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"Land ho!"

"We're all expendable. It's evolution, at it's finest. We're emotional beings, selfish, and unsatisfied. But my creations lack all the flaws of their predecessors. They care for no one, seek no end goal, they simply... exist."
Doctor Ross, "A True Hero"

The Crafting Dead is a web series by SGC Barbierian, otherwise known as Nick, as a roleplay based around Minecraft, The Walking Dead, and other zombie-based series. It started on October 22nd, 2014, and (technically) concluded on January 22nd, 2017, ending on its thirteenth season.

After the end of the world, many people find themselves stranded and alone, trying to fight their way through a zombie apocalypse. Together, with the help of other characters (enemies and allies alike), they make their way through the apocalypse to try and cure The Virus that had taken the life of so many and attempt to find peace and happiness. From traveling to Washington D.C. all the way to Georgia and beyond, the characters find themselves in many situations, good AND bad.

Nick, Ghetto, AK, and Shark, the main four who travel throughout the series (last names unknown), were some of the first four characters shown throughout the series. The series currently only has thirteen seasons, with another spin-off series, "Crafting Dead: Origins," and a sort-of reboot that was abandoned after only two episodes. Each season, with the excuse of season one, while the producers were still figuring things out with the series and how they wanted to play things out, and thirteen, which was never finished, includes ten different episodes, spanning from lengths of up to ten-to-fifteen minutes in the earlier seasons, and up to thirty-minute episodes in the later seasons. After about season three, all the events start to spiral in a disturbing and darker way and thoroughly gets an incredibly well thought-out and done plot.


Currently, there is no word on whether or not season thirteen will continue. It ended on episode nine, "Better Tomorrow," and no word from the author has confirmed whether or not it will be continuing, or if the final episode will ever be released. As said above, he attempted a reboot, but for all we know that has been scraped and completely abandoned. Who knows if the Crafting Dead will ever fully return, or return at all?


This show provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Despite the lack of female characters in the show, many of the girls often turn into this:
    • For example, Jess, a gun-toting girl who can hold her own rarely needs help in clearing out those pesky zombies. An owner of many guns and a performer of many badass stunts, several of which scared Nick and Ghetto the first time they met her, she is not someone you'd want to mess with.
    • Shelby, too, seeing as she primarily uses a katana — a weapon that is quite harder to wield than your average pistol, as everyone else seems to use.
    • Mousie can also fall underneath this handle; she's not one to be messed with and confirms this in her very first appearance. As much of the other ladies do too.
  • Adult Fear: Nick and Ghetto are often subjected to this. The child, Jordan, who they pick up and watch over, is not only kidnapped by multiple different people, after being presumably abandoned by multiple different people, but gets killed in season three by an explosion none of the main cast can prevent, seeing as they know nothing about it. It is also worth a mention that Jordan is a child in the zombie apocalypse, a situation where no child should be forced to live in.
  • Affably Evil: Doctor Ross, a kind man who chooses to help Ghetto out after he gets bitten by a zombie, and travels with Sky's Group to their destination in Washington D.C. Oh, also, he was the creator of the zombie virus and successfully infected and killed Barney after they got to D.C.
  • And This Is for...: Ghetto, in the first episode of season nine, after shooting Nick.
    Ghetto: This is for Jordan...
  • Armies Are Evil:
    • Inverted with Major Gray, who is portrayed as a good person, even after being a military Major. The military is even seen to be a good force in the series, the characters purposefully aiding and hanging around characters of higher powers.
    • General Uni and Sergeant Cory could be an example of this, coming off as villains when they are first introduced, but then eventually side with the "heroes" and become better characters. Even if Uni is a bit odd. However, Cory does side with Red after wanting to be of a higher position of power and wanting to be leader, which is foreshadowed in earlier seasons. After he joins up with Red, he is promoted to a sort of "General" of Red's cannibalistic army, until he is killed.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • Sky does this, shoving Ross off of the roof of the White House in an attempt to kill him to save both Nick from being shot, and to prevent Ross from causing any more pain. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
    • Max also does this, quite literally stabbing Cory through the back to save Bobby and Sub from being killed by him.
  • Daylight Horror:
    • More often than not, huge hordes of walkers come out and attack the characters during the daylight.
    • Most of Red's moves happen during the daylight, out in the open, instead of at night. This includes killing Jordan and taking over Husky's prison (with the additional fact of taking Nick, Shark, and Cory captive in the later).
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Season one and two are full of this. From OOC behaviors to heavy cussing, to ideas and situations that got abandoned and forgotten about and completely ignored in later seasons. Several people were added than prompted forgotten/killed off as well, will no real impact on the plot.
  • The Everyman:
    • More than enough of the characters can fall into this catagory. Nick, Ghetto, Shark, Jordan...
    • Inverted by people like AK, Gray, Uni, and Cory, however, who all worked for the military at some point. And, of course, Ross, Xavier, and Jin, who were all scientists.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: A surprisingly large factor into the plot. It IS an apocalypse, and people STILL need to eat. In whatever way, they can. Especially Red's cannibalistic army.
  • Loon with a Heart of Gold: Max, a hundred percent. Until he murders Cory in the season ten finale.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords:
    • AK seems to often use a katana instead of his gun, sometimes advising the others to use different melee weapons to avoid attracting attention from unwanted visitors.
    • Shelby also uses a katana as her main weapon. She also favors a disliking of guns, and claims that she isn't as used to them as she is with her katana. It is a rare occasion to see her with a gun, even after being in the series for four seasons as a relevant character.

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