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Audio Play
aka: Drama CD

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With the rise of Radio came a new style of fiction: the Audio Play. Although Radio Drama mostly died with the rise of Television, the Audio Play did not; it continued unabated on records and later on CDs, and most recently, on Podcast.

The thing that distinguishes an Audio Play from a Dramatic Reading or stand-up comedy is that the listener is generally supposed to think that they are listening to actual events. There may be a narrator, but individual characters usually have their own distinct voices, and foley work (audio special effects) provides a sense of actually being there.

Some artists like Stan Freberg successfully transitioned from radio to other Audio Play formats, like the record album. Others, like Cheech & Chong and The Firesign Theatre actually started out creating Audio Plays on vinyl, after the death of radio. In Britain, Big Finish makes a popular line of Audio Play derivatives of other works, like Doctor Who. In Japan, the Drama CD, a form of Audio Play, is still popular today.

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Alternative Title(s): Drama CD, Audio Drama