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"Best Of" Anthology

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This type of Anthology can occur in any medium. A work is published, but rather than the complete body of work, only a selected group of stories are included. The selection criteria is often "the best", chosen by the editor, the creator, or possibly even voting by fans.

See also the Super-Trope, Anthology (a collection of separate works gathered together in a single cohesive release), and for anthologies in the Music medium, we have the Sub-Trope Greatest Hits Album.



  • Digital Trends: On 1 Feb 2018, they ran an article titled "From Wassup to Darth Vader, the 10 greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time", where YouTube videos were inset and Christine Persaud shares a summary of the commercial itself and the reception to the commercial. (link)
  • Worlds Funniest And Cleverest Commercials: A DVD made in 2004 by Sofa studios with a host describing some of the commercials. The commercials range from 1960 to late 1990s.


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See Greatest Hits Album

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