-raped by a group of desperados - or seemingly so, as the scene shifts to where Divine is still begging for more, while the desperados are begging her to lay off.
    Rosie: [sighing] What a bunch of deadbeats.
  • Crank contains a scene where the main character, who will die without an adrenaline rush, sexually assaults his girlfriend in broad daylight on a crowded public street. She screams and tries unsuccessfully to fight him off; they gather a mixed-gender crowd that watches but doesn't try to help her in any way. Then she decides she wants it half-way through.
  • Young Frankenstein has a bit where it's implied the Monster had his way with Elizabeth.
  • Pavi Largo from Repo! The Genetic Opera practically embodies this trope. As one of the creators put it, "Of course, in a movie like Repo, the comic relief is a murderer and a rapist." If the rapes weren't enough for you, when he's finished with the women, he cuts off their faces and wears them as masks.
  • Blazing Saddles:
    • Planned to occur:
    Hedley Lamarr: What are we going to do about Rock Ridge?
    Taggart: I got it, I got it! We'll work up a Number 6 on 'em.
    Hedley Lamarr: Number 6? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that one.
    Taggart: That's where we go a-ridin' into town, a-whampin' and whompin' every living thing that moves within an inch of its life! Except the women folks of course.
    Hedley Lamarr: You spare the women?
    Taggart: Nah, we rape the shit out of them at the Number 6 Dance later on!
    • Later in the movie though, we learn it didn't quite go as planned:
      Pastor: [addressing the town] Sheriff murdered, crops burnt, people stampeding, and cattle raped.
    • And later still, as Hedley is assembling his army of villains to wipe out the town:
      Hedley: Qualifications?
      Applicant: Rape, murder, arson and rape.
      Hedley: You said rape twice.
      Applicant: I like rape.
  • In History of the World Part I's game of Human Chess, "Pawn jumps queen." "Knight jumps queen." "GAAAANNG BAAANG!!!!....It's good to be the king!"
  • In Idiocracy, it is repeatedly stated that Rita is going to be gang-raped if Joe/Not Sure stops vouching for her as his "girlfriend."
  • The film Meet the Applegates deals with a family of giant amazonian bugs who disguise themselves as humans in order to infiltrate human society, then their teenage daughter is raped and impregnated by the school's most popular boy. The rape is played for laughs.
  • The 1960s sex comedy What's New Pussycat? has Peter Sellers as a deranged Viennese psychiatrist who bemoans his unrequited desire for a patient: "Every time she sees me, she screams - because every time she sees me, I attack her!"
  • In the Pythonesque Yellowbeard, the title character often grabs nearby women and drags them off camera to rape them noisily, and it's implied every time that both parties enjoyed the experience.
  • The Italian 70s comedy My Friends has one of these — an underage girl not only is raped (and impregnated) by an older sleazy co-worker, she's also yelled at, ridiculed and humiliated by her father and her father's friends because of this ("Puttana!" which means "You whore!"). To make things worse, the girl was heavily implied to be mentally challenged. When said father then goes to confront the rapist, he finds out he's a huge menacing guy, which makes it all really funny because he can't kick his ass, so the rapist gets off scot-free.
  • Several Sarah Silverman jokes, in The Aristocrats, as well as her line "I was raped by a doctor. Which is a very bittersweet experience for a Jewish girl."
  • Milked bone dry in the hopelessly dated 1966 "adult" comedy The Swinger. A running gag involving Robert Coote's dirty old man character has him selecting a series of pretty young secretaries, apparently to rape them. We later find out nothing happened but lots of chasing and attempted seduction, but still... Later on, Tony Franciosa takes Ann-Margret to a sleazy motel and chases her around the bed, trying to force himself on her.
  • Inverted in The Other Guys. An extremely depressing Irish ballad is sung by one of the protagonists about an Irish soldier's love for a girl. Returning from war, he finds that five British soldiers "had their way with her". A resounding chorus clarifies that it was consensual. Most of the humor comes from how it's sung, but consent is the punchline.
  • The Knack... and How to Get It: A Swinging London comedy directed by Richard Lester. A Country Mouse, played by Rita Tushingham, wrongly accuses a nerdy school teacher, played by Michael Crawford, of raping her. He is extremely flattered and finally becomes a real man as a result of the false accusation (which is implied to be wishful thinking on the part of the girl).
  • A very controversial scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron has Iron Man joking about reinstating "Primae Noctis" if he is able to lift Thor's hammer.
  • Used in Paul Verhoeven's film Elle with Isabelle Huppert, which is a comedy.
  • Used very commonly as a comedic device in Pedro Almodóvar's movies, as for example in Kika and Pepi, Lucy, Bom.
  • Up Pompeii films:
    • When Nero is bored in Up Pompeii, Prosperus Maximus tries to entice him by telling him of the evening's grand pageant depicting the rape of the Sabine women, with genuine rapists.
    • Up the Front: When Groping lives up to his name with Fanny, she asks if he's not going to rape her, leading to Groping flipping a coin to see if he should or not.

  • A beautiful young woman goes to the gynecologist, and the doctor is immediately overcome with desire for her. He begins caressing her skin and asks "Do you know what I'm doing?" She replies "Yes, you're checking my skin for rashes, etc." He begins feeling up her boobs and asks "Do you know what I'm doing now?" She nonchalantly replies, "Yes, you're checking my breasts for lumps." Overcome with lust, he climbs up on the table and enters her, saying "Do you know what I'm doing... now?" She looks him in the eyes and says "Yes, getting herpes; that's why I'm here."
  • Who's the one woman in the world anyone can have their way with? Sleeping Beauty!
  • A woman tells her story: "Yesterday, I was walking on the street, and suddenly saw a hundred dollar bill lying on the ground. "Oh, lucky, I found that!" I thought. I bend down to pick it up... suddenly I feel... "No, I'm working for it".
  • A Russian joke: Chip and Dale are really horny. So, they hatch a plan; let's throw some nuts on the ground, Gadget will see them, bend down to grab a few, and then we'll come from behind and... They put some nuts, Gadget passes by... but doesn't pick up any. Instead, she tries to quickly sneak by. So the two chipmunks come out and ask her "Gadget, aren't you hungry?" She says "No, thanks, I ate plenty of cheese already".
  • A prominent surgeon is on trial for raping a floor-washing lady. They tell their stories:
    Surgeon: Listen, Your Honor, it has been a very long day. I was working over twelve hours straight, a lot of operations, I feel exhausted, covered in blood, need some relief... Then, suddenly, I see a woman's ass pointing straight at me, so, without even realizing it, I pounce on her and... well, you understand. She didn't even try to fight or get away.
    Woman: I was washing the floor like always, bent in half. Suddenly, some guy pounces upon me from the back, and starts screwing me before I even realize what happened.
    Judge: But why didn't you run away from him?
    Woman: What!? Over the freshly washed?

  • The novel Money by Martin Amis features a scene where the main character tries to rape his gold digging girlfriend but is so drunk and unenthusiastic he gives up, just before a kick to the nuts floors him.
  • The comedy book Curious Pleasures (a glossary of unusual fetishes, ostensibly written by a Victorian scientist) mentions a lady who told her maid to find a man to pretend to break into her house and rape her. Shortly afterwards, she found a man breaking into her house, and happily allowed him to have his way. The next day, the maid told her that she hadn't been able to find a suitable participant yet, and the guy had been a real burglar, "although it should be noted that her complaints commenced only after this discovery."
  • In Interesting Times:
    Cohen: I've got to go and have a talk with Old Vincent. Not that there's anything wrong with him, at all. It's just that his memory's bad. We had a bit of trouble on the way over. I keep telling him, it's rape the women and set fire to the houses.
    Rincewind: Rape? That's not very—
    Cohen: He's eighty-seven. Don't go and spoil an old man's dreams.
  • The entire plot of Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade's novel Justine. Her constant life of being raped is placed in deliberate contrast to how pious and innocent she is. The typical reaction is more negative than anything else.
  • Voltaire used this on occasion in his stories:
    • In L'Ingénu, the hero, (a Frenchman raised by Native Americans) believes himself married to the heroine and thus sneaks into her bedroom to enforce his rights and her fighting him off is poor behavior in his culture. Also, Candide fits both this and rape of men by men by having a lot of humor that Crosses the Line Twice about several female characters and one male one being the victim of multiple gang rapes and occasions of the Scarpia Ultimatum.
    • Done in a comedic, theatrical rendition of Candide where a narrator tells the audience that a female character is raped. The extras playing soldiers shadow her, then toss her in the air at which point she screams out. The narrator then says just, "Repeatedly." She's tossed up again, and her next shout is not exactly... displeased... with what's going on.
  • In Robert A. Heinlein's The Number of the Beast, newlyweds Zebediah and Dejah Thoris Carter (Yes, really) are travelling to Another Dimension in a flying car (long story) when DeeTee complains that her husband (who is busy piloting the vehicle at the time!) isn't being amorous enough. He then claims that he'd rape her repeatedly, if his seatbelt weren't in the way.
  • The writer John Barth likes this trope a lot. In his novel Letters, a plot about a serial rapist drugging and impregnating women is played for laughs. Rape is also treated lightly at best in books like The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor and Giles Goat-Boy. There's also a lot of it in The Sot Weed Factor, but that could be attributed to the fact that it's basically a Spiritual Successor to Candide (with some of Fielding's Joseph Andrews thrown in).
  • In the prologue to Academ's Fury of Codex Alera, a high-ranking knight is repeatedly advising that the First Lord take a concubine to bed to relieve some stress. When the First Lord says he won't dishonor his wife by doing so, and that said wife won't go to bed with him herself, the knight bluntly suggests he lace her wine with a drug and "split her like a plow." The First Lord's only response is to dryly note that the knight is such a romantic.
  • In M*A*S*H it is explained that Trapper's nickname came because he raped his prom date on a train, because he wanted to try "it" in a train. When a security agent caught them, she screamed "he trapped me!" Hilarity ensued, and half of New England knows the story.
  • In Cider With Rosie, Laurie Lee's memoir about his childhood and teenage years in Cotswold, England. He and a gang of wanna-be tough guys plan to gang rape a simple-minded girl who often wanders the countryside alone writing religious verses on trees with crayons. Lee and his friends are clearly not serious about going through with the rape—they secretly hope she doesn't show up as they lie in wait, and when she does she easily drives them off when she hits them with her box of crayons.
  • How NOT to Write a Novel uses this trope for the entry "The Crepuscular Handbag - wherein the author flaunts someone else's vocabulary". The scene describes a drugging and date rape, but is rendered incoherent and impossible to take seriously by at least one Malapropism in every sentence.
    He vacated a myriad times in the naively prolonged girl.

    Live-Action TV 
  • An unfortunately famous example was an episode of the French comedy shorts Un gars Une fille. The show told the daily lives of the constantly-bickering Jean et Alexandra. This episode had Alexandra getting her head stuck into the opening of her washing-machine. Cue Jean mocking her. But it didn't stop there. We actually saw Jean untying his belt and putting his knees on the floor. Then the screen fades to black, which in the show generally indicates the moment where you are supposed to laugh... The spectators didn't. At all.
  • You Rang, M'Lord? has as one of its mostly positive characters an aristocrat who has impregnated five of his previous maids and has intentions upon the sixth. In several episodes, she hides from him in terror, and in one he actually manages to jump her (the episode ends there, but apparently no actual rape resulted.) Then again, it's also played for laughs when he's successfully raped by the woman he's supposed to marry (and no, he did not enjoy it.)
  • Keeping Up Appearances often ends with Hyacinth being chased by some amorous old man; it is supposed to be funny because she is such an annoying, overbearing character.
  • Early episodes of M*A*S*H had attempted rapings of Margaret being played for laughs. Even the writers want to pretend they never happened.
  • MADtv once did an "update" spoof Laverne & Shirley 2000 in which Laverne and Shirley are portrayed as two lonely sex-starved women who get into some trouble after shooing out Lenny and Squiggy when a couple of punkish-looking guys show up and offer them Roofies as a "party" drug. Before they can have their way with the passed-out women, however, Lenny and Squiggy make their return and use some stolen guns to kill off the would-be rapists. Cutting to later, we see the guys recounting the story of their rescue to the gals after they've woken up. Then Laverne praises the guys and remarks that while she and Shirley were passed out " didn't take advantage of us! ...Did you?" Lenny and Squiggy start shifting uncomfortably in their seats and glancing around the room nervously, and then say in unison "Well..." and the show closes out with Laverne and Shirley fretting, albeit not altogether unhappily.
  • The Attempted Rape of Grace on The Secret Life of the American Teenager was captured by a nearby building's security camera. The news station kept playing it like it was a blooper reel, and the general population found it to be funny too. Apparently the "humor" was supposed to be that Grace bowed her head and said a quick prayer before picking up a broken bottle and defending herself, or the laugh was supposed to be that her friend Ricky came rushing in to help her and he wasn't wearing a shirt. Either way, the reaction of most viewers was that it wasn't funny.
  • During the 1995 season of Saturday Night Live, Mark McKinney (of The Kids in the Hall fame) played a gangly, braces-wearing babysitter getting a ride home from the kid's father (played by Chris Elliot), who's attracted to her and keeps giving her Zimas until she's barely conscious. It then cuts to him cackling like a madman in jail about doing it again and... and the scene ends. The audience was dead silent throughout the entire skit and sums up why that entire year (one of many) was bad and why Lorne Michaels described that season as being the closest he's ever come to being fired.
  • The Are You Being Served? episode "The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe" has a rape-y ending where Mr. Humphries is overwhelmed with uncharacteristic heterosexual urges and jumps Miss Brahms in the middle of a ballet. The episode ends right there and you're left with the impression that Mr. Humphries impulsively rogered Miss Brahms, who rarely takes kindly to ungentlemanly sexual advances.
  • 30 Rock:
    • In the season five episode "The Fabian Strategy" we witness a pretty graphic example of marital rape of Paula Hornberger at the hands of her husband Pete. Pete is listing all that he can do with his newfound free time to Liz (i.e. going to the gym) and mentions towards the end that he even got to make love to his wife, but "she was still asleep so I didn't have to be gentle." Cue a cutaway close-up shot of Paula's face as she's snoring and being shaken up and down. It cuts back to Liz, horrified, claiming "That's one of the most upsetting things I've ever imagined!" to which Pete responds with "Are you sure? Think about it again," grinning like a sociopath. Cut back to the rape, but with even more intense shaking. Liz responds with "Yes!" She is still horrified.
    • Occurs again in "The Black Light Attack" when Tracy adds one of Liz's writers, Sue, to his entourage to prepare for having a daughter. She later rebels and goes out with a guy; when she returns, she looks disheveled and claims that her date put something in her drink and she doesn't remember what happened. Tracy's response? "That's not important right now..."
  • Mr G., the over-excited drama teacher in Summer Heights High performs improv with his class, and starts off with: "Help, grandma's just been raped!"
  • Played for Black Comedy in Glee, Season 3 Episode 5 "The First Time", when Brittany says she lost her virginity at summer camp to "an alien invasion that climbed on top of [her] bed", implying she was raped as a child.
  • Jam has at least two. One sketch features a couple arguing about what seems to have been an affair on the part of the husband. The wife is relieved when he reveals that he wasn't having an affair with the woman—he was raping her. Then there's the "sex for houses" sketch, wherein a couple trying to buy a house agree to have sex with the seller 12 times in exchange for lowering the price. But when a new offer causes the seller to add more sessions to the arrangement, the couple ultimately decides to let him use the husband's mentally challenged sister in their place.
  • Married... with Children:
    • Although most examples of this series are in the Female on Male category, they managed to include a Male on Female example as well - in an episode where Al grills burgers, the prospect of such a manly activity (grilling, finally eating meat) made him so horny he grabbed Peggy against her will a couple of times and dragged her off-screen to rape her. Like the Gender Flipped version, this is played as just as much laughs.
    • Also, while Bud was often the victim of this, he was the aggressor in one episode. Seeking revenge on a girl who's been stringing him along, Bud convinces the guy she's really interested in (and who could care less about her) to go along with his plan—entice the girl into meeting him under the bleachers for a round of quickie sex. Later, the girl is seen emerging from the bleachers, adjusting her clothes, apparently completely unaware—thanks to the darkness—that she just had sex with Bud, who the audience soon sees coming out a few minutes after she did.
    • In several episodes the joke is that different men took advantage of Kelly’s stupidity to molest her or taking her to bed, some examples include:
      • In one episode during a filming a woman asks her where you can try on clothes she answers: "Is in the producer's office, but he makes you try a lots of different clothes".
      • In another when she asks "where is the place where you undress", Bud answers; In your case, the principal's office.
      • In another she was trick by a man with a turban to "stroke to let the genie out" but "no genie ever came up".
  • A flashback on Scrubs explaining why Dr Cox and Jordan don't go on couple dates any more shows Creepy Swinger Doctor and his wife slipping them both roofies, and announcing "It's party time!" when they're unconscious.
    Jordan: I think we should give them another chance.
  • Barney Miller, Season 4 Episode 15, titled "Rape". Here, a woman comes into the police station distraught and says she's been raped. The husband, and, to a great extent, Barney, don't understand what the big deal is, assuming that it would be impossible for a rape to happen inside a marriage, since marriage implies a loving relationship and a greater sense of "consent". The District Attorney, a woman, and Sgt. Dietrich, *do* understand the gravity of the situation (and just how wrong the rape was), and the husband's lawyer, though agreeing with Linden and the husband, wants the case to go ahead because he wants the fame associated with it. Dietrich, Sgt. Harris and the DA spend the rest of the episode explaining how classless the husband was and how he needs to treat women with more respect. The episode ultimately concludes by treating the incident as if it was "just another marriage disagreement", with the husband agreeing with Harris that he was just uncouth and was just clueless about how to treat women properly (which raises the question about how he got married in the first place), learning, through the experience, just how to do it properly, causing his wife to forgive him and drop the whole matter. Perhaps the only reason why the episode works is due to Values Dissonance (social inequity, though improving, still had quite a bit of work to do when the episode aired in 1978)- it's doubtful now that such a scenario, with society's greater understanding of the real impact of rape, even in marriage, could be played for laughs today.
  • Fresh Meat, a Channel 4 Sit-Com about first year college students, played with this. Through a convoluted series of events, one of the characters fears he may have raped a girl the night before (though it's made clear he didn't). Though rape is never played for laughs, his attempts to clarify what actually happened are.
  • The William Hartnell-era Doctor Who serial "The Romans" plays for comedy Emperor Nero's repeated attempts to rape Barbara, and then his attempts to blame Barbara for it whenever his wife calls him out on it. A lot of this is an attempt to deal with Deliberate Values Dissonance in a way that isn't absolutely traumatic to the family audience, but special mention must be given to a particularly dated scene where the Doctor sees Nero running after the screaming and traumatised Barbara, smiles, and affectionately remarks "What an extraordinary fellow."
  • The Whitest Kids U' Know has We Gon' Make Love..., which is a song about knocking out women and then "we gon' make love til' you wake up...". Part of the joke is that the rapist genuinely is attracted to the women and apparently sees nothing wrong with this, so it is structured like a soft love song... about having sex with unconscious women without their consent.
  • That Mitchell and Webb Look had a sketch where the cast of a community pantomime are told they have to cut the scene where the Dame is raped by the Principal Boy, as the local council has decided it isn't "politically correct." The actors are unimpressed and argue that the rape scene is always the audience's favourite part of the show.
  • Community has a recurring joke around Britta's past as she was molested by an "eager handed" man in a dinosaur suit in her 11th birthday. Fridge Horror kicks in when you realize she wore a dinosaur costume to a Halloween party, possibly to deal with the trauma. The DVD extra Hilarious Outtakes are filled with Joel McHale, Don Glover and the crew making constant rape jokes.
  • In an episode of Just the Ten of Us, Cindy defends herself against a date trying to get fresh with her, to the point of putting him in the hospital. Despite this being a Date Rape Averted situation and some very important lessons being imparted—her parents assure her that she did nothing wrong and that he had no right to ignore her telling him "No"—it's presented in a humorous way, never like a Very Special Episode.

  • "Oasis" by Amanda Palmer is a happy, upbeat song about a teenage girl who really likes the band Oasis, oh and she was raped, and impregnated, and needed to deal with "annoying fundamentalist Christians" to get an abortion and lots more, but still, happy and upbeat. Really, the humor is just pitch black. Caused a bit of a media controversy when it and the music video was released.
  • The Armstrong and Miller Show features a highly offensive (black comedy style) parody of Fifties comedy singers Flanders and Swann. In one sketch, they sing the praises of Rohypnol. This isn't far removed from the actual Flanders and Swann song Madeira M'Dear; it's alcohol instead of Rohypnol and the lyrics aren't quite so blunt about it, but in essence it's the same. Another of their songs jokes about the advantage of visiting a country whose word for "no" takes a very long time to say - by the time the girl's said it "it is usually too late".
  • The Bed Intruder song, which plays a real-life attempted rape for laughs.
    He's climbin' in your windows, he's snatching your people up! Tryna rape 'em, so y'all need ta hide ya kids, hide ya wife! And hide ya husband cuz they're rapin' everyone out here.
  • Devo:
    • The early song "Midget" has the narrator recounting tales of how he exploits his small stature to impersonate babies so that he can molest women who assume "It's all innocent fun." One squicky boast has him saying "I parked my can in her garage."
    • "Shimmy Shake" features the narrator's drunken boasts that 'nothing's gonna stop me from getting in your pants girl' and 'nothing's going to stop me from getting what i want girl'. Despite having a catchy tune, it's no wonder it wasn't officially released for many years.
  • OFWGKTA frequently plays with this trope. While frontman Tyler, The Creator often rapes women either as revenge for rejecting his advances or simply For the Evulz, he himself also gets molested or raped on several occasions by Chris Stokes ("French"), Jesus ("Splatter"), Jeffrey Dahmer and R. Kelly ("Swag Me Out") and Michael Jackson ("Tron Cat"). Earl Sweatshirt's self-titled debut album also features frequent bouts of this trope; he later said he hoped he did not have any fans who only enjoyed his rapey lyrics, suggesting he isn't quite proud of them anymore.
  • Eminem:
    • The group frequently used this in the 2000s as part of his schtick of saying the most offensive stuff possible as his Heroic Comedic Sociopath serial killer character, Slim Shady.
    • In "Just Don't Give A Fuck", Slim says in eighth grade, he " raped the women's swim team". While not the only joke about rape on The Slim Shady LP, this was still censored on the Explicit version- the idea of raping a group of 13-14 year olds was seen as too extreme.
    • "As The World Turns" is a story song in which Slim has a surreal fight with a 'slut' who eats one of his legs, who he eventually rapes to death. (With his "Go-go Gadget Dick".)
    • The original 12" single version of "My Name Is" involves Slim "raping lesbians while they're screaming, 'let's just be friends!!'". Due to Labi Siffre, a gay activist, exercising his moral rights over the use of the sample, the album version changed this to "running over pedestrians in a spaceship". (They still only want to be friends, though.)
    • In "Guilty Conscience", Slim is a bad angel trying to persuade a man to drug and rape a fifteen year old girl.
    • In "My Fault", Slim casually mentions in a punchline that he's planning to rape Susan, which recontexualises his apparent tearful breakdown later in the story.
    • In "Kill You", Slim yells, "bend over and take it like a slut, OKAY, MA?", then switches into the character of a geeky journalist appalled that the guy 'raping his own mother' is the star to which they gave the Rolling Stone cover.
    • In "Shake That", Slim slips ecstasy pills into a woman's drink so he can kidnap her and rape her with his friends.
    • In the 2014 song "Vegas", Slim Shady tries to rape Iggy Azalea and Squees in delight as she tries to fend him off, which Iggy did not see the funny side of.

  • In the Reefer Madness: The Musical stage musical and Showtime adaptation, Mae's ballad of marijuana addiction climaxes in her belting out "Though the fun sometimes escapes me / When Jack gets stoned and RAPES ME!" In the stage version this is followed by a girl crossing the stage with a sign that reads 'Reefer gets you raped... And you won't care.' The film version has Mae shouting this out the window, cuing Stunned Silence and a milkman dropping the bottles he's carrying on the ground.
  • In the musical semi-staged concert adaptation of Voltaire's Candide, Cunegonde is raped repeatedly when war breaks out.
    Narrator: Cunegonde is raped.
    Cunegonde: [thrown in the air] Ahhh!
    Narrator: Repeatedly!
    Cunegonde: [thrown in the air again] Mmmmmm!
  • The storyline of the character Prez in The Pajama Game basically revolves around him chasing every woman in the factory (where he is the president of the workers' union) around, no matter how much she refuses him. He even drags one into the woods at the company picnic, and it's never treated as anything but a light-hearted B-plot.
    Babe: What happened to you?
    Brenda: Stay out in the open, honey. Don't get down in them woods. [pause for laugh]
  • Romeo and Juliet: Act 1 Scene 1's dialogue is chock full of innuendo about women being "thrust against the wall" and to "cutting off maidenheads".
  • Charles Wood's obscure play H, set during the Indian Mutiny, features an Englishwoman who's captured by rebellious Indian soldiers. She's terrified that she will be raped by her captors, until their Sergeant assures her that the Indians won't assault a white woman. He, on the other hand, is an Irishman by birth, and has no such scruples...

    Video Games 
  • In Skies of Arcadia, Aika is being held prisoner when Vigoro comes by and hits on her. When she refuses his advances, he ominously walks towards her. When it cuts back, she's holding onto the window bars for dear life as Vigoro is basically trying to rape her. He does this repeatedly every time they meet.
  • In Fallout 2 if the Chosen One is a female with high Charisma and low Intelligence when meeting Myron for the first time he'll offer them a spiked drink. If your Endurance is too low and you lack the Chem Resistant trait, Myron will have his way with the player, who then wakes up with -1 Perception and says "Mee feel oogy now."

    Visual Novels 
  • In Disgaea Infinite, Mao starts approaching Flonne while excitedly panting and sweating. His reaction to her calling him a pervert and fleeing?
    Mao: I see, so this is that "no means yes" situation I've read about in the comic books!

  • Randy and the Gang on features WWE wrestler Randy Orton and various rapists from movies, television, and real life. The "gang" (a reference to the term "gang rape") talk nonchalantly about rape until Orton, who is portrayed as a super-rapist, exhibits his superiority at raping and derides his gang as "fucking amateurs".
  • 8-Bit Theater:
    • A gag involves Black Mage telling about how he made out with White Mage... or how they were going to... then says he has access to Chloroform and how at least one of these things could be true. He once planned on getting White Mage drunk with "wine" purchased at Akbar's. When his teammates point out that the "wine" looks suspiciously like paint thinner and that White Mage could die if she drank it, BM replies that the body would be warm long enough to serve his purposes.
      Red Mage: That... might be the worst thing you ever said.
    • Another involves Lich expressing complete disappointment in his son and wondering if he really was his, but he knows for sure because he used freaky undead mind control powers on the boy's mother...
  • A rather twisted version appears in the webcomic Deep Fried, in a story line which revolves around a child whose dad rapes her.
  • Three Panel Soul: A sort of Poke the Poodle example.
  • This is why Namine shouldn't drink in Ansem Retort, because she falls asleep after one hard lemonade and Zexion sells her for a buck a minute.
  • An early set of strips from Chainmail Bikini drew a lot of ire. In the later added Alt Text, the authors describe it as "ZOMGRAPEGATE ‘07" and admit the joke was written poorly and didn't get the point across that they had in mind, which was a roleplayer grieving another player before the game began. Judge for yourself.
  • A minor Running Gag at the start of Leftover Soup (see also Rape of Men by Women).

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 
  • From Channel Awesome:
    • Conceived by Lindsay Ellis, The Nostalgia Chick: "Spooning with Spoony". The most surprising thing about this sketch? Spoony mentions in the commentary that this version of the sketch was actually toned down from what they originally had in mind, because they quickly realised that they were delving into some very dark and very uncomfortable territory.
    • In other videos, The Nostalgia Chick mentions rape or implied rape or intent to rape (e.g.; Mulan, Earth Girls Are Easy, "Top 11 Most Inescapable Christmas Songs", etc.).
      "Horrific implication time!" [hip thrusting and porno music]
    • The notorious "Rape Rap," in which, based on a fan's grim comment on the Teen Witch review that their school saw more rape than rap, Lindsay has a friend of hers, stated in the video to be a convicted rapist, do a rap "instead," and it turns into a celebration of his crimes. Fan outcry, especially after an astoundingly insensitive forum post by Lindsay defending it, has put the incident firmly into Fanon Discontinuity.
  • In MikeJ's review of The Butterfly Effect 3, a man and woman are taking part in a rape fantasy but the man stops because it feels too wrong for him, annoying the woman. MikeJ comments that he didn't know women were interested in "that sort of thing". He walks off-screen and all that's heard is a woman's desperate screaming. MikeJ in general has a number of pedophilia and rape jokes as his persona is that of a sociopath who takes part in those sort of activities.

    Western Animation 
  • Family Guy:
    • Implied in "I Dream of Jesus":
      Peter: Can I have that record? I love that song. I'll let you have sex with my daughter...
      Waiter: I don't know. Let's see what your daughter looks like.
      Peter: She's... uhh...[pans past Meg, pointing instead at an attractive stranger]...right there!
      Waiter: Ok, I'll do her. But can you tell her to cry and beg me to stop?
      Peter: I think that can be arranged.
    • It's implied that Quagmire is a sex offender who frequently date-rapes women.
      • A throwaway line mentions that his favorite cocktail to offer a date is a "roofie colada"
      • He finds an underaged cheerleader bound and gagged and says to himself "Dear Diary: Jackpot!"
      • In one episode, a seeming promo for The Simpsons at the bottom of the screen turns into a Funny Background Event of Quagmire assaulting Marge Simpson, then killing the entire Simpson family (including Maggie) afterwards. It was actually a loathsome moment to many, many viewers.
      • In The Movie, Stewie and Brian need to take Quagmire's RV. Stewie (in the driver's seat) starts hitting buttons at random on the dashboard, triggering Quagmire's "modifications" which lock the passenger's arms down and then forces their head into the driver's crotch.
      • And in one episode, he says the line "I felt guilty once, but she woke up halfway through"
      • Another episode uses a similar gag when the Griffins go to Quagmire's lake house. Peter sits in a chair as Lois flips a light switch. This makes a nearby lamp spray Peter with knock-out gas, rips off his clothes, spreads his legs, and summons a mirror ball and porn music.
      • Confirmed in an episode of The Cleveland Show.
        Quagmire: So when the hell am I going to get my own show?
        Peter: Quagmire, you're a rapist.
    • Explicit in "Baby Not on Board", though the joke was primarily how ineffectual Aquaman is:
      Stewie: You damn fool, you're more useless than Aquaman.
      [cut to a woman running on the beach, bruised and crying, tripping over the sand dunes in an attempt to escape the large man chasing her. The man tackles her and pins her down. The woman continues to struggle underneath him throughout the scene]
      Woman: Help! Help! Somebody help! Rape!
      Rapist: Scream all you want, nobody can hear you out here.
      Aquaman: [popping out of the ocean some distance away] I can!
      Woman: Aquaman, help!
      Aquaman: [not moving] Hey! Hey! Hey, let her go!
      Rapist: Or what?
      Aquaman: [still not moving] Or, or... I don't know man, but you're lucky you're not doing that over here. In the ocean. Or else... Or I would stop you.
      Woman: For God's sake, help! Do something!
      Aquaman: [throws a starfish that lands ineffectually nearby] Oh, if you don't like starfish, you're going to be mad about what I just did!
      Woman: Oh, God, help!
      Aquaman: [still not moving] Oh, you're in for it now, buddy, I've got like five fish coming to help. (Fish swim around him.) Oh, oh, here they are.
      Woman: Help! He's hurting me!
      Aquaman: Well, maybe you shouldn't have led him on.
    • Among the most horrible things Family Guy has ever done (and that's saying something), the gay marriage episode also makes a joke about Elizabeth Smart — a real life victim of child molestation — getting raped during her nine-month captivity. The punchline of the joke is that Elizabeth is so deeply traumatized by the ordeal that she's constantly thinking about rape, even when she's playing the harp. Jeez, hope she or her family wasn't watching at the time.
      Ed Smartnote : She's brought music back into the house, playing songs on the harp... of course, most of them are about rape, but it's still nice.
    • Brian met a girl who went to college and attended a female self-empowerment seminar. Also a candidate for worst Family Guy joke ever, considering that Kelly McGillis is a real-life rape victim.
      Kelly McGillis: Hi, I'm Kelly McGillis and I'm here to talk to you about rape. Ladies, look to your left. Now look to your right. Statistics indicate that both of those men will rape you.
      Man on the left: I'm not gonna rape you.
      Man on the right: I might.
    • In "Road to Rupert", Joe revokes Peter's driver's license after a failed attempt to jump several cars. Peter was charged with reckless driving, disturbing the peace, and rape because one of the drivers of the cars Peter tried to jump was a virgin whose hymen was busted by her airbag.
    • "Partial Terms of Endearment" has Peter casually imply that he raped a woman for asking him for directions.
    • A deleted scene from "Mother Tucker" shows the opening sequence of a fictional sitcom called Hope and Rape, the premise being that a former model lives with a rapist who's been set free after serving his sentence, the latter struggling to control himself and not rape Hope.
  • An episode of Moral Orel had Orel impregnating dozens of women with a pastry bag in his attempts to justify his masturbation, given his beliefs and the lackluster advice on the subject given by his authority figures. Which had a Brick Joke Funny Background Event in a Season 3 episode, where one of the headlines involving a serial rapist declared "And this time, it's not Orel!"
  • Futurama: Zapp Brannigan attempts this upon capturing the Feministas. He fails.
    "Prepare to be boarded again and again."
  • In Harley Quinn (2019), one of the reasons for Giganta divorcing Dr. Psycho was that he apparently had hypnotized her into marrying him in the first place. It's fully Played for Laughs and she's seemingly more upset over him being a selfish lover.
  • The Robot Chicken Parody Commercial for the Ultra Super Death Gore Fest Chainsawer 3000 game Codename: The Abortionator mentions the player being able to make love to their hot cousin's mentally disabled friend as one of its features. This is demonstrated by the player character in bed with a homely woman in her underwear and clearly shown to be traumatized.
  • The Oblongs episode "Pickles' Little Amazons" has Pristine Klimer's Humiliation Conga of not having the skills to survive in a less-than-ideal neighborhood end with her reluctantly taking a ride from a trucker, then banging on the truck's window with a look of fear on her face after the trucker yells "Party!"

Rape of Men and Women by Men

    Anime & Manga 
  • By virtue of its protagonist's nature, Ranma ½ fits the "Rape of Men by Men" subtrope on psychological grounds, and "Rape of Women by Men" from the visual and social effects (particularly since the men involved never know Ranma is originally a man): one of Ranma's greatest fears is to be abused by men while in female form, and the series indulges in making it happen. This goes from groping and fondling, to being kissed unwillingly, to outright threats of rape. Since Ranma is a very macho, self-assured character, this is meant to be funny, especially since none of the other female characters go through this. But since female Ranma, a master martial artist is always shown helpless and terrified, the "humor" is usually lost.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Owen Harper in the first episode of Torchwood uses an Applied Phlebotinum alien perfume which makes a woman who initially wasn't interested desperately want to have sex with him, the woman's boyfriend is not pleased... until Owen uses the perfume again and it has the exact same effect on the boyfriend. He calls a taxi, though it's not made clear whether it was to get out of a sticky situation, or to shag both of them.

  • Alice's Restaurant.
    Group W's where they put you if you may not be moral enough to join the army after committing your special crime, and there was all kinds of mean nasty ugly looking people on the bench there. Mother rapers. Father stabbers. Father rapers! Father rapers sitting right there on the bench next to me!


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