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Humorama title Breezy, October 1969

Humorama was a line of digest-sized magazines launched in 1938 and folding sometime in the early 1980s.Originally printed on cheap pulp paper, they were sold to blue collar males at corner stores, newsstands and cigar shops. These digests contained jokes and photographs of pinup girls like Sophia Loren, Bettie Page and Tina Louise; however, they are best known nowadays for many illustrations and gag cartoons of beautiful women.

By The '50s, Abe Goodman - brother of Martin Goodman of Marvel Comics - was in charge of Humorama digests and bought many cartoons. While a number of them were of poor quality and forgettable, some were drawn by a number of amazing artists such as Dan Decarlo, Bill Wenzel, Bill Ward and Jack Cole.

Individual Humorama titles included Breezy, Cartoon Parade, Fun House, Gaze, Jest, Joker, Laugh Circus, Laugh Riot, Romp and many more.


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