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Machinima / The Forgotten Spartans

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"I wasn't trying to make a massive series. I was just trying to see if I could make one and then people wanted more."

Darknal (the real Darknal, not his Author Avatar)

A machinima based on Halo 3.

In the first three episodes, three Spartans: Darknal, Cosmic, and Conan; are stranded on a Halo ring. They have been abandoned by their army, which evacuated while they were on a mission. The trio have to fight their way through legions of Elites to get to the last Hornet aircraft on the ring, which will take them up to their army's mothership.


Episode 3 ends in a climactic battle between the protagonists and a troop of other Spartans they meet on their journey and a large contingent of Elites. The Spartans lose, and episode 4 backpedals to show us what happened prior to episode 1.

Eventually, the prequel episodes that follow catch back up to the events of Episode 3, after which Cosmic and Darknal wake up in a hospital. Conan has gone missing, and a huge number of Elite and Spartan reinforcements have arrived. The Elites have a plan to destroy the human race, and the Spartans must defeat them.

Shit explodes. If Michael Bay created a machinima, it would probably be a lot like this (but more poorly written.)

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