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"Hello, dear listeners. Would you like to hear a song that's about to get stuck in your head for the rest of your life? No? Well to bad." -Dustin (Opening to the episode: Bakacast - The Big Mistake)

Origin Story

Bakacast was started as a simple idea in the mind of fanatic Otaku Dustin, who was studying to be Intergalactic Space Traveler, Star Ship captain, and journalist, but has recently graduated from the Gallifreyan Academy. He then told his idea to his dorm-mate, and co-conspirator, Jon, who enlisted the help of professional Otaku and Rock-Star-Family-Man Larry (codenamed Shamisen). These three idiots banded together to talk about anime in the first Bakacast episode entitled: All About Whales.


Bakacast Briefs

Bakacast was on its way to stardom. (okay, maybe not. It was only three to four episodes in.) When they had to cut the episode short, they decided to juxtapose a bunch of currently airing anime in Japan. This started Bakacast Briefs, named so because of its theoretical shorter time span then previous incarnation. This name change was a huge mistake, as two to three episodes later, Bakacast was back to the hour and a half to two hour long episodes. The name was eventually dropped, but the format remained.



Currently, Bakacast is hosted by the original members, Glen, and the only female otaku ever, Karen, in there en devour to find the ultimate answer to Life the Universe and Everything, try to figure out who is Aquagaze anyway, and review some anime too. They review all the good anime, and dropped the bad ones, and have discovered a way to use Microwave-Cell Phone to send Delorian-Mail into the past, to warn about the impending take-over of earth by a single squid-girl, and to defend the amazing low prices of the evening deals for Ben-To and fabulous Pretty Boys. Oh, and sometimes, Scamp visits.


Notable shows

"Fractale" General consensus that the show is "sobadit'sgood." Good as in good to make fun of. Like Jon.

"High School Of The Dead" See "Fractale"

"Doctor Who" Though not an anime, it still is freaking awesome.

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" Bakacast runs on Project Haruhi so you can probably do the math to figure out their opinion of the show.

"Silent Möbius" Expect Larry to refer to this show once every few episodes.

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" Dustin's favorite show ever. Better than any others. Ever.


A Bakacast drinking game invented by Jon. Take a shot every time a cast member says "uh" or "um."



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