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aka: Romantic Asexual

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  • Our Useful Notes page on asexuality.
  • Celibate Hero, who understands sex and romance, but actively prefers not to take part in it.
  • Confirmed Bachelor, a character who is uninterested in and staunchly against marriage or firmly settling down with one person.
  • No Biological Sex for characters who literally have no concept of sex.
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  • No Hugging, No Kissing for when a lack of romantic or sexual orientation is enforced across the board on-screen.
  • No Love for the Wicked, a stereotype where a villain being asexual/aromantic is used to underlie their evil nature.
  • Truly Single Parent for asexual reproduction.
  • Word of Gay if the only explicit proof of a character's asexuality comes from Word of God.

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Alternative Title(s): Asexual, Alloromantic Asexual, Romantic Asexual