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Created in 2012note  by the mysterious "Bazza McMahon" and continued after he stepped down by Twitch user TOH; utilizing WWE 2K19 (previously WWE '13, WWE 2K14, and WWE 2K17note ) for the PlayStation 4, Video Game Championship Wrestling is, as the name suggests, a web series/electronic wrestling federation / CAW League about a wrestling league that features video game characters (and some characters and people from other media) as they fight each other and the many glitches and Artificial Stupidity found in WWE '13, 2K14, 2K17, 2K19, and 2K22.


Of course, it's far more than that. Like "real" wrestling it is filled with storylines, rivalries and theatrics, but, unlike "real" wrestling, few if any of the fight results are actually scripted, leading to strange twists and upsets that would never happen in the real world. And, since the backgrounds and abilities of the characters don't necessarily transfer over into the ring, some very strange things can happen. A Saiyan can be a jobber, Raphael can be a heel, and Gabe Newell can fight (and in some cases win) a bout with Ganon. Yet through it all, those watching the broadcast (some live streams have had nearly 5,000 viewers) joke, commentate and even sometimes maintain a kayfabe seriousness about the whole thing. Sometimes.

Over the course of the show's history, there have been eight shows within the VGCW universe:


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Current Title Holders for the show:
  • WVGCW Championship: Bad Girl since October 22, 2019, 0 Defenses
  • WVGCW Co-Op Championship: The Squid Sisters (Callie and Marie) since October 22, 2019, 0 Defenses
  • WVGCW Casualette Championship: Sheena Fujibayashi since October 22, 2019, 0 Defenses


While WVGCW (formerly known as simply VGCW: Female Division) has been around as a preshow since at least early on in the VGCW's plot era, it truly began after the main show's third season when the creator of the VGCW Wiki and the official standings doc, Bryan "BRYN4444" G., picked it up after a hiatus.

  • Early matches of the Female Division didn't have much of an actual plot since it was a preshow event at the time, but the fans managed to come up with some simple plots, mostly notably Carmen Sandiego's theft of the Gurl Gamers belt. The wiki now calls this early era, "The Belt Heist".
  • The real first season, "The Search for Sandiego" began after the end of the VGCW's Great Tournament. Bryn McMahon managed to secure the Female Division before Dracula took control of the VGCW by force. Since then, he became preoccupied with Carmen's theft of the original belt, so he arranged for a meeting with Sandiego in order to trick her into coming back with the belt. Of course though, Carmen had other plans. Thanks to Bryn's lack of business smarts and an artifact that she recently stolen, she managed to get the new belt, take over the WVGCW by legal force, and successfully frame Bryn for the theft of said artifact.
  • Season 2, "Edutainment Embezzlement", began on 17 July 2013 after a "shork" break. This season covered what happened to the WVGCW during the reign of V.I.L.E.C.W. It ended with the season finale, "Breakdown", on 4 October 2013 with Carmen Sandiego exposed by Lightning, and betrayed by Dr. Gero, Mavis Beacon, Daisy, and Shadow Peach for lynching on their payments. A secret escape tunnel beneath the wrestling ring allowed her to get away, letting her live to steal another day. Finally, Bryn returns briefly to pass the title of GM to none other than "The Saint".
  • Season 3, "The Saints Go Marching In", debuted with a special Halloween Episode on 30 October 2013. Like the sixth season of the main VGCW, there was not much to the plot at first, but Carmen did return to beat up Lightning, and there is a lot more purple in WVGCW right now. However, unlike the main VGCW, Bryn was still using WWE '13 when the season began. The 5 December 2013 episode of WVGCW marked the end of the WWE '13 era, and Byrn switched to WWE 2K14 on the 27 December 2013 episode. The season finale was scheduled to end on 24 February 2013 with Breakdown 2/3 (somewhat a pun: the second Breakdown show, which ends the third season of WVGCW, with a card dominated by two-out-of-three falls matches), but due to Bryn's PS3 crashing and him needing to rewrite the show, the finale was on hiatus until 14 March 2014, which resulted with Samus, through Franziska von Karma's aid, manipulating the legal system into seizing power as co-GM alongside the Saint. At the same time, the inaugural Casualette championship ends up being won by "Steak Cold" Chie Satonaka, though Carmen Sandiego tired to steal Chie's spot. Carmen was saved from her embezzlement charges via the Saint, who was a Carmen fan, and given a new WVGCW contract. Finally, Ayla successfully defended her WVGCW title against Bayonetta, preventing the New Witch Order stable from walking out with the titles.
  • Season 4, "Other GM" deals with the ongoing power struggle between Samus and the Saint for control of WVGCW. To further complicate matters, Franziska gets run over by an unknown assailant, prompting Gumshoe and newcomers Maya Fey and Ema Skye to investigate the matter fully. Other plots include the New Witch Order's ongoing goal of capturing the titles, while Chie and Elizabeth launch their own investigation over who or what is controlling Shadow Peach. The season ended on July 4, 2014 with Samus seizing full control of the show prior to Breakdown due to the Saint conveniently disappearing while the suspect who ran over Franzizka was revealed to be Lara Croft, who had been trying to target Samus. Lara gets arrested but not before promising to divulge information to Franziska. Meanwhile, the New Witch Order scores a decisive victory over the alliance of Terra, Lucina and Shantae at Breakdown. At the same time Chie and Elizabeth venture into the Shadow World and after confronting Shadow Chie and defeating her, manages to free the real Peach from her prison before vanquishing Shadow Peach for good, after which Elizabeth parts ways to go and free Makoto from the Great Seal. Finally, Chell defeats defending champion Ayla for the WVGCW championship, making history by becoming the second double champion in the company after Ganondorf and the first in the women's division overall.
  • Season 5, "Tag Team Turnover", picked up with Samus continuing to solidify her control over the company, as Franzizka interrogated Lara Croft for her role in the hit and run from last season. Meanwhile, RPGenie went back to the drawing board to level grind experience in order to gain another shot at defeating the New Witch Order. The Season ended on January 2nd, 2015, with the New Witch Order imploding on itself when Sindel walks out due to Gruntilda and Bayonetta's consistent focus on getting one over RPGenie, and Terra, who had earlier challenged Grunty to a final showdown, not only won, but literally beat the beauty out of her, reverting her back to her old self. Meanwhile, Chell ends up losing both of her Championships in one evening, and things take an even worse turn for her when Samus announces her new Assistant: GLaDOS.
  • Season 6, "Tests Are Not Dead", picked up on the events of Breakdown F.I.V.E. Turns out Samus and the Saint were actually looking for a supervisor to watch over the company so they could get back to their wrestling career, and GLaDOS applied almost immediately. As a result, while the two GMs still have their jobs, GLaDOS is in charge of match booking (or "testing" as she prefers to call it) and turned the arena into a Portal-esque Test Chamber. The Season is also notable because this time the matches are pre-recorded rather than live, so BRYN does a lot more work on the actual production of the show, such as inserting GLaDOS into plot areas, different loading screen styles, etc. The Season ended on July 28, 2015, where GLaDOS was temporarily Hoist by Her Own Petard by getting her neurotoxin emitters filled with pure fire by none other than her own call-up Jinx. Samus came in after her defeat, but decided afterwards that being GM simply isn't worth it anymore and passed the torch down to Lightning. Along with this, a group of unlikely talent came to the newly christened GM claiming they're time travelers: Toadette, Joanna Dark, Kat, and their leader Lucca Ashtear. Lucca convinced Lightning to add the "Future Four" to the roster to help stave off the threat that looms in the future. Meanwhile, the night of the season finale ended with the first ever Women's Royal Rumble, thanks to a bit of hacking on the part of a few key fans of the show. At the end, the winner of the very first rumble was none other than Chie, who managed to eliminate entrant number 40, Sindel, to become the #1 contender for the championship.
  • Season 7, "Paradigm Shift", is a bit of a return to form after the last few crazy plot threads in the division. For once the show has an actual, competent General Manager in the form of Lightning, who is doing everything she can to get the show back on track and act as a stern but fair boss in the process. This season is notable for being the first one with a full creative team behind it rather than one person—BRYN recruited long time VGCW watchers Doomknight and Nottyrose to act as aides in both writing and recording. With this also brought about a shift in focus for the show—less on a single, overarching plot and more about individual feuds and title matches. Major plot developments this season include longtime underdog tag team The Summoners turning heel with Rydia using her Money In The Bank briefcase to ambush then Co-Op champions RPGenie and become the new champions along with her partner Sheena, Chie finally winning the big one in a triple threat against the weasley champion Cate and red-hot contender Jill, and the return of the infamously hated and feared Ivy. This season also kicked off the now regular schedule of three PPVs a season happening roughly every four episodes. The season ended on June 7, 2016 at Breakdown 777, headlined by the feud-blowing Hell in a Cell Co-Op Championship match between RPGenie and champions The Summoners, with the stipulation that if RPGenie loses they have to disband. In the end, The Summoners won, and the stable of RPGenie was permanently dissolved, paving the way for the new top heels of the company after Chie won the belt from Cate.
  • Season 8, “The Mission”, was the final season BRYN worked on before retiring from the show. In many ways it was a passing of the torch, concluding many long-running plot threads BRYN had built up over the course of the series, including the nebulous "mission" that the Boss had been building to the entire series; but for the most part the series continued its focus shift to be more about individual feuds rather than one overarching plot thread. Highlights of this season include the second female Royal Rumble, recurring backstage assaults by the SA-X, the introduction of Morrigan putting a wrench into the beloved Duke/Cooking Mama romance, and several high profile newcomers like Aqua and the team of Agnes Oblige and Edea Lee, also known as Bravely Second. The season ended on June 3rd, 2017 with Breakd∞wn, and ended with newcomer champions all around: R. Mika won the Casualette Championship against Poison, Bravely Second won the Co-Op Championship against Dragon Ball GG, and Sophitia won the WVGCW Championship against Lucina. It also concluded all plot threads Bryn left behind with The Mission, allowing the new team more room to follow up with new plot threads of their own.

Doom/Notty/Nap Era

  • Season 9, "End Of Time", began on July 22nd, 2016 and was the final season of WVGCW held in 2K14 after its long, lengthy dominance as the show's game of choice. It was shorter than most seasons in order to accelerate the process of game conversion and wrap up a final overarching plot thread. This season was the first to feature Doomknight and Nottyrose as the lead creative forces as well as a new creative team member to fill in the spot BRYN left behind—Nap1400. Beyond the changes to the creative team, this season was also the climax of the "Future Four" plot thread started in Season 6. Lucina and the Future Four eventually teamed up after butting heads over how to find the catalyst of their bad future, with their only clue being "a great magic". That catalyst turned out to be, of all people, Rinoa, or more specifically the sorceress Ultimecia sleeping inside of her. She was awakened by the villain of the season, EDBW call-up Medusa, as a way to create more souls to fill the underworld. This season would not end at Breakdown .9 as is usual for the series, where the new team of Peacock and Adeleine, the Nation of Animation, became the new Co-Op Champions, Aigis won the Casualette Championship against Mika, and Sophitia defended the WVGCW championship against Morrigan. Instead, the season ended on October 6, 2017 on a special bonus episode called "Fated Hour", where the Future Four and Lucina attempted to defeat Ultimecia and in the process, have the game completely convert into 2K17. However, the show would go on to be saved not just by the Future Four and Lucina, but also by, of all people, Carmen Sandiego, after being provoked in the Twitch chat by a mysterious new moderator named "ptalibaba" posting a link to a calling card saying that her distorted desires will be stolen. With the day finally saved and no more world destroying threats on the horizon, the entire roster is free to return to everyday squabbles, and Carmen decides to cut a deal with this new figure to learn their trade secrets…
  • Season 10, "The Dawn of a New Age", is the first season done entirely in 2K17, and featured a total overhaul. Almost a quarter of the roster from the 2K14 was culled, but since the show was now running on a game with functional CAW servers, the season introduced a lot of newcomers in their place. The first episode alone had three newcomer matches featuring three characters from games that came out too late to be in 2K14: D.Va, 2B, and "Panther" (real name unknown), and the newcomers continued until the roster size expanded back to its old size. In addition, the show went back to a weekly schedule as opposed to the previous bi-weekly schedule, with the compromise that every other week would be a shorter "half-episode" that features no plot. Notable plot developments this season include Franziska von Karma taking over as general manager after Lightning lost her job in a career-threatening match against Jill, Lightning getting murdered and subsequently getting brought back to life, the fallout of the Future Four now that their main job was done, the begrudged relationship between Carmen, Panther, and Panther's friend "Oracle", and the mostly one-sided feud between Daisy and newcomer Rosalina, who Daisy perceived to be a threat to her friendship with Peach. The season ended on June 19th, 2018 with Breakdown X, which featured the debut of fan-voted newcomer Nero Claudius, the reveal of Lightning's killer being Junko Enoshima taking over KOS-MOS's programming, Morrigan defeating Aqua for the Casualette Championship, the Nation of Animation defending against newcomers Asuka Kazama and Lili de Rochefort, and WVGCW Champion Edea Lee doing the impossible and defending the title in a six way Hell in a Cell match against Rydia, Sheena, Ivy, 2B, and Terra.
  • In The Stinger for Breakdown X, it was revealed that Franziska von Karma hired Carmen Sandiego to steal something for her. However, Carmen being Carmen, she decided to run off with this something for herself and provoked von Karma to chase her for it. This ended up being the underlying plot thread for Season 11, "Where in the World is WVGCW?", which started on August 21st, 2018. Much like Season 12 of VGCW, every episode took place in a different arena based on the home locations of several members of the roster, examples including Dream Land for Adeleine, Tokyo for the Phantom Thieves, Meltokio for Sheena, and 11945 A.D. for 2B. Alongside the plot between von Karma and Carmen, other developments included Sypha Belnades becoming Ms. Money in the Bank and using it to perform a rare Face/Heel Double-Turn between her and former heel champion Bad Girl, Peach forcing Daisy to work with Rosalina by…"getting kidnapped" to leave them on their own, and most importantly, the mid-season conversion to 2K19 during the season's second PPV, Nero Fest. The season ended on April 23rd, 2019 with Breakdown XI held in the Opera House—in this PPV, Daisy and Rosalina defended their new Co-Op Championship against Lightning and her partner Lenneth, Casualette Champion Cate Archer defended her title against a now focused Rinoa, and WVGCW Champion Sypha further proved she wasn't a fraudulent champion by defending against newcomer and Genesis 1 winner Velvet Crowe. As for von Karma and Carmen, von Karma eventually learned the hard way from Jade that the roster was fed up with her wild goose chase and she didn't need whatever Carmen stole to become (in her words) "a perfect GM." She relented, Carmen escaped one last time after losing to Panther, and von Karma brought everybody back to the old WVGCW arena to prepare for the next season.
  • Season 12 started on May 28, 2019, and is currently ongoing. Some of the plot threads currently happening include Adeleine painting a portrait of all the people she and Peacock defeated as champions, but forgetting that her paintings come to life and causing the roster to be overrun by block bodied versions of themselves; Sophitia finally snapping after R. Mika puts her career on the line simply for the chance to fight her one more time, and beating her down with a chair after ending her career for good; and of course newcomers — though not nearly as many as season 10.

    BWA (Belmont Wrestling Alliance) 
Current Title Holders for the Show:
  • BWA Champion: Demi-fiend since March 2, 2020, 1 Defense
  • BWA Tag Team Champions: Bad Medicine (Faust and The Medic) since October 6, 2019, 1 Defense
  • BWA US Champion: Oblivion Guard since February 20, 2018, 6 Defensesnote 

BWA, or Belmont Wrestling Alliance, was the replacement show for VGCW: ARENA, which came to a close at the end of October 2015 due to the servers for WWE 2K14 shutting down, making the PvP aspect of the show impossible. Still run by VGCW: ARENA's host, Belmont Legend, the show, just like the other VGCW Network shows, was A.I. vs. A.I., and featured a roster featuring some of VGCW: ARENA's superstars, as well as a number of brand new competitors. Like ARENA, plot segments were still made by participating fans, and aired every other Sunday.

  • The first season came to an end on March 29th 2016 with BWA's End Game equivalent, Final Round, and all the first champions would finally be crowned. The mystery team alluded to that Julius Belmont & Professor Lemeza were facing turned out to be WOMBO COMBO!!!, formed by Fox McCloud & Falco Lombardi and the two newcomers walked out the BWA Male Co-Op Champions, and Magic Club, formed by Dark Magician Girl & Sailor Mercury were able to conjure up the victory over Digital Devil, formed by Isabeau & Yukiko Amagi. For the singles belts "The Hitmare" Rarity faced Crystal in a 20-Minute Iron Woman Match for the BWA Women's Championship, which ended in a draw of 5-5...until they entered Sudden Death, and Kris was able to pull it out of the bag with a third Mega Kick to take home the gold in an instant classic. Finally, Bomberman faced The King of Fighters Beowulf for the Men's Championship, and despite going into the match the underdog, The Man slayed The Wulf to pull off the upset victory... But things didn't stop there, as a Bonus Round revealed the last surprise of the evening: a 40-Man Royal Rumble to determine Bomberman's first challenger! Along with a surprise entrant from a certain John Cena, it saw the debut of Gene Starwind & Gambit, but it was Tienshinhan, entering at #40, who was the last man standing, now facing the challenge of having to beat the man who beat the one who beat him in the King of Fighters Finals.
  • Season 2 began on May 10th 2016, and with the Champions crowned, the race was now on to determine new Challengers for them to fight... with the exception of the Men's Championship, which Tien won on the third episode by defeating Bomberman. He couldn't celebrate his victory long however, as a returning Beowulf went to raise his hand, only to immediately clobber the new Champion and attack him with The Hurting, Turning His Back on the Wulfpac. Season 2 also saw the Midcard Titles be introduced into the equation, the Internet Championship & the Sombrero of Victory for the Men & Women respectively. Due to real life commitments taking priorities however, the second season was also it's last, with everything culminating on September 25th, 2016 for BWA Final Showdown, where rivalries were settled, goodbyes were made, and every title being on the line. After the final match, a Where Are They Now segment revealed what a good portion of the roster were up to after the show shut it's doors, in particular GM Simon Belmont returning to his time, whip in tow...
  • While everyone thought it was the end of the show, this actually only lasted about six months, as it was announced at the end of March 2017 that BWA would be returning for a third season, beginning on April 23rd with a prologue of sorts titled "BWA Annual", and a proper Season 3 opening in early May.

    WVGCW: Genesis 
The most recent spinoff show added to the channel and introduced during the 2K17 era, WVGCW Genesis is a sort of spiritual successor to both EDBW and Star Road, acting as a plotless Tournament Arc that showcases female CAWs that aren’t on the show proper. Unlike Star Road, however, Genesis is not a single elimination tournament. It is instead a block-based round robin tournament heavily influenced by the format used during the G1 Climax. Wrestlers are split into blocks and must wrestle every opponent in their block, gaining points if they win and half the possible points if they tie, and the ones with the most overall points in each block face each other in a final match to determine the overall winner.


The fourth non-canon entry of VGCW, which started on March 30th, 2014. Run by one Belmont Legend, "VGCW: ARENA" was an E-Fed (Electronic wrestling federation) in which members of the VGCW Community competed in online matches over the Play Station Network for fun. The show used to completely lack plot aside from a few fun promos the community members made, but the promos eventually developed into its own personal plot completely detached from VGCW. The show features males, females, and tag team matches. However, with the shutdown of 2K14's servers, it was impossible to continue the show in a PvP format, leading to the formation of BWA.

    SNST (Supernormal Step Training
The third spin-off of VGCW, SNST is run by VGCW CAW creator Michael Lee Lunsford, who's also the creator of the webcomic Supernormal Step. It began during July 2013. Shown on his own Twitch channel rather than Bazza's channel, it's more or less the developmental program of both the VGCW and the Female Division, as Lunsford's CAWs battle it out on the ring in hopes of making it to the main shows. Although the show is stated to be non-canon, three of its wrestlers were actually "promoted" to the main shows: Sagat, Octodad, and an improved version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

As of January 2014, Lunsford has announced that he no longer has it in him to continue making CAWs for VGCW, and thus the spin-off would no longer be produced.

    VGCW at Home 
The second spin-off VGCW, and first one to not use a WWE video game, VGCW at Home began during the hiatus of both main VGCW shows in June 2013, later expanding to include characters from EDBW. Created by TheTOH, the show puts the VGCW characters in a town in The Sims 3. While originally said to be non-canon, TheTOH has stated that it is canon. The show is canon because, according to TOH, he beat Bazza in an online wrestling match to prove it.

As of June 2015 however, TOH has taken up running the Main Show, and thus no longer had the time to be able to continue hosting VGCW: At Home on a consistent basis, and it was assumed it was going to end completely, until TOH brought it back prior to End Game X1, with the intention of doing the show before major PPVs, making it a literal Go-Home Show. As the show it was based on came to a close, so did At Home, which closed with, of course, everything burning to the ground.

Bazza Era:

  • The first season, entitled "The Little McMahon Saga", aired from November to late December of 2012 and dealt primarily with a feud between Little Mac and Zangief as a result of Bazza's "screwing" of Zangief in a Money in the Bank match. The feud ended with Little Mac turning against McMahon and shortly afterwards getting hit by a car. The season ended on the next episode with a Christmas Special.

  • Season 2, "Turnabout Turnbuckle", went from January to early February 2013 and dealt with Phoenix Wright's investigations of who was behind the shocking events at the end of the previous season, while Bazza McMahon and his crew - including a mysterious green-clad masked man known as "Mr. L" - try to stop him. Ultimately, Baz McMahon was arrested and his crew dissolved, with Mr. L going on a rampage that was only stopped when Mario arrived and restored his memories, revealing Mr. L to be Luigi.

  • Season 3, "The Great Tournament", began on 10 February and dealt with a tournament to decide the GM of VGCW even as the newcomer Dracula plotted against the VGCW, ultimately coming to a stunning end on 2 April, when the tournament finals between Adam Jensen and Gaben was interrupted by Dan Hibiki, who announced that Dracula was becoming GM by force, supported by his other lackeys, Kefka Palazzo and Majin Vegeta.

  • Season 4, "Wrestlevania" dealt with the dictatorial rule of Dracula, the fallout of his takeover, and how it affects some of the most notable superstars in the VGCW. The season finale, "End Game 4", was shown on 2 June 2013 with the night ending with Red finally defeating Captain Falcon and earning mutual respect from him, Vamphound members Solid Snake, Geno, and Mr. Satan/Hercule defeating Kefka Palazzo, Dan Hibiki, and Phoenix Wright; Little Mac putting Dracula in a coffin, and finally, bringing closure to the previous season, Gabe Newell defeating Adam Jensen to become the new General Manager of the VGCW.

  • Season 5, "Dragon Brawl", began on 11 July 2013. In this season, Nappa was hunting down the Dragon Balls to wish Vegeta back to life, while various other wrestlers hunt them for their own reasons; Eggman and Wily for world domination, Adam and Gabe to "stop the evildoers" (in reality, Adam wanted to wish Gabe and Safety Valve out of his life), and Wario and Waluigi for money. The season ended with "End Game 5" on 5 November 2013, as Nappa and Flint succeeded in collecting all seven Dragon Balls, only for Kefka to steal them from Nappa and use them to ascend to godhood and kill Shenron himself. The combined forces of the eight ball-hunting wrestlers was almost enough to stop him, but in the end Shenron's spirit offered Nappa one final wish, which he used to bring Vegeta back to life and turn the tables on the jester, defeating him and removing his deity status. Notably, it was the last season of VGCW to be run on WWE '13, with Bazza switching to the significantly-improved WWE 2K14 afterwards.

  • Season 6, "The Phoenix Cross", debuted on 12 November 2013, and is the first season using WWE 2K14. This season has Phoenix Wright and Solid Snake feuding against each other, especially since the former has been hearing the voice that haunted him in Season 4 again, and this time he's more obedient to its demands. The season ended on 4 February 2014, where it was revealed that The voice haunting Phoenix, and directly responsible for the events of Seasons 2 through 6 by having Phoenix run over Mac, was an alternate Phoenix Wright, who wanted to destroy every known Solid Snake in existence. "Phoenix Wrong" was stopped by the real Phoenix, and banished to another dimension, finally ending the madman's story.
    • In addition to all this, a special newcomers-only King of the Ring tournament called Star Road was held on 21 January 2014. Sixteen competitors fought for just one spot on the main roster. In the end, only one left standing: Illidan Stormrage, thus ensuring him a spot on the VGCW roster.
  • Season 7, "The Ring Rangers" debuted on 11 February 2014, the major plotlines involved a group of unknown assailants known as the Ring Rangers that launched a series of attacks on wrestlers backstage in order to shake up the roster's status quo, and the fallout from Guile's heel turn at End Game 6. The season ended on 13 May, 2014, when it was revealed that 'Boss Red', the apparent leader of the Ring Rangers, was actually Johnny Cage, a fan-favorite EDBW wrestler, and that the Rangers were being manipulated by 'Soldier Black' - who is revealed to be Guile. At the same time, Scorpion's long quest for the VGCW title culminated with him beating Proto Man in the main event, finally becoming VGCW Champion.
  • Season 8: "Metal Madness", debuted on May 20, 2014 and deals with the fallout from the Ring Ranger invasion as Johnny Cage is tasked with finding the elusive 'Soldier Black' to prove his innocence in the whole affair. Meanwhile, the Practice seem to be putting their Master Plan into motion as they have begun building an army consisting of wrestlers that have been abducted and converted into cyborgs. Protoman leads the charge against the cyborgs but his efforts seem to be in vain. The season concluded on September 16th, 2014 when the Practice set their sights on their ultimate target: Gabe Newell. However after the roboticized Chief Arino goes rogue and gets a massive power boost allowing him to brutalize the GM, a terrified Gaben unleashes his latent potential and becomes a nightmarish force.
  • Season 9: "The Great Tournament 2 Turbo", debuted on October 28, 2014. After Gabe Newell's unfortunate circumstances, the VGCW is once again left without a General Manager. Adam was about to take the position since he was Gabe's vice GM, but as soon as he's about to announce it, Baz McMahon shows up. He then denies Adam the spot, followed by announcing that instead the VGCW will hold a second tournament to determine who will take Gabe's spot. The season ended on February 17, 2015, where it was revealed Nightmare Gabe will continue to be a threat going into the next season, having defeated a powered-up Ganon in the ring at End Game 9. Unlike the last tournament, this one actually reached its conclusion, with the winner being to the absolute shock of everyone, Gary Oak.
    • During this time, the second Star Road was announced, which occurred on February 3rd. Once again, 16 potential newcomers were pitted against each other in a King of the Ring tournament to give themselves a shot at a one-year contract at VGCW. In the end, the winner was Zubaz, earning himself a spot on the roster.
  • Season 10: "The New Generation", debuted on March 10, 2015 and deals with the arrival of several newcomers to the VGCW scene and challenging the more established veterans. Newly christened GM Gary Oak forms a new Elite Four consisting of himself, Illidan and EDBW callups Miles Edgeworth and Senator Armstrong. At the same time, someone had began threatening various wrestlers backstage and Travis found himself at the center of the controversy. All while the threat of Nightmare Gabe, who has threatened to kill every living being on Earth unless he could be defeated lingers.Bazza had announced that this would be his last season as showrunner for the main roster, with his successor announced to be former @Home host TheTOH following End Game X. The season concluded on June 9, 2015 whereupon Illidan leaves Gary and enters a feud with Armstrong, culminating in a brutal Iron Man match that saw the Senator squeak out a 9-8 victory at the last second. Dante is revealed to be the one behind the threatening messages and attacks as part of an attempt to frame Travis. Travis defeats him to settle their feud, only to find himself once again tag teaming with him on Gary's orders. Finally, Jensen and the VGCW Universe stops the Nightmare from destroying the world but is forced to destroy Gabe in the process.

AtTOHtude Era:

  • Season 11: GameShark Attack, debuted on July 14, 2015, and is the first season to be directed by TheTOH. After the numerous threats to the world VGCW has caused, the company is under fire from British Parliament and forced to move out of its current ring in England. Gary's solution? Take the company on a trip to an unnamed island for a Beach Episode, of course! In stark contrast to the previous seasons involving world-threatening forces, this season decides to take a breather and just have some fun with the cast getting involved in shenanigans on the beach while still fighting for the titles...that is, until a number of mysterious events lead to an attack from the "GameShark", who ends up glitching the wrestlers in various different ways, leaving it up to the Disciplinary Committee and the odd pairing of Segata Sanshiro & Octodad to stop this new menace and salvage their vacation. While they're dealing with the GameShark, The season also deals with multiple continued storylines, including Red and Illidan's continued struggles against Gary Oak and his biased management against them, and the impending explosion of Groose's Gang of Bullies. The season concluded on December 1, 2015 with Heavy defeating his former comrade for the Casual Championship, Haggar gaining revenge for Guile's attacks as the leader of the Ring Rangers back in Season 7 by making him say "I Quit!", Red & Illidan uniting as Shadow Ball Valley to finally earn some payback on both Gary & Armstrong by defeating them in a Tag Team Match, and Segata facing a GameShark possessed Donkey Kong in the entity's dimension (WWE '13), while Octodad attempts to hold off Break Man, who sought the GameShark's power for himself. After both men are able to prevail over their opponents, the GameShark tries to pull the entire island under, killing everyone in the process. With no other choice, Segata chooses to dive into the Sea of Data and reenters the Gameshark's lair to prevent it from escaping into the real world, forever locked in eternal combat, and effectively sacrificing himself in the process. Donkey Kong also retires to stay on the island and stand vigil over the GameShark in case it returns. Meanwhile, Break Man learns from an unknown perpetrator that the GameShark was a prototype and seeks to learn more, while Armstrong makes preparations to seize control of the company from Gary. After the credits, a stinger also reveals one of the masterminds behind the GameShark to be M. Bison, who is also implied to have both Captain Falcon and Asura under his thrall as he informs his co-conspirators to begin the next phase of their plans.

  • Season 12: World Tour premiered on January 26, 2016 and deals with the fallout of the GameShark incident as VGCW goes on tour to various video game worlds, all while M. Bison and his newly-reborn Shadaloo plot to eliminate the weak and claim VGCW for himself. Things continued to unravel throughout the Season all the way up to End Game X2 on August 2nd 2016, where it was revealed that M. Bison had kidnapped Captain Falcon and using him to create the army of Blood Falcons; unimpressed with his work during the season however, his benefactor, Senator Armstrong, and his associates Asura & Flint cut their ties with the Dictator. Out of time and options, Bison absorbed the Blood Falcons and powered up, intending to destroy VGCW itself, it taking the combined efforts of the Birds of Prey to defeat him... with the cost of Captain Falcon's life the price to pay for his defeat. The true reveal was yet to come however, as it was revealed that Senator Armstrong was, in fact, the leader of a group of a Private Military Company made up of wrestlers to find some of the best that both VGCW and WVGCW has to offer and create a new world for everyone. Some of these individuals include Asura & Flint, Sho Minamimoto, Miles Edgeworth (in possession of the Triforce of Power), Android 18 & Dr. Gero, The Boss, and GLaDOS. On the Championship side of things, The Mavericks became 2-Time Co-Op Champions, Dr. Wily defended his Casual Championship against Guybrush Threepwood in convincing fashion, and Phoenix Wright “shocked” the world by vanquishing his old enemy Dracula (for the third time) to finally become VGCW Champion, even managing to escape an attempted cash-in by Ganondorf.

  • Season 13: Unnatural Selection, premiered on October 25, 2016 and ultimately served as the final season of VGCW. The main story dealt with Armstrong, having moved the show to a subterranean World Marshal facility, striving to create a weapon to defeat The Patriots using any means necessary while further wresting control from Gary Oak. Key events this season were Vegeta finally winning the VGCW title legitimately only for Ganondorf to immediately cash in and become a four-time VGCW Champion; Dr. Wily continuing his meteoric Casual Championship reign; Zangief’s “Iron Curtain Jerk” streak finally coming to an end at the hands of Bowser; The Mavericks continuing to win in entertaining yet odd ways as if to spite the very humans watching the show; Salvation Ops. planning on how to best confront Armstrong; and a Triple Crown finally occurring when Wily and Ganondorf squared off in a title unification match.

Ultimately, Armstrong’s efforts to battle The Patriots would be turned against him, as his secret weapon, the Game Genie, was captured by them and effectively used as their main body. Also sporting the Triforce of Power, taken from Miles Edgeworth, the Game Genie was seemingly unstoppable. However, Armstrong was able to buy time through a proposal that put his ideology to the test: VGCW would discover the undisputed strongest person on the roster and then send them to do battle with the Game Genie. The Genie agreed and VGCW Survival was underway. Fans voted on anyone (singles champions excluded) to enter this event, and the top 36 were put into six six-man matches, with the winners facing off in a final six-man match. Amazingly (and hilariously), perpetual jobber Zubaz won the event and became the final contender for VGCW’s last title match against the Triple Crown champion. On the Co-Op side of things, The Sayians defeated The Mavericks then confronted all-time favorites Gamecenter FU to determine the greatest tag team of VGCW. The Game Genie confronted the undisputed VGCW Champion and Co-op Champions, and in the end the entire roster simultaneously battled the hacking device incarnate in a crowning moment of ingenuitive editing skills. With The Game Genie vanquished, and The Patriots along with it, VGCW was saved and kayfabe continued its existence as the series came to an end.

Also, Doom Guy "debuted" in the last five seconds of the show, and the post-show Q&A saw Ganondorf and Bowser finally battle in 2K14.

    EDBW (Extreme Dudebro Wrestling
The third addition to VGCW, which started near the end of January 2014 and is hosted by "The Other John Dudebro", hence the gratuitous name. This spin-off originally served as a way for people to have fun with the characters that for one reason or another didn't make it into (or were removed from) the VGCW canon, pitting them in matches against each other so that their potential wasn't completely wasted, as well as to succeed SNST, basically VGCW before it had plot. While it started off as non-canon, the show retroactively became the canon developmental show (not unlike WWE NXT) after former competitor and graduate Travis Touchdown acknowledged its existence during his VGCW run, and started getting its own plot scenes midway through Season 4 after SNST One Night Stand, where it was revealed that the General Manager for EDBW all this time had been Teddie, until Monokuma suddenly showed up and had been appointed off-screen as the Co-GM. Major plotlines, besides the odd duo of the Co-GMs, include Shovel Knight unwittingly becoming a servant of Arthas with King Dedede wanting to free Shovel Knight, a feud between Sam and Max and the team of Scratch and Grounder, and Ness trying to figure out why no one seems to remember Lucas, despite the latter being a former EDBW Champion, while Eddie Riggs made a surprise return at a Royal Rumble in order to reclaim the EDBW Championship from Liquid Snake on behalf of the developmental roster. The season concluded on November 24, 2015 with Dedede failing to overcome Arthas who retained control over Shovel Knight, while Sam & Max prevail over Team Bean Machine to become the inaugural EDBW Co-Op champions. Lucas revealed that he personally wiped Ness and the others memories of him due to his feelings of abandonment before destroying him in a Ring of Fire match. The season also had some controversy when newcomer Morrigan used her magic to help win the EDBW Women's Championship from the popular Sophitia Alexandra. Finally, Eddie succeeded in his mission to wrest the title from Liquid's hands in the main event of the show, essentially saving the division. After the credits however, it was revealed that Monokuma is in league with someone else, and thus beginning Phase 2 of their plan.

  • Season 5, titled Lockdown, deals with the aftermath of Killscreen IV and the aforementioned Phase 2; although not starting straight-away, Monokuma eventually takes a page out of his own book and locks down the EDBW arena, trapping everyone inside. Trapped against their own will, it's up to the on-screen personnel, made up of a number of former W/VGCW superstars, along with newcomers Aya Brea & Papyrus, to discover Monokuma's plans and escape with their lives. The season also deals with the controversy surrounding the EDBW Women's Championship, and the rise from the most unexpected of individuals, Jeanne. The season ended on August 19th 2016, in which the episode prior, Monokuma shot the arena into space to prevent anyone from escaping; Sam & Max's winning streak finally came to an end at the hands of Sans & Papyrus, the recent newcomers becoming the new Co-Op Champions, Mona was able to become the new Hardcore Champion by outmaneuvering five other women to climb a ladder and win the belt, Alice Liddell usurped the "Red Queen" to become the new Women's Champion, and Big the Cat defended his EDBW Championship against the Royal Rumble winner Tom Nook. Meanwhile, Teddie challenged Monokuma to a match to determine the fate of EDBW but lost in convincing fashion, but was saved from Monokuma's punishment by Sans, who then proceeded to beat Monokuma himself... except the stipulation stated that Teddie had to beat Monokuma. Deciding that the plan he had been working on with an unknown accomplice wasn't worth it, decided to open the airlocks and kill everyone. However, thanks to some snooping in his draws, Aya Brea received assistance from Cortana, shutting off his access to the controls, sending the arena back to Earth and freeing everyone. During this, Monokuma would mysteriously error and shut down, but not because of Cortana.]] After the credits rolled however, it was revealed that there's a much larger force at play in Cerberus and The Illusive Man himself.

  • Season 6 dealt with Cerberus increasing their presence on the show, ultimately taking over and using Lucas, now turned into his own version of The Masked Man, to forcibly change everyone’s memories. The series then went into its five-part finale, structured like one large chain of PPVs and referred to as Season 7, culminating in Wresmania (that’s not a typo). With the help of Persona 5’s Joker, The Great Saiyaman, and some time travel, the mental hold over the roster was broken, and in a moment both blessed and cursed, a superpowered Bubsy did battle with a superpowered Monokuma. Season 7 also saw a series of matches to determine who the ultimate champion was, with tag teams fighting each other to determine who would face the singles champions. This culminated in a cross-gender match (courtesy of some clever CAW editing) to determine the champion of champions. Ultimately, in spite of getting his ass kicked for 20 minutes and the lyrics of his theme song, Strong Bad would prove that not even a lady can handle his style.

A notable difference between EDBW and W/VGCW is that the former has a Trios Championship exclusive to its women's division; it's fairly simple, like the ones you see in Lucha Underground: Teams of three compete to be the best 3-Woman Team in the company. Formerly the show had a hardcore rules championship, not to be confused with the Hardcore Gamer Championship from VGCW (now simply called the VGCW Championship to avoid that confusion), complete with a "24/7 rule". Hence, any (male) EDBW wrestler could've challenged the champion to his / her belt at any moment note . Eventually, the belt was unified with the main Women's Championship at EDBW: The Golden in Season 6, when Kerrigan defeated Alice Liddell to become the Undisputed Women's Champion. John Dudebro used this very liberally, as championship matches appeared a lot during otherwise dead air in the Twitch channel, or even right in the middle of other shows! Not to worry, as he archived those matches on his Youtube channel (see below) even when they're not contained in an episode of his show.
Like it's predecessor SNST, a good amount of EDBW wrestlers have made the jump to the main shows. These include Johnny Cage, Miles Edgeworth, and Kanji Tatsumi for VGCW, and Lucina, Sheena Fujibayashi, and Sophitia Alexandra for WVGCW.

The current schedule is WVGCW on its Twitch network on Tuesdays at 11PM British Time / 6PM Eastern Time (though in the past it basically started whenever Bazza tweeted that it will start), WVGCW Genesis on Friday at the same time slot, and BWA on Sunday at once again the same time slot. The Wiki Rule is very much in effect, though it hasn't been updated in quite some time. On top of that, there's also an official forum though it is now defunct even if one can still post in it, and its standings document on Google Docs. An Official Discord also exists and is open to the public as of 2019, and most functions of the forum and wiki are now carried out there, which can be found here.

Archives are available both on Twitch and also on YouTube - look for recordings that have chat log in it for the full effect. There have been many channels that have recorded VGCW shows over the years, so it can be a bit of a mess to go through, but fortunately user JCW555 has compiled documents linking every episode of every season from every show to make it easier to keep track. The documents are as follows: VGCW, WVGCW (including Genesis), EDBW/SNST, VGCW ARENA/BWA (as well as any other online specials), and VGCW At Home.

We're gonna rock these tropes #RightNow!

  • Aborted Arc:
    • The light-switcher offer plot (where the lights went out during Gabe's matches to make it look like he was fixing them) got dropped soon after the arrival of the Disciplinary Committee. A Q&A broadcast revealed that the culprit would have been Adam Jensen.
    • Many of VGCW: ARENA's various plot threads were abruptly resolved or left unfinished due to the shutdown of 2K14's servers.
  • Acrofatic: Various wrestlers, but most notably Gabe Newell, who literally did a long-jump into the ring in WWE 13 (and still bounced around like a man 1/3 his weight in WWE 2k14 due to the entrance being removed).
  • Action Girl: The entirety of the Female Division & Women in EDBW.
  • Adaptational Badass: By necessity, even characters with little-to-no fighting skill suddenly are able to grapple, kick and suplex.
  • Adaptational Heroism/Villainy: Due to the nature of pro wrestling it is not uncommon to see characters who were heroes and villains in their games be booked as heels or faces/tweeners respectively.
  • All-American Face: Guile and to a lesser extent Duke Nukem. When they fought each other, Bazza played Rick Derringer's "Real American" as background music for the fight. They were once teamed up as Team America until Guile's heel turn at End Game 6.
  • All There in the Manual: Certain parts of the backstory are either exclusively on the wiki or are so hard to find in the YouTube or Twitch archives that they may as well only be on the wiki.
  • Alternate Universe: Phoenix Wright pulled in three other Phoenix's from different dimensions using Sonic's Chaos Emerald.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Season 3's ending.
  • Anti-Villain: The Ring Rangers, with the exception of Soldier Black, consisted of midcarders that had grown frustrated with the top card being occupied by Gabe, Ganon and the other established veterans, and their actions were primarily an attempt to open up more opportunities for other wrestlers in the midcard. When the "King of the Midcard" Scorpion finally won the VGCW championship at End Game 7, three of the rangers (Satan, Groose and Octodad) came out on stage to celebrate his accomplishment.
  • Arc Words: The two main shows use special theme songs for their PPV shows, but are often related to their respective weekly theme songs in title and/or prominent lyrics, such as Macklemore & Ryan Davis' "Can't Hold Us" (which has "tonight is the night" in the chorus) and Van Halen's "Right Now".
  • Arch-Enemy: Some of the prominent wrestlers have developed arch-rivals over the years. Some of these have included Vegeta and Charles Barkley, GameCenter FU and the Game Grumps, Red and Scorpion, and Terra and Gruntilda.
  • Ascended Glitch: An exploit in WWE '13 that made it possible to create incredibly overpowered finishing moves was turned into a plot point when Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Proto Man were revealed to have utilized "glitch finishers". Donkey Kong was suspended as a result; in addition, their wronged opponents (Charles Barkley, Ganondorf, and Dr. Wily) plus number one contender Gabe Newell were scheduled for a Fatal Four Way match to determine the true champion. Later on, Terra Glitch Bombed her way to the Gurl Gamer Championship. Despite her massive face status entering the match, this did not sit well with the chat.
    • The Glitch Bomb reared it's ugly head once again over two years later at End Game X1, with both Break Man and a GameShark-infested WWE '13 Donkey Kong.
  • Assimilation Plot: One plot development in VGCW: ARENA was Hatsune Miku attempting to assimilate the rest of the ARENA roster in hostile fashion. It shifted from being Played for Laughs to Played for Drama, but usually the former. And what was Miku's motivation for this? To recreate the greatest era in wrestling...Year 2000 WCW. This angle would quickly be brought to it's conclusion during ARENA's Series Finale, but some aspects could be found in it's successor, BWA.
  • Ass Kicks You: Wario had this as a move, as do some others.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: The basis around Seasons 3 & 9: the new GM of the VGCW would be determined by who wins a tournament. Well, it would have been the first time around if it weren't for Dracula. After he was defeated, the two contenders actually had their final battle.
  • Audience Participation:
  • Author Avatar: Baz McMahon for the main show and Bryn for the Female Division.
  • Bad Boss: Baz, again. Or so it seemed...
    • Whether or not Dracula can be considered one has been up for debate, as he was often very fair towards the majority of the roster (The exception being Vamphound of course).
    • Played straight with Gary, in particular against Illidan & Red, and has put the two up against increasingly difficult situations to overcome, even preventing them from entering the Royal Rumble in Season 11. It was also widely accepted that Gary was the one who fired Ness, all in an attempt to get to Red. As expected, this backfired on Gary when the two united to get revenge on him and Armstrong.
      • And now he's trying to pull the same trick with King Vegeta & his Royal Court. Granted, Vegeta's trying to take his spot, but whether that justifies Gary's actions is up for interpretation.
    • Played straight with the majority of WVGCW's General Managers.
    • Monokuma is this for EDBW, exemplified in Season 5 when he locked up the EDBW arena with everyone inside.
    • Depending on interpretation, Simon Belmont is this for BWA.
  • Back for the Finale: Multiple past VGCW Superstars came back for VGCW's Grand Finale at End Game X3, including Mr. Satan, Little Mac, Luigi, Ness, Piccolo, Wreck-It Ralph, Wario, Baz McMahon, Guile, Goemon, Barack Obama, Ron Burgundy, and Jesus Christ, a lot of them even assisting in the final battle against the Game Genie. Gabe Newell, Gray Fox, Captain Falcon & M. Bison were also brought back to life because of said Game Genie!
  • Back from the Dead: Dracula rose from his coffin back in Season 6 after being vanquished at End Game 4. Segata came back in Season 13 after supposedly being trapped with the GameShark at the end of End Game X1. Even Gray Fox, Gabe Newell, Captain Falcon & M. Bison, killed off in Seasons 9, 10 & 12 respectively, were revived thanks to the Game Genie in the show's grand finale.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Guile. Not only did he defeat both Duke and Ganon at End Game 7 to come out of their feud on top, it is heavily implied that A. He is Soldier Black, the last Ring Ranger who has yet to be unmasked and B. The real mastermind behind the Rangers backstage attacks in Season 7, setting up an unwitting Boss Red, who was revealed to be Johnny Cage, to take the fall while he quietly exited the arena with no one the wiser.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: Luigi throwing Mr. L straight to hell.
  • Beach Episode: Season 11 was essentially this, as Gary moved the show to a tropical island, partly to raise roster morale in the aftermath of the Nightmare Gabe incident, and because of sanctioning by the United Kingdom due to VGCW being a constant source of near-cataclysmic disasters on their soil. At least, that's what was promised...
  • Begin with a Finisher: The match between Sans and Monokuma at Killscreen V began this way, with Sans interrupting Monokuma's monologue by using every single one of his signature and finishing moves in rapid succession.
  • B Show:
    • The Female Division used to be only used as a warm-up, but after Bryn took over it started to get the attention it deserves, and with VGCW ending, it has, by default, become the "Main Show" perse. In addition, the "Casual Championship" originally existed to fill time while showcasing some of the middle-of-the-road characters, although it was still appreciated for it's entertainment value and for the fact it sometimes showcased up-and-coming fighters who simply hadn't had their big shot yet. In light of Red's amazing run with the belt, however, many considered it for a long time to be just as prestigious as the VGCW title.
    • VGCW at Home, where TheTOH played The Sims 3 with various members of the VGCW living in the same house.
    • SNST and its successor EDBW are also the non-canon developmental leagues for VGCW, though EDBW later became fully canon.
    • VGCW: ARENA and it's successor BWA was this, but became canon quickly afterwards after appearances from various BWA personnel on the main show.
  • Big Bad: Baz McMahon for Seasons 1 & 2, though he was later usurped from his position as the Big Bad by Mr. L after his arrest. We later discovered that he was Good All Along.
    • Dracula was this for Seasons 3 & 4.
    • Ultimately, Kefka Palazzo became this by the end of Season 5; though he wasn't seen in the hunt for the Dragon Balls, it was heavily implied that he was watching from behind the scenes.
    • For Season 6 it was Phoenix Wright, or more specifically, a Phoenix Wright from an alternate universe. While 'Phoenix Wrong' only served as a villain primarily in Season 6, his actions in manipulating Phoenix-Prime more or less caused every single important event in VGCW after the Little McMahon Saga until Season 6 concluded.
    • Season 8's main antagonists were split between Soldier Black and The Practice.
    • Season 11's main antagonist was the GameShark
    • Season 12's main antagonist is M. Bison leading a reformed Shadaloo, made up of himself, Blood Falcon, Asura, and later Flint to challenge VGCW and determine who is the strongest amongst them. However, as the Season progressed, it was revealed that Senator Armstrong (And in turn the entirety of the Sons of The Patriots) was the one pulling the strings behind Shadaloo's operations.
    • Seasons 1 & 2 of WVGCW had Carmen Sandiego taking over the company and attempting to embezzle it's funding.
    • Seasons 3, 4 & 5 had the New Witch Order causing havoc unless they got what they wanted.
    • Season 6 & 7 was GlaDOs attempting to take over WVGCW so she could continue her testing. After she is defeated, she quietly vanishes, but later resurfaces late in Season 7, revealing to have Still Alive under her control via blackmail, and isn't going to be discreet about her goals; she wants WVGCW, and she'll do anything to get it. And maybe even more if certain scenes are to be believed.
    • Monokuma acted as this for Season 5 of EDBW by locking everyone inside the building and threatening them with their lives unless they continue wrestling. When the employees try to bust out by force, he shot the entire arena into deep space!
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • Duke's feud with Ganondorf throughout Season 6 finally culminated with him defeating the Dark Lord in an "I Quit" match, only to be betrayed by his friend and partner Guile after the match had ended.
    • The ending of Season 10 and by extension the Bazza Era Jensen is finally able to destroy Nightmare Gabe with the aid of the VGCW Universe, but is forced to kill Gabe in the process as he confides to Snake that he indeed considered Gabe to be his best friend.
    • Season 11: Segata and Octodad manage to stop the GameShark and Break Man's attempt to usurp its power for himself. However to ensure the GameShark cannot escape, Segata elects to engage the entity in eternal combat leaving him trapped in its dimension for the time being. Though defeated, Break Man is still on the loose and forming new plans, Armstrong is preparing a coup against Gary and M. Bison, the real mastermind behind the GameShark, is preparing to make his move against VGCW, and is bringing both Asura and Blood Falcon along as his minions.
  • Bookends:
    • An unintentional example: the first broadcast of Season 2 has Raphael's victory in his title match against Snake, starting the infamous 1000 Years of Pizza. The final broadcast of Season 2 has Raphael losing his title match against Ganon, ending the 1000 Years of Pizza.
    • The Red/Scorpion matchup at End Game 5 happened because Red's career took a serious downturn after losing the Casual Championship. After that match ended in a draw, Scorpion's career took off all the way to the longest VGCW Championship reign yet. Red took a slower path back up but still won a belt in his own right (the Co-Op Championship with Ness). As a result of the season 9 Royal Rumble, and at End Game 9, the two clashed to settle their draw, and the VGCW Championship was on the line. Scorpion stood victorous, finally proving who was the best.
    • A similar encounter took place three seasons later at End Game X2, with Phoenix Wright facing his old foe Dracula for the fourth time, this time with the VGCW Championship on the line. Unlike the previous example, the underdog actually won.
  • Breakup Breakout:
    • Played with in regards to Raw Power. Mr. Satan initially had all the fans goodwill after being betrayed by Dan and playing a major role in Dracula's downfall in Season 4, even declaring his goal of capturing the VGCW title. However, a pair of crushing defeats to the Angry Video Game Nerd ultimately killed his momentum and kept him languishing in the midcard. After being unmasked as Hero Yellow of the Ring Rangers, Satan decided to retire from active competition to manage Videl's career in the women's division. Dan meanwhile managed to work his way back into the fans good graces after forming the P.R.A.T.S. stable alongside the Lee Brothers in Season 7 and putting on some pretty good matches, finally executing a full on face turn when he saved Mr. Satan from becoming roboticized by the Practice during his retirement address. He then went on to be one of only two wrestlers to win the Casual Championship twice!
    • Played straight with Team Light, Proto Man has gone on to become a two-time VGCW Champion & Co-Op Champion, while his partner Mega Man was unceremoniously cut from the roster.
  • Breather Episode: Season 11, which takes place entirely on a tropical beach, serves as this in contrast to the more plot-heavy and dramatic Season 10. This ended up, for the most part, being a lie.
  • Brick Joke: On the November 12, 2015 edition of WVGCW, Terra Branford's match was entirely skipped, leaving everyone, including BRYN, confused. Fans chalked it up to a simple error. The recording of the match ended up airing out of nowhere on the November 17 episode of VGCW due to GameShark shenanigans.
  • Caps Lock: You'll very rarely find anyone in the chat for the series that isn't typing in this, unless they're in Shadow Chat mode; this simulates an actual pro wrestling crowd. Two Best Friends Play once joked during one of their discussions of the show that the creators probably ban anyone who isn't typing in all caps (they don't, but people get peer pressured into doing it anyway, all in good fun of course).
  • Charlie Brown from Outta Town: Mr. L, a.k.a. Luigi.
  • Cliffhanger: Happens from time to time, usually pissing off the fans in the chat.
  • Companion Cube: Table-san, the announcer's table working a degrading job to support her brother Table-kun.
  • Cool Bike: The Augmented Bike of Adam Jensen. Guile (formally), Red, Double Dash!! and B.D. Joe all have one as well, but it's not augmented.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Everyone thought Baz McMahon was this, but later reveals proved otherwise.
  • Dead All Along: The Boss has canonically been dead since being killed by Naked Snake at the end of Snake Eater. The Boss we've seen since the very beginning of WVGCW has been an android created by Dr. Gero.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable:
    • For a time, Ayla had only two losses period in WVGCW: both to Chell, and the second was for the Gurl Gamer Championship!
    • This also proved true for Scorpion's reign as VGCW Champion, as over time, Scorpion broke all records, meaning the one who did finally defeat him would be doing this. Nappa would be the one to do the impossible, via cashing in Money In The Bank.
  • Demoted to Extra: Due to the large cast, there are some characters that basically only show up in Royal Rumbles or Tag Team matches. A good example is Bowser, who went from being the one who finally overthrew Ganondorf's "1000 Years of Darkness" reign as champion to being an afterthought for a while. Other aren't even that lucky and get Put on a Bus.
  • Determinator: Red proved himself to be one during his title defense against Wario. Despite being hit with five finishing moves by his opponent, Red still managed to hold out long enough to win. Happened again in the Season 4 premiere after beating Dan Hibiki to retain his title. After the match, Vegeta and Kefka showed up to join Dan in a 3-on-1 No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. Red, however, kept fighting insurmountable odds for far longer than he had any right to be put through before finally being knocked out.
  • Diabolus ex Machina: Usually related to Bazza McMahon or his cronies. Later on, it was Dracula.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Happens on a regular basis, considering the number of prominent villainous characters on the roster. Provided they're not kicking ass like usual of course. Hilariously inverted in one match where Octodad, a Cthulhumanoid, beats Ganondorf.
  • Down to the Last Play:
    • Red vs. Scorpion at "End Game 5". Scorpion gets a pin at the last second to eke out a 5-5 draw, so while it wasn't for the win, Scorpion is still able to avoid a loss to the resurgent Red.
    • This happens to Scorpion again—down 10-8 against Dracula in the last minute of a 30-minute Inferno Iron Man match, he gets two pins to pull off a 10-10 draw and retain the belt!
    • Happens yet again in an Iron Man match, this time at End Game X between Senator Armstrong and Illidan. Down 8-7, Senator Armstrong uses a Sig/Finisher combo during the last minute of the match to score the points needed to win with only 3 seconds left on the clock.
  • Downer Ending: Season 8 Faced with the prospect of being roboticized by Super Mecha Arino, Gabe Newell ends up transforming into Nightmare Gaben and proceeds to destroy Mecha Arino. At the same time Proto Man, having been mocked and ridiculed all season for failing to beat the Robot Masters clearly, turns heel and attacks Jensen who was trying to save Gabe. Dracula arrives too late to prevent this as he states "The nightmare is here" before proceeding to the closing credits, this time cut with a visage of Nightmare Gabe in a field of flame.
  • Drinking Game: There's a semi-official one in the chat: Drink whenever anyone asks if the show is going to move to 2K15 or 2K16.note 
    • Another semi-official example would be whenever the chat asked when Doomguy would be debuting on the roster, a question which would inadvertently delay his debut by a further period of time. He finally debuted in VGCW at the very end of End Game X3, when the feed was cut mid-sentence.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Dracula claimed that Kefka was his strongest minion, to which Majin Vegeta took clear offense.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Early on, there were little-to-no storylines and far more characters who were not connected to video games (such as The Incredible Hulk and the Red Ranger). While there still are some cases of no-storyline episodes and some characters who aren't connected to video games, they became the exceptions that prove the rule.
  • Easily Distracted Referee: Or, rather, "Easily Glitched Referee". Makes it all the more funny when the wrestlers attack the ref on accident (and on occasion, on purpose).
  • Enemy Mine: Some tag teams, such as Gerudo Skies and Ghost Trick, were formed not so much because the characters had something in common so much as they had an enemy or cause in common. An example is Great Tournament finalists Adam Jensen and Gabe Newell, who were only a tag team because of their mutual hatred of Dracula.
    • Red & Illidan Stormrage later invoked this trope, uniting under the banner of Shadow Ball Valley to get revenge on Gary Oak & Senator Armstrong respectively.
  • Exact Words: Cate Archer's promise that Jade won't be the Gurl Gamer Champion by the end of Season 6 seems like hot water when Jade manages to defeat her and become the Champ, only for Cate to steal the belt back at Breakdown 6. Jade didn't end Season 6 as the champion after all.
  • Fan Sequel: A series very similar to VGCW existed before called /v/idya Wrestling Entertainment, which was run by someone called "Antraxo". Bazza, a fan of those streams, took it up as his own when it was discontinued.
  • Finishing Move: The VGCW Wiki has an article on them.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • As it turns out, the way to defeat Nightmare Gabe all along was by praying, as Gabe's good side had been secretly leaving hints whenever The Nightmare showed up.
    • During the opening of the August 18 2015 Show, an explosion could be heard from off-screen, shaking the camera. Around half-an-hour later, The BLU Rogues crash into the Arena as a result of said explosion!
    • All the mysterious events after the credits in Season 11, from bites out of the former Championship belts, to the Delphinus being attacked and later disappearing from existence, to the credits glitching up, are all a result of the GameShark, who makes it's presence known at the end of the Infinite Summer PPV.
    • During VGCW Blood Money, Arino has a segment when he visits Dracula's castle where he plays a Metroid game with Simon Belmont. Though it originally seemed like a playful joke on Metroidvania at the time, it ends up meaning a whole lot more later when it turns out two shows later he has to fight a debuting Ridley.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Permanent Ranger Abolishment & Termination Squad, composed of Dan Hibiki, Billy Lee, and Jimmy Lee. After the disbandment of the Ring Rangers, The Dragons changed the team name to Powerful Rough And Tough Squad.
  • Gender Bender: Robin in EDBW, though not the original intention. She was brought in just to be a female wrestler, but Dudebro accidentally added Male!Robin to a Royal Rumble shortly after Fem!Robin's debut. Since then, Dudebro has portrayed Robin as a character that can shift genders at will, with interesting consequences. After a convincing victory while female, Robin won the Hardcore Championship as a male, then defended it the next episode against Edea Lee (as Fem!Robin, of course)!
    • This was later explained in-canon to be as a result of a Paradox, meaning that Robin can end up switching from Male to Female at any time.
  • Gimmick Matches: Plenty, although some modes aren't done much because the A.I. can never seem to figure them out.
  • Grandfather Clause: Related to the the above Early Installment Weirdness, some characters such as Gabe Newell, The Angry Video Game Nerd were, for a long time, staples of the VGCW, despite Bazza saying that he, in the future, would like to try and avoid having real people or Internet personalities. (e.g. He has said Reggie Fils-Aime won't be joining anytime soon.) Video game versions of real people, such as Charles Barkley, are allowed. The Game Grumps used to have this until Bazza decided to retire JonTron and Egoraptor, though they later reappeared in ARENA & BWA respectively. A similar clause exists for characters from other media, such as those from Dragon Ball, although some claim that they can be included because they have been featured in plenty of video games. Shinya Arino seems to be the sole exception to this rule, as he is too beloved by the VGCW Universe to be let go.
  • Grand Finale: VGCW End Game X3 was this for VGCW in it's entirety, being the culmination of 4-and-a-half years of everything.
  • Gratuitous Princess: There are at least four princesses on WVGCW's roster, and one of them (Zelda) once held the WVGCW Championship.
  • Greater-Scope Villain:
    • In Season 7, 'Boss Red', the leader of the Ring Rangers. At End Game 7, it was revealed that he was being manipulated by 'Soldier Black', aka Guile.
    • Season 9 & 10's main antagonist was Nightmare Gabe.
    • If Season 11's Stinger is any indication, M. Bison may be this for Season 11 & 12.
      • Senator Armstrong & the Sons of the Patriots were pulling the strings behind M. Bison and Shadaloo all along in Season 12.
    • For the Female Division, Season 1 did not have a main antagonist until the end where Carmen Sandiego with the aid of Mavis Beacon and Dr. Gero had Bryn McMahon arrested and took control of the show. Later seasons have fluctuated between the New Witch Order and Samus Aran, until we finally got a clear Big Bad in Season 6 in the form of GLaDOS.
  • Hand Wave: The explanation as to why EDBW went without plot for so long. Teddie couldn't get the microphones working.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: Little Mac was run down after ditching Baz McMahon. It's later revealed that Baz had absolutely nothing to do with it.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Johnny Cage was not liked by most of the roster due to his being accused of orchestrating the Ring Ranger invasion, to the extent that Haggar, one of the Rangers past victims, attempted to ambush Cage backstage out of retribution.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Majin Vegeta turned on his master Dracula and blew himself up in an attempt to defeat Dracula. It failed.
    • Segata Sanshiro gave up his freedom to eternally battle the GameShark in the Sea of Data. When VGCW returned to the island that had been the setting for Season 11 the following season however, the GameShark once again caused havoc, leading many to believe that Segata failed. He didn't.
    • Captain Falcon released one final Falcon Punch to destroy M. Bison for good, taking his own life in the process.
    Captain Falcon: [[The Eagle and the Falcon. We're Birds of Prey, Ezio. Time to leave the hunt to you.
  • He's Back!:
    • Mac is Back!
    • Sabin, for one Rumble only. With him, Sonic. Sabin returns for real on 2 September 2014, challenging Illidan Stormrage to a match at End Game 8.
    • The Badman is Back from the Dead. So is Dracula.
    • Hope rides again, as Proto Man is back!
    • Dante is back, just not the one you expected though...
    • After being thought trapped fighting the GameShark forever, Segata Sanshiro returned in Season 13, proclaiming to have vanquished the beast!
    • On the women's side, Ivy is back in Season 7! And she's not pulling any punches to get to that title.
  • Hostile Show Takeover:
    • Dracula performed this at the end of Season 3 by having the final of the GM Tournament interrupted and taking the position of General Manager for himself.
    • Senator Armstrong seems to be ready to take matters into his own hands by usurping Gary in the near future.
    • The 6/27/14 broadcast of WVGCW has Samus take complete control of the show due to the Saint's recent disappearance, to the extent that she replaced the Third Street Saints' trademark purple and fleur-de-lis for the red and orange colors of Samus' Varia Suit and the Metroid series logo.
  • How the Character Stole Christmas: Baz McMahon himself does this in the Christmas Special.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: Mild example, as some of the characters utilize moves or clothing from other sports in the ring... but usually it's from other combat sports.
  • Interface Spoiler: The pre-match screens in WWE '13 are not subtle about showing off when there's going to be a branch in the plot, and a viewer with even a single broadcast's experience will know when Bazza purposely hides the loading screen, tipping everyone off that something is about to go down. Fortunately, Bazza learned how to avert this by making plot branches that both lead to the exact same cutscene. Naturally, he uses this to play with the audience.
  • Invincible Hero: Averted; while some wrestlers are more dominant than others, the nature of WWE '13/2K14's variance means that no one wrestler can ever fall into either category. Even the biggest badasses in VGCW, such as Ganondorf, lose from time to time. An exception to this was Scorpion, who had his moment as this during his VGCW title reign. While he did lose in non-title matches during his reign, his eleven month long title reign is a feat that may never be duplicated.
  • Jobber: Part of the hilarity of the VGCW is that people like Link and (early in his career) Vegeta haven't done particularly well and end up falling into this category.
    • Gary Oak is a particularly notable example. It took him six months to finally win a singles match.
    • Waluigi has "won" the Jobber Tournament for BOTH Great Tournaments.
    • Ironically, the winner of Star Road 2, Zubaz, is proving to be this.
  • Jump Scare: An unintended one on Bazza's part on 17 December 2013 during the second match of the night (Phoenix Wright versus Adam Jensen) when he clicked on a link in the chat. Said link was a Screamer Prank whose shrill noise could be heard by those watching the stream, which resulted in an immediate flood of complaints from the chat. The fact that Phoenix was still haunted by those voices in his head at the time, won the match a minute later had nothing to do with this.
  • Kayfabe: More a case of the audience having it than the participants, who are of course only AI-controlled fictional characters. A good example of this was when everybody acted surprised when Mr. L turned out to be a hypnotized Luigi. Audience kayfabe is at its most noticible whenever Octodad shows up.
  • Killed Off for Real: Woody, Gray Fox, Gabe Newell, Guile, Goemon, Captain Falcon, M. Bison, Blood Falcon, and Chun-Li. Guile & Goemon miraculously recovered after Bison's defeat at End Game X2 however.
    • Depending on different interpretations, Segata Sanshiro sacrificed his life to destroy the GameShark at End Game X1. This later proved to be false, as he returned to the real world two seasons later.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Nightmare Gabe. Whilst other villains throughout the show like Dracula, Kefka and the Practice have had their moments of humor, Nightmare Gabe had none, and the tone darkened considerably whenever he showed up. He's also the only wrestler other than Air Man with Proto Man to kill a wrestler (Gray Fox) on-screen, and unlike Proto Man, Fox's death is permanent.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: During a bit of plot on 23 August 2013 when the Space Cowboys talk about finding the Dragon Balls, Nappa points out how all the balls that have been found up to that point have been in the VGCW arena. Some people in the chat even pointed out this exact trope (among others) and this very wiki during that moment.
    Nappa: "Doesn't it seem weird that every ball so far has been found in this one building?"
    • At End Game X1, Segata brought up the possibility of the Game freezing, even going as far as pondering if the Save Data would get corrupted if the GameShark were allowed to continue as it pleased.
  • Last Episode Theme Reprise: Showed up in the final match of the Tournament Arc and its rematch the following season.
    • This trope later made a reappearance during Star Road 1's Final, and the Main Event of End Game X1.
  • Leit Motif: Everyone has a theme associated with their entrance/victory, but also even for cutscenes involving them. Some tunes will only play if a specific character is wrestling; for instance, if Segata Sanshiro is wrestling, usually music from Burning Rangers will play.
    • A special version of Burning Hearts played for Segata at End Game X1 while he was battling the GameShark-possessed DK.
  • Lethal Joke Character:
    • Dan Hibiki and Mr. Satan, who used to tag team as Raw Power. They were the Co-Op Champions for a while.
    • During his tenure in the company, Tingle was extremely effeminate and flamboyant... until the bell rang, at which point he proved to be one of the most aggressive wrestlers in the fed.
    • The Dragons. Outside the ring they are a couple of none-too-bright martial artists who try to act "gangsta" like to pick up the ladies. In the ring, they are a tag team machine that have put up Five-Star quality matches against some of the best teams in the Co-Op Division, later winning the belts and hanging onto them for nearly a year.
  • Loser Leaves Town: One of the ways Bazza & Bryn get rid of characters to make way for new ones. Among those who have left from these include Sephiroth, Wreck-It Ralph, Sagat, Ulala, Shaundi, and Roxy.
  • The Man Behind the Man: The leader of the Ring Rangers, 'Boss Red', was really being manipulated by 'Soldier Black' - aka Guile.
  • Manchild: Gabe Newell, particularly as it related to his tag team with Adam Jensen. This man was your General Manager of VGCW, ladies and gentlemen!
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: Featuring characters from Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros., Team Fortress 2, and Dragon Ball, just to name a few.
  • Mickey Mousing: Occasionally happens in the fights proper, or the character intros. Yelling out "SYNC" in chat has become customary for such occurrences.
  • Mondegreen Gag:
    • Michael Cole's line, "Missed her target," is often mistaken by the chat to be "Mr. Target", as well as an exclamation "Dear lord!" being turned into "Deer Lord". The chat parodies a similar line by Jerry Lawler, "Missed him," with the name "Miss Dim".
    • For EDBW, "Vegeta's not dead" instead of "The Cheat is not dead," from Strong Bad's song of the same name.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Gabe Newell's finisher was, for the longest time, a bear hug, the simplest of submission holds. It was considered one of the most terrifying finishers in VGCW due to it being one of the few submission moves that were actually effective in WWE 13/2K14.
  • Musicalis Interruptus: When a wrestler enters the Royal Rumble, their theme song naturally plays for a little while... unless they get eliminated before it even ends, in which case it's immediately cut off by the theme of whomever defeated them.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Happens every now and then, but usually in the more staged plot sections, not the fights themselves (although they do happen).
  • No-Sell: Happens unintentionally sometimes because of how glitchy WWE '13/2K14 is.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: Due to certain shortcomings in the video game programming, the shows have patched the way Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble matches work:
    • Elimination Chamber matches fail to randomize the entrance order of the six wrestlers, so the wrestlers are often seeded through a series of three Beat the Clock matches. The two wrestlers who lose the quickest enter the Chamber match first, followed by the longest lasting loser, then the three winners in order from longest winning time to quickest. Other times, the entrance order has been simply been picked randomly by a computer and posted on video.
    • In the video games, Royal Rumbles cannot be handicapped to allow early entrants to last the whole Rumble (or guarantee quick elimination to jobbers), as is often planned in WWE. Since the showrunners have no control over the entry order, they have adapted other rules to make the Rumble more fair for earlier entrants, the most common being the Rumble survivor facing off against the entrant who scored the most eliminations.
  • Oh, Crap!: Any time in Season 8 when a mechanized version of one of the fighters appeared, especially when Octodad and Zangief are booked a rematch of their June 3, 2014 friendly, and Mecha Zangief showed up instead.
    • This later proved true whenever Nightmare Gabe showed up.
    • Again whenever the GameShark showed up to mess with proceedings.
  • Omnicidal Maniac:
    • Phoenix Wrong's goal was to find and murder every single Solid Snake & Gray Fox in existence until he found a universe where Snake doesn't leave Phoenix stranded in the past.
    • Nightmare Gabe was going to kill every single living being on Earth unless he could be defeated.
    • It's very possible the GameShark would've corrupted the Save Data if it was allowed to continue, effectively making it this trope.
  • Paradox Wrestler: Turns out this is the reason that Robin is able to switch from their Male to Female personas in EDBW.
  • Parts Unknown: Some wrestlers are billed as being from this.
  • Prayer Is a Last Resort: The combined prayers of the VGCW, WVGCW & EDBW Wrestlers, combined with the prayers of the VGCW Universe, was how Nightmare Gabe was finally defeated.
Bazza87: *PRAY*
  • Promoted to Playable: Grunty, who went from commenting occasionally to joining the Female Division.
    • Raijin had taken part in a few matches before, but he mostly stayed in the background with the rest of the Disciplinary Committee. It wasn't until Season 11 that he ended up joining the Main Roster as a proper wrestler. Seifer later joined him as an active competitor the following Season.
  • Pro Wrestling Is Real: It's been noted that the fact that the VGCW's outcomes aren't scripted makes it more "real" than "real" professional wrestling.
  • Put on a Bus: This is exactly what happens to anyone who loses an "I Quit" match, which feature two of the least popular wrestlers in VGCW fighting to keep their jobs. Past losers include Sephiroth and Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Rapid-Fire Comedy: Many ARENA and BWA plot segments. Here's an example.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot:
    • There was little to no actual plot until everyone accused Bazza of screwing Zangief and allowing Little Mac to win the Money in the Bank match. Bazza created the "Baz McMahon" character and started to include plot scenes as a result to show the repercussions of this in the 'VGCW'' Universe.
    • The Game Grumps and their heel turn apparently were at least partially-inspired by the fact that Bazza didn't like their web series as much anymore. JonTron leaving the series was pretty much the rest of it; however, since then, ARENA player Clevelandrock helped team the Grumps back up in ARENA and BWA when both shows were active, even bringing Danny Sexbang onboard as a Wrestler in the latter.
  • Red Herring:
    • Little Mac getting run over was only due to a horrible run of luck on his and Phoenix Wright's part, rather than an outright Heel–Face Door-Slam.
    • "The Caller", who was built up to be a malicious character, was actually Solid Snake taking The Slow Path back through time, only intervening when necessary to prevent Temporal Paradox shenanigans. It Makes Sense in Context.
    • Rain appeared in the season 6 opening video, fighting Ganondorf. Much like his appearance in the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 attract video, Rain is not an actual character in the show and was likely put there as a reference to his original joke appearance.
  • The Reveal: There was a lot more to Little Mac being run down than a Big Bad performing a Heel–Face Door-Slam. Warning: read the spoilers below at your own risk.
    • Using the power of a Chaos Emerald, Snake travels back in time with the newly-recovered Little Mac in tow to see who hit him. As it turns out, Baz McMahon had nothing to do with it; at first he is merely there to berate Mac verbally for not beating down Zangief and not at all believing the Time Travel stuff... and is quite speechless when the past Little Mac shows up in the parking lot and is run down right in front of his eyes. As the future Mac and Snake weren't supposed to be seen, Snake decides to work with Baz to prevent a Temporal Paradox by taking The Slow Path, while sending Mac back where he belongs.
    • It gets even more confusing: Snake wasn't aware that Phoenix Wright was hiding in Mac's locker room before the time travel happened, and was thus sent back along with them. He goes to the parking lot to see the crime in action when he realizes where and when he is... and upon arriving, he's told by a mysterious voice about the dangers of time travel and how he's not supposed to be there. He's told to use "his" car, and so Phoenix does so he doesn't affect the timeline... hitting Little Mac on the way out. Yes, Phoenix Wright hit Mac, all because he was trying to prevent a Temporal Paradox himself. Even Snake was surprised, not knowing that the Phoenix they saw "talking to himself" in the parking lot was the PRESENT one... and he's not happy about being stuck in the past for five months.
    • But, as it turns out, that's not the "wright" Phoenix Wright. You see, original!Phoenix Wright, the one who got thrown back into the past, was indeed very upset, and did want revenge...but only wanted to beat up Snake and Mac a little bit. The other Phoenix Wrights were summoned by him with Sonic's Chaos Emerald in order to do so. Unfortunately, original!Phoenix Wright summoned a time traveling Phoenix Wright from an alternate VGCW universe (in which he is not a lawyer, and is incredibly ripped, and does this sound familiar?) who wants to kill every single copy of Solid Snake in existence, because he's tired of going to universes where everything changes except Snake and Mac leaving Phoenix in the past. When original!Wright logically refused, the other Phoenixs beat him up and threw him into a basement. Come End Game 6, and original!Wright returns to defeat his time-traveling duplicates with the help of Solid Snake and Gray Fox. Which finally ties up all the loose ends...for now.
  • Running Gag:
    • Chief Arino entering late or even last during rumbles only to be eliminated.
    • Barret always choking whenever he's in a Title Match. He usually comes very close, but just can't seal the deal in the end.
    • Meta example: When the Dragons' Duane and BrandO theme is used, the brief pause after "The world's seen the last of—" "Who?" is often dragged out or cut off by some other music, only for the response of "WILLIAM MACKEY, BITCH!" to suddenly cut back in, to the point where it's become a game for the chat to figure out when TOH's going to cut it back in. It's even interrupted the middle of another tag team's entrance music.
    • Another Meta example is people
  • Season Finale: End Game, Breakdown, Killscreen, and Final Round essentially act as the "WrestleMania" event for the Male, Female, Developmental & Community Divisions respectively, with all titles, feuds and plot threads culminating in climactic fashion, while at the same time leaving new storylines to spring up for the next season.
  • Send in the Clones: After Travis supposedly assassinated Blood Falcon, a large amount of Blood Falcon clones began attacking the Locker Room.
  • Shout-Out: To both video games and also wrestling itself.
  • Signature Style: While the majority of matches are standard one-fall matches (singles or tag team), Bazza also booked a lot of Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere matches, which has rubbed off on some of the other shows. Bryn is a big fan of the Two out of Three Falls stipulation (especially when a championship is on the line), and even named Breakdown 2/3 as such because of the concentration of such matches on the card. Across all the shows, Triple Threat and Fatal Four-Way matches have tended to be elimination matches as well.
  • Silent Protagonist: Characters such as Red and Chell who fit this trope in their games typically remain silent in VGCW as well. Some of them let their partner(s) do the talking if they're in a team or stable.
  • Spanish Announcers' Table: Table-san.
  • Squash Match: It happens, and due to the unscripted nature of VGCW's matches it can even happen in places where it never would happen in scripted settings.
  • Special Edition Title: The third season finale played a clip show opening using the opening theme from the UK Version of Gladiators provided to Bazza by an international man of mystery. Sort of became an accidental Fake-Out Opening because said international man of mystery didn't know what was going to happen and might have accidentally hyped up certain elements that ended up playing less of a role.
    • Every WVGCW Halloween Special has had an especially spooky version of it's normal intro.
    • End Game X1 had one of these as well, with an edited version of a trailer for the show.
  • Superpowered Evil Side Gabe Newell, of all people, is revealed to have one in End Game 8.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: In Season 11 as a result of the constant disasters and world-ending threats taking place, the British government ends up sanctioning VGCW which was headquartered in London, forcing Gary to move the show to an undisclosed tropical island. note 
  • Tag Team: Many.
  • Taking You with Me: The attack that Vegeta unleashed on Dracula after being beaten by him.
  • Take That, Audience!: After the massive fan backlash over his latest title win, Barkley proceeds to call out the crowd on this, arguing that he has earned every single one of his title shots like everyone else on the roster, as well as pointing out how often the crowd tends to turn against wrestlers just because of their success or exposure, and that he won't be bullied into the midcard because of it. Barkley even quotes CM Punk's famous Pipe Bomb promo by saying "Oops, I'm breaking the fourth wall."
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Nappa announced his plans to find the Dragon Balls and get a wish rather loudly, as well as his hopes that nobody was listening in on him, and his self-assurance that nobody would take one of the many spare Dragon Radars he was leaving in his locker. Needless to say, almost everyone heard, even teams who weren't even nearby.
    • Despite losing at Breakdown F.I.V.E. to Terra, Gruntilda still boasted that she had her beauty & power. Terra then proceeded to deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to beat the beauty out of her until she exploded, dispelling all of the beauty stored within her, and returned her to her old form as a result.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics "Lakita", the Female Division camera-person, who is certainly not Lakitu wearing a bow.
  • The Bus Came Back:
    • Mario's return at the end of Season 2 from his unexplained disappearance. He later left again, only to return later as the VGCW's official doctor.
    • Little Mac near the end of Season 4. He later retired from active competition in Season 10 to go and train the stars of EDBW, being given a Legends Contract.
    • Sabin made a one-time reappearance in the first 40-man Royal Rumble in months on 23 August 2013 and almost won.
      • He came back for real the week before Endgame 8 to accept Gary Oak's challenge to the wrestlers to fight Illidan. He was the third to defeat Illidan in singles, after Scorpion (with Gary getting in the way), and Barret (with Flint's help to counter Gary), and the first to defeat Illidan without Gary getting in the way (in a singles match). A true Returner. His return was made even more epic when he gained the VGCW Championship at End Game X.
    • Dracula rose from the dead in the beginning of Season 6.
    • Ness came back in Season 7, and at End Game 7, beat Red, avenging the loss that got him fired originally. However, he was eventually fired again after he and Red lost the Co-Op titles at End Game 9, though he later reappeared back in EDBW less than six months later.
    • Dante came back early into Season 9, after Travis called his time in EDBW as nothing more than a stepping stone.
    • Segata Sanshiro returned to the real world after supposedly vanquishing the GameShark just over a year after his supposed last appearance.
  • The Grinch: Baz McMahon hates Christmas and beat up Santa Claus to prove it. (Jesus Christ then showed up and put him in his place.)
  • The Heavy: Not to be mistaken with the Wrestler of the same name. Phoenix Wrong, the evil alternate universe Phoenix who served as the villain for Season 6. He was the one who manipulated Phoenix back in Season 4 into panicking during his inadvertent time travel trip, which caused the Stable Time Loop that forced Bazza to hypnotize Luigi and play the villain without anyone knowing, which made Season 2 Phoenix arrest him, which left the GM position open, which allowed Dracula to seize the position during Season 3 and 4, during which he corrupted Vegeta before Vegeta made his Heroic Sacrifice, which caused Nappa to start hunting for the Dragon Balls to revive him and causing the plot of Season 5. Add in him taking his direct role in Season 6, and Phoenix Wrong was directly responsible for every important event in VGCW since the end of Season 1.
  • The Load: A few of the tag teams have one.
    • Dan for Raw Power, who even outright jumped off the ropes to keep Mr. Satan from tagging him in a few times.
    • Vegeta was this for The Saiyans, until he became the Badman.
    • Egoraptor wasn't just weaker than Jon - he was also the weakest character statistically among the entire roster.
    • Locke was considered to be this for Sabin.
    • Adam Jensen for Gabe Newell in Safety Valve. Justified, as Jensen wanted nothing to do with the tag team and would rather be a singles wrestler, at least for a while.
  • The Stinger: As of Season 11, stingers have been popping up after the credits of every episode.
    • In EDBW, a surprise Hardcore Title Defence may have taken place after the credits have rolled.
  • Theme Song Power Up:
    • Subverted in the final match of season 3 as Dan gatecrashed the match in spite of the instrumental version of "Tonight" playing.
    • Played straight in the match between Gary Oak and Groose.
    • Thanks to some Mickey Mousing from the soundtrack, Toejam and Earl's "Funk Tag" could class as this. Picture the scene: having had a lacklustre record throughout Seasons 8 and 9 (despite winning their debut), they decided to reinvent themselves (updated outfits and moveset) for Season 10 and, in the first episode, went up against the Birds Of Prey (Ezio Auditore and Captain Falcon). Not only did Toejam manage to pull off a complete Hot Tag (a rare occurrence in VGCW), but ''Lewanda's Love'' cuts in right as Earl gets his hand slapped. Of course TJ&E went on to win!
  • Theme Song Reveal: Happens on occasion in the WrestleMania-esque End Game episodes:
    • End Game 6 featured Fall Out Boy's "The Phoenix", and concluded with The Reveal that the Phoenix Wright fans had been watching for about half of the season was actually an alternate universe version determined to get revenge on Solid Snake, only to have the scheme foiled by the reappearance of the "real" Phoenix Wright. "Change you like a remix", indeed.
    • End Game 8 opened to the song Monster by Imagine Dragons, and ended with Gabe Newell being revealed to have a Superpowered Evil Side.
  • The Unexpected: End Game 7 revealed that the mysterious Red Ring Ranger was none other than MortalKombat's Johnny Cage, who was not on the roster at all.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil:
    • It's heavily implied that all the boos and hatred he received from the fans after eliminating fan favorite Ash Ketchum in a Royal Rumble is what eventually led to Dan Hibiki's actual Face–Heel Turn.
    • Proto Man's Heel-Turn when all throughout Season 8, he tried and failed to defeat the robot masters and was jeered by the fanbase and dismissed by Gabe leaving him to decide there are no heroes left in man.
  • Took a Level in Badass:
    • Ash Ketchum, who went from fighting for his job in an "I Quit" match to earning the respect of the VGCW fans by showing a vast improvement in his skills, defeating longtime rival Gary Oak in a brutal match, being one of the final two in a Royal Rumble, dominating a six-man elimination match to get a shot at the Casual championship, and then defeating Guile for that very championship four days later in the fastest title match in VGCW history. And then, at the end of it, he began evolving, eventually turning into Red.
    • Vegeta during the "Badman Saga", and even more so during the "Majin Vegeta Saga".
    • Barret Wallace. Before Season 4 began, his only win had been against Gary Oak. Ever since, he has come in second in a Royal Rumble (eliminating Guile, Arino, and Dr. Eggman before finally being eliminated himself), put up a hell of a fight in a losing effort in a handicap match against Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman, completely dominated a Fatal Four Way match (pinning all three of his opponents!), and later completely destroying three-time VGCW Champion Charles Barkley.
    • Captain Falcon was seen as a mediocre wrestler for a long while, especially since most of his singles matches were against Protoman, who humiliated him every time, even after the Glitch Bomb was stripped from him. He acquitted himself quite well against Red, managing to win by count-out after spearing him through the barricade. He didn't win the belt because of it, but most people think he was just proving a point about his ability. He did so well against Red that he got a rematch the next week, with an opportunity for another Casual Championship match on the line. In that match, he pinned Red!
    • After Season 5, Kefka fell into a long period of jobbing, yet his popularity managed to skyrocket due to his Kefka's Korner segments. It was enough that he got voted into the main event of the Chamber of Elimination PPV by the fans, despite few if any giving him much of a chance against his more established competitors. In the main event, he managed to pin Ezio, Phoenix and Dracula, while being one of the starting two entrants, normally a disadvantage in a chamber match, and goes on to win the match after hitting the Son of a Sandworm on Dracula, scoring a title shot against Scorpion, but lost. He eventually seized the Casual Championship.
    • Gary was the league's biggest jobber for the longest time, taking six months to get a single win in his entire career and getting an impressively bad 1-13-0 record by the end of Season 8. When he got voted into The Great Tournament II Turbo, he suddenly started trying and managed to get into the tournament finals, beating longstanding top carders M. Bison and Baz McMahon to get there. He eventually even won the tournament, beating Duke Nukem.
    • Ezio for a long time was considered a jobber, despite often coming very close to winning against his opponents. Since the start of Season 11 however, he stepped it up heavily, going undefeated for a large amount of the season and even pinning both Dante & Nappa in a Triple Threat! A long cry to his days as a jobber.
    • Chie Satonaka's entire career has seen her take multiple levels of Badassery; originally a Jobber, she managed to work her way up to becoming the inaugural Casualette Champion at Breakdown 2/3, and then manage to leap even further into Badass by winning the first ever Women's Royal Rumble at Breakdown 06, culminating at the Chamber of Elimination PPV the following Season, where she pinned Cate Archer clean to achieve the Girlhood Dream and become the WVGCW Champion. AND she's defended it twice, something only two other women can claim to have done.
  • Tournament Arc: "The Great Tournament" & "The Great Tournament 2 Turbo", and also the occasional "King of the Ring"-style event, the most prominent being the Star Road PPV.
  • Trash the Set: Ranging from poor Table-san all the way to the ring itself.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Adam Jensen and Gabe Newell, though the vitriol was more from Jensen's side. Adam was eventually the one who faced Nightmare Gabe for the final time.
  • Wham Line: Season 11 had been dealing with the mystery of a GameShark that had been hacking the show and altering so much of it over the course of a season. One has to wonder why it was there in the first place. Then, during a King of the Beach tournament, a series of mysterious codes start appearing in between matches. Codes, as in numbers. Numbers, as in math. And it all starts to make sense once Transformation starts playing in that episode's Stinger.
    • Season 12 had it's own one of these in the penultimate episode. It was only one word, but it was enough to shake everything we thought we knew about the storyline to it's core.
    GLaDOS: Surprise.
  • Wrestling Doesn't Pay: Assuming all the characters still are holding their usual jobs. It was later revealed that the wrestlers do in fact get paid, though how much said payments are remains to be seen.
    • Inverted by the Gameshark in Season 11. By hacking into Wario's coin total (his "bank balance") and setting the value to infinity (see also: almost filling the screen with numbers!), it completely wiped out the villain's sole motivation for staying a part of the VGCW roster, causing him to leave Waluigi in the middle of the ring.
  • Wrestling Family: When characters are actual siblings, most notably The Dragons, and the Super Mario Bros.. There's also VGCW at Home, which puts several wrestlers together living under one roof.