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She seems to be missing something. And this is after poster enhancement got done with her.

All our beloved favorite super-heroines have boobage by the truckload. The problem is, most actresses don't. Comic book proportions are relatively hard to find in Real Life (especially among the acting population), so more often than not, the folks behind the movies simply won't try to replicate the sizable endowments of their comic book counterparts, and will cast actors who are noticeably more commonly proportioned.

Of course, slim actresses with large breasts usually can't get work because the industry considers anything above a C to be "huge" and will only cast her as eye candy. And the majority of actresses who have G-cups and bigger tend to be Hollywood Pudgy.

For inversions, see Adaptational Curves.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi is known for the bust size of some of its girls and staff (in particular, Shizuna). This didn't spill over into the live action adaptation. In-story, Asakura attempts to imitate Shizuna, but this trope tips off her target.
  • The stage adaptation of Bleach featured a less-than-busty Orihime. The same happened to Matsumoto. Her shirt was kept loose though, so the joke could still be made.
  • Averted in live versions of Cutey Honey, where Honey is usually played by professional models (Eriko Sato in The Movie and Mikie Hara (center) in THE LIVE).
  • In both the anime and manga versions of Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter is known to have a large chest (or, is quite talented). She's rather flat comparatively in both the Sera Myu and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. The Starlights were even more noticeably flat (comparatively) when in Senshi form in the Sera Myu since their costumes were much more revealing than the bulky costumes worn by the other Senshi.
  • Kei Kishimoto from Gantz had very large breasts, to the point where the title character actually nicknamed her "Miss Melons". The actress playing her in the Live-Action Adaptation, Natsuna, is far less gifted in that regard.

    Comic Books 
  • A Cavewoman series titled Cavewoman: The Movie, played this for laughs, as the actress set to play Cavewoman (in-universe) was a few cup sizes short of her comic book counterpart, and didn't she know it.


    Live Action TV 
  • Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl has enormous boobs as a prominent character feature - if any boy is attracted to her it's because of her breasts, and she laments them despite the fact that she's aware of the sex appeal. She was played by tall, skinny Taylor Momsen in the TV show.
  • Also inverted with Fred/Illyria in the Angel comics, which gives her a very large chest in comparison to the very petite actress.
  • In The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries, Sookie is quite well-endowed, but in True Blood she is played by an average, if not almost small chested, Anna Paquin (who is a second offender after not being able to fill Rogue's bra in X-Men). They try to make up though by giving her skimpier and skimpier outfits and stuffing her bra more and more as the show progressed.
  • In the Dexter novels, his sister Deb is described as very busty, but on the show Deb is portrayed by (relatively) flat-chested Jennifer Carpenter. The show version at one point even laments her small bust!
  • Detective Sara Pezzini of Witchblade very much suffers from The Most Common Superpower, but the live action adaptation cast Yancy Butler, who is a much more modest size. In doing so, the series changed the nature of the Witchblade itself, so that Sara Pezzini didn't lose most of her clothes every time she used it.
  • Inverted in the TV movie The Audrey Hepburn Story starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. As one reviewer noted, "Hepburn was famously flat-chested. Hewitt is famously not."


    Video Games 
  • In Need for Speed: The Run, one of the main female characters is voiced by Christina Hendricks. The character model is based on her, but in a surprising inversion actually has significantly smaller breasts.




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