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This namespace is for thoughtful essays that provide a greater depth and focus on the elements of tropes. Attempts to emphasize certain tropes over others, to detail historical context for trope use, or explain how some tropes impacted on the overall construction of a work are examples of issues that are not well suited for the main page format.

The format:

Each analysis page comprises several essays. Each essay is to be marked by a title explaining the topic of discussion. Things get long, so make sure to use paragraphs and folders. Each essay is open for further editing as befits a wiki so that each can settle on a balanced examination. There are no bullet points, sub points nor retorts. Each essay should be self-contained and written with a single authorial voice.

The content:

Work pages can take a single trope and examine at length how the work uses it. Alternatively, a theme or continuous thread of the work may be examined but it should be linked back to how tropes are used to that end. This is, not We are about tropes and if you're not linking back to one at some point, something has probably gone wrong.

Trope pages generally have a focus on expanded description of how a trope can be used and detail variations in how they may appear.

Creator pages are usually not needed. Creators are not works, a list of tropes in their works is not normally needed, and a list of works is of limited utility, so their main namespace tends to usually be bare but for some detailing of their preferred themes, tropes and effects. Before making a creator analysis page, consider whether you're not just robbing a main page of valuable content.

What Analysis is not:

Analysis is not Wild Mass Guessing, Headscratchers, Useful Notes discussion pages nor a list of Awesome/Heartwarming/Tearjerking/Hilarious moments. The big clue is that these concepts all have their own namespaces but a few do get through. It is also not:

  • Alternative interpretations
  • A dumping ground for things in other namespaces you don't know what to do with.
  • Your blog
  • Meant to be boring


People who like Show, Don't Tell may appreciate a couple of examples of pages to demonstrate the idea intended. The examples chosen are chosen on the basis of being the first two pages on the namespace. Quality is a whole other ballpark. Here: Analysis.Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Analysis.Warhammer 40000.

There is a forum thread on the issue. If you want help to write an analysis, ask there. Some pages in the Analysis/ namespace may not yet be indexed here; refer to this page for a complete list. See also Analysis Channel, a similar idea in a different new medium.


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