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"If it makes you feel any better, William Shatner went on to co-write a series of Star Trek novels in which Kirk survived and goes on adventures with McCoy and Scotty, but the 'Shatnerverse' is not even close to canon even in the extended universe of Star Trek. And honestly, reading the Shatnerverse will sort of make you wish they had stopped with the bridge."

Sometimes the fans think that The Powers That Be screwed it. Maybe they've wasted the storyline, or they went for the obvious when a better solution should have been favoured. Maybe they didn't focus on a certain character enough. Maybe they've paired the wrong couple together, or they've derailed the character or they don't even understand who the true hero of the story should be. Or, even worse, they've killed the best/most important character, or given the story an ending that is unsatisfying for whatever reason.

Whatever the reason, some fans are dissatisfied and they won't be content to complain about it. They're going to address it, in a fanfic. In short, an AU with an agenda, rather than as an intellectual exercise.

The motivations for writing these can vary greatly, along with the perceived justification — they may want to "correct" something that went just fine, or want to offer an alternative to something incredibly stupid. If the writer is lucky, the trend may be popular enough the fans don't mind at this point.


Some Fix Fics use a Peggy Sue to get the ball rolling. Others bring in a Fixer Sue. Usually a side effect of Die for Our Ship or He's Just Hiding!.

Fix Fics come in two varieties. Either they can be an Alternate Universe Fic that ignores the unwanted elements and replace them with something better. Or they can be a Pseudocanonical Fic taking the form of an elaborate explanation in story form that gives a whole new spin to the latest episode/chapter/volume.

Compare Retcon, the Canon version of a Fix Fic. If different writers in the same franchise try to impose their view of canon on each other by force, see Armed with Canon. In very rare cases, may lead to Ascended Fanon. Contrast Deconstruction Fic.

Not to be confused with a fixup, which is a novel composed of older and/or unpublished short pieces of fiction, often tied together with some sort of Framing Device. For that, see Patchwork Story, or this nice discussion on Wikipedia.


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Fan Fiction Examples:

    Anime & Manga 
  • Most Akame ga Kill! fanfiction focus on keeping certain characters alive. In canon, it's a supposed rule that when two Imperial Arm wielders fight against each other, one of them is guaranteed death. Most fix fics of AGK work to prove that that rule is actually just a rumor to discourage fighting with Imperial Arms, since such battles are still extremely dangerous. Also, expect some of your favorite characters to be Spared by the Adaptation as a result.
  • Numerous Berserk fan works try to avert Griffith's Face–Heel Turn. This can be done by either Guts staying with the Band of the Hawk, or Griffith not making any one of the decisions that led to him becoming the Godhand, Femto. Possibly his Crimson Behelit will end up with someone outside of the Hawks.
  • The ending of the first season of the Black Butler anime. Although it technically ends with an ambiguous Fade to Black, it's more than a little obvious what's about to happen. Fans have other ideas and love to share them in fic form. Of course, now that there's the second season, and seeing how that ended, it looks like the writers may have been reading fanfic themselves.
  • Bleach fic is general rather darker than its canon, mostly due to the prevalence of disney deaths (unless you're in a backstory). Notable examples of fanworks with a far darker premise are abundant. YMMV on whether this qualifies as a Fix Fic, though.
    • Downfall is an example of a fic that starts out much lighter than canon — several characters that were dead in backstories are alive — only to start killing off several others in heartrending ways. Also, Unohana makes a great villain. Somehow, it still manages to feel like a fix fic.
  • Several Blood+ stories fix Diva killing Riku. Whether it be changing her mind of "having him for herself forever" (read: killing him) by abducting him or Riku being able to fight her off by the transformation properties of chevalier finally manifesting, it fixes that bit.
  • Bokurano has received one in Dairantou Saint Zearth
  • A large portion of Canaan fanfics take place post-series and fix the Did Not Get the Girl ending. Either Canaan eventually comes back to Maria or the two figure out a way to work out a Long-Distance Relationship.
  • There are a huge number of those in the Spanish-speaking parts of the Candy Candy fandom, the most common fics are the ones where Candy and Terry are reunited and they get married in the end, considering that there is a lot of backlash towards the series' ending among Latin American fans. There are also some fanfics where Anthony survives his accident.
  • It's literally impossible to go to the The Cat Returns section of FFN and not find a Fix Fic within the first thirty seconds where Haru stays in or goes back to the Cat Kingdom and marries Baron.
  • Many if not most Claymore fanfics are of the "What if Teresa hadn't died?" variety. Turns out Teresa is Not Quite Dead in the canon story...
  • Code Geass:
    • Code Geass has Lelouch's unfortunate choice of words to Euphemia. Just changing the words of that one line has unleashed dozens of alt. verse stories, with the possibilities being endless. "Give me all the power and authority you possess", "Publicly announce that The Empire indeed sucks", "Make out with Cornelia, "Do the Macarena". The list goes on and on...
    • Or you could prevent the tragedies (the aforementioned Diabolus ex Machina to Euphemia, Rolo's murder of Shirley, the FLEIJA blast, the betrayal of the Black Knights, etc.) that led to Zero Requiem, or should Zero Requiem come to pass, you could have Lelouch survive and plan to take down Ougi and Villetta or in death, become far more powerful than ever before (at that point in time the full nature of the Geass is still unknown) or send him back to when he first obtained his Geass with all his memories in tact. Much more possibilities exist.
    • One fic has Zero Requiem happen as it did in canon until Suzaku is in position to slay Lelouch, where he instead apparently hesitates, letting Lelouch's troops have enough time to gun him down. It turns out Suzaku sabotaged Zero Requiem so that he would not only be killed, but he'd take the blame for both Lelouch's atrocities as emperor and earlier actions such as the deaths of Britannian royalty.
      • Notable in that the Super Robot Wars series has even tossed its hat into the ring, as it has done with so many other series: Should you fulfill a number of unlisted prerequisites or play a New Game+, you can prevent the Black Knight's betrayal and thus the entire Zero Requiem.
  • Death Note:
  • Due to the large amounts of wasted plotlines and numerous plot holes of Digimon Adventure 02, there are quite a good number of fan fictions that remake the entire premise, clearing up the plot holes as well as giving previously shafted villains more screen time. While initially, it follows the Digimon Emperor arc more closely, after the arc ended the series begins to diverge into whole new plotlines with different adventures.
  • Dragon Ball, being such a big franchise, has entire genres of fix fic, and it's all too easy since the series has a canonical Reset Button.
    • First, you have resurrections of whatever villains the author happened to like. Raditz probably takes the lead here, Zarbon's also a semi-popular target.
      • Nappa has started getting this as well, primarly due to his portrayal in Dragon Ball Z Abridged
      • It's worth noting that one of the DBZ games has something of a fix, where Raditz was beaten by Picollo when he showed up and had a Heel–Face Turn which lead to him being a good guy. He later sacrifices himself to stop Vegeta and Nappa. Zarbon also has a What-If scenario dedicated to him.
    • Then there's craptons of "Planet Vegeta was never really destroyed/gets revived" fics. Admittedly these are loads of fun to write.
    • And then you have the hateful Revenge Fics. Typically revealing Yamcha is evil/selfish/a glory hog/beats Bulma, or something else out of character. Here is one such example. Or for those who are more into Die for Our Ship, Goku killing Chi-Chi or changing her from an overbearing Tsundere into a murdering psycho-bitch is always an option, so that he can have a "real" relationship with your oh-so-virtuous Relationship Sue instead. But then again, these also happen to Vegeta, preying on his evil tendencies before his genuine Heel–Face Turn at the end of the Cell Saga. Some fics even keep him evil and have Goku kill him off.
    • Also very prominent are the "humans becoming useful" fics. Given Yamcha, Krillin, Tien and Chiaotzu pretty much were unable to catch up due to The Worf Effect, some fics work to subvert that and give the characters new powers to somewhat or outright completely catch up. These fics tend to throw the usually looked down upon characters a bone and even get them hooked up. Like for instance, Tien finally gets with Launch, or Yamcha finds love in a girl who has flirted with him in the past, such as Maron, Hasky or Raven/Pasta.
    • Another common theme is Vegeta becoming the hero at Goku's expense. Sometimes Goku will simply stop training or become evil, or he'll be revealed as always being evil, either way gives Vegeta a chance to be in the spot light.
    • The fandom has also produced Gohan fics on the premise that "Gohan trained after the Cell Saga, and subsequently killed Buu." And there are equal amounts of fics that pair him with someone other than Videl.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • If you're reading a fanfic based off the 2003 anime that takes place after The Movie, you can almost guarantee it's a "Edward and Alphonse figure out how to get back to their world" fic — with the occasional variation of "Winry or Roy or [insert preferred love interest here] goes to our world" instead.
    • A lot of fics based on the manga/Brotherhood continuity will have it so Ed doesn't lose his alchemy at the end. And obviously, people who prefer Ed and/or Winry with other people will often write fics eliminating their Official Couple status.
    • And both versions have tons of fics where Hughes's death never happened.
    • Many post-Conqueror of Shamballa fics treat Alfons' death as never happening, especially those that don't involve Winry or Roy. Oftentimes he isn't even shot.
  • Several fanfics of the fantasy novel and manga Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There puts the novel's original extreme right-wing fallacies to its grave and attempts to give a more politically accurate response to the Ginza Incident; mainly USA and Japan honouring the Mutual Defense Treaty and then sending a joint task force instead of the Japanese-only military policy observed in the series.
    • Of note is the fanfic Manifest Destiny, whose author has set about to better portray issues such as local economics, culture, global politics, and most noticeably psychology, issues that the original either glossed over, oversimplified, or ignored. The result is much Darker and Edgier story, more along the vein of Heart of Darkness than its source.
  • Gundam fanfics tend to have some version of this.
    • The most common one is having Zeon win the One Year War, thus preventing the rise of the Titans and all the subsequent wars in the Universal Century. Zeonquest is arguably a deconstruction of this, as more often than not, things have gotten worse.
    • Gundam 00 fans like Lockon the first to be alive in their fics...
    • Rewriting Gundam SEED Destiny is also very common.
    • Some Zeta Gundam fans tend to write stories where Four survives and joins the AEUG.
  • Many Hellsing fics leave Alucard and Walter quite alive in the aftermath of the invasion, sometimes Pip too. If Millennium is not ignored, they're defeated with relatively less horrific losses, with even Iscariot's membership surviving the ordeal.
  • There's a bunch of Highschool of the Dead fics that have Misuzu and Toshimi Spared by the Adaptation and join Takashi's survival party.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: Seeing as Ken Akamatsu decided to offer No Romantic Resolution with regard to Negi's love life (most likely to avoid incurring fan wrath from those disappointed he didn't end up with their preferred ship), epilogue and sequel fics in which the writer's preferred pairing became reality were inevitable.
  • Naruto:
    • Let's say you decide to read some Naruto fanfiction. Wait, didn't that guy die in the manga? When did Sasuke come back, and why is he dating Sakura? And was Hinata ever this bold? What just happened to the world you knew? Some audacious fan doesn't like Kishimoto's plot and believes that they can do better.
    • One of the most common alterations is changing the makeup of Naruto's team, which results in many subsequent changes, such as the group dynamics (the group often gets along better without clashing personalities or a Type 5 love triangle), and even the course of the story. This often happens when the author wants to ship with Naruto with a character outside Team 7, and replaces Sakura and/or Sasuke to do so.
    • Or alternately, they replace Naruto, putting on him on a different team altogether.
    • Many fics have pointed out the seemingly ridiculous usefulness of the Shadow Clone learning technique and Naruto subsequently takes multiple levels in badass.
    • Since the nature of the Tailed Beasts was rather ambiguous during Naruto: Part I, many fics simplify matters by making them conform to InuYasha demon standards. Now that we know of their origins and most of the questions are answered, this has decreased, although that unsatisfied minority simply use Fanon Discontinuity and ignore said revelation — which, granted, is not unheard of for the fandom to begin with.
    • With the end of the series and the resolution of the romantic pairings, upset shipping fanfic writers have taken to the task of making their own endings with their favourite pairing (usually Naruto/Sakura) fulfilled by going full Fanon Discontinuity with the canon ending, some of the common trends are:
      • Making their own versions of chapters 699-700 where Sakura rebukes Sasuke's apology and then hooks up with Naruto.
      • Revealing that the entire canon ending is in reality taking place in the Infinite Tsukiyomi dreamworld.
      • Rewriting the entire canonical movie The Last to either switch Hinata's role in it with Sakura, or somehow making Naruto pairing up with Sakura instead of Hinata at the end.
      • Divorcing or outright widowing the characters. This usually happens with people who like Boruto, Himawari, Sarada, Inojin, and/or Shikadai too much to retcon them away.
      • Alternatively to the above, "Cheat Fics", where the characters are portrayed as being unhappy with their marriages, resulting in outright cheating on their spouses.
    • Even if Naruto's fandom is broken beyond repair, there is something most fans unanimously dislike: the fact that Naruto never made past Genin in the manga. It would be easier to mention the fanfics that doesn't give Naruto a(n admittedly well deserved) promotion to Chunin or Jonin. Even the anime itself changed this.
    • There are dozens of fan-works where Naruto's parents either didn't die or at minimum one of them, usually Kushina, survived. The anime even explored this in a filler arc (along with the Uchiha massacre never happening).
  • Any Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fic that affects the overall plot will fix something horrible that happened to the characters. Over half of them also involve Shinji and Asuka's relationship.
    • A Crown of Stars tries to fix the Canon and two fanfics, “A Throne of Bayonets” and “The Way Out Is Through” to give Shinji and Asuka and the rest of the cast a happier ending. After the events of "A Throne Of Bayonets", Shinji and Asuka are physically and emotionally burned and wrecked, but then a stranger shows up and makes an offer...
    • Advice and Trust fixes Shinji and Asuka's relationship, giving both teenagers the skill to have a civil conversation, and injecting a generous dose of waffiness.
    • Ghosts of Evangelion tries to fix the psychological damage done to the main characters and their relationship.
    • In Last Child of Krypton, Shinji gets Kryptonian powers and an early lesson on power and responsibility. As a result of it, he tries to use his powers to help people. When he is summoned to Tokyo-3, he is still shy and soft-spoken, but he is more emotionally stable and more compassionate than his canon counterpart, he is committed to help and protect others, and he is powerful enough to fight anything thrown at him.
    • Another specific example is Shinji And Warhammer 40 K, where the changes begin with Shinji discovering a case with some Warhammer 40,000 sourcebooks and miniatures early in his childhood. The butterfly effect takes hold with the result that every change following flows mostly logically from the previous changes, until you're halfway through the whole thing and Shinji is holding a nuclear explosion in his hand, and you wonder how the heck you ended up there.
    • Its "sister" series Thousand Shinji has a more direct connection with the 41st Millennium, with Shiji meeting and training under a Thousand Sons Chaos Sorcerer as a child. The story fixes a few things, only to later come back and break them in new and interesting (and often horrifying) ways.
    • Its "parent" series Children of an Elder God fixes some little things (Shinji is less meek, Asuka's childhood is less horrid...) before sending everyone and everything straight to Hell.
    • Nobody Dies keeps Yui Ikari and Kyoko Sohryu alive through the series, which in turn manages to make Shinji reasonably well adjusted, turns Asuka into the woobie, and turns Rei into...Rei.
    • Mobile Fighter Evangelion has succesfully turned the original series into a complete Reconstruction of what it deconstructed. So far we have Landshark killing Shinji, Mad Scientist!Ritsuko, Gundams piloted by Pen-Pen, and a Grappling Hook!Gendo. It's as awesome as it sounds.
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide fixes Shinji and Asuka's post-war relationship, among other things.
    • Once More with Feeling consists in Shinji going back to the past and trying to fix the monumental mess that the original timeline was.
    • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton gives Asuka Supergirl's powers. As a result, Asuka becomes a super-heroine, learns her existence is not worthless without Eva, evolves into a better person and has a real chance to avert the end of the world.
    • In The Second Try, Shinji and Asuka manage to get over their worst issues, get together and go back to the past to save the world.
    • Going Another Way is all about averting the Third Impact and fixing many of the characters' Dysfunction Junction and their relationships. The climax reveals that this is an In-Universe example as well, as it turns out that Rei, horrified at what the Third Impact truly brought about, decided to Set Right What Once Went Wrong by employing a few changes to the past to prevent the disaster.
  • There's a veritable cottage industry of One Piece fics dedicated to saving Ace. For other fics, it may not be the main point, but it's still a very popular change to make.
  • One Parasyte H-doujin reinterprets Reiko's death as That Man Is Dead, and ends with her starting a human family with Mamoru.
  • Lots of Pokémon fics have elements of this:
    • Reuniting one of the main characters with at least one Pokémon they no longer have is pretty common.
    • There are quite a few in which Ash defeats Alain and takes the Kalos League Championship. There’s even a fan made manga which adds on to the end of the Kalos episodes where he decides to stay, reunites with Greninja, defeats Alain, and marries Serena.
    • Brock, Misty, May, Dawn, Serena, or whatever travelling companion the writer favors either never having been Put On The Bus or they permanently return.
    • Rewriting Ash as stronger and/or smarter, which in turn causes him to win controversial battles he lost (like the above-mentioned Kalos league).
  • Many Princess Tutu fanfics for Fakir/Ahiru turn Ahiru back into a human to reverse the Star-Crossed Lovers Bittersweet Ending they get in canon. Another common option is to have Fakir turn himself into a duck.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica's concept is that the life of a Magical Girl is very tragic and that it doesn't have a truly happy ending. As you can probably guess from that concept, a lot of fanfics are dedicated to saving someone from death. It doesn't quite help that one of the main characters is looping time over and over to save the titular character for an unknown amount of times, which simply added fuel to the fire.
    • Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella arguably plays with this trope. While the characters are now capable of finally getting their happy endings, the fights that take place cause collateral damage on par with your average war. Add to the fact that a potential class X-4 apocalypse is heading over the horizon and you have yourselves a problem.
    • A Hero, another Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanfic, is a subversion. On one hand, it adds Dalek Sec to help fix things. On the other, it also adds the rest of the Whoverse to screw things up even more.
    • As Time Diverges: The Mitakihara Case adds a quirky yet genius detective and equally smart grad student to the mix, and while L catches onto what the antagonist is planning right away, but this soon gets subverted as the events still play out, and soon get worse as Light face heel turns and kills Kyouko. It gets double subverted though, as L goes back in time and fixes much of the problems that belied their first loop... Though it gets triple subverted when L decides to kill Kyousuke and have Sayaka become a Witch... Would you believe this is quadruple subverted, since this was L's plan to invoke the Decon-Recon Switch?
    • "I've Managed To Save Mami-san" is a remarkably straightforward fancomic in which the timely application of a Dragonslayer to the face manages to, well, save Mami. The author continued in the same vein with Guts Big Damn Hero-ing Sayaka, Kyoko and (in an Attack On Titan crossover) Mina.
    • After the end of the series, roughly seven hundred thousand stories or doujins were written where Homura and Madoka find a way to meet again. Bringing Sayaka with her is optional.
      • After the release of Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion, viewers have observed that the ending almost seems to deconstruct these types of fics. On the other hand, given the more contentous nature of the movie's ending, more Fix Fics have been created to remedy the film's ending. The fact that it ends in a Sequel Hook of sorts and there is no sequel to be seen on the horizon only increases the efforts.
      • An example of an interesting take in the Rebellion Fix Fic is The Persistence of Memory, as it restores the Law of Cycles world, while managing to get Homura's cooperation so that the Law of Cycles members can keep in touch with their loved ones- and take care of the incubators (in comparison to most fix fics of rebellion, that simply bring the Law Of Cycles system back).
  • Pick a Ranma fanfic, any Ranma fanfic. Any one of them that isn't set after continuity will attempt to fix one of four problems: Ranma being cursed, Ranma being engaged to Akane Tendo (or their relationship getting off to such a rocky start), Ranma being a Jerkass, and Ranma being raised by Genma. Ranma might still be a cursed Jerkass who has No Social Skills, but he'll invariably wind up stuck with a suddenly-caring Nabiki or Kasumi. Or someone else raised him, he's still cursed and engaged to Akane, and still a Jerkass. Or suddenly he's not cursed, and he's a jerk raised by Genma, but it's okay that he's engaged to Akane now because she's not pissed he turns into a girl! Seriously. It's always one of those four. The method by which this happens might change. It might be time travel, changing the curse, derailing Kasumi and/or Nabiki into wanting the pigtailed wonder, but if it travels the canon road, one of those four issues will quickly become noticeable.
    • There are some that focus on "merely" shrinking down the Love Dodecahedron. These are split between the ones that consider the Harem members removed as problems or operate on the assumption that They Can Do So Much Better.
    • And then there are the "Ranma decides to stay a girl forever/some period of time, which magically fixes everything" subgenre.
    • Mike Rhea is infamous for his series of Fix Fics where Ranma marries Ukyou and lives happily ever after in Kyoto with his curse cured, while Akane settles as one of Ryouga's two concubines.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • Fix Fics used to frequently feature ways to explain why Haruka and Michiru weren't really gay. Some settled for Fixer Sues, others would twist the canon around to make Haruka turn into (or always have been) a boy. Still others would just pretend they weren't gay at all and change their relationship to merely being close friends or relatives (and this was before the dub did it for them). Other Fix Fics, conversely, focused on getting rid of Mamoru and pairing Usagi up with other characters, usually through severe Character Derailment of either of them (e.g. Mamoru as an abusive psychopath, Usagi really being in love with Seiya... or even Haruka!). Others just thought he got off too easy post-breakup in R and devised further punishments for him to suffer through.
    • Generally, Seiya and Rei are the two characters most often switched out for Mamoru in fix-it fics. These fics are almost exclusively based on the anime, since manga Mamoru wasn't such a jerk and Seiya's crush was severely smaller in the manga.
    • Also, Nephrite comes back from the dead a lot, to Naru's joy. Umino gets stiffed. Sometimes they take pity on him and simply have Nephrite come back from the dead but accept that Naru moved on.
    • Oh, oh! Don't forget "ChibiUsa doesn't exist" fics! Either some twist of fate makes Usagi have a different child (who fits the author's appeal better) or ChibiUsa is just removed, with no regards to the fact that she's vitally important to three seasons. Sometimes ChibiUsa is killed off so she can still save the world with Usagi, but isn't around to annoy the author.
  • The default in Sound! Euphonium fanfics is to switch Kumiko and Reina's relationship from Bait-and-Switch Lesbians to canonical. This often involves Reina realizing that her Precocious Crush on her teacher will never be requited and making any of the Kumiko/Reina heavy scenes end in a kiss, love confession, or Relationship Upgrade.
  • In The Vision of Escaflowne fandom it sometimes feels as if every third Escaflowne fanfic written retcons the ending to push Hitomi back into Van's arms regardless of whether or not it makes the slightest bit of sense.
  • Weiß Kreuz fanfiction mostly ignores everything after the end of the first anime season. Given what happens next, this isn't entirely surprising. More deliberate examples can be seen in the sheer number of fanfics out there where Aya cures Youji's amnesia and 'saves' him from the horrible fate of marriage to a girl through the Power of Love.
  • The most common sort of fics for X1999 Seishirou and Subaru seems to try to find a way for Seishirou to not die/not be a bastard.
  • A significant number of Your Lie in April fanfics have Kaori Miyazono survive her surgery or come Back from the Dead, the latter usually through supernatural means.
  • Practically every Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic set after the Grand Finale will bring Atem back from the afterlife or have the Ceremonial Duel between him and Yugi proceed differently. This becomes a virtual guarantee if the fanfic writer ships Atem/Yugi. And that's not counting the number of fics that bring all the Yamis back and give them their own bodies with little explanation...
  • There were already a large number of AU Yu Gi Oh ARCV fics out there, but after the extremely controversial Season 3 and its ending, many authors have taken it upon themselves to fix that particular season; and sometimes even the more well-regarded (but still polarizing) Season 2 and the highly-praised Season 1. A common thread usually involves the counterparts all regaining their bodies and living Happily Ever After, as opposed to the canon where they all eventually reunite as one.
  • I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying features an In-Universe example. Miki (a.k.a. Destiny Fucker) is a member of a Doujinshi circle called "Fate Deniers" that specializes in turning series with Bad Endings into good ones; Saikano was specifically mentioned as one of the canons they used.
  • Wandering Son: A few fanworks hook up Takatsuki and Saori, the preferred Beta Couple to Nitori and Anna. In canon, Takatsuki ends on an unrequited crush Nitori while Saori is with Fumiya and has a Maybe Ever After with Doi.

Specific Examples

    Comic Books 
  • Chick Tracts have become a magnet for Remix Comics and Fix Fic of this sort, thanks to their endemic research failures. Most of them completely change the worldview espoused by the comic, but there are some exceptions: Morrakiu's Dramatic Reading of this tract is just as anti-communist as the original, but is far more intelligent about it.
  • The return of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern was much the same, using elements from more than one fic written by outraged GL fans after the Parallax arc and the (temporary) destruction of the Corps.
  • The New 52 reboot has many fans trying to find a way to go back to the old continuity. Fics range from it being a hallucination caused by a villain to Donna Troy refusing to be erased from existence again and returning to dismantle the universe.
    • DC themselves have attempted something of a fix themselves with the transition to Rebirth - among other things, bringing back the original Superman (married to Lois Lane and all) as well as the red-headed Wally West.
  • Superhero comics fandom has a fix fic for any minor change in character or plot that you didn't like in the last decade, but an unusually large number popped up after the death of Stephanie "The Spoiler" Brown either reviving or vindicating her. Chuck Dixon seemed to take a leaf — if not his entire plot and most of the angst — from the fanficcer's books when he brought her back a few years later.
    • Damian Wayne's death in the New 52 spawned quite a few. Usually involving the use of a Lazarus Pit, for obvious reasons.
  • Spider-Man:
    • Fix Fics of One More Day usually involve MJ and Peter kicking Mephisto's ass and/or a guest appearance by Doctor Strange/The Avengers.
    • With both versions of Peter Parker now dead, there's naturally a lot of this floating about. In Ultimate's case, these mostly consist of Peter returning to life and taking the name Ben Reilly, since his replacement, Miles Morales, is almost universally loved. And in the case of 616, beating the crap out Otto Octavius, who is a more controversial replacement Spider-Man. That said, it may die down now the case of the classic Marvel universe since Peter's back.
    • Same with Ultimate. Peter's back (it's hinted he and Osborn are resistant to death thanks to the OZ serum. After a freak-out and fight with Morales (namely to get his dad's webshooters back), Peter and Miles team up to beat the reborn Goblin. With Miles curb-stomping the Goblin, Peter gives Miles his blessings and says he will wander the Earth... though more accurately, he ended up more-or-less eloping with MJ.
    • Renew Your Vows is the official AU version of this to One More Day, giving Spidey and Mary Jane the family life that fans wanted with many wishing it was canon. Especially after the events of the miniseries gives MJ technology allowing her to share Pete's powers and fight crime alongside their super-powered daughter Annie as a Badass Family.

Specific Examples

  • A Better Class of Criminal seems to be leaning this way, retelling Batman: No Man's Land with a supervillain elected mayor and made responsible for holding society in Gotham together.
  • Chris Dee's Cat Tales series Fix Fics every piece of Character Derailment and bad Retcon inflicted on Catwoman in the past thirty or so years of comics — the Wangst-filled past as a ghetto prostitute, the string of Squicky non-Bat love interests and the infamous goggle-wearing costume change are cleanly slate-wiped as the machinations of a low-brow tabloid, to which the real Catwoman responds in a... unique... way. The series has evolved into an Alternate Universe Fic with over 50 stories.
  • A lot of Dark Mark's DC and Marvel stories Fix Fic developments that the author didn't agree with: Hellsister Trilogy and Kara Of Rokyn change the Crisis on Infinite Earths' outcome so The Multiverse is saved and Supergirl survives, "X-Men 1970" has the original X-Men retire shortly after their original run, thus sparing them from later tragedies, "Fire" has Gwen Stacy survive Norman Osborn's attempted murder...
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf revisits Papa Smurf's infatuation with Smurfette from "Romeo And Smurfette" (both from the comic books and the cartoon show) and puts the issue entirely to rest by Smurfette telling him that she could never love him the same way that she would the other Smurfs. Of course, an alternate timeline tale has her confess her love for Papa Smurf, leading to a May–December Romance that eventually has most of the entire village revolting against it.
  • Not a Typical Civil War is not just a fix fic about Marvel's Civil War, it actually has instructions by the author on how to fix stories every chapter. According to him, he does little fix fics in his mind all the time, and this is just one of them he's decided to write.
  • Oracle: Re Birth is a one-shot that fixes the New 52 retool of Barbara Gordon. It turns out Barbara is still Oracle (and wheelchair bound) but someone else - who turns out to be an android with her memories - has been masquerading as Batgirl while Barbara is held hostage.
  • Secret Empire was critizised for its ending. After commiting many crimes as a US dictator, Captain America is simply "fixed" by a cosmic cube, and returned to his usual self. Many felt it as a Karma Houdini and a complete cop-out. Many fans did not like either that the Ultimate Marvel ceased being published a couple of years before, and the cameo of the original ultimates in Ultimates 2 #100 felt like very little. Secret Empire: The Ultimate Ending fixes all this, by making the Ultimates bring the secret empire to an end earlier.
  • The Five Earths Project is a Fix Fic series of stories that restore the original DC Comics Multiverse continuity that existed before Crisis on Infinite Earths by having the merged Post-Crisis universe be split again into five separate universes, with Superboy-Prime being Happily Adopted as the son of the Earth-2 Superman and Lois Lane to avert the tragic life turn that was made on the character in the mainstream continuity.

    Comic Strips 
  • Foob's Paradise can only be described as a Fix Comic that seeks to address the very bitter feelings many fans have had about the last few years of For Better or for Worse and its ending. Namely by portraying the final canonical plotline about Liz's wedding as the delirious fantasy of a broken Elly Patterson while the webcomic's plot deals with what "really" happened, mostly from Liz's perspective.
    • Foobar is a Fix comic that assumes that the new-runs are the result of a magic spell Elly cast immediately after Liz's wedding in order to fix everything that she thinks went wrong with her life; the problem is that the characters born before 1979 also have their 2008 personalities in their 1981 bodies leaving the rest to fend for themselves in an adult-free 2010. Both factions are communicating by April's ability to time travel and are trying to resist this.
      • The strip is celebrating the transition to straight reprints by having April and the other characters call Elly out and forcing her to send them back to their 2010 lives. Elly agrees to this because she realizes that she can't actually change the past to any great extent. The end result is that while the other characters use the insights they derived from the change to better themselves, Elly, who is at this point been divorced for six months, is more or less isolated, having learned precisely nothing except that she was destined to be a housewife. Eventually, public discussion of the time warp leaves her trapped in her own body, endlessly replaying the past.
    • Finally, a group of bloggers have written unofficial continuations of the monthly letters that used to appear on the website called The New Retcons; the final development is Elly Patterson's death as the result of a bungled attempt to murder John by a third party; the logic behind that is the strip is going into straight reprints because Elly is dead and we're seeing her life flash before our eyes.
      • One of those bloggers went on to write The Unauthorized Liography of the Patterson Family, and while more a backstory fic, the ending falls squarely under Fix Fic. Michael realizes he's become Elly, seeks therapy, and becomes a Cool Old Guy, Liz realizes she made a mistake marrying Anthony, divorces (with Therese, of all people acting as her attorney), and marries Warren, April reconciles with her siblings, and John and Elly...die within minutes of each other from bad eating habits. Hey, for the fans, that was an improvement.

    Films — Animation 
  • 9 fan-fiction has a good number of stories that have the characters that died being revived in one way or another.
  • There are more Big Hero 6 fanfics that retcon/handwave away Tadashi's death than all of Baymax' medical procedures. This is in part because it's unknown if his body was found.
  • Frozen: There are several fanfics that have Elsa's and Anna's parents turn out to be alive. It's unknown if their bodies were found or not, thus many writers give them amnesia or otherwise create a reason why they couldn't come home immediately.
  • The Sword in the Stone has a huge Tear Jerker in the squirrel girl who falls in love with Arthur's squirrel form, only to be heartbroken when he returns to normal. Due to this, there are plenty of stories of Merlin going back to the forest to turn that squirrel into a human girl so she and Arthur can be togerher (usually naming her either Hazel or Guinivere).
  • In the wake of Toy Story 3, a cottage industry of Fix Fic has sprung up, getting Woody and Bo back together.
  • Incredibles 2 has a good number of fanfics that either involve averting Tony's memory erasure of Violet by Dicker or regaining his memories of her through specific means.

Specific Examples

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Barely a week after Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010) movie came out in 2010, Fanfiction.Net was flooded (thirty fanfics in the new section and at least that many more in the general Alice in Wonderland section) with fan authors who either have Alice stay in Wonderland with the Hatter, or have him go with her.
  • Just look at any Aliens fix-fic. At least 95% of them ignore the third and fourth films and have Mama Ripley, Papa Hicks, their adopted daughter Newt, and Uncle Bishop, returning safely to Earth and living a peaceful, happy life where they never encounter another xenomorph ever again.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Fix-fics of The Avengers where Coulson doesn't actually die and was actually just in a coma, because Fury tricked the Avengers into thinking he died to give them a "push" are so common that if you didn't watch the movie, you'd think it was canon — hell, fics where he actually is dead as per the events of the movie are a rarity, and even then he is often brought back to life with comic book style shenanigans. The fact that the audience never actually sees the paramedics call the time of death, that the events of the movie (specifically, the revelation that Fury dipped Coulson's Captain America trading cards in blood offscreen and showed them to Cap as to make his death hit them all the harder) actually hint that the former explanation could very well be canon, and that the actor has signed up for several more movies with Marvel, make this trend far more plausible than most of the examples on this page. Now that Coulson is starring in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., those writers who bring him back to life or have him alive in their fics can canonically do whatever they want.
    • The Fourth of July is one for Sharon Carter's whole MCU depiction, due to how she was Demoted to Extra and given the Chuck Cunningham Syndrome later on in the franchise, giving more build up for her and Steve's relationship.
    • After Avengers: Endgame came out, several of these were written. Some go out of their way to either prevent the deaths of certain characters (particularly Black Widow and Iron Man) or address certain Fridge Logic issues due to the nature of the movie's use of time travel. One specific example is the story Backwards, which takes a critical eye at Steve Rogers' actions during the ending in the movie.
  • Many, if not most, Brokeback Mountain fics undo Jack's death and give him and Ennis a happy ending.
  • Unsurprisingly many a Carrie fanfic involves the prank never happening.
  • Almost all fics for The Children's Hour involve Karen walking in a moment earlier than she did in the story, saving Martha from killing herself. Angsty romance follows.
  • John Tucker Must Die fanfiction may result in Kate either staying with, or getting back with John instead of the possible relationship with Scott the ending suggests.
  • Jurassic World fanfiction often produces stories where the Indominus Rex became a heroic character. One example is It's not the Raptor DNA, in which Indominus Rex is recognized as sapient in the middle of her rampage, giving her a chance to recover and redeem herself.
  • Once Upon a Time in Mexico fandom features far too many fics involving Sands magically getting his sight back. Or to be more specific, his actual eyes.
  • Several The Rocky Horror Picture Show fanfics involve Dr. Frank N Furter being brought back to life or are simply AU fanfics in which he doesn't die in the first place.
  • More than a few pieces of Scream fanfiction bring back, in addition to Sidney, Gale and Dewey, Kirby from Scream 4, who like Agent Coulson above is never actually officially confirmed as gone in the movie. And in most cases she does not get Killed Off for Real by the end.
  • Out of the 900 or so fanfics for The Social Network, approximately 85% are fix-it fics for Mark and Eduardo. Just check out the ao3 page.
  • Slash Fic fans of Star Trek (2009) who support Kirk/Spock tend to have Uhura a) end her relationship with Spock on amicable terms b) get dumped by Spock c) run off with Bones, Scotty, Chekov...any one else with a penis... or d) get eaten by the Gorn. It's starting to get a bit ridiculous.
  • In a similar vein, it's now not that rare for K/S shippers (and presumably other fans as well) to undo Kirk's death in Star Trek: Generations by having the Nexus somehow reclaim him (or by just plain ignoring it and pretending he's still alive in there somewhere) and for him to somehow end up in the Kelvin Timeline with Spock Prime. How this happens (when it isn't an outright canon divergence where he never died in the first place) ranges from 'Q did it' to Nu!Kirk pulling a Weirdness Search and Rescue (or Orphean Rescue, depending on which character is focused on) via transporter, to exploitation of the fact that the Nexus creates your heart's desire (the implication being that if Kirk wanted to go back to Spock then it would have to let him go), to 'it just happened', but whatever happens, it will always warm your cold dead heart at least a tiny little bit. Said fics may also (but not always) have this as the catalyst for their younger counterparts getting together. Some fics, of course, go the opposite route and have Spock Prime end up in the Nexus, but those tend to be less common.
  • Star Wars Fix Fic that's actually fanfiction is practically a genre unto itself.
    • A number of fix fics purport to do a better job of making the prequel trilogy justifiably fit into continuity better than George did himself: The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster, a story presented essentially as Darth Vader's personal journal during the events of the original trilogy (making a number of references to the prequels) and the short, almost essay-length A New Sith or Revenge of the Hope: Reconsidering Star Wars IV in the light of I-III.
    • After The Thrawn Trilogy came out, and books following that were...less well regarded, fanficcers developed a mini-genre of "Zahn fixes," such as "How Timothy Zahn Could Fix This Mess," versions One and Two. It's still going post-New Jedi Order, with How Zahn Could Fix This Mess II. The general theme seems to be shunting everything into an Alternate Universe or bad dream.
    • Sidereal and Tyranny Reborn are Fix Fics where the author explicitly states that they are AU according to how he wanted the franchise to go and specifically named Dark Empire, the Jedi Academy trilogy (which these stories are specifically to override), New Jedi Order, Dark Nest, and Legacy of the Force as what he was avoiding. (Sidereal begins five weeks after the end of The Thrawn Trilogy.) This one from a different author is more of a straight AU, but has a specific point that it takes off from (right after The Truce at Bakura) and goes in an intentionally far different direction from the profic. (In general both authors seem to reject the idea of Luke Skywalker, "tame Jedi.")
    • Phantom Menace: The Unauthorized Rewrite is the first in a series of three attempts by a fan to squash the prequel trilogy into a more palatable substance in novel form. Read: No Jar-Jar, no Midi-Chlorians, no 14-year-old elected Queens and no wee Anakin staring wide-eyed at anything and everything. It's pretty dark with a major focus on Dooku and pre-cyborg Grievous even in the first volume.
      • The sequel is even darker, rewriting Attack of the Clones to include blood, gore, even sex.
    • Star Wars: Cerulean retcons the events of the Revenge of the Sith film: Bly disobeyed Order 66 and instead of killing Aayla Secura, he just faked her death. Part 1, prequel.
    • Legacy of the Sith is a fanfic series that replaces the last two books of the New Jedi Order and continues on afterwards, with the premise being that Anakin Solo was not killed by the Yuuzhan Vong but rather captured and brainwashed, and has just managed to escape. It wraps up the NJO in a manner largely reminiscent of the canon (though with different characters filling different specific roles) and then goes in a wildly divergent course. It's awesome.
    • There was a short fic in Russian (a translation to English exists) about how the events of the Naboo occupation were distorted when the First Episode was made (due to Historical Hero Upgrade, Rule of Cool, and certain other things featured on this site). Instead of a pointless dispute over taxing a remote world, for example, you have a dispute over a very profitable drug trade, Watto was ready to accept dataries, but only in cash, and the Federation droids didn't shut down... actually, they defeated the Gungans right when the station blew up, and simply received no pursuit orders.
    • Another fix it fic for the prequels is Before the Dark Times that fix alot of the prequels screw ups on not fitting in with the OT canon wise in certain regards, actually had Obi-Wan and Anakin's relationship as brothers, no Jar-Jar, no Midi-Chlorians among other things.
    • After Revenge of the Sith, there was a huge influx of fix fics resurrecting Padme, usually revealing she faked her death to protect Luke and Leia and help with the resistance against Vader, who she usually still loves, unless it's an Obidala fic.
    • Much of the fanfiction revolving around Padme becoming a Force ghost just to reunite with Anakin can be seen as this, given the belief by George Lucas and the EU that there is no afterlife or higher plane for anyone in Star Wars save for Jedi very potent in the Force (and some Sith spirits as well).
  • Sucker Punch's fanfics have Babydoll surviving the lobotomy with memories, or avoiding it altogether. There are also a few with Rocket surviving being stabbed (which is understandable since it was never shown where she was stabbed and it may not have been a fatal injury).
  • Already there are a vast number of X-Men: First Class fics where what is commonly referred to as 'the divorce' never happened, and Erik and Charles lived happily ever after. Many of these also retcon Charles into not having been paralysed. The fandom literally calls them Fix-Its and they can range from just reworking the beach scene so that the divorce never happens, to developing a completely alternate timeline that comes about through What If? situations.
  • Emael Mosekhesailho is partially a fix fic for Star Trek: Nemesis, using a reconstruction to explain how the Military Coup against the Romulan government could've possibly succeeded. Among other things a Tal Shiar officer theorizes a massive conspiracy within the military and political establishment that's going to take years to unravel, and Shinzon avoids public appearances to hide the fact that he's human, and his service record as a Slave Mook during the Dominion War is made classified and hidden behind a firewall.
  • There's quite a lot of Wonder Woman (2017) fanfic that involves Steve Trevor somehow surviving his Heroic Sacrifice, letting him and Diana have their Happily Ever After. Some of them even do away with that pesky mortality thing that makes a relationship between a god and a human so awkward.
  • Of the few The Children's Hour fanfics that exist, almost all of them make Karen break open Martha's bedroom door a few seconds earlier, which in turn has Martha's suicide failing. (Un)Natural is one example.

  • In the Animorphs series, quite a few Fix Fics involve a complete rewriting of the final part wherein Rachel and Tom don't die and Jake and the rest magically recover from their traumas during the war. Of course, this kind of misses the point that K.A. Applegate was trying make in writing the series, namely that War is Hell and many soldiers are damaged beyond repair even after the war is done.
    • There are also a few fics where Elfangor didn't die after the crash and was able to lead the Animorphs. Elfangor's Folly is a particularly well-written example.
  • Much of the Bridge to Terabithia fix fics have Leslie not dying, or as the fans call it, LDD, which stands for Leslie Didn't/Doesn't Die.
  • An odd version in some fics for The Dresden Files is to ignore the end of Changes and subsequently "Ghost Story". This may be less due to dislike of the events therein, and more about the fact that Changes basically obliterated the Status Quo, and/so it's hard to tell where the story is going to go after Ghost Story.
  • Harry Potter
    • A popular type of HP fix fics are Peggy Sue fics in which someone goes back in time to undo events, mainly deaths, from the books which the fic's author didn't like. This, by the way, violates the time travel rules used in the actual series.
    • Then there's the stories where Harry becomes "more intelligent." The most over-the-top example of this is probably Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, in which Harry mutates into a super-genius by having a professor for a stepfather, and several other characters also become vastly more intelligent because... they're wizards. Harry then uses his vast intellect to revolutionize magical research as a sort of wand-wielding Mighty Whitey.
      • Beyond that, this particular fanfic posits that magic works by simple one-gene mendelian genetics with the magic gene recessive... that is to say you have magic, you're a recessive carrier of the gene (a squib) or you don't have it. Thus, there is no 'more powerful' innately with wizards, and every powerful wizard got that way by intelligence and training. This means that all the adults with significant power are either The Chessmaster or a Reasonable Authority Figure, and all of the seeming acts of stupidity by the powerful mages in the source books are actually intentionally so or actually reasonable when you figure out the true motives of the character. Every chararacter gets a massive intelligence upgrade, all the way down to Crabbe and Goyle and the pranksters Fred and George.
    • Given how its shipping wars were practically legendary on the web, there exists a substantial number of fans that were not happy with the endgame pairings (mainly Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, and Draco/Astoria Greengrass) and have taken it upon themselves to fix that. As a result, many, many fics exist purely to modify canonical events so that the author's favorite ships come to be. As a result there are a lot of stories in which the Distant Finale epilogue is ignored, to the point that the term "Epilogue? What Epilogue?" became a catchall term for these types of fics.
    • Severus Snape fans tend to write stories that either ignore Deathly Hallows entirely, or simply the epilogue.
    • And then there are all the people making so that Sirius' death after Order of the Phoenix.
    • This happens a lot, especially after Deathly Hallows, where the story seems to mostly fit into canon but where Snape, Fred or some other popular character is just inexplicably alive. It's not even a traditional "here's how they lived" sort of thing, they're just alive because the author didn't want them to be dead.
    • My Immortal actually has a Fix Chapter added by a hacker, in which Ebony dies and everything returns to how it was in canon (or, almost everything).
      And, because the replacement author also likes to screw around with canon, Draco and Hermione fled the scene and got married.
    • Pstibbons wrote a story titled The Writer, where Hermione travels to our world to find that Ginny had fled to our world and wrote the entire Harry Potter series under the name J. K. Rowling. The entire purpose of this fic is nothing more than to establish an explanation on why the final two books are WRONG!
    • The Real Us retcons the entire series in pursuit of this, because what the fandom really needs is for Harry to be a Smug Snake who lies about everything and gets everything he wants handed to him on a silver platter, and a Squicky Toy Ship between Harry and Hermione that starts with underage rape and goes downhill from there.
  • These ones are also known in the His Dark Materials fandom, to bring Lyra and Will back together.
  • In the fandom for Tolkien's Legendarium:
  • Les Misérables, as a story where almost every sympathetic named character dies by the end, has plenty of these. One common Fandom-Specific Plot of Les Mis fix-fics is the genre known as "Post-Seine", where the canon divergence is that Javert's suicide attempt, instead of succeeding as in canon, fails by Valjean's intervention; an example of this genre is A Reflection of Starlight.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians has a staggering amount of these, almost all of them either regarding Luke and un-killing him, Thalia and her quitting the hunters in order to be able to be romantically involved, or Rachel Elizabeth Dare being able to date someone even though she too cannot become romantically involved.
  • The Redwall series has quite a few Fix Fics dedicated to reviving Rose, Martin's love interest. Some try hard to keep it within Canon and provide a legitimate reason for her being Only Mostly Dead. A Mask and a Song is an example of such a story.
  • Hundreds of Fix Fics were written and circulated during the Great Hiatus of Sherlock Holmes stories, after Arthur Conan Doyle released "The Final Problem" in an attempt to dispose of a character he'd grown heartily sick of writing. Doyle's displeasure with the low quality of such fanfiction is thought to have contributed (along with Money, Dear Boy) to his reluctant resurrection of the character: if Holmes had to return, at least he'd do it himself and not leave the task in the hands of hack amateurs.
  • A number of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's literary peers were troubled by the ending to his 1787 novel, Die Leiden des Jungen Werther (The Sorrows of Young Werther) and the behavior that it was inspiring among many of its youthful fans. One of them, a man named Friedrich Nicolai, wrote a satirical alternate ending called Die Freuden des Jungen Werthers (The Joys of Young Werther), in which Werther's attempt to kill himself is foiled by the husband of the woman he loved, who withdraws out of friendship and allows Werther to pursue her; he eventually marries her, sheds all of the "storm and strife" of his youth, and becomes a respected gentleman in society. Goethe hated this treatment of his work and wrote a poem in which Nicolai desecrates Werther's grave, starting a literary war between them that lasted the rest of Goethe's Nicolai's life.
    • Nicolai, who died in 1811, was one of the leading German literary critics of the Enlightenment, and belonged to an older literary generation. He was rather sceptical of the new movements like Sturm und Drang and Romanticism. Die Freuden des Jungen Werthers is therefore correctly described as a parody, and it is worth noting that Goethe not only was angry at Nicolai specifically, but was violently opposed to parodies in general. Nicolai meanwhile not only parodied Goethe, but also the folk songs that were then being eagerly collected by the early Romantics.
  • From the Inheritance Cycle, we have the 'A dance of Shadow and Light' series by Ocadioan, which seems to fall right into this trope with The beginnings of the Shadow, where Islanzadi gets to live and Eragon and Arya's relationship troubles finally gets resolved. It is then ultimately subverted by the second story, where all the little changes done in the first story proves to bring quite horrible results for Alagaësia as a whole. Especially for the protagonists. Oh, and did we mention that the male protagonist is ultimately revealed to be a Sociopathic Hero that is also The Unfettered and a Manipulative Bastard to boot?
    • Later stories only get worse, ultimately making this a Dark fic, rather than a Fix fic.
  • Twilight:
    • A significant number of fics have been written based on the premise of Bree Tanner not dying.
    • As well as many ignoring or rewriting events from the final book so the author's favorite pairing(s) can be together.
    • There is also Luminosity, which fixes Twilight, period. Utilizing a simple What If? scenario where Bella was "derailed" into a more rational, thinking person turned much of the Hatedom of one of the most divisive modern literary works into fans. Many readers should be warned that reading this fic might make them sympathetic to the actual franchise.
  • Wicked:
    • Bookverse fics in which Fiyero doesn't die are highly common among the Fiyeraba (Fiyero/Elphaba) shippers. In fact, The Musical is an example.
    • Similarly Gelphie (Glinda/Elphaba) shippers like to alter it so that Elphaba's death at the end was faked, or simply just have Elphaba not leave Glinda at the Emerald City. The Musical uses the former, but they don't reunite.
  • Many fans dissatisfied with Susan Pevensie's fate at the end of The Chronicles of Narnia have written continuation stories about her life after Narnia. C.S. Lewis himself encouraged this by saying that Susan's story was not finished yet.
  • Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire are frequently willing to fix all or at least part of the Red Wedding, usually to spare various characters. Other common themes seem to be speeding up Daenerys' storyline, giving Joffrey a different and more satisfying death, and having the dragons be more tame than they act in canon.
  • The classic 1950's short story The Cold Equations (immortalized as a Trope Namer) has inspired more than one Fix Fic – one recent example is "The Cold Solution" by Don Sakers, which provides a razor-sharp solution to getting rid of the necessary mass.
  • Dracula, a few fics sometimes modify the story to make a bit more sense such as more involvement with the brides instead of leaving them in Transylvania, Lucy actually surviving being staked after she turned, Drac actually attempting to fight the heroes in London rather then fleeing back to his home, Mina either more assertive in helping the hunters or actually becoming a vampire rather than a Vampire Refugee. Heck, one fic even invovled Lucy's mother, who was a minor character and dies via a heart attack in the original story, to be involved—by being bitten by Lucy and turned into an elderly bride of Dracula.
  • Warriors:
    • "[x] character didn't die". Spottedleaf is a popular example as she dies very early on but was Firestar's first love.
    • There are literally hundreds of fanfics and entire Tumblr blogs dedicated to "fixing" the series. This can be anywhere from rewriting or deleting controversial scenes, rewriting entire books, changing the Warrior Code to remove or rewrite rules felt unneeded, or literally rewriting the series from the ground up. A popular sort of change on Tumblr is making the series more realistic (AKA removing the Artistic License – Biology and making the cats both look genetically accurate and act more like real cats).
  • Earth's Children:
    • Broud's Destiny by Stephanie is a Pseudocanonical Fic. Broud gradually becomes more mature and tries to be a good leader, especially after he meets a young widow from the Others who is utterly unlike Ayla, and they feel compelled by the spirits, as well as by circumstances, to be together. It also fixes the "Ayla's clan are all dead/The Clan will die out" business by showing how the Clan as a whole, and Ayla's adoptive family, will survive through joining their destinies with some of the Others.
  • "The Sun Shone on Venus", by Ravenbell is a sequel to Ray Bradbury's tragic "All Summer in a Day", tying in another important element of Bradbury's Venus. The author explains here how she created the story, which she does not see as a Fix Fic, just a sequel.

Specific Examples

  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries qualifies toward the end. At the time Pride and Prejudice was written, Lydia marrying George Wickham was the best possible ending for her, as otherwise she'd be seen as "tainted" and never be able to marry someone better. By moving the story to modern times, Diaries gets rid of that problem, and she splits up with George for good. Also, Bing isn't quite so Easily Forgiven for dumping Jane just because his friend told him to.
  • Right Behind, a community devoted to fixing and expanding Left Behind.
  • The Storm Dragons is a well-written fanfic series presenting the world of Inheritance Cycle from the perspective of a family of Dragons, the titular storm dragons, and from Galbatorix. Turns the canon series on its head, and worth a read at least once.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • Warriors Redux revamps the first arc from the ground up. It makes the characters more cat-like, fixes genetically inaccurate designs, diversifys the Clans, and completely redoes the lore. It also fixes plot issues, such as Rusty ignoring his twolegs after being asked to join a Clan, Rusty getting into a fight and winning against a seasoned warrior (instead Rusty's owner removed his collar and Rusty was voted into ThunderClan), and Bluestar being Mistyfoot and Stonefur's mother (which was felt as a contrived element added onto an already convoluted plot).
    • Warriors Rewrite is a rewrite of the series. Amongst other changes, it changes the Warrior Code (for example, the ban on Cross-Clan relationships is not present), emphasises and changes relationships, expands the culture of the Clans, and adds more queer characters.

    Live-Action TV 
  • As the World Turns: Many fanfics change the Death of the Hypotenuse/Maybe Ever After ending of the Noah/Luke/Reid love triangle. Rather, Reid doesn't die and Luke either stays with Reid or breaks up with him and gets back together with Noah. Some even go as far as having Luke and Noah break up a lot sooner or not having them break up at all with Luke never getting involved with Reid.
  • Beauty and the Beast fans call a version of this "SND" -- "She Never Died". They are, of course, referring to Catherine's death at the end of Season 2. All subsequent canon is disregarded, except that Gabriel may be dealt with, if he is considered to exist at all. If so, Catherine usually gives up living Above and moves into the Tunnels for good, living Happily Ever After with Vincent and their child; if not, then the entire Gabriel sub-plot is ignored, and possibly much of season 2, and the characters go on as they did in the earlier episodes, usually with Catherine and Vincent sorting out their star-crossed love and settling down together.
  • Very popular in Blake's 7 fandom due to most of the main characters' lives being screwed up in some way. There are also quite a few "virtual fifth season" series that are Fix Fics by default, given the fourth season's final episode.
  • There are a pair of fixfics focused on fixfic-ing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer by exploring the premise of Xander wearing an Obi-Wan Kenobi costume during the Halloween episode, not a soldier costume. Example: Part 1 and Part 2. (Part 2 is a work in progress).
    • There's a Buffyverse fixfic listed on the Fan Fic Recommendations page, I Am What I Am, wherein Xander wears a different Halloween costume, and really is able to fix everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything, because he has the memories of a 97-year-old Xander who remembers almost everything bad that happened to any of the Buffyverse characters.
    • There are dozens of fanfics that fix the death of Tara Maclay.
      • Difficult to Fight Against Anger is a two-part alternate ending to season six, where Tara Maclay lives. It still manages to be Darker and Edgier, though, as Tara is instead raped by Warren Mears.
      • There are fics where Warren is killed or jailed long before he can shoot Tara.
      • There are fics where a helpful time traveler from the future saves Tara.
      • There are fics where a vengeance demon wish fixes things.
      • There are crossovers with Highlander, in which Tara is an immortal, so the bullet wound doesn't kill her.
      • There are crossovers with Doctor Who, in which Tara is a Time Lord, so the bullet wound causes her to regenerate.
    • There used to be a lot of shipping 'fics that were sort of fix-fics by default, because the author would rewrite the series based upon the notion that Buffy and Willow or Faith were a couple and go from there. The end result was usually a much happier show in one way or another.
    • One fic changed some of the events of season 3, so that Wesley and Giles were in a relationship and Wesley tried to help Faith instead of having the council take her away; though he did ask them for help, they were a lot more civil about it. Played With a bit, since it actually seemed like Faith would accept their help, but it was just an act and she ended up working for Mayor Wilkins anyway. Although, Wesley actually chose to stay in Sunnydale instead of deciding to go back to England (and ending up in LA.)
  • Doctor Who:
    • A blog once rewrote the entire Colin Baker era in order to "correct" the influence of Eric Saward, whom the writers despised. Read what's been finished on this blog.
    • After the second season finale of the new series, the internet was flooded with Fix Fics of Rose escaping the Alternate Universe in which she was trapped so she and the Doctor could return to making googoo eyes at each other. Became canon with the fourth season finale. That same finale, however, spawned its own flood of Fix Fics with Donna regaining her memories!
    • After "The End of Time", another kind of Fix Fic emerged which repaired both it and "Journey's End" in one fell swoop: When Ten regenerates, his mind/soul doesn't die. Instead it gets transferred into the body of 10.5, bringing 10 back to life and reuniting him with Rose.
    • Post-"Hell Bent", the Series 9 finale, there have been many fanfics that are based around undoing the Twelfth Doctor's mind wipe of his key memories of Clara Oswald or revealing it was faked, and from there reuniting him with her (the order of these events may be reversed).
    • The controversial decision to Gender Swap the Thirteenth Doctor has led to many fan fiction writers rejecting this sequence of events and instead creating their own alternate (usually male) Thirteenth Doctor or even coming up with storylines in which the Twelfth Doctor ends up being the final Doctor and dies at the end, often with River Song or Clara by his side.
  • The number of Dollhouse fics that retcon Bennett's murder is particularly impressive.
  • Firefly has many stories that undo Wash's death in the Big Damn Movie. Here's one of them.
    • Dyce's "Horseshoe Nail" series fixes both Book and Wash's deaths through the Butterfly Effect of Jayne becoming closer to River. Somehow it works.
    • There's also Forward, which also undoes Wash and Book's deaths, though in a much more straightforward Retcon.
  • ER fans who hate the way Doug Ross was written out will appreciate the story "One Candle Burns", in which he decides to join the Doctors Without Borders organization, thus providing a more palatable reason for his absence during Carol's pregnancy.
    • Another one written by a woman named Robin Jackson has him returning to Chicago after several months to open a clinic and reunite with Carol.
  • Forever Knight ended with the apparent death or imminent death of most of the principal characters. Because of the fade-to-black ambiguity of the last scene of the series finale, fan writers can often contrive ways to let the supposedly dead characters survive. Another option for "Virtual Fourth Seasons" is to continue the series as if the last two episodes didn't happen.
  • The Gossip Girl story 'Coming Home' is more of a continuation ignoring the epilogue. The only major difference is that Rufus does not date Lisa Loeb and instead gets back with Dan and Jenny's mother Alison.
  • Glee: Hunting the Unicorn is a Deconstruction Fic of the Kurt/Blaine relationship involving liberal amounts of Cerebus Retcons, Backstory, and Fridge Horror for Blaine — which turns him from a Relationship Sue into a severely damaged person who desperately needs a hug. The author mentions that if the writers had given Blaine less songs and more writing, his characterization could have been similar.
    • Glee The Virtual Season Four, from the same fandom, is written as a backlash to season three and takes some elements of the real season four while repairing some of the things it and preceding seasons did. For example, the mass ship sinking of "The Breakup" is averted; the characters still have their problems with separation and loneliness, but deal with it in other ways (some better than others).
  • Heroes: This Peter/Claude fan community has a bunch of Fan Fic that treats Peter Petrelli as a competent person while keeping the naivete and innocence that are an integral part of his character. Essentially, they make him a much more interesting character than canon has of late.
    • There are also a bunch of fics out there that stop or undo Elle's death and she runs off to live with Sylar (despite having tried to kill her again) or Peter, or Claire happily ever after. There are also stories where she shows up alive and well at the Sullivan brothers carnival. Elle is quite popular in this because writers like to undo what some feel were poor handling of her character (Other examples include: She never walks into Pinehearst or she is rescued before Sylar gets to her. And then there are the stories where she is revived by means of Claire's blood
  • Due to a controversial cast change that wrote out the main character due to Real Life Writes the Plot, House of Anubis has a lot of fanfics revolving around season 3 that has Nina Martin either return in a rewrite of season 3 (she had to leave the show due as the actress was suffering from Real Life Writes the Plot complications) or return for a fan-imagined season 4, or reunite with Fabian in a Distant Finale years later and get back together again. Unsurprisingly, most of these fics were written by Nina/Fabian shippers that wanted them to stay together. There are also fics that make Eddie/Patricia stays together for the whole of season 3 instead of breaking up early in the season.
  • Within hours after the finale of How I Met Your Mother aired, there already were many attempts to rewrite the controversal ending especially making Barney and Robin stay together or get back together after the divorce, with Ellie being either 1) a miracle baby or 2) adopted by Barney and Robin, and either having the titular mother survive or having her still die(albeit in a way that demonstrates more closure), but Ted either never remarrying or ending up with a different person at the end(usually either a Original Character or Victoria, the first candidate for the mother, both of whom are popular choices for this). The alternate ending utilizes many of these ideas such as having the mother never get sick in the first place and implying Barney and Robin to have gotten back together after reconnecting at Ted's wedding.
  • iCarly: Changing the end of several episodes:
    • iKiss: Carly and Freddie kiss and not Sam and Freddie. Or Sam doesn't actually like the kiss (in Carly/Sam works this usually leads to Sam realizing lesbian).
    • iSpeed Date: Freddie notices Sam and runs after her, not the actual ending with Carly and Freddie dancing after not noticing Sam.
    • iOMG: Adding a post-script which solves the cliff-hanger. Freddie gently letting down Sam then going after Carly or having Carly come after him, the same but with Carly going after Sam, or just having Freddie respond to Sam positively.
  • Kamen Rider Kiva has seen a large number of fic writers go with the AU side of the coin, disregarding everything from episode 43 onward. This has happened with Kamen Rider in the past, as many seasons prefer whipping out the Kill 'Em All method of storytelling near the endgame.
    • And then there's outright editing the footage to make the show be watched in chronological order... which leads to a very interesting experience, with a Kamen Rider show devoid of Riders for the first three episodes, a great deal of time put into character development and world building, and calling it Kamen Rider IXA.
  • The Our Miss Brooks fanfic, "The Reunion Assembly", dismisses the last season of the TV series (where Madison High School is suddenly torn down for a freeway, and Miss Brooks becomes a teacher at an L.A. private school) as All Just a Dream. [1]
    • This may be a unique case, as the writer used this trope to reconcile Canon Discontinuity. The concurrent radio series and the subsequent movie Grand Finale continued at Madison High as per usual.
  • Person of Interest has had many fics dealing with undoing Detective Carter's death in season 3.
  • Power Rangers Zeo: With one well remembered couple throughout the seasons (Tommy/Kim), which ended because of a "Dear John" Letter sent by Kimberly, there are plenty of fics reuniting them that claimed it was a fake (the person responsible usually being Kat), or that Kim was hiding the real reason for the breakup.
  • Most "virtual sixth seasons" of Sliders follow Rembrandt as he earns a happy ending by separating Quinn and Mallory, freeing Colin from the vortex, and finishing off the Kromaggs for good.
    • This one story, "Slide Effects," has Quinn Mallory waking up to find time has been rewound to the Pilot, with only Quinn remembering sliding, and cheerfully resets the show to just after Season 2.
    • Another fix fic that doesn't just redo the show after season 2 (and can even count as a short virtual season 6) is Sliders Reborn by the same author as "Slide Effects". In which the author uses what was established in the show to explain how Quinn, Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt can all be reunited and how the Kromagg invasion of Earth prime can be undone.
  • A classic Star Trek example, fixing an apparent continuity glitch — in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Khan and Chekov recognize each other upon meeting. However, "Space Seed", the episode of Star Trek: The Original Series in which Khan appears, is a first season episode, and Chekov did not join the cast of the show until the second season. The semi-official retcon (not explained in any of the shows or movies, but widely propagated by producers and actors in convention appearances) is that Chekov was on the Enterprise at that time, he just wasn't part of the bridge crew yet and thus didn't appear on screen. A very funny fanfic distributed in print ('zines, photocopies, etc.) not long after the movie came out expands on that, envisioning Khan and Chekov bumping into each other in the bathroom. Sillier versions have Khan vowing revenge on Chekov for making him wait for the cubicle.
    • The official retcon makes a great deal of sense. There are 430 people on the Enterprise as the regular crew complement (and you assume people transfer in/out occasionally), they can't possibly all be shown on screen. Chekov would've served on the Enterprise for awhile before they let him be a bridge officer.
    • Additionally, the series' writers were haphazard enough with the stardates they gave each story that at Chekov appears in at least two episodes that take place before "Space Seed".
  • In response to two different elements of the Star Trek: Voyager finale, fans created two very popular Fix Fics: Voyager Season 7.5 and Voyager Virtual Seasons 8 and 9. The former started from before the hated Chakotay/Seven Canon Ship got started, rewriting the last half of the season, allowing them to completely avoid the finale. The latter kept everything including the final scene, but then used a Diabolus ex Machina to subvert the Happy Ending (itself a Deus ex Machina) for a couple more seasons.
    • Currently these guys are working on rewriting the whole show.
    • The modern novel continuity from the Star Trek Expanded Universe gives us the String Theory trilogy. Why is Janeway so out of character at the beginning of Season Five, and other points later on? Why did the Nacene Caretaker species not show up after season two? Why is Voyager in top condition as of the later seasons despite dwindling supplies? Why did Kes suddenly turn bitter and evil in "Fury"? This trilogy fills in all the gaps, and helps make Voyager's continuity a lot easier to swallow. However, some readers have suggested that the answers given here are weirder than the possible plot holes they try to plug, others that the things being fixed weren’t too much of a distraction anyway.
    • Oddly enough, the show's single worst episode, "Threshold", did not receive similar treatment. It was just ignored by fans so much that Word of God made it Canon Discontinuity.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: The series finale was an absolutely ridiculous episode, that made NO sense whatsoever. It's generally accepted that this episode was Rick Berman trolling the fans after getting fired from Star Trek ("Fire ME will you? Take THIS!") The events of the episode have the Enterprise escaping some mercenaries (who have a ship that is FAR slower than Enterprise), then suddenly for some reason they're on board. Trip knocks out Archer and leads them to a closet where he (presumably) blows them up along with himself. Security is nowhere to be seen (the corridors were empty). Trip is then seen in sickbay, being loaded into a medical device, he looks at Archer and winks at him in very unusual manner. A novel was written ("The Good That Men Do") that explains that these events (which were only seen via a holodeck simulation 200 years later by Riker and Troi) were in fact fabricated by Section 31. The "mercenaries" were in fact hired by Archer, and the whole thing was an elaborate ruse to fake Trip's death so he could go undercover on Romulus (via Section 31) to help stop them from developing Warp 7 before the Coalition of Planets.
  • For some time after Team Knight Rider aired, every Knight Rider fanfic would include KITT writing off the events of that series as a bad dream. Insulting the Ford Motor Company was also par for the course.
  • Many, many Torchwood fics, which undo (from the end of series 2) Tosh and Owen's deaths. And an even larger raft of post-series 3 fics which address Ianto's death and Jack's actions regarding his grandson. One large and vocal subset of these fans have even created a campaign and a website to coordinate efforts to petition The Powers That Be to bring Ianto back. Unlike the series creators or one main actor's comments in interviews, there are well over a thousand registered members — with more joining daily.
  • It's become quite popular in The Vampire Diaries fanfiction to see Anna's death either erased or having her revived. No one dead character, not even Lexi or Alaric has gotten this kind of love, even if the show's writers want to pretend that she doesn't exist.
  • Due to the controversy that surrounded season 3 their are quite a few The 100 fanfics out there that focus on rewriting the season in one way or another; such as making use of the Ice Nation plot, killing or removing Pike from the story and, most importantly, removing the extremely controversial deaths of Lexa and Lincoln.
  • A popular theme of The X-Files fanfics is to explain away the fates of Scully's children: some fics bring Emily back to life, even more explain away putting William up for adoption (it didn't happen or they get him back), and some do both.
  • Elementary: Moriarty was Put On The Bus in season 2. Her many fans, however, tend to write around this and have her casually pop up in Sherlock and especially Joan's life.

Specific Examples


    Tabletop Games 

  • You have, back in the 17th century, Nahum Tate rewriting King Lear to give it a happy ending, keeping Cordelia alive and marrying her off to Edgar. (Incidentally, Tate's version was incredibly popular; it kept Shakespeare's original off the stage for decades.)
  • In 1611 John Fletcher wrote The Woman's Prize, or the Tamer Tamed, a sequel to The Taming of the Shrew in which the gender tables are turned and Petruchio the "tamer" is "tamed" by his second wife Maria.
  • A lot of Spring Awakening fans fix Moritz's death by having him walk Ilse home instead of staying and shooting himself. Unfortunately for fans who want to fix the other death in the musical, it's really hard to "fix" a botched abortion.
  • Wicked:
    • Post-musical verse fics make sure Fiyero is turned human again (often without explanation) as fast as possible are pretty common.
    • Fics where Glinda and Elphaba are reunited are a dime a dozen.

    Video Games 
  • The reveal that Atlas is Fontaine was not taken well by some fans of BioShock, and a very common theme in fanfiction is creating a version of the story where Atlas is a real person that helps Jack for the entire trip through Rapture.
    • Fans of Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite tend to dislike her fate at the end of the DLC, and rewrites where things turn out better for her are common. For example, BioShock: Right Place, Right Time, Wrong Guy had her barely survive being brained by Fontaine by injecting herself with ADAM and kept sane by the imaginary Booker until Mark (the protaganist in this fic) reaches her.
    • Likewise some fans don't like how Ryan just up and dies on his own terms without really answering for all he's done in ruling Rapture. So they do fics were he's forced to fight for his life by characters he's wronged or pull a Heel Realization and a My God, What Have I Done? before trying to fix the damage, even teaming up with Jack to fight Fontaine.
  • Many fans who were upset by the implied fates of certain Chrono Trigger characters in Chrono Cross set about rectifying this in fic form. Of course, given the Chrono series' core conceit of time travel and parallel dimensions, it practically invites this.
  • Fate/stay night: Post-Fate fics where either Saber returns to modern Japan or Shirou time travels to Arthurian Britain are very common among Shirou/Saber shippers.
  • Final Fantasy VII also houses many of those, often with some time travel and centering on Cloud. Some of them can be very entertaining as they explain it with quantum mechanics, didn't forget any characters somewhere and threw in a reference to the Revolutionary Knitting Circle for extra flavour.
    • And then, we have the fanfics for those irritated by Aeris' death.
  • Fan-made remakes of older PC games sometimes do this. Among the more notable examples are AGD Interactive's remakes of King's Quest II and King's Quest III. Besides expanding on the plot, characterizations, and backstories of both games, which were made at a time when technological limitations simply did not allow for much by the way of storytelling, they also fill in the plot hole of who imprisoned Valenice in the first place and why, explain how Graham knew about lifting the curse on the winged horse, and provide a way for Alexander to learn about what happens to Manhannan's slaves, among others. Most ambitiously, in both games they gave the foundations for a Myth Arc spanning the entire King's Quest series and explaining why Daventry's royal family had such a knack for getting on the bad side of evil magic-users.
  • Thanks to the feelings of many gamers towards the ending, Mass Effect 3 is starting to have many fics that are trying to fix this problem. They tend to either throw out the controversial last decision, keep it but allow EDI and the geth to survive the Destroy Ending, or rework much of the story.
  • There's some Mega Man X fic that doesn't try to "fix" the story as much as it tries to have it make sense, like explaining how a computer virus can actually affect a physical environment (even humans) or how reploid "souls" can go back to their bodies. Besides that, there's a lot of fic splintering off from X5/X6, which had multiple endings and was a pretty important point in the series.
    • Other stories include ones where Iris never died, ones where Gate lives and gets together with Alia, ones where the author's favorite Maverick never died and became good again ...
    • For a while, there was a common fanon theory that everyone in the Mega Man (Classic) universe was killed during the 100-year gap. A few authors tried to fix this by having them plausibly disappear off radar or get new bodies.
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash has been receiving several alternate fan tellings, in order to have the game better align with the first three in the series and suggest fixes to the gameplay. One such example is Director's Cutout, featuring more unique designs among the Toads and some Goombella cameos.
  • There's one fic out there for Persona 3 that does this - but from a gameplay standpoint, it actually makes sense. After finishing the game, a New Game+ option appears, allowing you to keep your level, Persona Compendium, all items and social stats - but forcing the player to stay on the rails when all they really want to do is change what they know is going to happen. Of course, opinions vary, but all in all the "Fixed" elements were handled quite well. Shinji is saved, though it is explicitly mentioned that the side effects of his medication mean he will die within a year. Minato lives by holding back Erebus with the combined power of his social links, though he mentions he doesn't know if that will hold back The Fall forever.
  • There are already several fics out there that "fix" the ending of Portal 2 in which Wheatley is either not sent out into space, or brought back to Earth some time after the game's end. A particularly good one can be found here.
    • Another thing that verges on Fandom-Specific Plot is Chell returning to Aperture. After all, you can't ship her with GLaDOS or Wheatley if she's gone.
  • A common sore spot for many players of Undertale is that one character is Doomed by Canon, turning the Golden Ending somewhat bittersweet. The fact that Asriel will turn back into Flowey and lose all memories and emotions of the people who love him at the end of the Pacifist Run has left more than a few people upset. Thus, there are multiple Fix Fics, including A Dreamer Reborn, where the player character goes back to save them.
  • There's at least one Warcraft fanfic in which Taretha Foxton leaves Durnholde Keep with Thrall and survives as a result. There are also a few that address the chemistry between Jaina and Thrall during Warcraft 3 (and the expansion) that even Thrall's voice actor doesn't want to admit to. And that's not even getting into events with Garrosh.
  • The Life Is Strange fandom produced swarms of these within days of the final episode being released. They tend to either completely throw out the controversial final choice or expand on the ending where Chloe and Max leave town after the tornado, making it a bit less ambiguous and more optimistic.
    • Heck this became an official example when a comic based on the game was released which does indeed shows what happened beyond the "Sacrifice Arcadia Bay" choice and follows the girls after the town is destroyed.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • There are quite a few fics of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that attempt to correct the tragic conclusions of Link's relationships with Saria and Navi. The former becomes a Sage and thus can't be with him or even in the same world as him, despite several unsubtle hints that she loves him, and the latter leaves Link at the end of the game without the slightest explanation, not even a word.
    • In a similar vein, the direct sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask ends with Link inevitably saving and leaving Termina, even though his reasons for doing so aren't explicitly stated in the game.note  A surprising number of fics have caught onto the fact that Link made so many good friends in Termina and fixed so many of their problems, and then he just leaves even though his life in Hyrule had... admittedly rather sucked. They often fix it by just having Link stay in Termina and live a happy life, commonly being adopted by Cremia or occasionally Anju.
    • The go-to plot in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess fics is to have Link and/or Zelda find a way to communicate, or even reunite, with Midna again.
    • Dozens of Ocarina of Time fanworks change it so that Zelda doesn't send Link back in time, creating the Child Timeline and changing his future dramatically.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fics where Link's friends are resurrected or they just defeat Calamity Ganon a century ago, avoiding the entire game. These plots are very common in Link/Zelda and Link/Mipha works.
  • The most common theme for Persona 5 fanfictions is Goro surviving Shido's Palace.
  • Many Splatoon 2 fans complained that Callie didn't have an emotional enough reunion with Marie or that she jumped back up too quickly. Thus, many fan-works try to fix this by making the reunion more touching or giving her more trauma. Some even have her as a Stepford Smiler.
  • Sonic Forces has several patches of plot that people like to clean up. Foremost among them is removing Classic Sonic, who had minimal story impact and is widely considered to have been shoehorned in. Infinite's ambiguous fate after his defeat is usually resolved as well, and sometimes his backstory is made to involve the Avatar to justify their particular feud seen in the game.

Visual Novels

Specific Examples

  • felix-the-judge's fangame Home is this for Off. It basically retells the game from the point of view of the Judge, who makes sure that the events of the original game turn out better by preventing the Batter from killing the Guardians. Instead, the Judge "cures" the Guardians (driving a spectre out of Dedan to make him friendly and reasonable, splitting Valerie and Japhet without killing either of them, etc) and frustrates the Batter at every turn. It's best symbolized by the title screen: where Off has a big red X, Home has a big green plus sign.
    • In the newer versions, the entire plot was rewritten to be more close to the original. The guardians die and the world gets purified, but the Judge saves Hugo from the Batter, so he revives everybody.
  • Gaige's ECHO Logs, a Borderlands 2 Script Fic, is a downplayed example. It hews extremely closely to canon, but still makes an effort to smooth out a few of the plotholes in the original. The most obvious would be the question of why, if the Vault Hunters all had their action skills in the opening cinematic, they had to level up and learn them again (their ECHO devices were destroyed, and they had to get new ones). The author later did a companion story which explains why Krieg wasn't present in the story until the events of the Tiny Tina DLC (which confirms that all six Vault Hunters are together in a group).
  • The Command & Conquer fanfic Tiberium Wars was written more or less as a Fix Fic aimed not at the game itself, but at the official Novelization. Even though its not even past the first act of the game thus far, the general consensus among the readers is that it has well surpassed the actual novel.
    • Surpassing the novel itself isn't really that much of an achievement, considering how stupid and awful it was. Some people are speculating, though, that this fic could surpass the game.
  • Final Fantasy VII fanfic The Fifth Act is a Fix Fic with Cloud accidentally time-traveling to fix the events of Crisis Core. While Cloud is a borderline Villain Protagonist in his quest to kill the currently innocent Sephiroth for his future crimes he accidentally saves Genesis, Angeal and Zack on the way, becomes a Soldier First Class and give his past self some needed advice and confidence boost.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening fanfic Pretender addresses things that the video game Hand Waves for things never explained in story, such as Chrom never noticing that Robin had Plegian-style robes and had the mark of Grima on their hand. In fic, Chrom takes the time to study the marks on Robin's hand and clothes and finds out Robin's origins long before The Reveal.
  • The Kantai Collection fan work Pacific: World War II U.S. Navy Shipgirls averts a lot of things the source material is plagued with, in particular flat characters and Excuse Plot. It even explores elements that were Out of Focus in the original game such as giving the fairies in-depth personalities and traits.
  • In the Kingdom Hearts fandom, The Reluctant Father Universe has Xion (the author's favorite character) get a promotion to a full member of Organization XIII. Even the author admits that this derails the plot, but he felt like she needed a break.
  • Originally, in Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog fell into the Earth's atmosphere and "died" after fighting the Biolizard with Sonic's help. Since then, Eggman resurrected Shadow, who'd develop amnesia, and even went far as to develop Shadow androids to confuse Shadow, and in turn, the player. So, one fanfic author developed two fanfics explaining the alternate ending where Sonic actually saves Shadow from falling into the Earth. That way, Shadow won't be able to whine, complain, and mope about his past, instead vowing to protect Sonic and friends as his new friends, while Eggman doesn't build the Shadow androids at all to confuse Shadow and the player. The first fanfic takes place through Shadow's perspective, while the second takes place through Cream's perspective, to explain Cream the Rabbit's addition to the story.
    • The same author wrote an alternate version of the same story in Sonic Adventure to correct the problems with not only Sonic's character-development, but also every other Sonic character, including Big the Cat as well as two new additions, Cream and Rouge. The fic is told through Sonic, Cream, and Rouge's perspectives, similar to Sonic Adventure's multiple-perspective storyline. In the alternate version, each character goes through a moment of development; Sonic struggles to learn what it means to rely on friends just as much as to protect them, while Cream learns the value of growing-up and protecting the people she cares for, and Rouge becomes more of an honorable thief with compassion for all life.
  • This short Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time fan fiction attempts to explain Penelope's utterly nonsensical Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome by having her complete change in personality caused by brainwashing from contact with Clockwerk's eye.
  • The Star Trek Online Foundry mission "Divide ut Regnes", for the infamous official storyline mission "Divide et Impera". It uses a Stable Time Loop to explain why Admiral Zelle is still standing motionless in Admiral T'nae's office after the Undine impersonating her uses you to get her into a Romulan medical facility to Kill and Replace its commander, and Mind Control to explain the more-blatant-than-usual Railroading. It also does some Arc Welding, incorporating little details from other missions' briefings to make the rather disjointed storyline hang together better.e.g. 
  • The Final Fantasy X comic Guardian centers around Lulu's backstory and takes the opportunity to either explain or alter things that didn't make much sense in the game. Lulu's unusual fashion sense is explained by being born on a snowy island before moving to Besaid, Chappu's "likeness" to Tidus is shown when he gets an Important Haircut to join the Crusaders, and Lulu staring as a level one mage despite twice being a guardian is due to her Heroic BSoD after Ginnem's death. Additionally, Yuna never loses her "goodbye" sphere, as the author dislikes the scene where Tidus hurls it from the airship.
  • Tectonic Divergence is this to World of Warcraft. This series takes in an Alternate Universe where Deathwing not only survives but gets reformed into turning back to Neltharion. The author is kinder to other dragons, too.
  • The Hours Verse is a series of Persona fics, changing the ending of Persona 3 so that the protagonist and Ryoji survive and covering the events of Persona 4 and Persona 5.
  • Pokémon: Only Flowers Fall is a one-shot that fixes a part of the end of Pokémon Sun and Moon that many disliked: Lillie forgiving Lusamine and traveling to Kanto with her. In the fic, Lillie has PTSD and Thicker Than Water does not apply to her here. She ends up cutting ties with her abusive mother.

    Web Comics 
  • Red Dead Virgo wasn't this originally, but for a time became this after certain events in the canon. To quote the author: "Stay tuned for updates to the RDV-verse, where everything is actually pretty fucking happy and functional and sane. Who woulda thunk!"
  • Girl Genius fanfic Well Met at Mechanicsburg revolves around Barry joining forces with Klaus more than a decade prior to the canon storyline and in doing so manages to fix pretty much everything while addressing major plot points and relationships from the canon story.
  • Summerteen Romance is this In-Universe in the Paradox Space story of the same name, also for Homestuck. Unusually, this is lampshaded in ways that are both funny and... not funny.

    Web Original 
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is prone to fixfics that give Penny a Disney Death or make her Only Mostly Dead.
  • There's loads for "The Review Must Go On", whether it's Donnie's friends refusing to let him go or trying to explain why Critic had suddenly turned evil.
  • Belated Media has the three-part series "What If the Star Wars Prequels Were Good?", an in-depth reimagining of the Star Wars prequels designed to fix some of their most criticized elements (complete with drawings to show what it might have looked like). In particular, Michael criticizes the Prequel Trilogy's excessive Call Forwards and over-reliance on Original Trilogy characters, and argues that the movies suffered from a general lack of tension because they revolved around a Foregone Conclusion. To remedy that, R2-D2, C-3PO and Chewbacca are nowhere to be seen, Anakin doesn't don the classic black armor, Palpatine doesn't proclaim himself Emperor, and Padmé actually lives until the end. To elaborate:
    • The Phantom Menace: Obi-Wan takes a much more active role in the plot as the protagonist, he and Padmé have a Will They or Won't They? dynamic reminiscent of Han and Leia, and he's something of a hothead who gets tired of peacetime and wants to prove himself as a warrior. Anakin is aged up to a young adult, he's a first-time podracer who gets pushed into a race by Qui-Gon as a ploy to test his latent Force powers, and he doesn't take part in the final battle. Plus, Jar-Jar isn't in the movie, Yoda is only mentioned, and Darth Maul survives to the end.
    • Attack of the Clones: Owen Lars is a major supporting character (portrayed as a Badass Normal space pilot in Padmé's employ), Padmé is the Queen of Alderaan instead of the Queen of Naboo, Bail Organa is Padmé's brother, Palpatine is a high-level Senate bureaucrat who heads the Jedi Council, Count Dooku is a sympathetic Well-Intentioned Extremist who rebels against the Republic and the Jedi because he knows that they're controlled by the Sith, Anakin is portrayed as Obi-Wan's more charismatic foil, the plot hints at a romantic rivalry between the two over Padmé's affections, the Clone Wars start with the Sith assassinating leaders on both sides to provoke a conflict, there's no side-plot about Obi-Wan hunting down the secret Clone Army, Obi-Wan gets to have a personal rematch with Darth Maul in an attempt to avenge Qui-Gon (though Maul escapes), and the movie ends with Dooku choosing to die as a martyr as the Clone Army bombs his stronghold.
    • Revenge of the Sith: Anakin and Padmé's secret marriage happens offscreen (making it a surprise when they're revealed to be a couple), we actually see Grievous' kidnapping of Palpatine, Grievous is a truly dangerous warrior (á la Star Wars: Clone Wars), and Darth Maul dies on Grievous' flagship in place of Dooku. At the climax, Obi-Wan's friendship with Anakin collapses when Anakin discovers that Obi-Wan only trained him to fulfill a promise to Qui-Gon, and Anakin gets booted from the Jedi Order for killing Darth Maul, only for Palpatine to appoint him the new leader of the Jedi Council. In the end, there's a full-on battle on Mustafar preceding the climactic duel, where a power-mad Anakin purposely sends most of the Jedi to their deaths by making them serve as cannon fodder. Afterwards, Obi-Wan lies to Padmé and tells her that Anakin died in battle, and Owen personally offers to raise Padmé's child away from the chaos of war. Yoda also never battles Palpatine; he and Obi-Wan simply go into hiding to wait for the right moment to strike back at the Sith-controlled Republic.
  • RWBY:
    • Fixing RWBY is a web series where one man describes how he'd rewrite the show in order to improve upon it.
    • Breaking The Chains fixes the Blake vs Adam scene in Volume 6 so that it involves Weiss instead of Yang. This is a "fix" because the writer felt that it fit Blake, Weiss, and Adam's arcs better that way and that it was a missed opportunity that Weiss never met Adam considering his SDC brand.
    • Youtuber adel aka has a series of videos where he completely rewrites characters arcs in order to fix them of any issues he sees with them. There's also no romance because it's felt that the romantic plots drag down the series.
    • RWBY: Scars is a Darker and Edgier complete rewrite of the series. It's intended as an Alternate Universe Fic, but it also ends up fixing and streamlining the series by changing retcons and making a more cohesive storyline (without the Early Installment Weirdness and Remember the New Guy? of the original).
    • As the name implies, the video series RWBY, but BETTER is an attempt at revamping the series from the ground up and make it better.
  • SCP Foundation has SCP-3922 which will subject any film a copy of it comes in contact with to this, turning that copy into a version where an army of technologically advanced soldiers interrupt the story to stop all illegal activities and punish all criminals. It tends to go a bit Knight Templar with it.
  • Worm: Several stories often feature Taylor's bullies getting their just desserts.

    Western Animation 
  • Galaxy Rangers has a very small fandom, but there are at least four different takes on how Eliza is rescued. It's rarely a matter of "if".
  • There are a few fanfics of the Arthur episode, "Arthur's Big Hit", where both Arthur and D.W. get punished for their actions, as opposed to just Arthur. One in particular removes the massive Broken Aesop, has Binky tell Arthur why hitting him would be wrong instead of actually hitting him, and has D.W actually learn her lesson and make a sincere apology to Arthur.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • The fandom has Zutara, full stop. There are too many fics to count that, using various means, have made it their mission to correct what they see as the biggest mistake of the series.
    • The comics portray Ty Lee as not wanting anything to do with Azula. More than a few fans have made it their mission to fix their friendship, usually by hooking them up together and giving Azula a redemption arc in the process.
  • Some Codename: Kids Next Door fan fics portray the Splinter Cell being an actual villain organization bent on ridding the world of all adults instead of being cover-up for the GKND, either with the GKND still coincidentally in existence, or removing the GKND entirely. The KND Splinter Cell's nature and motives vary depending on the author writing the fanfic. One example is titled Operation SPLINTER CELL. Funnily enough, when the show's creator tried to pitch a sequel series years later, the proposed plot was that the GKND turned out to be a villain organization that wishes to rid the universe of adults.
  • Many Family Guy fic, mostly dealing with Meg getting revenge for all the abuse she had to suffer from her family, especially Seahorse Seashell Party and their reason for why the family act the way they do to her. As well as a few having Brian shoot back against those who wrong him, specifically Quagmire after his “The Reason You Suck” Speech.
  • Miraculous Ladybug is getting a lot of these in response to the Season 3 premiere, "Chameleon", which has been widely criticised for portraying the entire class as gullible jerks so that Lila could turn them against Marinette, as well as ending with an incredibly Family-Unfriendly Aesop about not trying to expose Lila as a liar and a bully. Some of these fics involve Marinette getting akumatised (which almost happens twice in the episode), some involve her managing to debunk Lila's stories (through methods that the show itself could easily have brought up), and at least one has had her choosing to cut her friends out of her life entirely. A common trend has been for Adrien (who persuaded Marinette to do nothing at the end of the episode) to immediately change his tune upon learning that Lila threatened her, a detail that was conspicuously left out of the scene. Another common scenario is to have Chloé (who was largely absent from the episode) call out the class and Lila for their actions.
  • Fix Fics of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The Pony POV Series isn't solely a Fix Fic, but the author typically does major edits with every new episode to intergrate the canon into the story, in the process providing explainations that, in the universe of the fic, make perfect sense and actually explain a Plot Hole or two. For example, Rainbow Dash's behavior in "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" was the result of her trying to cover up/compensate for her Heroic BSoD resulting from how she handled Discord's Sadistic Choice. Noteably a very well done example of how to do a Fix Fic right.
    • A sort-of in-universe example occurs when Twilight ascends into Princess Amicitia, becoming the Alicorn of Friendship, Magic, and Happy Endings. As the personification of Happy Endings, her duty is to travel to various Crapsack Worlds throughout the multiverse and give mortal ponies the encouragement or inspiration they need to achieve their own happy endings, or to discreetly prevent terrible things from happening or Disaster Dominoes from being set in motion. Many of the "bad worlds" she repairs are from existing grimdark fanfictions written by other authors.
      • Cupcakes: Pinkie Pie's murderous insanity is explained as the result of her brain becoming infected by a parasprite larva hiding in a cupcake she ate after the events of "Swarm of the Century". Amicitia tells Gummy to knock the tray of cupcakes off the table, preventing Pinkie from eating any of them.
      • Sweet Apple Massacre: Right before Big Mac is about to torture and murder the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Amicitia reminds him how much he loves his little sister Apple Bloom, how he's always loved and protected his family, and that he would never do this if he was in his right mind. Horrified at what he's done, he frees them, leaving them terrified but unhurt and alive. Big Mac laments that his family will never forgive him, but Amicitia sets him down the path to redemption.
      • Lil Miss Rarity: Rarity briefly thinks of killing her cat Opal when it claws her face open, but Amicitia counters the thought and reminds her that even the best child can hurt their mother without meaning to, and calls Sweetie Belle to get out the first aid kit.
    • The Friendship is Magic fanfic Whisper explains the parasprite infestation in "Swarm of the Century" , and Twilight's attempt to fix it going horribly awry, as the work of sabotage by the Great and Powerful Trixie, who wrongly blamed Twilight for an apparent curse (actually a case of poison joke) that spoiled Trixie's stage presence.
    • There are also a number of fanfics (and at least one fan comic) that try to end the events of "The Best Night Ever" on a less bittersweet note.
    • In a similar manner, there are a handful that try to address the minimal apology Twilight received at the end of "A Canterlot Wedding", which range from sweet (Post Nuptials) to dark (Faith and Doubt, Bitterness).
    • My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic is a fix fic which also happens to be a Hate Fic, with the author trying to change the entire universe and its concepts to fit his ideas (for example, he absolutely hates the idea of friendship (the main concept of the FiM universe), and thinks that the power of belief is the strongest there is (whatever he means by that)). It's not a Troll Fic. The largely negative reception to the fic resulted in several Fix Fics of it (including Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship and My Brave Pony: Starfleet Nemesis), which revolve around deconstructing and "un-fixing" the changes made by Starfleet Magic while also fleshing out the original characters it introduced (who, to be frank, have very little in the way of actual character).
    • Similar to the Pony POV Series example listed above, the fix fic "No Hard Feelings" takes place right after the events of "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well", where the rest of the Mane Cast have a Jerkass Realization over how their plan to teach Rainbow Dash a lesson in humility ended up unintentionally hurting her feelings.
    • Cupcakes has created many, many alternate endings by fans who hated the ending. For good reason. It's popular to explain the entire events of the story as All Just a Dream of Pinkie's or Dashie's, have them be shocked and horrified, then have them comfort each other. The Light in the Darkness is perhaps the most beloved example.
    • The Conversion Bureau story Ten Minutes: Aftermath was written by Chatoyance as a response to the pro-human sentiments of the original story Ten Minutes, intentionally subverting the message of the original in order to fit the author's own work into her setting. It wasn't well received, however.
    • The TCB universe in general has received several kinds of Deconstruction Fics aimed at examining the Fridge Horror implications the original and its more "pro-conversion" spin-offs gloss over.
    • The Conversion Bureau: Not Just Ponies is a more conventional Fix Fic for the setting in the sense the idea is rewriting it into something without the Unfortunate Implications of the original, the Ron the Death Eater aspects many Conversion Bureau fics use, or the 'humans wipe out ponies.' The end result in the merger of the worlds is not an invasion, but a natural cataclysm neither side can stop, the ponies aren't forcing the transformation on anyone but humanity needs it to survive, technology is being preserved and modified so the humans can use it correctly in their new forms, and, as the title suggests, humans have far more options than just ponies and free choice of what they become. As a consequence of this, the PER and HLF are both Knight Templar groups who grossly misunderstand the true nature of situation. Overall, the setting has been very well received.
    • Today, Tomorrow, and Forever is about a loving mother, Derpy Hooves, having her daughter taken away by the Foal Protection Service for being unfit to care for a foal. This was too heartbreaking for many, so a different ending (''And Forever Together'') was written when it turned out the whole case was handled incorrectly, several ponies vouch for Derpy's qualifications as a parent, and they are reunited happily.
    • "Consequences – A Bad Apple Comedy of Justice" is two Fix Fics in one: The author saw Babs Seed as a bit of a Karma Houdini (right down to mentioning the trope name in his Author's Notes), so he wrote two short stories where Applejack intervenes shortly after Babs' Face–Heel Turn in the first, and a reformed Discord actually shows Babs the original episode in a dream for the second one.
    • "Light Born From Regret" is a Fix Fic to Siege of the Crystal Empire, primarily dealing with the common view of Radiant Hope being Unintentionally Unsympathetic and having a Lack of Empathy for anyone except Sombra. As the writer detests Fix Fics that are actually Accusation Fics in disguise, this is accomplished by having Hope, after all is said and done, simply having a Delayed Reaction and it hitting her exactly what she'd done, to the point of having nightmares about what she could have caused, and ultimately accepting like Sombra she has a lot to make up for, rather than being chewed out by other characters for it.
    • Many fans were not happy that Starlight Glimmer was instantly redeemed at the end of the Season 5 finale and got away without being punished. Some have taken it upon themselves to write fanfics where she receives proper comeuppance for her actions, sometimes veering into Revenge Fic territory.
      • In A Crazed Gleam, to punish Starlight for the time-traveling fiasco, Discord takes her to a Bad Future of her own making (or so he says) where the changelings have taken over Equestria, rendered the pony races extinct, and replaced them with an artificially engineered, mindless species of pony whose sole purpose is to serve as food sources for the changelings. After a final Hannibal Lecture, Discord turns Starlight into one of these ponies and inserts her into the timeline to be used by the changelings as a living battery, with her mind completely intact the entire time.
      • In Step Right In And Start Again, because of Starlight's tampering with the time spell in the original episode, she has trapped herself in a permanent time loop where every day she reappears in Twilight's castle with no memory of the previous day, awaiting her punishment from Twilight and the Mane Six. The rest of the world goes on as normal, but the time loop never ends for her. Every attempt to reverse or destroy the time loop fails, and she cannot be killed because the time loop brings her back if she dies. She outlives the Mane Six, her parents, Twilight, the rest of Equestria, every living thing on the planet, and the planet itself, eventually becoming the last living thing in a pitch-black, completely empty universe.
      • That received its own Fix Fic in the form of Starting Over Again, where Twilight creates a magic crown for Starlight to wear that stores and retains her memories as she goes through each time loop. When she realizes that she is now immortal and will outlive every living thing in existence, Starlight devises a potion of eternal youth and gives it to her friends and the rest of Equestria to use. Everypony becomes an immortal alicorn, the races of Equestria explore and colonize the galaxy, and Starlight lives to the end of the universe with her friends, where her time loop is finally broken and she transforms into an alicorn like everyone else. The story ends with a new universe forming, with every character we know and love being present to watch it.
      • In We Can't All Be Friends, Starlight outright refuses to listen to Twilight's reasoning and vows to continue her quest for vengeance. Coming to terms with the fact that not every villain will be reasonable or accept the magic of friendship, Twilight goes the Sozin's Comet approach and takes Starlight's magic away, ending with her imprisoned in the Canterlot dungeons and festering in a stew of bitterness and fury.
      • Aftermath of the Games is an interesting take on this. While the fic fully takes place in the Equestria Girls universe after the events of Friendship Games, the fic also altered "The Cutie Remark" ending so the original Starlight Glimmer was Retgoned because Twilight used the time spell to adopt the filly Starlight and take her to the present timeline, which occured offscreen. This was deemed an Esoteric Happy Ending, because of the disturbing implications that the decision had. As a result, the sequel, Integration, pulled an Author's Saving Throw by acknowledging the consequences and having an interlude chapter showcasing the event in question. It shows that Starlight refused her canon redemption because she thought Twilight’s genuine offer of friendship was a trick to get her to surrender, so Twilight truly had no other choice. Twilight also feels horrible about what she did and doubts if it was the right thing, despite everyone who knows what happened supporting the decision and insisting that it was ultimately necessary. Twilight is also well aware that she effectively killed the original Starlight by erasing her out of existance, and knows that meddling with the timeline might have long-lasting consequences. Her extensively studying history so she can figure what was altered by erasing the Original Starlight so she can fix what was left worse off (starting with rebuilding the village that Starlight created in the original timeline minus the Equality ideology and recruiting the new timeline's versions of the Equal Four as its charter residents), and overcoming her guilt so she can feel as if she's worthy of being the filly Starlight's adoptive mother is one of the driving plot points of the story. Starlight’s backstory is also given an Adaptational Angst Upgrade in order to make her much more sympathetic; instead of simply losing her Only Friend when he got his Cutie Mark before her, this version of Starlight was an abused orphan, and that friend was literally the only one who cared about her and was killed in a Freak Lab Accident when he got to Celestia’s school.
      • Robbie Rotten and the Town of Equality has Robbie insert himself into The Cutie Map, trap Starlight in a magic-draining cage, and shoot her dead with a cannon.
    • One Equestria Girls Holiday Special comic has the Cutie Mark Crusaders frame Sunset Shimmer for posting hateful secrets online under the identity of "Anon-a-Miss", leading to the entire school (including the Humane Five) to instantly turn against her. At the end, everyone makes up and the Crusaders are Easily Forgiven. Most fans feel like the story makes little sense considering its place in the timelinenote , making it the most common target for fix fics for the EqG continuity. On the lighter side, there are fics where the girls formally apologize to Sunset and/or the Crusaders get more harshly punished for their actions; even more lighthearted or comedic ones will have the Rainbooms immediately realize that someone is trying to frame their friend and work with her from the start to figure out what's going on. On the darker side, Sunset is greatly distraught or enraged by what the others did to her and cuts ties with them, with most such fics having her transfer to Crystal Prep or return to Equestria after either some thought or a dangerous altercation with the other CHS students. Expect self-harm, suicide, and/or attempted murder to be an important plot point in the more intense ones. The comic itself also serves as general Fanfic Fuel, with it being the launching point for many an AU and crossover fic, thanks to the basic setup making it really easy to have Sunset (and whatever allies she may still have) go off on new adventures, be it in the human world, Equestria, or USG Ishimura.
      • Bitter Tears: An Anon-A-Miss Fic is an example of a fic in the middle of these two types: instead of instantly forgiving her friends for turning against her, Sunset is deeply hurt by what they did to her, and it takes a long time and a lot of apologies for them to earn her trust back. Princess Twilight is also beyond furious when she learns about what happened and tears the Humane Five and the Crusaders a new one for their actions. In addition, the Crusaders do not get off lightly for what they did to Sunset. They are punished by their families and Celestia, everybody including their own siblings loses all trust and respect for them, and they become the social pariahs of CHS after revealing their identities as Anon-a-Miss at a public school assembly to clear Sunset's name. Even after the bullies who've been physically assaulting them get caught and punished by Celestia, a majority of the student body still don't want anything to do with them.
  • Several fanfics for My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) deconstruct it by removing the Adaptational Wimp treatment of the Mane 6. Two such examples can be found here and here.

  • Post-Grand Finale, many Samurai Jack fanfics feature some way of Ashi coming back after getting erased from existence so she and Jack can be together, often with alternate timelines or universes, or even her soul somehow being reincarnated.
    • One particular example is these comics which does it via a crossover with Rick and Morty. In short: Rick brings an Ashi from another dimension to Jack (and apologizes for the infamous April Fool's joke in which the unexpected airing of the third season premiere pre-empted Samurai Jack that night), and in return, Jack gives Rick the recipe for the Mulan Szechuan Dipping Sauce mentioned in "The Rickshank Redemption".
  • Some SpongeBob SquarePants fics fix the notoriously bad endings some later season episodes have (e.g. in "Breath Of Fresh Squidward", at Squidward's party, Patrick calls out Spongebob for breaking Squidward's feelings and making him leave, resulting in Spongebob being booted out. He goes and apologizes to Squidward (shocked by the electric fence again) for his actions at the party AND for his and Patrick's actions at the beginning of the episode. It ends with him and Squidward both going back to the party.). - There are fixes for "A Pal For Gary", "A Breath Of Fresh Squidward", "Spongebob, You're Fired!","One Coarse Meal" and "Little Yellow Book".
  • The author of Connie and the Crystal Gems made Connie the main protagonist instead of Steven, and is effectively rewriting the whole series from scratch, out of frustration at the later seasons of Steven Universe, not in the least because they think Steven was Flanderized beyond return.
  • Teen Titans fic that resurrect Terra after her Heroic Sacrifice are almost as endemic are those that inflict Die for Our Ship on her. After it's revealed that she actually was resurrected by unknown means, it changed into fixing what the author didn't like about that approach. One of them, part of the "Sanza Salazar Trilogy", has Terra revived by the actions of a group of villains, mostly so the Titans can get to her before she decides I Just Want to Be Normal like she did in the show.
    • Quite a few fix "Things Change" where Beast Boy is able to successfully convince her to come back to the team.
  • There have been some alternate ending fanfics of the Thomas the Tank Engine episode, "Duck and the Slip Coaches", where Emily gets a proper shed to sleep in when Duck is staying at Tidmouth Sheds for the night. One in particular has Emily sleep in James' spot at Tidmouth Sheds, giving the latter Laser-Guided Karma for stealing Duck's idea about using Slip Coaches and bumping the Slip Coaches.
    • Fanfiction author Shimmering Sparkles (formerly Thomas Angry Birds) has a whole Thomas and Friends fanfiction series known as Railway Series Evolution. Half of the stories are devoted to re-writing episodes from the later seasons. Examples of fixes include putting a different character in the main role (IE Henry instead of Edward in the infamous "Edward Strikes Out"), making accidents the faults of humans instead of engines (IE having a haughty driver cause Thomas to go off prematurely in "Wonky Whistles" instead of Thomas doing it on his own volition), and even re-writing Thomas and the Magic Railroad with a better origin for Lady, relegating Diesel 10 to a secondary antagonist role, introducing a new, nastier villain, replacing Splatter and Dodge with pre-existing characters 'Arry and Bert, and replacing Mr. Conductor with a human character named Mr. Brenner (a tribute to current series head writer, Andrew Brenner). He also gave pre-existing Hi T-era characters fleshed-out origins, such as having Emily be #4 on the Sodor and Mainland Railway (one of the North Western Railway's constituents), making Paxton and Sidney replicas, making Dennis and Neville experimental Bulleid designs tested on Sodor, and having Belle be one of the eight engines who subbed for the original eight in "The Eight Railway Engines".
    • Restoring Lost Honour by AaronCottrell97 serves as one for Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, particularly The Fat Controller's Designated Villain role. After Thomas is unfairly punished for the dynamite incident, and Donald and Douglas start spreading the news of The Fat Controller's unfairness, Emily gives him one hell of a "Reason You Suck" Speech (the author's M.O. is Thomas/Emily fics, which somehow features them kissing and holding each other, which is physically impossible for them; it has been theorized that they either have the ability to hyper-extend their faces à la Shed 17, have the unwritten ability to turn into humans, or use the exaggerated movements introduced in Journey Beyond Sodor). Not only does Emily manage to change The Fat Controller's appraisal of the Thomas situation, she also leaves him a quivering wreck. The cherry on top, though, is a scene made specifically for the fanfic, in which Thomas is about to leave Sodor, only for The Fat Controller to give a very heartfelt apology, and Gordon gets some Laser-Guided Karma for causing the incident with the coaches in the form of being made to watch scrap get melted down. After this, the fic follows the special closely, with The Fat Controller being more supportive of Thomas, though otherwise, the climatic chase with Sailor John is unchanged.
  • In the past couple of years, a vast majority of Tiny Toon Adventures fans have been so upset over what happened to Fifi La Fume at the end of "Out of Odor" that some of them have written some alternate endings in which Fifi A.) gets saved, B.) outsmarts Elmyra, C.) gets help from somebody else, D.) manages to escape Elmyra in any way, or E.) gets saved by an unexpected twist.
  • Many Transformers fans are discontent with the Unicron Trilogy, and try to rewrite the entire series (yes, 52 episodes for each) to make it better fit with their sensibilities. This usually results in a fanverse that, but for the names of the characters, is absolutely nothing like the original shows. Keep an eye out for Darker and Edgier, elimination of perceived Scrappies, and the Decepticons as Always Chaotic Evil.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 7 was so hated by the fans, one of them even took the initiative to rewrite an entire screenplay, aptly titled "Voltron Season 7 Fix It Script".
    • There's also fics that try to fix the issues of season 8 including resurrecting Allura.
  • Young Justice was canceled after two seasons. Main character Wally West sacrifices himself in the last episode. So of course there are many fics that focus on him coming back to life (or simply ignore the fact that he is dead or Hand Wave his survival). The fact that he "ceased" is especially helpful.
  • The The Loud House fandom has tons of fics that try to fix Lincoln's status as the family's punching bag by having his family realize how badly they treat him.
    • One Of The Boys, while a disliked episode, tends in particular toward this than other disliked episodes (Which tend to spawn deconstruction or hate fics than Fix Fics), with the characterizations of the gender bent Louds being given personalities that are more reflective of their original counterpart and unique than, as Mr. Enter put it, being ten Lynns, plus a split second wonder.

Specific Examples

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    "I think both Katara and Aang deserve better than each other. So I am making my own fic to make the ending more palatable to myself and hopefully you guys too!"
  • Empath: The Luckiest Smurf is this to some degree for The Smurfs, primarily focusing on what happened to Papa Smurf's infatuation with Smurfette in "Romeo And Smurfette".
  • Frankie Rules, a Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends fic set after an 8-year Time Skip, features fixes for some less-than-popular episodes of the series (for example, the events of "The Little Peas" are revealed to be a wild rumor started by Bloo, and in the final chapter Frankie gets even with Goofball John McGee from "Impostor's Home for Make-Em-Up Pals"). There's also a prequel by the same author that makes amends for one of Madame Foster's most controversial actions.
  • Total Drama:
    • Courtneys Crusade For Redemption Courtney's actions are set to correct all the things that went wrong with her and other characters in the canon season.
    • The Total Drama Comeback Series, an alternate version of Total Drama's second season, wasn't intended as a Fix Fic at first... but when the actual Season Two aired, many people started to see it that way. Its author, the Kobold Necromancer, has since started a purposeful Fix Fic for Season Three, largely because his favorite characters weren't given the nicest treatment by the writers. His favorite is Ezekiel, if that gives you any indication.
    • Total Drama Do Over by CoGreen20 plays this mostly straight: it's the exact same challenges as the show, but with different outcomes.
    • Candy For Your Thoughts? is an alternate version of the second half of World Tour,which mostly addresses the Courtney/Duncan/Gwen love triangle, but also fixes other things, such as toning down Alejandro's sueness, throwing Ezekiel a bone and overall having a happier and more satisfying ending.
  • The Transformers:
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy has It smelled like an Ed, at least, an Adaptational Alternate Ending for the much-maligned episode "If It Smells Like an Ed".
  • Adventure Time:
    • Her Loyal Friend, an Adaptational Alternate Ending of the infamous "Red Throne" episode that rerails Finn from a love-maniac who would flirt with his ex at every opportunity to annoying levels into a hero who would do anything to help his girl, even if he must put aside his feelings for her. They end up getting back together at the end.
    • Exceptional Beasts, a fic that not only fleshes out Finn and Huntress Wizard's relationship between and during the events of certain episodes ("Flute Spell", "The Wild Hunt" and "Seventeen") but also gives them both a romantic closure, something that the Grand Finale lacked and ended upsetting a lot of fans. Even the author admitted that it was their own way of giving them both closure after the finale. It even got a sequel.
  • The Little Pony Legend is a Crossover that serves as Fix Fic for both The Legend of Korra and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. While trying to adhere to canon as closely as possible, it does fixes for a lot of different canon elements with the crossover, the most significant of them being shipping elements for humans and ponies.
  • Young Justice: Darkness Falls and Young Justice Titans are fix fics for the Young Justice universe in some ways. For example, with such an emphasis on hard timescales, the 5-year jump felt abrupt and problematic for some parties concerned, so in order to keep things more grounded, Angelus-v1 picks up Darkness Falls right from after the end of Season 2, so as not to disorient readers going in again. There's also the discussion of Vandal Savage's accusations about the League's "protecting" evolution, with the Big 3 discussing how what they're really in a fight for is against the malcontents of a society. And of course, as mentioned above, Wally ceasing ties in nicely with what his plans are with Darkseid.
  • The Fairly Oddparents: A Lonely Girl tries to fix the episode "Just The Two Of Us" by changing Trixie's personality to be more in-line with her pre-flanderization one (with Trixie's persona being a just an act and her having Hidden Depths behind her rich "popular girl" image). Instead of freaking out because Timmy's the only one around to adore her, she freaks out because she and Timmy are the only people left. Her asking Timmy to tell her she's pretty is a self-esteem boost.

  • The Infinite Loops can sometimes contain examples of Loopers going through their original storyline, or that of popular fanfics, and doing things "right" this time around. Then again, the Loopers are equally likely to just screw everything over for the lulz, or to engage in oddball shenanigans also for the lulz. Notably, characters getting too obsessed with "fixing" things can sometimes cause problems and cause a Looper to break under the strain, especially if they come to believe that "fixing" the events of their baseline will get them out of the Loops.
  • The author ElfCollaborator wrote a series of fics, called the This Is The Part Where... Dies series, based on deconstructing and fixing canonical—or in the first case, fictional—deaths via Insane Troll Logic, Lampshade Hanging and Breaking the Fourth Wall:
  • Citadel of the Heart has many examples of this, some more obvious than the others.
    • Digimon Re: Tamers is one for Digimon Tamers in regards to Jeri and Impmon. Jeri gets promoted to the main character and ends up avoiding becoming a Damsel in Distress for too long as a result, although Leomon is Adapted Out but with a twist; Impmon becomes her partner Digimon instead. Out of a perceived uselessness in his character from the canon until he becomes Beelzemon, Impmon gets a better chance to shine as he also gets to show his Champion and Ultimate forms in this fic.note  Ryo is depicted as a Team Dad character with a case of Adaptational Nice Guy due to his ego being toned down immensely, as then he and Cyberdramon actually address the Elephant in the Living Room from Canon!Tamers by making a plot point out of how Cyberdramon is the result of ZeedMillenniummon and Monodramon DNA Digivolving together. Oh, and Ruki and Ryo are both given an Age Lift to make things less creepy than their canon ages in regards to Ship Tease.note 

Licensed Examples:

    Anime & Manga 
  • In Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally, Lelouch gets Powered Armor instead of a compelling voice, and the situation that leads up to the Euphinator incident doesn't happen. Instead, she ends up becoming the Empress of Britannia. The setting's kindness extends far further than that. Suzaku did not kill his father and is thus a true knight rather than a Death Seeker. Neither Mao nor Rolo get anywhere near Shirley. Nunnally ends fully recovered physically and even mentally, and with a new friend who might possibly be more. The only named characters that die are Genbu, Mao, Rolo, Marianne, Charles, Clovis, and possibly Darlton, which in turn means that the other characters don't have to angst about their friends and family being wiped out. Lelouch does take CC's code, which in this setting was probably a mercy, but parts on good terms with Nunnally and didn't break any hearts when leaving. In a postscript, the author mentioned that he was impacted by the deaths of Euphemia and Lelouch in canon, which compromised his objectivity. However, he also mentions that he doesn't know if this is positive or negative.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion is basically a deconstruction of the Fix Fic trope. Homura wishes to rewrite reality with The Power of Love so that Everyone Lives, all for the sake of her dear Madoka's happiness. And her plan goes horribly right as she basically becomes the Devil to Madoka's God in order to pull it off. Of course, this divisive ending has inspired some straight examples where either they patch up their differences or Homura never betrays Madoka in the first place.
  • In an In-Universe example, Miki from I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying is part of a doujin circle called "Fate Deniers" that specialize in writing these sort of stories.

    Comic Books 
  • Sometime during the 70s, Marvel published a pretty reprehensible The Avengers story involving Ms. Marvel, in which the Earth's Mightiest Heroes have no problem with another character essentially raping her and brainwashing her into loving him and having his child (discussed here probably NSFW). Apparently, Chris Claremont thought whoever wrote that tripe needed to go die in a fire, and wrote Avengers Annual #10 as a Fix Fic where Ms. Marvel calls the Avengers out on their bullshit. Thank you, Chris.
  • Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds is essentially a fix fic by Geoff Johns, simultaneously clearing up the Legion of Super-Heroes continuity boggle and bringing back two unfairly dead characters Kid Flash and Superboy, the latter of which Johns had to kill off in Infinite Crisis. (It was either Superboy or Nightwing, so all things considered...)
    • It should be noted, though, that there were a number of things Geoff included that just caused more continuity errors. Such as the original Fatal Five being a part of the Legion of Super-Villains, even though, if this was supposed to be the "original" Legion, two were dead and one was neutralized. Sorcerer's World being intact after it was destroyed. Timber Wolf and Lightning Lass being a couple again. No mention of the Ranzz children. Andromeda being with the Reboot Legion in Limbo despite not being a member of the team when they were trapped, and the fact that there were members missing from the Threeboot Legion (Gazelle, Dream Girl) and some were added back after they left (Princess Projectra, Timber Wolf). There's also the fact that there were now two different sets of the Nolan twins (Ferro Lad and his brother), born in the present and future of New Earth, and a bigger continuity snarl concerning Impulse's mother and grandfather.
      • First, Geoff has stated outright that the "restored" OG Legion diverted from the original stories during Crisis on Infinite Earths, shortly after #14 of volume three (when Tellus, Magnetic Kid, Quislet, and Polar Boy joined the team and Projectra took up the Sensor Girl costume identity). As such, only broad strokes of what happened from #15-63 happened and moreso, Magic Wars never happened, since that storyline and its fall-out (IE the United Planets basically collapsed economically because of it) is basically what caused the "Five Year Gap" to happen.
      • Second, Andromeda rejoined the reboot Legion off-screen between the end of the Legion and the Legion/Teen Titans Special and thus went into Limbo with the team.
  • The "Home Schooling" arc of Runaways was apparently supposed to "fix" the things that editor Nick Lowe hated about Joss Whedon and Terry Moore's runs on the series (namely, putting Klara Prast on the team and not bringing Gert back from the dead.) Somehow, "fixing" these problems entailed killing Old Lace and turning Klara into a complainer and implicit Humanoid Abomination, neither of which went over well with fans. The fact that the Runaways spent half of the arc just arguing with each other instead of actually doing anything didn't help. The last issue suddenly had Gert reappear, but by then, sales had dropped, and Marvel cancelled the series rather than finish the arc. Several years later, a two-issue arc in Avengers Academy basically served as a fix for "Home Schooling", revealing that Old Lace was alive and well and the Runaways are still one big happy adopted family.
    • The 2017 Runaways series serves as this to a number of unpopular decisions from Marvel regarding the Runaways. Not only it brings Gert back but also undoes pretty much all fan-loathed changes introduced in other books since their last series as well as decision to break the team apart off-panel.
  • The cult Spider-Man spin-off Spider-Girl basically ignores everything established in 616 after 1998 and establishes that Peter Parker and Mary Jane were reunited not with that elderly succubus Aunt May, but their infant baby daughter Mayday, who had been captured immediately after her birth by agents of Norman Osborn. The book also follows up on long aborted or long-forgotten storylines from the 1990s and brings them forward in a consequential manner, creating fresh problems for The Parkers and other characters to overcome. Joe Quesada, a fan of the book, has often called Spider-Girl the "natural continuation of the Parkers' lives" in interviews, making some believe it is in fact the "proper" continuity, though this is still heavily disputed.
  • In the Spider-Man comics, one of the popular stories during the early '80s dealt with the identity of the Hobgoblin. The writer for the storyline, Roger Stern, left the series before revealing the identity. The storyline was passed around between several writers, before being resolved controversially and in a way that left a gaping Plot Hole. Eventually, Roger Stern was brought back to write the miniseries Hobgoblin Lives after editors were made aware of said Plot Hole, which undid the previous resolution and told the story as Stern originally intended.
  • Marvel launched a Fix Fic aimed at one of comics' greatest dork ages, the Spider-Man Clone Saga, a six-part series named, appropriately, Spider-Man: The REAL Clone Saga. It's written by Tom DeFalco, who was one of the editors of the original disaster and purports to "explore the story as it was originally conceived". The mini-series took several liberties and pot-shots at the Saga and later developments in Spider-Man books, climaxing with the message that Peter Parker should be a proud father by this point in his life.
  • Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men can be considered this for Grant Morrison's controversial New X-Men, to which it's framed as a direct sequel. In a few ways:
    • Its basic premise involves the X-Men trying to revamp their image by donning new spandex costumes and acting as superheroes full-time. One of New X-Men's main selling points was the X-Men's decision to trade their colorful spandex costumes for black leather, which went along with Morrison's plan to distance the book from the superhero genre.
    • One of the earliest scenes in the run has Logan calling Scott out for sleeping with Emma immediately after Jean's death—which was one of the most criticized plot points of Morrison's run.
    • It has Kitty raise the possibility that Emma is manipulating Scott's mind, likely a reaction to the fact that Emma basically was doing that in Morrison's run. He also explains Emma's spoiled attitude during New X-Men as the results of...
      • A) PTSD from living through the Genosha incident.
      • B) Being psychically manipulated by Cassandra Nova as part of a Batman Gambit to free herself.
    • It includes a tense meeting between Scott and Nick Fury, where Scott calls Fury out for the superhero community's failure to respond to the Sentinels' attack on Genosha, which killed almost 16 million mutants—calling attention to the dodgy implications of Morrison's decision to ignore all other Marvel superheroes during his run on X-Men.
  • The first series of Angel and Faith is often regarded as an attempt to rationalize events in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic series, which received a decidedly mixed reception at the time.
  • Convergence undid much of the damage created by Justice League: Cry for Justice, Rise of Arsenal and Titans: Villains for Hire towards Arsenal, Lian Harper, and the fourth Atom Ryan Choi.
    • Convergence: The Atom resurrected Ryan Choi by revealing part of him was trapped in the subatomic universe after his death at the hands of Deathstroke's team. Ray Palmer is able to give Ryan a new body by sacrificing the mass in his hand, and Deathstroke gets the crap kicked out of him after the previous Titans volume ended with him being a Karma Houdini for Ryan's death.
    • Convergence: Titans featured Arsenal trying to atone for his past actions after he became a heroin-abusing knife wielding antihero following his mutilation and the death of his daughter Lian at the hands of Prometheus. Along the way his friendship and good standing with the rest of the Titans is restored, and Lian is revived by way of being pulled out of the timestream by the villain Dreamslayer from just before her death. As an added bonus, Word of God proclaims that Roy's worst actions while on Deathstroke's team had been erased.
  • Titans Hunt (2015) reinserts the classic Teen Titans into the New 52 continuity after Scott Lobdell's controversial run established Tim Drake's Titans as the very first incarnation of the team.
  • Mark Millar had went on record saying that the first and second story arcs of Ultimate X-Men were what he wanted the plots for the first and second X-Men films to have been.
  • The My Little Pony: Friends Forever issue about Rainbow Dash and Soarin attempted to fix the problems of the episode Rainbow Falls. In that episode, the leader of the Wonderbolts, Spitfire, tried to replace Soarin with Dash for their Equestria Game team after he hurt his wing since they had a better chance at winning with her on their team. Fans didn't like how Soarin just brushed aside the act as well as Spitfire's attitude over the situation. The issue however shows that it did affect Soarin greatly, especially after he flubs a flight routine, and runs off to a mountain making deliveries for an outpost. Dash goes to find him and eventually he reveals he did have resentment over what happened and doesn't think Spitfire cares for him. He's proven wrong when Spitfire comes to the mountain herself and personally apologizes for her actions.
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog: When Ian Flynn took over as head writer for the book, he undid a lot of the nonsensical mess that Karl Bollers and Ken Penders left after their departure that were unpopular with the fans. Namely getting Shadow away from Eggman and letting him be a hero, dumbing down the love triangles (particularly Sonic losing Fiona Fox by making her a traitor to the Freedown Fighters) and, most notably, dialing back the roles of the echinias after they had become such a main focus of the book for a good chuck of the series, allowing other characters to regain the spotlight again.
  • The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) miniseries Pink acts like one for the "Dear John" Letter seen in the Power Rangers Zeo episode "There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part I", revealing that Kimberly felt that her and Tommy were growing apart and wanted different things from life, revealing there was no other guy.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • This was more or less the intention with the 2008 film adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited. Despite being considered a modern classic that deals with homosexuality and religion, Waugh, who was a Catholic convert, had a very conservative theological view and comes out in favour of a God Is Good moral. The 1981 miniseries, despite being adapted by an atheist, kept motif because he admired how well Waugh worked the themes of grace into the text. The 2008 film, by the screenwriters and director's own admission, attempted to update the story to modern sensibilities with the homo-eroticism made less ambiguous. The screenwriter even admitted that "it will upset purists". A very explicit change is that it treats God and Catholicism as the villains of the story. Lady Marchmain in particular went from a more sympathetic, complex character to a downright villain (though played well by Emma Thompson). A lot of fans of the book, even those who have the same views of the filmmakers, did not appreciate the changes. In addition to this it should be noted that the movie's failure at the box-office could also be attributed to an Unpleasable Fanbase who automatically held the 1981 British serial as superior.
  • The film of Roald Dahl's The Witches could be seen as a controversial example, given that Dahl himself was upset at the writers inserting a character who, at the end found the boys and turned them back from mice to humans, going against the explicit ending of the book. Lukewarm reviews did not help either.
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past uses a Cosmic Retcon involving time-travel to undo some of the more unpopular plot points from X-Men: The Last Stand, and it takes special care to give a wide range of characters their own subplots—Mystique, Beast and Professor Xavier noticeably take center-stage far more often than they did in previous movies—to answer criticisms about Wolverine constantly hogging the focus from other characters. By the end of the movie, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Professor Xavier are alive again, Rogue and Bobby are still together, Rogue has her powers back, and Jean and Cyclops are back to Official Couple status.
  • 20th Century Fox's Deadpool (2016) spin-off is practically a public apology to the fanbase for mangling the character beyond all recognition in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The best part? They practically admit it in the reveal trailer, with Deadpool openly mocking the studio for having "inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut the first time". In the full uncensored trailer, you just know that they're doing their damnedest to get it right this time when the Merc with a Mouth mocks his actor's past roles, draws cartoons, drops F-bombs, dances to hip-hop music, and guns down mooks in his classic red suit. Hell, the very existence of a Red Band trailer was basically an assurance to the fans that they wouldn't be watering Deadpool down for the kiddies. Hell, in the second film, Wade travels back in time and kills his X-Men Origins: Wolverine era self.
  • Tim Burton's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a low-key Fix Fic for both the original novel and the earlier film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Though it's faithful to the source material in most respects, one notable difference is that it drastically reimagines the characters of Violet Beauregard and Mike Teavee. In both the book and the original film, the four other children are all supposed to be anthropomorphic personifications of various vices and evils common among children, making Charlie Bucket stand out as an idealized paragon of virtue. While it certainly works for the fat and gluttonous Augustus Gloop and the materialistic spoiled brat Veruca Salt, it's a little more questionable with Violet (who likes to chew gum) and Mike (who watches too much TV). As quite a few viewers and critics have pointed out over the years, excessive gum-chewing and TV-watching might be slightly unhealthy habits, but they're ultimately just that; neither is really a sign of bad moral character. Burton's version apparently picked up on that fact, and instead chose to portray Violet as an egotistical Competition Freak with a Stage Mom, and to portray Mike as an Insufferable Genius with anger issues. While both still have their vices from the book, they're just symptoms of their deeper issues; Violet constantly chews gum because she takes pride in beating a World Record for gum-chewing, and Mike constantly plays video games as an outlet for his rage (and presumably because he has No Social Skills, and has few friends).
  • Captain America: Civil War changes some of the finer points of Marvel's Civil War crossover to make it work better within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also to fix some aspects of it that were criticized by fans. As many readers argued, the storyline started with a genuinely interesting ethical debate about the conflict between freedom and security, but the actual "civil war" depended on both sides acting impulsive and bullheaded, and on throwing punches at their friends instead of working their issues out. In the movie, Tony and Steve's conflict starts with a debate over a Super Registration Act, but Steve doesn't go rogue over it: he goes rogue to protect his old war buddy Bucky Barnes from an international manhunt after he's framed for a terrorist bombing. And though Tony does answer the call when the government asks him to bring Steve in, their conflict reaches its apex when Tony discovers that Bucky was the one who murdered his parents, but Steve remains determined to protect him since Bucky was Brainwashed and Crazy at the time. The movie preserves the ethical debates that sparks the conflict, but it makes the conflict itself much more personal, making it easier to forgive the characters for letting their passions get the better of them.
    • Thor: Ragnarok makes a point of undoing the widely disliked premise of Planet Hulk, that Iron Man and a number of other superheroes fed up with dealing with the Hulk, shoot him into space to get rid of him so they can implement registration without his interference. Here, the Hulk leaves the team to go solo for a bit, but winds up lost in space due to mechanical failure and the heroes have no idea what happened to him.
  • The film adaption of The Dark Tower is shaping up to be one with one tweet by Stephen King of the Horn of Eld, the only thing capable of ending the Stable Time Loop the literary Roland is trapped in.
  • The film version of Kick-Ass 2 toned down Motherfucker more deplorable traits in the comic. Namely shooting Colonal Stars & Stripes dog to which he flatly refuses (even lampshaded when Mother Russia suggests it: "Christ, I'm not that evil!") and raping Night Bitch which in the film he attempted but comically had "performance issues" as it were. Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse was more than pleased with this, having read the source material and being horrifed at his character's actions.
  • The film of My Sister's Keeper does away with the Cruel Twist Ending of the novel.
  • House of Dark Shadows was closer to Dan Curtis's original vision for the series, with a purely evil Barnabas, which Jonathan Frid did not enjoy playing.
  • The second live action film of Death Note chose to do this by having L win. Sure, he still dies, but it's through Heroic Sacrifice rather than Light's treachery, and in the process exposes Light as Kira before he dies. This has the side effect of excising the entire second arc, and having both Misa and Soichiro Spared by the Adaptation: the only tradeoff is now Soichiro knows just how much a monster Light was.
  • Bride and Prejudice does this with two plot points from Pride and Prejudice due to being a modern Setting Update.
    • In the book Wickham runs off with Lydia, nearly ruining her, and Darcy pays for them to be married (as it's the only way to salvage everyone's reputation). Here Wickham gets beaten up by Darcy and given an Armour-Piercing Slap from the Elizabeth and Lydia analogues.
    • Charlotte accepts Mr Collins's proposal even though she can't stand him, because she feels she has no better prospects. Here he's shown to be generally well-meaning, and they grow to be happy. Word of God is that this was changed so as not to have them trapped in a loveless marriage.
  • A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints is loosely based on the director's own memoirs. In real life, his teenage girlfriend Laurie died of AIDS before he returned to his hometown. The film shows her alive and well, leaving the possibility of them possibly reconnecting.
  • Atonement makes this even more obvious than the book, which hinted that Briony might be an Unreliable Narrator. The film contains a Distant Finale to when Briony is talking about publishing a novel based on her experiences where the scene she visits Robbie and Cecilia living in a London flat is revealed to be made up. Both Robbie and Cecilia died during the war and they ultimately couldn't be together because of Briony's meddling. So she wrote the book as a way to give them the happiness she took from them.
  • By Word of God, The Shape of Water is Guillermo del Toro's Fix Fic for Creature from the Black Lagoon, in which he shipped Kay/Gill Man.
  • John Wayne and Howard Hawk hated High Noon so much that they made Rio Bravo as their response. In their view, rather than a sheriff who runs around asking for help, only to be denied by his entire community, the sheriff in Rio Bravo stands firm against the danger and receives help from brave members of his community.

  • Mercedes Lackey's The Black Swan is either a fix-fic or an alternate ending for Swan Lake, wherein Odile is Baron von Rothbart's dutiful daughter and does not realize until it's too late that he means to betray her to hurt Odette. Ultimately, she strikes down her own father, saves the lovers, and gives everyone an unambiguously happy ending.
  • Chapter's Due, Graham McNeill's sixth Ultra Marines novel, is something of a fixfic for the 5th edition fluff for the Space Marines Codex. It acknowledges that the Ultramarines do make mistakes, and that while they are some of the finest warriors in the Imperium, other chapters are still better than them at some things.
  • The Cold Solution by Don Sakers provides a solution to the unwinnable scenario of "The Cold Equations" by Tom Godwin. (This is not to say that the original story doesn't have its flaws — in fact, the author didn't like the ending, either, and repeatedly "[came] up with ingenious ways to save the girl", only for the editor to reject them.)
  • Doctor Who Expanded Universe
    • In the Doctor Who New Adventures novel Warlock, the Doctor and his companions adopt a kitten and name him Chichester. In a gratutious Kick the Dog moment to ensure It's Personal, the villains steal the kitten and subsequently kill him. In the later novel The City of the Dead, we're told that during the amnesia arc the Doctor catnapped Chichester and took him to live with a Welsh couple, although he wasn't sure why. (Note that this does nothing for the stolen animals that weren't named.)
    • The novel War of the Daleks is a fix fic of "Remembrance of the Daleks", which ends up retconning everything from "Destiny of the Daleks" onwards in order to justify its claim that the destruction of Skaro never happened. This proved unpopular, since few EDA readers considered "Remembrance" to be broken in the first place, and would prefer to think "War" never happened, or that the Dalek Prime was lying.
  • The Gaunt's Ghosts and Ciaphas Cain series are, essentially, the result of injecting the Warhammer 40,000 setting with an enormous does of optimism and competence. Yes, there is always a new horror lurking around the corner and brutal death and destruction are everyday facts of life, but even after ten millenia of constant war the Imperium is still filled with brave men and women that are willing and able to defend the innocent against the scum of the galaxy. The former series even saw a reinvisioning of the Imperial Guard, lifting them out of complete and total Red Shirt status, and into Mauve Shirt or even Men of Sherwood status within the fluff.
  • There are at least two different books that undo the Downer Ending of Let's Go Play at the Adams'.
  • Mostly Harmless, the fifth book in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, ended with most of the main characters being killed off. Douglas Adams was going to write a sixth book to undo this, but he died before he could. Eventually, in 2009, Eoin Colfer wrote an official fix-fic: And Another Thing...
  • Connie Willis's Remake has one of the characters work in a place called "Happy Endings" which can "re-do" the endings to sad movies and make them happy. The main character thinks this is stupid, especially since their end to Casablanca would involve Ilsa's husband dying and her and Rick embracing, meaning the Nazis would kill them. At the end, however, he comes up with a better happy ending to Casablanca: a Distant Finale, where after the war is over, Ilsa (her husband dead) returns to the ruins of Rick's Bar and meets him.
  • The Road to Avalon by Joan Wolf reads like one for the King Arthur legends. Morgan le Fay and Arthur are Childhood Friends and each other's true loves, only kept apart due to their being too closely related. Morgan isn't evil, and neither is their son Mordred. Arthur accepts Guinevere's adultery with Bedwyr (a Composite Character of Bedivere and Lancelot) since he cannot love her himself, and becomes their Secret Keeper. When Camelot comes crashing down it's none of their fault.
  • The Adventure of the Empty House was essentially a fix-fic for Sherlock Holmes - after so many complaining fans and having a need for money, Doyle brought Holmes back to life, retconning what happened at Reichenbach and justifying the retcon admirably.
  • Love, Stargirl, the 2007 sequel to Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl, effectively retcons away the Distant Finale the first book provided, ending on a massive Hope Spot for the reunion of Leo and Stargirl.
  • The Star Wars Legends seem to have certain authors as on-call repairmen:
  • Isaac Asimov wrote a short story, "The Up-to-date Sorcerer", that serves as a Fix Fic to the ending of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta The Sorcerer. The characters, all familiar with the operetta, find themselves in an identical situation, discard the solution used in the play as unworkable, and come up with a better way to resolve the dilemma. At least one modern production of The Sorcerer has used Asimov's ending instead of the original.
    • Marvin Kaye's novel The Incredible Umbrella has Wells reveal that he faked his self-sacrifice while dispelling the love-potion mess, in order to avoid having to deal with dissatisfied customers.
  • As mentioned in the fanfic examples for Wicked, the musical is basically a fixfic for the book. Elphaba and Fiyero don't die and get to live happily ever after, albeit in exile; Madame Morrible and the Wizard get their proper comeuppance when Glinda has them arrested and exiled, respectively; Boq and Fiyero become the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow, respectively, giving the play's plot a stronger connection to The Wizard of Oz; etc.
  • The Heroes novella 'Saving Charlie' appears to be one at first where Hiro saves Charlie, but ultimately, it's just a more in-depth look at their relationship which ends with him going back to future. The interesting thing is Hiro did go back try to save her again in the series and ended up being successful, but the actress was on another series and the relationship was sunk for something else.
  • Gary Paulsen's Brian's Winter is a What If? follow-up to Hatchet that gives the book an entirely different ending. According to Word of God, it was written to appease the kids who were disappointed with the original book's Deus ex Machina ending, where Brian recovers his plane's emergency radio transmitter, and a rescue pilot takes him back to civilization before he's forced to endure the brutal Canadian winter. In the alternate continuity, Brian remains stranded in the Canadian wilderness when winter hits, and he's forced to develop a whole new array of survival techniques to avoid freezing to death.
  • William Peter Blatty, author of the novel The Exorcist and writer of the screenplay for its film adaptation, felt that Exorcist II: The Heretic did such a disservice to his work that it motivated him to write the sequel novel Legion, despite having originally intended The Exorcist to be a self-contained, standalone story. For good measure, he also wrote and directed the film adaptation of Legion, titled The Exorcist III, which (like Legion) pretended that The Heretic never happened.

    Live-Action TV 
  • A Blake's 7 example that seems likely: the episode "The Harvest Of Kairos", written by an author whose general work suggests serious problems with women, had Servalan suddenly and unconvincingly becoming a lust-crazed masochistic doormat to a ridiculously over-the-top Villain Stu. Two years later Tanith Lee scripted an episode called "Sand" in which a very similar character appears, lusts after her, gets squashed by her with barely any effort, and dies pathetically.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Over the course of 30 years, nearly every Doctor Who TV storyline was adapted into novelisations. This often allowed writers - especially those who wrote the original scripts - to revise and enhance elements of their stories in ways that couldn't be done when they were broadcast. The most extreme case was The Massacre where the original writer novelised his first draft of the script, ignoring all the changes later made at the producers' request. In recent years, Audio GO has put out audio book readings of many of these novelisations; at least two (as of 2013) have been brand-new, rewritten works crafted for audio by the original scriptwriters in lieu of the original novels which were written by house writers.
    • Some of the books in particular rewrite bits of Fanon Discontinuity for Fan Wank reasons. For instance, the Sixth Doctor's very random, stupid and slightly mean-spirited death has two books providing an improved reasoning - one is turned into a noble sacrifice after having his life force drained by a malevolent pan-dimensional being, and the other is engineered by the Chessmaster Seventh Doctor to ensure his own existence. A forthcoming release from Big Finish will have the 6th Doctor's regeneration fleshed out as well, in "The Last Adventure". Romana's odd and arbitrary regeneration sequence is changed into a shapeshifter imitating her form (in "The Lying Old Witch In The Wardrobe"). Big Finish Doctor Who has two versions for Romana's regeneration, which are explained here.
    • The episode "The Name of the Doctor" has a montage of various Great Intelligence and Clara splinters fixing the Doctor's timeline in old episodes. Most of the episodes chosen to do this with are notoriously bad ones, most notably the much-maligned Literal Cliffhanger in "Dragonfire" where the Doctor dangles himself off a cliff for no reason - the re-edit shows that he's leapt off the cliff to escape the malevolent presence torturing him...
    • As the Expanded Universe doesn't have to contend with the popularism and limited special effects budget of the television series, this enables it to give Doctors adventures that they never could have had on camera due to being far too expensive, or impossible to show with the technology at the time, or really interesting stories too slow or dark or weird to appease its target audience.
    • In the late 1970s, there was a line of toy dolls based on the series, all of which were heinously Off-Model - the Doctor had a totally different face due to being a repurposed from an unpopular figure of a different actor dressed in the Doctor's clothes, Leela had a massive frizzy hairstyle, the K-1 Robot was a strange triangle shape, the Cyberman had a nose, and so on. As the revival series has boosted the merchandising budget, a range of 'retro figures' was released based on the 70s toy line, keeping similar proportions and the same soft-clothed appearance but drastically improving the quality of the sculpts, as well as expanding the range to include other popular Tom Baker-era villains (some dating from after the toy line) like Morbius, Scaroth, Styre, the undead Master from "The Deadly Assassin" and so on.
    • One of the major criticisms of the first Eighth Doctor Adventures book, The Eight Doctors, is that it's pretty much just a whip through every continuity niggle Terrance Dicks introduced in his scripts and a retcon for them all. (Most were trivial things into the bargain, like the Doctor's Alien Blood in "State of Decay".)
  • Saturday Night Live's "lost ending" to It's a Wonderful Life is essentially a professional Fix Fic intended to eliminate Mr. Potter's Karma Houdini. Basically, the townsfolk discover he double-crossed George Bailey, form a mob and go after Potter, who is revealed to not even really be a cripple. It ends with them singing "Auld Lang Syne" as they savagely beat him.
  • The licensed Star Trek books of the so-called Star Trek Novel Verse gives us the String Theory trilogy, which fixes up Star Trek: Voyager: Why is Captain Janeway so out of character at the beginning of Season Five, and other points later on? Why did the Nacene Caretaker species not show up after season two? Why is Voyager in top condition as of the later seasons despite dwindling supplies? Why did Kes suddenly turn bitter and evil in "Fury"? This trilogy fills in all the gaps, and helps make Voyager's continuity a lot easier to swallow. However, some readers have suggested that the answers given here are weirder than the possible plot holes they try to plug, others that the things being fixed weren’t too much of a distraction anyway.
  • Much of Star Trek: Enterprise fandom was very unhappy with the series finale "These Are The Voyages", but one aspect in particular is largely regarded as Fanon Discontinuity: Trip Tucker's death. One of the Star Trek: Enterprise Relaunch novels, The Good That Men Do, explained that the above event was a hoax propagated by The Federation for centuries and that he had actually gone undercover with the Romulans.
  • Feud: Bette & Joan has a quasi-example in the feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The final episode has a scene where Bette attends a party Joan is throwing, and the two iron out their difference and Joan offers that they start over. It turns out it's just an Imagine Spot for the slightly-senile Joan.

  • A rare musical example: The iconic truck driving song Teddy Bear by Red Sovine, about a parapalegic boy who lost his truck driving father and spends his day talking to truckers on his CB radio at home, had a sequel by Nev Nicholls, in which Teddy dies. Red apparently wasn't happy with this, and made a third song where Teddy miraculously survives and regains use of his legs and becomes a trucker himself.

    Pro Wrestling 

  • Doctor Who:
    • Nicholas Briggs states that he explicitly wrote the audio drama The Energy of the Daleks as a fixfic — he realized that Tom Baker never got a straight classic Dalek adventure, instead being the first Doctor to have all of his Dalek stories overshadowed by Davros. So, he gave Tom a Dalek tale that was Davros-free.
    • Similarly, The Spectre of Lanyon Moor was written to give the Sixth Doctor and the Brigadier a proper adventure together since (outside of the non-canon "Dimensions in Time") the two never met on-screen.
    • The Big Finish audios often rescue wasted characters and Ensemble Dark Horse figures, with the Sixth Doctor being the primary beneficiary (as the then-incumbent Seventh and Eighth Doctors had popular book lines that fleshed them out a lot, but the then-past Sixth Doctor had to share his novels with five other more popular Doctors). Another repaired character is Susan, a character so disastrously written that her actress became the first ever companion to leave the show, gets a much more nuanced characterisation in both her stories with her original Doctor and as the companion for the Eighth. Some of the Unfortunate Implications in Leela being Put on a Bus by having her Strangled by the Red String and leave to marry a Gallifreyan are also undone in the Gallifrey series, which is about her and Romana getting involved in Deadly Decadent Court political machinations.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The RPG of The Dresden Files book series has a section listing characters who have appeared in the novels. One of them is mentioned as "not coming back" after being mind raped beyond repair. The book suggests that a player might find inspiration in having that character, or one like her, recover anyway. In the margin comments, Harry Dresden is torn between being angry at the situation being treated lightly, and hopeful that the character might find peace, even if only in the context of a role playing game.

  • Older Than Feudalism, as Euripides wrote Iphigenia in Tauris to have her survive through Deus ex Machina.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child explores the ramifications of Harry and Draco's sons saving Cedric from Voldemort in Harry's fourth year due to the manipulations of Voldemort's daughter. The first time results in a slightly worse timeline (Albus is separated from his best friend Draco, Ron and Hermione aren't married and miserable without knowing why), the second time results in Cedric becoming a Death Eater and murdering Neville, leading to Voldemort having a Horcrux left and killing Harry, ruling unopposed over Britain. A final attempt sees everyone go even further back to the night Harry became an orphan to stop Voldemort's daughter preventing Voldemort's destruction. In the end, everything returns to the main timeline, with the added bonus of Harry and Draco making peace, and Harry and Albus bonding.
  • King Lear's original ending was so depressing to audiences in Shakespeare's time that a new happier ending was created - where Cordelia survives and marries Edgar. The original, more tragic ending didn't make a comeback until after World War II.

    Video Games 
  • As is Below the Root for the huge mistake author Zilpha Keatley Snyder acknowledged herself to have made at the end of the Green-Sky Trilogy. Probably also the first video game canon sequel to a book.
  • Dragon Quest IV had one added to its DS remake. The first five chapters play out as they did in the original version. The sixth chapter allows you to revive both the big bad and the elven lady he loved, whose death pushed him to become the ultimate evil. Redeemed by love, the big bad then joins your party and fights beside you to take down one of his flunkies, the one who ordered the elf's death and therefore manipulated him into becoming the ultimate monster.
  • Dynasty Warriors: Gundam functions close to the same as Super Robot Wars but exclusively for Gundam. Where the player takes the place of prominent historical Gundam heros during their battles. With enough skill, one can prevent some of the tragic deaths of these series.
    • The game additionally features an 'Original story' mode that functions as a crossover for most of the series and allows the player to explore the motivations of some of Gundam's classical villains, even in some cases redeeming them.
  • Done in Ever17, where in the best ending, Blick Winkel, the reader, travels back in time to make sure Takeshi and Coco live until the events in 2034.
  • In Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie, destroying enough airplanes and the searchlights during the final level will earn you an alternate ending where Kong survives, is returned to his island and receives a visit from Ann.
  • Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is basically Chris Avellone's Fix Fic (but also a Deconstruction Fic) for the entire Star Wars universe. But it is a Dark Fic in terms of the storyline.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable : Battle of the Aces makes a significant change to the A's continuity; Reinforce Ein survives instead of sacrificing herself for Hayate, but by the end of the story, loses her ability to Unison with Hayate.
    • No, she still has the ability as shown in the sequel Gears of Destiny, but she's still dying. She has enough time to teach Hayate the proper way to use her magic before passing away and helps create Reinforce Zwei before then. Still sad, but much better than what happened to her in canon.
  • On a somewhat meta level, the second Hyperdimension Neptunia game was largely a case of "What could we have done if we hadn't run out of money?", helped along by the first game's True Ending leaving absolutely zero plot threads for a sequel. This is admitted right in the title, with the game branded mk2 instad of a traditional sequel.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable has elements of this towards its parent anime series. Player choices can make it so that the outcomes of certain Wham Episodes are more favorable than in the anime. The trope can also be inverted, though, by making said choices result in even worse outcomes. For example, the player could save Mami from being killed by Charlotte, only to have her turn into a witch later.
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a visual novel game with a high body count. The creators apparently anticipated this trope, as the original game has a hidden movie where Everyone Lives. The sequel includes an unlockable story called Dangan Ronpa IF, which explains how the hidden movie (could have) happened. Amusingly, IF is written by Ryohgo Narita!
  • Scarface: The World Is Yours is billed as a sequel to the 1983 movie. It begins with the climactic shootout at Tony Montana's mansion as an Action Prologue, and literally the first enemy the player has to kill is Skull, the assassin who shot Tony in the back at the end of the film.
  • Perhaps the single most successful and best-known offical example of Fix Fic is the Super Robot Wars series; they quite often take series that are seen as "good but flawed", such as Neon Genesis Evangelion or Zeta Gundam, and then proceed to "correct" what the fandom (and sometimes the professional critics) identify as narrative problems in the individual stories when making the Massive Multiplayer Crossover plots for the games. Examples include having Shinji become a much more mature, rational person due to more human contact or fixing some of the Character Derailment that affected Gundam SEED Destiny. Other times they simply provide the "best" scenario possible from ambiguous works, such as Amuro and Char surviving their final showdown in Char's Counterattack, or preventing tragic character deaths such as Gai Daigoji or Elpe Puru.
    • Super Robot Wars Z deserves special mention, as the first game fixes the massive Broken Base that is Gundam SEED Destiny by having everyone involved act more intelligently and treats both Kira and Shinn's sides as equally good and heroic. Then Z2 Saisei-Hen went and fixed Code Geass by letting the player decide whether or not to betray Lelouch, and thus ultimately prevent Zero Requiem from happening. On the other hand, Z2 Hakai-hen doesn't let the player prevent the "big three" plotline deaths of Kamina, the original Lockon Stratos, and Euphemia li Britannia. The latter ultimately shows up, alive and well, as Suzaku mopes post-FLEIJA explosion.
    • Another anime that was often considered fixed by the series, aside of SEED Destiny, is Martian Successor Nadesico Prince of Darkness movie, which was widely considered a Franchise Killer and being an incomplete story. When the movie gets into Super Robot Wars, you can always expect the story to continue 'as intended', Akito and Yurika finally get freed from the hell they were suddenly put into and earn themselves their happy end as a loving couple with Akito making efforts to move past his Darker and Edgier persona. The Karma Houdini Warranty treatment on certain villains as noted below are also applied all the time.
    • Keep in mind, at least at first, the whole nature of this trope was for balance reasons, as being too faithful to each series' storyline will definitely cause to end the game with very few characters, especially from series who normally ends with very dark or bittersweet conclusions, but later this become one of the most striking features of the whole franchise.
    • On the other hand, the franchise has go to the opposite direction and they also outright killed characters who are supposed to survive at the end of their series, normally villains who didn't get what they deserve in their original series like The Frost Bros., Haruki Kusakabe and Katejina Loos (through she is portrayed much more sympathetically in most media she appears in and considering what became of her in her own series, death would be a mercy for Katejina).
    • Also, in Banpresto's defense, Kamina's death was entirely justified by the fact that his death has a significant impact on the characters and the storyline rather than the insignificant and pointless deaths like those featured in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.
    • Char Aznable deserves an special mention regarding this as being Char not only one of the most popular characters of the whole Gundam franchise, but also one of the most influential of all anime history, how much of his fate is handled compared with how he ends in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack when he and Amuro dies during the final battle varies depending of the game:
      • In the classical continuity, Char lives because the events of the movie never happens and he still sticks with his Quattro's persona from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
      • The Alpha continuity is the only one when follows the movie continuity and Char finally bites the dust for real, while for obvious reasons Amuro lives. And even then, the reason why he pulled the movie's actions can count as a fix: Rather than the reasoning being 'all of the sudden', Alpha Gaiden gave him a solid reason why he pulled his actions in the movie: after seeing the Black History where mankind continued to gleefully commit mistakes, Char became disillusioned and thought the Axis drop was the only solution to fix it.
      • The Z continuity has an interesting twist of the events of the movie, due of the inclusion of Full Frontal: not only Char survives, but also he has a change of heart as well, and the events of the movie are now carried by Full Frontal instead, so the players are now being able to get rid of him without guilt. In a way, Char's change of heart might be something of a 'fix' from how he ended up in the Alpha continuity. Char witnessed the Black History containing his alternate self doing the Axis Drop, but instead of ending up disillusioned, he became so scared with that vision that he swore to never sink to that kind of low. One Super Dickery stint later, and turns out he kept his word.
      • Super Robot Wars V pulls another twist on this: Unlike previous games, Char is already dead, and not only Full Frontal had a change of heart, but also Jerid Mesa and even Yazan Gable, the latter is an Ax-Crazy psycho with no redeemable features whatsoever.
      • In the Advance continuity: Char never moved past his Quattro persona, but the Axis Drop event became the final stage of the game, except this time it was done by Vindel Mauser and the Shadow Mirrors. Char as Quattro is present in stopping it with the other heroes and when asked why he wouldn't do what he did in the movie, Char's reply was simply "I'm just Quattro Bajeena. That's all."
      • Similarly in T continuity, Char never planned the Axis Drop and was convinced to join the T3 quicker than expected. Still, The Claw used Axis anyway to execute his Time of Happiness plot, and Ame Presbund pins the blame of Axis-dropping to T3, strengthened with the fact that both Char and Haman Karn were amongst the group so it gave the accusations some credibilities since people thought 'That's what Char would've done'. Naturally, Char isn't amused.
    • Super Robot Wars X does this for the Cross Ange plotline, including the ending in the IF Route.
      • While the X-Cross fleet still need to fight against sudden dragon attacks, they're not as frequent as in V and the protagonists aren't interested in ensuring kills.
      • The attack on Arzenal is changed again. Salamandinay's encounters with Wataru draw her to X-Cross' side long before she would have destroyed it. Instead, Embryo recruits the Diamond Rose Knights by stealth, and has them lead an easily-repulsed assault alongside himself, corrupted dragons, and Atlantean forces.
      • After Aura tells her about Embryo, Sylvia’s deep regret causes her to stand up without needing her older sister. After the final battle, she agrees to make amends and they become sisters again.
      • Norma’s Anti-Magic does not counter all magic; it only disrupts Dracunium-based magic used by Mana and the Dragons.
  • The Witcher could be said to have gotten this via its trilogy of video games. The books had a Kill 'Em All ending, with the main characters dying and the world doomed to end in the distant future. The games, however, bring Geralt and Yennefer Back from the Dead and continue the story. And while the games are still very dark Deconstructor Fleets for the fantasy genre, they do include the possibility for the main characters to Earn Their Happy Endings.
  • One criticism of The Lord of the Rings is "why can't the Fellowship ride the Eagles to Mt. Doom and drop the Ring down its caldera?", with the official answer of "Sauron controls literally everything within Mordor, down to the wind itself" being not exactly taken well. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor introduces a creature called a "hell-hawk", a falcon-sized cousin of the Nazgûl's flying steeds that instinctively attack eagles, much like how owls instinctively hate bats.
  • Fate/Grand Order's Fate/Zero event is pretty much an in-character Fix Fic in which an older Waver tries to prevent most of the bad things that happen in the original story via his knowledge of time-travel from an alternate universe.

    Western Animation 
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood is an example of this as Judd Winick, who wrote both the original comics story and this movie, considers the movie the better version.
  • The previously-mentioned Toy Story fix fic plot of reuniting Woody and Bo Peep was officially made canon when John Lasseter announced that this would be the plot of Toy Story 4.
  • You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown, is a Peanuts adaptation that is obviously a fix fic for It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown. After fans protested about Charlie Brown being illogically blamed for Lucy's interference in the football game, we have a story where Charlie Brown in an individual sport, the decathlon, where Lucy cannot interfere. Furthermore, Charlie Brown proves a surprisingly viable competitor with him winning some events, and screws up in a way that is truly his own fault, but no one gives him a hard time for it.
  • The Adventure Time episode "Bun Bun" was this for the infamous episode "The Red Throne", which had Finn acting in a very immature way in order to get back together with Flame Princess. "Bun Bun", meanwhile, shows Finn acting in a very mature manner, apologizing for the events of "Frost & Fire" (which was the reason they broke up in the first place), and also featuring the Finn/Flame Princess ship being refloated a smidge, though for the moment, they're back on good terms. Even if Finn and Flame Princess' part of the episode was the B-plot, it was still universally praised by fans and critics alike for being what "The Red Throne" should've been.
  • Trans-Dimensional Turtles could be seen as this for the Turtles Forever movie. Some fans dislike the movie as they felt it made the 80's turtles look like bumbling idiots who could barely seem to fight to the point it was questioned if the writers had even seen the original show outside one or two episodes. To elaborate, yes; the turtles of the 80's version were Lighter and Softer and very silly in places, but they were still competent heroes who could fight just as well as their later incarnations and knew when to be serious. Turtles Forever, however had them constantly joking, being childish and not taking anything seriously even in the most dire of situations. They hardly seem to know how to fight and, at one point, act like crybabies during the climax when saved from an attack from Ultrom Shredder. This ended up making them all look pitiful in compared to the 2003 version which in turn made the crossover feel very one-sided. In comparison, TransDimensional Turtles has the 2012 turtles meet the 80's ones who're just as capable as their counterparts while still keeping the quirky nature of their series without insulting it, celebrating what makes both versions unique but showcasing that both turtles were still highly formidable despite their tones. Even their obvious Take That!'s, such as making fun of how incompetent the original Krang was (which retcon his origin story) and quirks of the 80's series (Leo saying "Turtle Power", the 80's turtles not directly using their weapons due to parent backlash at the time, etc) is treated with proper respect while at the same time adding lore to the 2012 series and even having a quick visit to the Mirage comic verse (though unlike Turtles Forever, the Mirage Turtles had no lines this time). This made for a much more balanced story and a treat for both new and old fans. It was one of the more better received episodes of the 2012 series because of it and the final arc of the 2012 version, ironically enough, closed out with a last crossover with the 80's turtles.


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