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Baked Index

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Now, all you got to do is add a cup of flour and add it to the mix. We'll be cooking by the book, for now it's time for cake! And other baked goods.

These are all about tropes about the bakery, the bread, the cakes, the pies, the cookies, the cupcakes, the pastries, the pizza, and the other baked goods, and baking in general.

Best with coffee or tea for cakes and pastries, and soda or beer for pizza.

A subcategory of Food Tropes. Also see Fruit and Vegetable Tropes, Meat of the Index, and Sweet Treats Index.

Not to be confused with This Is Your Index on Drugs. This isn't that kind of baked, unless you include those "special brownies".

Alternative Title(s): Have Your Cake And Trope It Too