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Not left out just by being from non-traditional media, these bastards show themselves to be every bit as brilliant, adaptive and charming as those found on the other pages.

Fan Works:

  • Anscarid d'Ivrea, the Free Count of France: In this Crusader Kings 2 After-Action Report, Guy d'Ivrea shows how far intelligence, charisma and patience can take somebody. Starting as the ambitious Count of Mâcon, he works to gain power and prestige in an increasingly divided and turbulent France. Becoming House de Bourgogne's chancellor at an early age due to his silver tongue, Guy increases his demesne through private wars and establishes cadet branches for House d'Ivrea. During a long and brutal Civil War, Guy becomes a duke and gains widespread respect among the French. When King Renaud unexpectedly demands Mâcon from Guy and brands him a traitor when he refuses, Guy quickly turns the situation in his favor, defeating him in war and taking the French throne. Now King, Guy works towards France's benefit, expanding its territory and taking steps to safeguard his successors' power. By the time he passes on, Guy has set a good example for his heirs to follow and returned the Anscarid dynasty to its former glory.
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  • Drakigo: Once the leader of the Transylvanian knights, Shego Dracula forsakes god and willingly becomes a vampire after her beloved Elizabeta kills herself. Years after killing the vampire that turned her, Shego tricks Ronald Stoppable into selling her a house. Turning him over to her brides, Shego journeys to London and runs into Stoppable's fiance, Kimberly. Determined to woo Kimberly, Shego takes her on dates and eventually turns her friend Monique into a vampire after feeding on her. Upon being betrayed and wounded, Shego is prepared to fight to the death. Snarky and clever, Shego manages to live the rest of her life with her beloved.
  • Code Lyoko fanfiction The Games of Moriarty : Jérémie The Eternal and Omnipotent is the result of Moriarty's mind-rape of Jérémie in the first chapter and Jérémie being kicked out of the group for releasing XANA from William's mind. Becoming obsessed with destroying Moriarty at all costs, Jérémie creates the "Holmes" program to do so. When he realizes Holmes is also damaging the entire Internet (thus causing bugs and damaging the nations' relations with each other), he reasons that he must become humanity's guide/god/master to ensure that they stop fighting each other. As such, when Holmes is on the brink of starting a nuclear war, Jérémie plans to virtualize himself in the Network, destroy Holmes, Moriarty and Odd (Moriarty's unwilling minion), and then conquer the world as he would be seen as humanity's savior, all of this while remaining under the radar. When his former teammates discover his evil plan, Jérémie uses the power he previously gave himself to easily defeat them, despite them having Moriarty's help. His failure was only caused by errors he made dues to his insanity. As smart as he was unstoppable, Jérémie's short villainous moments left a permanent mark on his teammates, the entire world and Moriarty's plans.
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  • The Impossible Series, by Totally Not Mark: Oolong, wishing to take over the multiverse, devises a plan to overthrow Zeno, and kill Whis before he can stop him. After stealing the Dragon Balls to gain knowledge of any language right under Bulma's nose, Oolong waits for the Dragon Balls to be gathered before stealing them again. Transforming into Frieza to make the Z-Fighters think he's responsible, Oolong wishes for Bulma to be aged rapidly until she dies of natural causes, ensuring that she can't be revived with the Earth or Namekian Dragon Balls, as well as having all of the Z-Fighters unable to control their Ki to prevent them from informing Beerus and Whis in time for Whis to revert Bulma's death. When the group decides to use the Super Dragon Balls to revive Bulma, Oolong convinces them to let him come along by acting as a mourning friend. When Whis summons Super Shenron, Oolong interrupts Whis by transforming into Zeno, and taking the wish for himself, wishing to become more powerful than Zeno. He then kills Whis before going on to take over the multiverse. Making sure he remains under the radar, Oolong gets away with everything he wanted.
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  • No More Turnabout: The polite and playful Henry Cooldown is the true murderer behind the crime that his twin brother, Travis Touchdown, finds himself framed for. Worried that Travis's relationship with Henry's ex-wife, Sylvia Christel, will lead Travis down to ruin, Henry formulates a plan to make Travis believe Sylvia was the one who framed him for the murder, and lead to the end of their relationship. Henry hires renowned assassin, Shelly de Killer, to attack Diane Heifer at the cemetery and make it seem as if the true crime scene occurred there before having him bring her body to the video store for Henry to murder. Henry then poses as an assistant and bodyguard to Phoenix Wright after saving his life from hitmen who Henry himself hired, and subtly leads Phoenix and Maya to misleading pieces of evidence. Henry successfully manages to put Sylvia under suspicion by having de Killer fake a slip-up about his client's identity. Even after Phoenix discovers that Henry is the murderer, Henry nearly gets away with his crimes by presenting proof of an alibi at the time the murder was thought to occur at the cemetery. When finally defeated, Henry accepts defeat with dignity and openly admits to being wrong when he finds out that Sylvia truly cares for his brother.
  • Pokemon Kanto Origins: In this fanmade game that serves as an homage to the first generation, Giovanni is the Boss of the Team Rocket and leader of the Viridian City Gym. Part of the Ancient Conspiracy of the Elite Four to control the region, Giovanni wishes to restore Kanto's former glory by any means. Creating Mewtwo as the first step of a series of experiments to create stronger Pokemon, Giovanni manipulates the Player Character to be his beta-tester while slowly becoming fond of him. Intending to overthrow the Elite Four, Giovanni invades the Indigo Plateau with his most loyal followers, dedicated to slowing the player as much as possible. A Graceful Loser as in the original games, Giovanni is partially aware of the fictional nature of the Protagonist and congratulates him for his victory against him, allowing the player character to defy the ultimate being, the Kanto Spirit.


  • Nick Cave: The titular Man from "Red Right Hand" is a mysterious figure who emerges from the storm to those who have lost hope and faith in their dreams, helping to rekindle them with his charisma and charm, doing favors and helping to enrich them with whatever they need, bringing fame to his name all across the land, renowned as a "god, ghost, man and guru". Far from being benevolent however, everything he does is designed to lay the stages for a "catastrophic plan" of which all his beneficiaries are just small cogs from, with the song warning us that everything has been "designed and directed by his Red Right Hand".
  • The Protomen: Dr. Albert Wily, as portrayed in Act II: The Father of Death, is the former comrade of Thomas Light. Wily manipulates Light into activating his machines. He kills Light's girlfriend Emily Stanton and uses his charisma and knowledge of the city to convince the city to convict Light for her murder. After Light is out of the picture, Wily slowly makes the city reliant on his machines for even their most basic functions. Light and his new protege Joe attempt to defeat Wily by destroying his radio transmitter, and Wily simply reveals that he has another, before declaring martial law to stop the "terrorists", effortlessly conquering the city without lifting a single finger.


  • Ruby Quest: The creepy, perpetually-grinning fox named Red is one of the few survivors in the Metal Glen when Ruby and Tom awake and an eccentric ally to them before he's later found dead. As logs show, Red was actually the chief diagnostician of the Metal Glen who offered the "cure" for blindness to begin with — before realizing before anyone else it had horrible, mutative effects on the subjects and even the staff. With all his attempts to escape the cure failing and realizing the entire Metal Glen has fallen victim to the whims of a hideous pagan god, Red, even driven to insanity, retains enough cleverness that he orchestrates a wait to kill himself without the cure bringing him back, utterly destroying his body and cheating the eldritch god out of his body — all while Ruby and Tom never suspect a thing.

Visual Novels:

  • Ace Attorney:
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Damon Gant, once a legendary police officer, murders a prosecutor to pin the crime on a criminal and ensure his rise to chief of police. Gant also has his old partner installed as the head of the prosecutor's office, having clandestinely framed her sister as the murderer years ago, so he can control both the police and the prosecution, using blackmail on his old partner Lana. When a detective reopens the old case, Gant murders him and has Lana stab the corpse, resulting in her being framed, and Gant knowing she'll plead guilty to protect her sister. Despite his crimes, Gant operates with nothing short of whimsical good nature and accepts his defeat with good humor, claiming that at the end, he can leave the defense of the law to his rivals and one day they will understand the need to rise higher by any means to protect the law as a whole.
    • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth:
      • Original game: Years before the events of the game, the nameless spy for the Cohdopian smuggling ring created the fake identity of a playful defense attorney named Calisto Yew, pretending to be the sister of a woman murdered by the smuggling ring. She acted as one of the three members of the group, Yatagarasu, who were investigating the smuggling ring, with intentions to sabotage the group from the inside. She sets up prosecutor Byrne Faraday to be accused of being the Yatagarasu by criminal, Mack Rell, before murdering them both, quickly placing suspicion on Detective Gumshoe when deduced that the two couldn’t have killed each other. Even when Edgeworth reveals that she’s the true murderer, the spy manages to trick Edgeworth into giving her the Yatagarasu’s key, her true objective, before escaping arrest. Later creating the persona of Shih-na, an enigmatic right hand woman to Shi-Long Lang, the spy acted as a mole within Interpol, and leaked information to the smuggling ring. When Quercus Alba murders the traitorous Manny Coachen, the spy creates a fire in order for the two to move the corpse between embassies to create confusion of where the crime scene occured. After Shi-Long Lang saves her life from Tyrell Badd, the spy gracefully accepts defeat and out of gratitude, gives information to Edgeworth to help him discover the truth about the case.
      • Gyakuten Kenji 2: The nefarious yet affable Simon Keyes, a circus animal trainer, poses as an innocent defendant while truly manipulating the entire game's events from the shadows. In the first two cases, Keyes sees to it an assassination attempt on the president's body double is foiled; and convinces Miles Edgeworth to go against the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee (PIC) and defend him in court. Intercepting the correspondence between a blind assassin and a friend who had betrayed him, Keyes tricks a woman into killing his former friend. In the fourth case Keyes sets up the Chairman of the PIC to kill an attorney, then have Miles—who has been stripped of his Prosecutor Badge—defend the amnesiac Kay Faraday for the murder. Even when defeated by Miles in the end, Keyes congratulates his Worthy Opponent and ultimately succeeds in "taking care of" all of his own and Dogen's enemies.
    • Dai Gyakuten Saiban duology: Hart Vortex, a Faux Affably Evil mastermind who is also the Chief Justice of England. Despite being the main villain of the duology, his motives aren't revealed until the second game, as before that he's a seemingly good Reasonable Authority Figure. Vortex's main goal is to purge England of crime. In order to do this, he creates a serial killer known as "The Professor" killing his way to the top, and covers it all up by blaming Genshin Asougi, Kazuma's father. Warning Genshin he will be unable to see his family again, Genshin accepts a guilty verdict, unwittingly receiving the death penalty. He aimed to kill his two accomplices to prevent them from talking. He sent Ann Sasha (known to Japan as Jezail Brett) to kill the fake John A. Watson, while he raised Kazuma; who was thought to be dead, into a prosecutor and ordered him to kill Tobias Gregson, the detective. When that failed, his Japanese accomplice Seishirou Jigoku killed Gregson instead. In spite of being behind a lot of the game, and having lots of blood on his hands, Hart Vortex never deviates from his well-intentioned goal of a crime-free England. After he is defeated by Ryunnosuke Naruhodo and Sherlock Holmes, Vortex accepts defeat gracefully and is arrested and demoted from his position. In the end despite willing to do anything to get there, Vortex really did want what was best for England.
  • Demonbane: Therion, master of the Black Lodge, is a powerful Sorcerer and the head of the elite Anticross unit. Skillfully manipulating the heroes, Kuro Daijuji and the Hado group, while also bringing Arkham City to its knees, Therion manipulates the rest of Anticross, knowing they intend to turn on and kill him. Playing them and returning from the dead to seize his plans back, Therion reveals his intention is to use Cthulhu himself to shatter the universe and end the cycle of fate he has been bound to before engaging Kuro in a last, epic battle for the fate of reality.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club!: Monika is the president of the Literature Club who gains Medium Awareness through her position of power. Unsatisfied with being the one girl whom the player is unable to romance, she takes matters into her own hands, manipulating the game's files to bring out the worst traits in the other girls to make them less appealing. When this doesn't work and the player reaches the end without spending time with her, she restarts the game with fewer girls, reworking the game mechanics so the player has no choice but to choose her. When she finally gets the player all to herself, she shows herself to be a perfectly decent being who's just desperate for real attention and genuinely wants to befriend the player. When her powers end up being used against her, she immediately restores her clubmates, having kept their files' backups, and swoops in to rescue the player if her successor attempts to abuse their power as club president as she did.
  • Fate/stay night: In Fate/Zero, Kirei Kotomine finally embraces the evil within himself after a lifetime of struggle with his condition of only finding joy in evil but having enough of a conscience to know right from wrong, betraying and murdering his master Tokiomi Tohsaka. Manipulating the church and other sorcerers for years after while keeping the Servant Gilgamesh intact. Kirei proceeds to manipulate the Fifth Grail War, playing everyone to assist him getting the Grail in each route. Kirei intends to summon Angra Mainyu, the being behind the Grail itself to ask it about the purpose of his existence, even if it destroys him or the world. Kirei manipulates everyone with an unmistakable sense of charm, frequently showing himself as the most compelling villain of the Fate franchise.
  • Hotel Dusk: Room 215: Brian Bradley betrayed the NYPD to work for the crime syndicate, NILE, after they kidnapped his sister. Deciding to betray NILE after he feels sympathy for a man whose daughter they kidnapped, Bradley murders one of his criminal associates and steals the "Angel Opening the Door" painting from them. Surviving being shot by his former NYPD partner, Kyle Hyde, who discovers his criminal ties, Bradley goes to Hotel Dusk, where he leaves clues for Kyle to track him down. When Kyle solves the mystery Bradley left for him, Bradley cordially bids him farewell, leaving to continue chasing the NILE members who killed his sister.
  • Nasuverse:
    • Tsukihime: Kohaku once offered to allow Makihisa Tohno to rape her in order to spare her sister Hisui from the same fate. Seeking a purpose in revenge on the Tohno family, Kohaku manipulates Makihisa's death and guides Makihisa's daughter Akiha into being her pawn, likewise manipulating Makihisa's adopted son Shiki by revealing incomplete points of information and revealing other pertinent details at the opportune time. Guiding Akiha into embracing her dark side in her own route, Kohaku tricks Shiki multiple times and steadily guides the destruction of the Tohno family, only relenting due to her own love of Shiki while remaining the finest manipulator in all Tsukihime.
    • Fate/stay night:
      • In Fate/Zero, Kirei Kotomine finally embraces the evil within himself after a lifetime of struggle with his condition of only finding joy in evil but having enough of a conscience to know right from wrong, betraying and murdering his master Tokiomi Tohsaka. Manipulating the church and other sorcerers for years after while keeping the Servant Gilgamesh intact. Kirei proceeds to manipulate the Fifth Grail War, playing everyone to assist him getting the Grail in each route. Kirei intends to summon Angra Mainyu, the being behind the Grail itself to ask it about the purpose of his existence, even if it destroys him or the world. Kirei manipulates everyone with an unmistakable sense of charm, frequently showing himself as the most compelling villain of the Fate franchise.
      • Archer, the resident Wild Card, is Shirou Emiya from an alternate timeline disillusioned from his dreams to be a "hero of justice." Summoned in the Fifth Holy Grail War, Archer seeks to escape his fate by murdering Shirou. No one able to get a true read on him, Archer is regarded as one of the best tacticians in the Holy Grail War. Often winning with his well-planned strategies that he often doesn't share with his Master Rin beforehand, Archer weaves out of the Master-Servant pact by pretending to ally with Caster and her Master. Once they are dispatched both directly and indirectly, Archer moves forward with his gambit but cannot go through with after seeing Shirou's own conviction in the face of reality. He dies content that Rin with set Shirou on a path he won't regret.
      • Caster, True Name Medea, is a devious mage from the Age of Gods who seeks out the Holy Grail to preserve her short time with her Master and lover by any means necessary. Her first attempt at stealing Shirou's Command Speals in his sleep is only thwarted by the untimely appearance of Archer, but she later uses Taiga Fujimaru as leverage for Shirou to finally bequeath Saber to Caster note . Taking every opportunity to tip the odds in her favor, Caster plays with the rules of the Grail War, such as summoning a fake Servant in Sasaki Kojiro, to meet her own ends. At one point commanding three Servants with Ryudo Temple as her base, Caster attacks the church and seemingly kills Kirei Kotomine, taking over the church and using it as a stronghold. Despite plunging the Unlimited Blade Works route to its Darkest Hour, her final act is to express her love for Kuzaki, reminding everyone of Caster's complicated, duplicitous nature.

Web Animation:

  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Doctor Leonard Church served as the Director of Project Freelancer, who mourned the loss of his beloved wife. Founding his military program to test out the use of equipment with AI implantation in soldiers, the Director reverse engineered Split Personality in the one AI he had, the Alpha, to create fragments. The Director emotionally manipulated his soldiers to test out which AI matched which soldier and examined certain effects. The Director used turned one of his AI into Agent Texas, who would carry out dirty work for him. The Director also used his agents to steal equipment to perform more experiments. After the implosion of Freelancer and the apparent death of his daughter, Agent Carolina, the Director regrouped Freelancer, successfully hiding away the Alpha to keep him safe. When Washington rebelled and activated the EMP, the Director tried to use the Meta to stop him. Investigated by Chairman Hargrove, the Director argued that his actions were for the good of humanity, but submitted to possible arrest. In the end after a meeting with his alive daughter, the Director killed himself realizing that he could never bring back his beloved Allison.
    • Aiden Price was the Counselor of Project Freelancer. The Counselor emotionally manipulated the agents to serve the Director needs, and as such knew many things about them. After the implosion, the Counselor helped coordinate both the Alpha's hiding and Florida's disappearance. Serving as head of Recovery, the Counselor used his agents to track down the Meta at any cost, and ultimately brought the Reds and Blues in for help. After his imprisonment, the Counselor joined the Chorus genocide campaign with Charon mercenaries, manipulating a former Charon employee to act as an enforcer without giving away his former occupation. The Counselor was the only one who realized that the people of Chorus could win and doom the operation, but was unable to get his allies to flee before being killed.
    • Agent Wyoming, real name Reginald, and his AI partner Gamma, representing the Alpha's deceit, are the primary operators of Omega's plan. Hired by Omega to assassinate Tucker, Wyoming allowed a bomb to go off that knocked the Reds and Blues unconscious. Gamma manipulated an alien race into a believing prophecy, leading one alien to impregnate Tucker before being killed by Wyoming. After Wyoming sent Omega back to Blood Gulch to find a new host, he confronted and killed Agent York, and managed to escape Texas. Wyoming and Gamma reunited and headed to Blood Gulch to retrieve Tucker's alien son for Omega to possess and control the Covenant. Wyoming used his time distortion unit to cheat in battle, and when seemingly killed unleashed time copies to continue to fight. Wyoming's final push before his death was to reveal the full extent of his plan to get Tex on his side.
    • Sigma was split from the Alpha's creativity and ambition. Sigma became very interest in becoming human, and controlled Agent Maine for his full ambitions. Sigma also manipulated Agent Carolina into getting two AI, just to see the results, and ultimately almost offed Carolina to get both of those AI. As the Meta, Sigma hunted down agents for their AI, but also recognized more pragmatic choices to leave them behind, such as to get more equipment or recharge power. Upon realizing that Wash and the Blue Team were on his tail, the Meta remixed a transmission to trick the Red Team into distracting them while he stole Delta. The Meta secretly tagged along to the Freelancer Command Center, and tracked down and almost killed Wash to take the Alpha.


  • 5 Elementos: King Alphonse Hangul was born the Prince of Leona and heir to the unique Void Element. Becoming Belenus Llamaviva's pupil, Alphonse earned Belenus' adoptive brother's trust by telling him the truth about his rebel parents. As one of the titular Five Elements, Alphonse became known as Aither Kilin and crossed the ocean with his companions to discover the mystic World Tree Aya. Returning to Leona, Alphonse decides to use the power of Aya to accelerate the society's progression and murders his father, causing the Day Zero during which he kills the weakened Belenus and exiles his other teammates to the New World. Unifying the nations in his continent, Alphonse demonizes the Five Elements and militarizes his own country. Waiting for an Alcaist elemental to be born and naturally open the path to Aya, Alphonse launches an invasion of the New World and fights and kills the Giant King, whom he remains respectful towards even in combat. Fighting his former teammates, Alphonse defeats them in the name of his end goal to use Aya to become immortal and become a "Perfect King", only stopped by nature itself going against him to halt his ambitions. Having learned to evolve from the overconfident man he once was, Alphonse is both a respectful enemy and ruthless conqueror.
  • Cucumber Quest: Noisemaster, the second Disaster Master, makes a colorful entrance by joyfully hijacking Princess Piano's concert, where he reveals his intent to use his Noise Blaster satellite cannon to reduce the Melody Kingdom to ruin. Working together with his pal Mutemaster, Noisemaster stealthily kidnaps Piano and uses her persistent screaming to power up the Blaster. When she catches on to his plans and calms herself down, Noisemaster simply waits for the heroes to arrive, manipulating Cucumber and Almond during the ensuing encounter so that he can isolate and strike Princess Nautilus, pushing the Blaster up to 100% charge with Piano's resultant yelp of horror. Noisemaster's goofy DJ personality and slang-filled dialogue do well to hide his competence and hatred of failure, and he would have won with ease were it not for the last-second intervention of the Nightmare Knight.
  • Test (by Midnight Radio Comics): The Auditor is an alien who visits civilizations before they gain space travel technology to test them if they are worthy to live amongst the intergalactic community. Arriving on Earth disguised as an old man, the Auditor is mistreated and imprisoned by humans. Developing a misanthropic view of them, the Auditor kills the several police officers stationed to guard him before performing a test on an officer thrown into his cell by his own corrupt coworkers. Talking with the betrayed cop, the Auditor tests him by threatening to destroy humanity unless the officer kills himself. Offering to make the cop another Auditor, the officer nearly kills himself to save the world before the Auditor reveals he has passed his 'test', congratulating him for his courage and departing.

Web Video:

  • Critical Role: Anna Ripley served as a scientist for the Briarwoods, creating an acidic compound to distil Whitestone ore into residuum. When Percy de Rolo attempted to kill her, she took interest in his gun, a weapon never seen until Percy made it, and recreated one of her own. After being imprisoned for attempting to leave the Briarwoods, Ripley manages to convince Vox Machina to free her in exchange for her assisting them, successfully escaping the party the first chance she gets. Vox Machina later finds out that Ripley was using the gun they confiscated from her to spy on them, hiring a crew and obtaining two of the Vestiges of Divergence from under Vox Machina’s nose. She also manipulates Kynan into working for her by taking advantage of his resentment for Vox Machina when they rejected him. When Vox Machina chases after Ripley, she lures them into an explosive trap, badly injuring the majority of the party, before ambushing the party, resulting in her successfully killing Percy. Brilliant and manipulative, Ripley proved to be one of Vox Machina’s most dangerous enemies.
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC: Lex Luthor is the mastermind behind "After Hours" and one of the craftiest supervillains in the series. After creating Lance to spy on the heroes over at Stan's Place, Luthor kidnapped Stan Lee and replaced him with an Life Model Decoy. He intended on using Doctor Doom's time machine to fix all the mistakes the studios had made with the other villains' films. However, Luthor was surprised when they all refused to risk losing what little they had. Believing the heroes of the Marvel universe had created a culture content with remaining unambitious, Lex sought to travel back in time and prevent Stan Lee from creating Marvel Comics. After his plan was foiled by Superman, Luthor learned that the Joker had initiated "Plan Q"; a plan he had previously scrapped that led to Darkseid learning he was a fictional character. Believing Lance was the key to stopping him, Luthor recruited the Green Goblin to retrieve his head back from the heroes. Thanks to the warnings from his future self, Lex teamed up with the heroes to repair Lance and help them stop Darkseid's forces. Managing to persevere no matter the odds, Lex Luthor proves he still is the most ambitious criminal mind among both Marvel and DC.


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