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For most professional wrestling organizations, the "A Show" is where only the big name talents compete on the show.

Also known as the flagship show, the A Show is the show that draws — or is supposed to draw — the biggest ratings. The "A Show," then, will have most of the storyline developments (or the most dramatic therein) and have most of the championship title changes. Often, the biggest star of the A Show will be booked as the champion, holding the most prestigious title, and many times the best matches of a given calendar year happen at these events.


Compare B Show, where a promotion's mid- to lower-card wrestlers, younger stars and perhaps former main eventers compete. While the quality of wrestling certainly is generally good, these shows are often have several purposes. As a promotion's A-Show often takes place the same night (in another town, sometimes hundreds of miles away) as the B-Show, the B-Show is often used to evaluate a promotion's potential in a new market. Several of the B-Show wrestlers have followings, and may get opportunities they may not always get when competing on the A-Show, such as a match against a champion for the title; additionally, the B-Show is a way for younger wrestlers to prove themselves and eventually earn a spot on the A-Show.



  • Raw is WWE's flagship show which originally featured Superstars and Divas from the RAW roster. Today, it features big names such as John Cena, CM Punk, Triple H, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, the Rock, Sheamus, and many more. Raw has always been called the flagship since its inception but in reality, this has not always been the case. For awhile, Smackdown was moved into a separate brand with its own B show in Velocity and consistently got better ratings than Raw up until it was Screwed by the Network.
  • TNA has of course, Impact Wrestling.
  • WCW used to air WCW Monday Nitro during the Monday Night Wars until it was cancelled by TNT as a result of overhauling its program lineup.
  • All Elite Wrestling has Dynamite.
  • MLW has Fusion and in its initial run as a promotion Underground.


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