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The Vagineer series is a series of nine Team Fortress 2 GMod Videos on YouTube. It's notable for having a lot more story than a lot of Garry's Mod Videos, despite every character talking backwards for the entire series. It stars the infamous Vagineer, a warped version of TF2's Engineer, with a distorted face resembling a vagina, near-demigodlike powers, and cannibalistic tendencies.

Videos in the Vagineer series by VAGINEER:


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    Synopsis - Spoilers 

  • Episode 1 - Vagispy: Vagineer finds a Spy and attacks him, only to find that the Spy is as distorted as he is. He obviously finds this beautiful, as the two immediately fall in love and "kiss", to the horror of an onlooking Sniper.
  • Episode 2 - Vagipyro: An undisclosed amount of time after the events of the first episode, a blue Vagineer stumbles across a massacre in the sewers of 2fort, where he finds Vagipyro. His face (such as it is) looks completely normal to the viewer, but the Vagineer finds it utterly horrifying, and is killed very quickly.
  • Episode 3 - Vagisniper: The Red Vagineer finds the Blue one, only to find that it was actually his love, Vagispy, disguised as one. The two share an embrace before he passes away. Needless to say, Vagineer isn't too pleased about this. Elsewhere, a normal Sniper stumbles across Vagipyro, and is attacked, mutating him into a Vagisniper. After a very short encounter, Vagisniper is utterly bisected.
  • Episode 4 - Vagisoldier: Vagipyro finds another TF2 Monster, Painis Cupcake, and promptly turns him into a Vagi as well. He and Vagineer fight, with Vagineer ultimately winning.
  • Episode 5 - Vagimedic: Vagineer finds a friendly Vagimedic that he recognises from a long time ago. The two talk, before they are interrupted by a resurrected Vagisniper being controlled by Weaselcake, another powerful, floating Sniper. The two Vagis overpower the attackers, but Vagimedic is blindsided by Vagipyro's axe.
  • Episode 6 - Vagiscout: As Vagineer proceeds into the building, he is immediately attacked by Scunt, a Vagi-ised Scout. After taking a huge amount of gunshots to the face, Vagineer suddenly busts out a Megaton Punch, disables Scunt and rips him apart.
  • Episode 7 - Vagiheavy: Vagineer discovers another, hostile Vagimedic, which calls Vagiheavy to protect him. After taking a huge minigun blast to the face, he punches the two, crippling them, but the Vagiheavy eats the Vagimedic, revitalising and ubercharging him. The two fight, and Vagineer ultimately comes out on top, but passes out from exertion.
  • Episode 8 - Vagidemo: Vagipyro's final victim, the Demoman, turns out to have resisted becoming evil from his mutation, and tries to help Vagineer, but the two are attacked by Vagipyro. Vagidemo performs a massive suicide explosion, But this turns out to not affect Vagipyro in the slightest.
  • Episode 9 - Vagineer: Vagineer immediately attacks Vagipyro and tears him to pieces. Later, he is seen on the bridge, reminiscing and thinking about his losses, when all of a sudden, a gigantic, mutated, resurrected Vagipyro appears, prompting him to turn into a huge version of himself and sacrifice himself to destroy Vagipyro once and for all. He is next seen in heaven, where Vagispy, Vagimedic and Vagidemo are all waiting for him. The two reunite, and all of them laugh about the situation.


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