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Have you ever wondered what the colorful cast of Team Fortress 2 do when they aren't blowing each other up over pits of gravel?
Team Neighborhood, an episodic Machinima created by Greatdictator and Batman1138, features the RED and BLU teams (and assorted characters from other games) living directly across each other in a suburban neighborhood. There are also a few related videos included in Team Neighborhood's Grand Canon, in which RED and BLU partake in similar zany escapades.

Each episode revolves around them performing some relatively mundane activity (like hosting a barbecue or trying to watch a TV show), but since this is a World of Ham, these activities are taken to their logical extremes, and thus, Hilarity Ensues. Meanwhile, a mysterious third party has taken an interest in the teams' off-work exploits.

The tropes featured in Team Neighborhood are:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Aside from Episode 1 ("The Grill"), all the episode titles are either this ("Cable Calamity" and "Bush Beaters") or Rhymes on a Dime ("Pool Fools").
  • The Alcoholic: The Demomen, as usual. In "The Grill" alone, the RED Demoman spends a majority of his screentime in a drunken sleep.
  • A Lighter Shade of Black: With BLU's frequent attempts to steal the RED's stuff, tendency to turn on each other, and rampant cheating in the Badwater Basin match that keeps coming up in flashbacks, the RED team seem far more amiable in comparison.
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  • Ambiguous Gender: Both Pyros as usual, and accentuated by their differing hobbies. The RED Pyro likes barbecuing, a stereotypically masculine hobby, while the BLU Pyro likes gardening, a stereotypically feminine hobby.
  • Animation Bump: The series is done in Garry's Mod by default, but when a scene calls for more fluid animation (like the moving backgrounds of the driving sequences in Episode 4) it switches to Source Filmmaker.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: The giant Papa Bigfoot in the climax of "Bush Beaters," who chases the RED team through the forest.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Early in "Bush Beaters," when the RED Scout is visiting a gas station bathroom, he catches some graffiti on the wall that declared the reader would be "consensually pummeled in da butt" at a certain time. Unfortunately, now was that time; Roadhog lumbers into the restroom and slams open the occupied stall's door... But upon noticing the frightened Scout, the brute meekly apologizes for scaring him and walks away. Just as Scout takes a breath of relief, Frank the Shark rushes in.
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  • Bait-and-Switch Credits: "Pool Fools," initially opens with the BLU Team playing basketball against the Harlem Globetrotters. This premise is quickly abandoned, however, when GreatDictator and Batman1138 realize that they can't do the episode without actual models for the Globetrotters.
  • Berserk Button: In "The Grill," the RED Pyro is not happy when the titular grill roasts their clothing.
  • Black Comedy Rape: The scene where Frank the Shark rapes the RED Scout in a bathroom stall is played for comedy. The documentary Sniper watches outside makes specific mention of Tibetan land sharks having a 36" penis and that it's mating season.
  • Bland-Name Product: Shows up occasionally, but most obviously in "Cable Calamity," where the main conflict is BLU's inability to watch Game Of Bones due to their internet being destroyed, and them trying to steal RED's cable TV so they can watch it directly on HOBO.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Many of the episodes end on such a note:
    • "The Grill" ends with the eponymous grill defeated, but the Administrator has to pay for the damages and likely punished the RED team for it.
    • "Cable Calamity" ends with the BLU team members successfully stealing the RED team's cable... but they can't directly control what airs because they left the TV remote in RED's house. Thus, when Game of Bones comes on, the channel suddenly changes to Oi! Fuck You! Friendship is Magic when a sleeping RED Demoman rolls over the remote.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Played with in "The Grill." Most of the time, the RED team just keeps shooting the grill without pause, but the Heavy's minigun does run out of ammo at one point, and the Sniper takes cover to load bullets into his rifle.
  • Brick Joke: In "Pool Fools," right as the assembled and Übercharged BLU team is about to assault the RED Sentry Guns, a giant Soviet submarine arrives to offer the BLU Heavy a chance to fight for the motherland again. (he accepts to escape the heatwave). Then just as the BLU team teleports into the RED backyard and is about to kill the RED team, the BLU Heavy sabotages a rocket in flight, causing it to crash on the pool and destroy it. He returns in "Bush Beaters," where he arrived back in the Neighbourhood in the back seat of a Lada, dressed in winter clothes, and carrying suitcases.
    • In "Pool Fools," the RED Spy applied some sunscreen on RED Soldier's back saying "Vive La France". While the BLU Spy infiltrates the RED Pool Party, he sees the RED Spy's message and ruins his Heavy disguise by laughing normally.
    • Also in "Pool Fools," the RED Sniper, Pyro, Heavy, and Engineer try to use the Civilian's pool to cool off until he chases them out with his shotgun. Later, after the RED Team's pool is destroyed, both teams are forced to free-load in the Civilian's pool until he orders them all out, but it can be debated that the two teams just told him to fuck off.
    • The moose that briefly appears in "Pool Fools" returns in "Bush Beaters." He and his fellow woodland creatures confront CJ and his team in a brief gang war.
    • During the start of "The Grill", a giant Lola Bunny can be seen for a few frames during a time lapse. She appears again in "Bush Beaters" as a giant eye leering into RED's upper bedroom window.
  • Call-Back: The earlier episodes are occasionally referenced in later ones.
    • Before BLU's internet gets destroyed in "Cable Calamity," the BLU Pyro is browsing gardening supplies. In the previous episode, while the RED team was fighting their grill, the BLU Pyro was quietly gardening in BLU's front yard.
    • In "Pool Fools," when the RED Engineer declares his intent to build a pool, the RED Sniper imagines the pool attacking the team like first episode's titular grill had. He quickly discourages his friend's plan and hires a contractor to have a pool installed for them. In the climax of that same episode, the BLU team bypasses RED's sentry guns by using the teleporter they used to steal RED's cable back in "Cable Calamity."
      • Also, when RED is enjoying their new pool, RED Engineer and Medic are cooking in the pool with a small purchased floating grill.
    • "Bush Beaters" Has several. Examples include:
      • The episode's Cold Open shows RED Sniper sniffing BLU Spy's chloroform-covered hankerchief and getting knocked out.
      • His Badwater Incident flashback links to the previous three episodes' flashbacks, seeing BLU Soldier shooting rockets, telling the Medic to stay with him (and the Spy behind him turning out to be the enemy Spy) and watching RED Engie being blown up by the giant stickies.
      • Post-Time Skip, the episode starts up the day after "Pool Fools," complete with BLU Engie being wheeled way with his lower half still stuck in concrete, the Civilian and Miss Pauling picking up the remains of the RED Team's destroyed pool, and BLU Heavy returning from his adventures fighting Nazis and stopping a missile in flight.
      • The BLU Scout's being a shameless furry, which was established in "Cable Calamity," becomes a plot point in the fourth episode as well. The gas station furries mistake RED Scout for his BLU counterpart, and when he doesn't reciprocate their feelings, they angrily chase him and his friends out.
      • While RED Heavy is flipping between TV channels, a clip from Game of Bones is briefly seen.
      • During The Stinger, RED Scout can be heard in the background telling CJ about his team's adventures in previous episodes.
      • The RED Scout attracts an aggressive shark much like what had happened in "Pool Fools".
  • Chekhov's Armoury: In "Bush Beaters," the gang's Fur-troit gas station hijinks set up several things throughout the story:
    • While in the bathroom, RED Scout gets raped by Frank the Shark. Frank returns during the fishing competition looking for more action, and ends up injuring RED Sniper during the night.
      • It also helps give Team RED a respectable amount of points during the Fishing competition, as RED Demoman was reeling in washed golf clubs and RED Scout didn't care enough to prevent a fishing reel from escaping.
    • RED Demo takes a picture of a nearby tourist trap (a large banana statue) while RED Sniper fills up the van. The picture is later used to lure out Bigfoot during the Hunter's Challenge.
      • Also at that same time, RED Sniper is watching a documentary about Frank's species, the Great White Tibetan Land Shark that says the only way to repel it is to blow it up. And this is exactly what they do when Frank returns to attack them on two separate occasions later in the episode.
    • RED Scout accidentally obtains some anal lube while being mobbed by the furries. Later, during the Papa Bigfoot chase, he passes the lube off to the RED Demoman to squeeze a large bomb into his launcher.
    • On the subject of that bomb, the RED Demoman is tinkering with it during the gas station visit. He seems to be getting frustrated trying to fix it, foreshadowing the bomb's dysfunctional state in the climax.
    • A large medkit falls out of the van while the RED trio escapes from the furries. The loss of this medkit prevents RED Sniper from quickly recovering from his encounter with Frank, which stops him from participating in the camping competition.
    • Conversely, the small medkit the RED Scout purchased from the gas station at least helps Sniper recover for the final contest.
  • Chekhov's Gun: "Pool Fools" has the BLU Engineer's teleporter setup from "Cable Calamity." RED examines it towards the beginning but does nothing about it. The teleporter becomes integral to BLU's final pool raid; it allows the team to quickly take out RED's sentries while conveniently placing them near their now defenseless rivals. Pity that the plan was all for naught.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The toaster from Episode 1. Just as the RED team has been cornered by the Grill, the discarded toaster transforms into a massive machine itself and starts fighting the grill, eventually defeating it.
  • Continuity Nod: To Moments With Heavy - Movie Night with all of the Badwater Incident flashbacks, as it can be seen on the calendar in that video that the tourney at Badwater happened the day before; hence why everyone on BLU was so hungover. BLU Soldier also has a moment in "Cable Calamity" when he remembers shooting down a satellite in Movie Night.
    • BLU Soldier also previously encountered the giant Lola Bunny seen in "Cable Calamity" and "Bush Beaters" in another previous video by Greatdictator, Soldier Makes a Video.
  • Creation Sequence: Used in the beginning of "The Grill" as the RED Medic and Engineer try to assemble the titular grill. They accidentally create a toaster instead. The sequence is then repeated, but sped-up, with the desired result.
  • Creative Closing Credits: Each of the episodes features these, each based on the episode's premise:
    • "The Grill" has the credits appear on a chalkboard while surrounded by stylized drawings of the main characters.
    • "Cable Calamity" features a fly-around of the Team's houses that recaps the events of the episode with static images of the characters performing various activities. The later part of the credits has them scroll past silhouettes of the Team dancing on cables.
    • "Pool Fools" has a similar fly-around to the one in the previous episode, showing the RED Team's pool party. The scrolling portion of the credits is shown underwater with various floating objects, including some of the Team members' weapons.
    • "Bush Beaters" has paper cutout puppets recapping the events of the episode that are surrounded by pictures of the RED Sniper, Scout, and Demoman hanging out with members of the other teams as well as getting into various other antics during their trip.
  • Cub Cues Protective Parent: It turns out the first Bigfoot RED encounters was the son of a much bigger one that dwarves the forest's trees. He's not happy to see what fate has befallen his boy.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms:
    • In "Cable Calamity," besides the Soldier (watching a trailer for Game of Bones), Pyro (browsing gardening supplies) and Demoman (passed out drunk, though with an active laptop), the entire BLU team is getting off on things on the internet, porn or otherwise before their internet goes down.
    • In "Bush Beaters," Scout is able to win the 24 hour tent solitude challenge by... occupying himself with images on his phone.
  • Death Is Cheap: Death is meaningless since the characters will just respawn. This means they can be hilariously mutilated without consequence.
  • Digging to China: An involuntary variation. The RED Soldier gets stomped on by the first episode's titular grill, and he emerges in Japan. He later returns via taxi.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In the Creative Closing Credits of "Bush Beaters," a Freeze-Frame Bonus reveals that the RED Scout offended the Funny Animals at the gas station by scribbling out the BLU Scout's face on a lewd magazine and signing it with his own signature.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: Zigzagged. While the personalities of the members on both teams are quite similar, the members of the RED and BLU teams gain personality traits that help to distinguish them from each other. For instance, the BLU Scout is a furry, while the RED Scout decidedly isn't.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: In "Bush Beaters," at the gas station, Scout is cornered in the bathroom by Frank the Shark. Off his scream, the camera cuts back outside to the Sniper, who has to ram the gas pump nozzle into the camper fan's fuel hole a few times to get it to fit.
  • Double Meaning: In "Pool Fools," RED Spy's swimming trunks have a French Flag pattern, which contains both the colors blue and red. Given Spy's French Heritage, he can also disguise himself as the enemy, which makes him a Double Agent for both teams.
  • Double Take: Occasionally happens, like when the RED Sniper exchanges glances between the shark being held by the RED Scout, and Pyro (who had earlier disguised as a shark to prank Scout).
  • Downer Ending: "Pool Fools." A missile disabled by the BLU Heavy lands on and destroys RED team's pool. Both teams are forced to share a pool at the expense of the grouchy Civilian, who orders them out. Meanwhile, the BLU Engineer, who had been coerced into building BLU team's own pool, doesn't even finish his project. Instead, he remains stuck in cement overnight due to a construction snafu.
  • Dramatic Gun Cock: Spoofed in Episode 3, where BLU Scout cocks...a body pillow, complete with a shell being ejected.
  • Dream Sequence: Happens Once an Episode, where a random member of either of the two teams remembers the crazy events that happened at Badwater, then encountering two mysterious beings which instruct them to carry out the activity that drives the episode's plot.
  • Drives Like Crazy:
    • Do not be in the passenger seat while the BLU Demoman is at the wheel. The BLU Sniper found out the hard way.
    • In Episode 3, coupled with some heat-induced delirium while trying to build the BLU house a swimming pool, BLU Engineer had caused quite a bit of damage with a bulldozer he acquired, such as plowing through the BLU house fence, backing up into Sniper's camper-van treehouse and knocking it down, and sinking the bulldozer after pushing a pallet of concrete into a water filled hole he thought was the almost completed pool.
    • The RED Scout in Episode 4 has trouble driving Sniper's van because of the Driving Stick mentioned below.
  • Driving Stick: Comes up in the finale of "Bush Beaters," as the Scout doesn't know how to drive a manual transmission, so they can't drive fast enough to escape the Papa Bigfoot. When Sniper orders him to just fiddle with it until he gets the right gear, Scout accidentally puts the van in park. The pursuing Papa Bigfoot trips over the van, buying RED enough time to gain some distance before he recovers.
  • Eagleland: Both the RED and BLU Soldiers are Type 2 in spades. When he gets scared by the grill in episode 1, the RED Soldier craps out a bald eagle before running away.
    • Much like in the official TF2 comics, the BLU Soldier is certain that his teammates are all American.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: "The Grill," unlike later episodes, has more primitive and ragdoll-ish animation more befitting that of 2012-era Garry's Mod videos, doesn't feature a traditionally drawn title card, and the title isn't a rhyme or an alliteration. The RED and BLU teams also primarily use audio from TF2 rather than recorded dialogue that only occasionally uses archived audio.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: "Bush Beaters." Despite all the crap they went through, the RED Sniper and his troupe win first place in the Bushman's Tournament, with the Sniper getting the electronium knife. The compensation prize pool ensures that the RED Scout and Demoman aren't left out, as they get to take home a wheelbarrow's worth of cash.
  • Easter Egg: In "Cable Calamity," the BLU Soldier watches the trailer for Game of Bones on BluTube. Eagle-eyed viewers may notice the URL at the top of the Soldier's screen. If they type that video address (and replace "blutube" with "youtube" the end result is Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video.
  • Edible Ammunition: The Grill Robot fires explosive bottles of Barbecue sauce as one of it's attacks.
  • Embarassing TV Appearance: In "Bush Beaters," while the RED Heavy was channel surfing, he comes across a smutty game show called "Truck Fuck", where he made an embarrassing appearance in. He was shown naked on TV with pixel blurs for his face and his genitals, while he was dared to have sexual intercourse with his friend's pickup truck for about $399,999.98. The truck RED Heavy engaged in sexual congress with belonged to RED Medic.
    RED Medic: Wait a minute...I recognize that truck!
    • As an added kicker, this was foreshadowed at the Gas Station, with the words "hevy[sic] was here" finger stenciled near where RED Sniper refuels his camper van.
  • Extreme Libido: The reason Frank the Shark raped the RED Scout in the Gas Station, at least according to a documentary.
    Narrator: The Great White Tibetan Land Shark: Known for its uncontrollable sex drive and 36-inch penis. It gets quite horny during the summer, often choosing to seek a single mate.
  • Exact Words: The rules of the fishing challenge in "Bush Beaters" state that whichever team has the most impressive catch will win. However, no restrictions were given regarding what they couldn't catch, so Team SMNC wins 1st place by catching another team.
  • Expy: The team's shared neighbor, The Civilian, is one of Carl Brutananadilewski. Both are ornery fat men who have little patience for their zany neighbors. The Civilian even borrows some voice lines from Carl.
  • Failed a Spot Check: "Bush Beaters" establishes that both it and "Pool Fools," which occur on subsequent days, take place two months after "Cable Calamity." Given that in "Pool Fools" the RED team is only just investigating the BLU Engineer's cable splice, that meant it went unnoticed for those two months.
  • Five-Aces Cheater: Most of the BLU team is flagrantly cheating in the mercenaries' shared hallucinations of battle. In the "Cable Calamity" hallucination, for instance, the BLU Soldier uses a syringe filled with "XxX_Cheatz_XxX" to shoot far more rockets than his Black Box should allow without reloading.
  • Foreshadowing: In "Bush Beaters," while Frank the Shark rapes the RED Scout in the gas station bathroom the RED Sniper watches a documentary about Frank's species. At the end of it, it mentions the best thing to do when encountering it is to blow it up. Guess how the RED team defeats Frank when he attacks them both on the lake and at their campsite?
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The series features a lot of small details that can only really be seen if the video is paused at exactly the right time, but the most obvious example is during the Time Passes Montage at the beginning of "Cable Calamity," where a lot of crazy stuff happens even without the RED and BLU teams present.
  • Fun with Subtitles: Occasionally used, like in "The Grill" when the RED Soldier returns from Japan and for some reason speaks in Spanish subtitles, or when the BLU Medic and Heavy get ready to assault RED's house in "Cable Calamity."
  • Funny Background Event:
    • At the very end of "The Grill," the giant robot toaster can be seen on top of a skyscraper, swinging its arms at circling planes.
    • When the RED Demoman calls the RED house during "Bush Beaters," the RED Heavy and Pyro can be seen in the background attempting to maneuver a pool table either up or down the basement stairs. Before the end of the phone call, the Heavy gets sucked into the world geometry.
  • Furry Fandom: The BLU Scout is an unapologetic furry. This gets the RED Scout into trouble when he's mistaken for the BLU Scout by a group of anthropomorphic animals after the RED Scout does something to offend them offscreen.
    • There's a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the end credits that shows Red scribbled out BLU Scout's face on the furry magazine and signed it RED.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: In "Bush Beaters," the injury the RED Sniper suffered at the hands (or rather, teeth) of Frank the Shark forces him to let Scout handle the camping challenge. It's downplayed, however, as the Sniper makes a full recovery by the time the final challenge begins.
  • Graceful Loser: The assassin of team SMNC applauds Team RED for winning in "Bush Beaters," while her team looks on disapprovingly.
    • The other teams also applaud Team RED for their victory.
  • Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: A variant on the classic version of this trope, BLU Soldier rocket jumps and flies in a natural arc, but as soon as he realizes that he forgot his parachute, he immediately plummets like Wile E. Coyote.
  • Harmful Healing: In "The Grill'" the Medic decides to use Demoman's grenade launcher shoot med-kits at his teammates to heal them. Unfortunately, while it does heal the other team members, it also does them harm as they get knocked down by the med-kits being launched at their faces.
  • Heat Wave: A severe heatwave kicks off the plot of "Pool Fools" as both teams try to find ways to stave off the heat.
  • Hero of Another Story: Mid-episode in "Pool Fools," it's revealed that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union are back at it again. The BLU Heavy gets invited to fight for his motherland, which he accepts with little hesitation so he could enjoy the countries' colder weather. The viewer gets to see this action-packed adventure near the end, which constitutes stopping a missile mid-flight.
  • Hidden Supplies: The BLU Demoman buried a large stash of explosives in his team's backyard. It gets accidentally set off by the BLU Engineer while he's digging a pool in Episode 3.
  • Inexplicably Identical Individuals: As usual, sans their clothing colors, the RED and BLU team members are physically similar. This comes into play in "Bush Beaters" when the fanatical gas station Funny Animals mistake the RED Scout for the BLU Scout, who is a devout furry that they idolize.
  • Instant Sedation: In "Cable Calamity":
    BLU Spy: (gives a napkin to RED Sniper) Does this smell like chloroform to you?
    RED Sniper: (unhesitatingly sniffs the cloth) Yeah! (falls over unconscious)
  • The Internet Is for Porn: Parodied in "Cable Calamity." 6 of the 9 members of the BLU Team goes to their rooms to have a wank, but only the Scout and the Spy are looking at actual porn.
  • Jerkass: SMNC Sniper from episode 4, "Bush Beaters." Throughout the Bushman's Tournament, he gives off an aura of smug overconfidence, abuses loopholes in rules in order to win the first challenge (as exemplified below), and during the final challenge actively stalks the RED Team in order to steal their kill.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: The BLU Team cheated to win a match against the RED and didn't got punished for it. However, since then, the BLUs tend to have it harder than the REDs, such as losing their Internet connection in "Cable Calamity" and being unable to cool down in "Pool Fools."
  • Loophole Abuse: Exploited by the SMNC team in Episode 4, during the Fishing challenge. They won by catching CJ and his friends with their boat — the rules never specified what they couldn't catch.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: The SMNC Sniper intercepts the RED Sniper's bullet and attempts to steal his game after all the effort the RED team put in to attract it. When the Bigfoot's enraged father appears, he hastily casts blame on the RED Sniper for killing the Bigfoot's son. Suffice to say, it doesn't work; Papa Bigfoot punts the SMNC team into the sky, and the last time they appear in "Bush Beaters," they've lost the competition and the SMNC Sniper is restricted in a full-body cast.
  • Literal-Minded: The BLU Soldier explicitly talks about stealing RED team's television throughout "Cable Calamity." Thus, the BLU Heavy's heist ends with him returning with only RED's television set, the thing many people refer to as a "television" in shorthand. Now it's detached from its setup and unable to function.
  • Mad Scientist: Both the RED Engineer and Medic count, especially in the first episode.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: The world of Team Neighborhood is this in a nutshell. Aside from the RED and BLU teams, dozens if not hundreds of characters from various games or media show up in every episode, with varying levels of importance to the plot. This is best emphasized in "Bush Beaters," where Team RED competes with teams consisting of characters from other major video games, including Dark Souls, Halo, and Fallout.
  • Megaton Punch: Megaton Kick, actually, but the principle is the same. The Grill robot in the first episode kicks the RED Heavy so hard it launches him out of the galaxy.
    • A similar thing happens in "Bush Beaters," with Papa Bigfoot kicking Team SMNC into the sky.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: The basic premise of the series. The RED Engineer organizes a barbecue in Episode 1... And his homemade grill transforms into a giant robot and starts fighting the team. BLU deciding to steal its rival team's cable in Episode 2... Then BLU's members all come up with different, zany solutions to get it done. The RED Team has a pool party to try and beat the heat wave... And BLU Team decides to go and steal their pool by any means necessary. Sniper, Scout and Demo go to a hunting contest in Episode 4... which involves fighting monstrous beasts and dinosaurs.
    • In-universe, the crowning example is the Parker's Challenge in Episode 4. Twenty-four In-Universe hours of intense tent watching to dramatic music and camera sweeps follow.
  • Mundane Solution: While the rest of BLU come up with Zany Schemes to steal RED's cable (in "Cable Calamity") or their pool (in "Pool Fools"), the BLU Demoman just attempts to legally purchase a cable package and an air conditioner to deal with the episode's problem. Unfortunately, the prices are so high that not even a Briefcase Full of Money is enough to pay for them.
    • Also, the RED Sniper in "Pool Fools" opts to hire a contractor to have a swimming pool installed in their backyard rather than let the RED Engineer build it.
    • Much like his BLU counterpart, RED Demoman also tries to pull this in "Bush Beaters." When Sniper is injured in an attack by Frank the Shark, Demo uses Scout's phone to call the Medic to come and heal them. The Medic refuses, however, saying he doesn't do house calls.
  • Negated Moment of Awesome: In "Bush Beaters," as the RED team is fleeing from Papa Bigfoot, they pass by CJ and the Grove Street Crew who decide to help out by spawning in and using some Cheat Code weapons... then, one of them summons a yacht, and they all get squashed.
  • Non-Indicative Name: At the beginning of "Bush Beaters," The RED Soldier mistakes "Waterloo" for the name of a waterpark. In a fantasy sequence where he's Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Waterloo, a soldier under the RED Soldier's command corrects his mistake, to which he orders his troop to fall back.
  • Noodle Incident: Whatever happened at the RED house while Sniper, Demoman, and Scout are off doing "Bush Beaters," as when Demoman gives them a phone call, RED Engie has several large bolts embedded in his head.
  • Oh, Crap!: Several of them throughout the series.
    • RED Engie gets one when the grill robot shoots a rocket at him in "The Grill." Also, when the Soldier runs away from the grill robot.
    • The entire BLU Team gets one at the beginning of "Cable Calamity" when their house loses its Internet connection.
      • BLU Engineer has another one RED Heavy spots him and gives chase.
    • BLU gets another one in "Pool Fools" when they realize they're out of cold water. Both teams also get one when they see the missile BLU Heavy stopped falling out of the sky.
    • Several occur in "Bush Beaters," the first of which occurs when the RED Scout realizes that he's going to get raped for being in the stall at the gas station, and again when Frank the Shark appears so he can rape the Scout. Scout gets two more when Frank returns during the Fishing Challenge and when he hears his ringtone despite RED Sniper having thrown his phone into the lake. Both Team RED and Team SMNC also get one when Papa Bigfoot shows up.
  • Planning with Props: Happens in Episode 2, when BLU is planning to steal RED's cable.
  • Papa Wolf: In "Bush Beaters," a massive Bigfoot rampages throughout the campsite after the SMNC Sniper kills off the beast's son.
  • Respawn Point: The RED and BLU teams each have one present in their corresponding Ape-Houses. "Bush Beaters" reveals that other creatures have access to these points as well, most notably Frank the Shark and the Bigfoot family.
  • Resolved Noodle Incident: Before each episode's main plot begins, various mercenaries from both teams dream of a bizarre Badwater match heavily skewed in BLU's favor. At first, these moments seem to be only drugged-up nightmares, and they are, but "Bush Beaters" reveals that they are also flashbacks.
  • Robotic Assembly Lines: A few of them are briefly seen on the multiple screens during The Stinger of "The Grill."
  • Rocket Jump: Both Soldiers and Demos occasionally use these in order to go somewhere. Interestingly, if they use their normal weapons, Reality Ensues (like when the BLU Soldier tried to rocket jump with his default launcher and blew up in "Cable Calamity"), but if they use the Rocket/Sticky Jumper, they're fine.
  • Rule of Three: In "Bush Beaters," Frank the Shark attacks a total of three times. The first time, he rapes RED Scout in the gas station bathroom. The second time, he attempts to go after Scout again during the Fisher's Challenge and is killed with an improvised explosive made of a set of Scout's unopened BONK and a firecracker. His third and last attempt sees him use the lost device tracker on Scout's phone to find him, only to get blown up again by RED Demo with his multi-barreled Loch-n-Load.
    • In "Cable Calamity," BLU Soldier makes three attempts at stealing the RED Team's cable himself. And each time involves him getting killed because something goes wrong.
  • Sequel Series: The series takes place after this fanmade episode of Moments With Heavy, as it's occasionally referenced in the series (most notably in "Cable Calamity" when the BLU Soldier remembers he accidentally shot down a TV satellite in that video).
  • Serial Escalation: The series' first episode was 15 minutes long with almost all the lines either coming straight from the source game or being spliced together. By Episode 4, the run time is more than 50 minutes and several characters have entire conversations thanks to the custom voice acting.
  • Shock and Awe: The rare Electronium knife that's the prize of the Bushman's Challenge is made of the eponymous rare and highly conductive metal. In one of the photos in the episode's credits, the RED team gets briefly electrocuted by its power simply by raising it up high.
  • Shout-Out: Too many to count. Every episode features cameos from a lot of different games, some of them in important roles. In essence, the series is Team Fortress 2 fused with Rocko’s Modern Life, even down to using similar title cards and some of the themes from said show.
  • Slice of Life: The series essentially details the daily lives of the RED and BLU Teams when they're not busy fighting each other.
  • Sneeze Cut: In Bush Beaters," when Frank the Shark attacks for a third time, the RED Sniper and RED Scout argue about how to fend off the former, and when Sniper brings up watching Animal Planet, the Scout says that declares he "doesn't watch that shit" because he's not a furry. Cut to the BLU Scout in his room, saying he feels like he's being insulted.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Moments With Heavy, which Team Neighborhood takes a lot of influences from, starting from following and expanding on the concept of following the Team Fortress 2 classes in Slice of Life adventures punctuated by Surreal Humor and a generous dose of Mundane Made Awesome. As a bonus, Channel Chasers reveals through BLU Soldier's thought bubble that Moments With Heavy - Movie Night is canon to this series!
  • The Stinger: After every episode's credits, there's a short scene of either flying drones or spy-bots observing the episode's heroes from a distance.
  • Suntan Stencil: In "Pool Fools," RED Spy applies some sunscreen on RED Soldier's back that says "Vive La France". Unfortunately for BLU Spy, who was infiltrating the RED Team's pool party, this proved to be his undoing.
  • Super-Persistent Predator: Frank the Shark in "Bush Beaters" pursues the RED Sniper's troupe throughout, starting in a gas station then moving onto the distant campgrounds. He's notable since he's the first character who isn't a TF2 mercenary to be shown respawning. Thankfully, he only harasses the gang one more time after his initial death.
  • Super-Powered Robot Meter Maids:
    • The titular grill and the toaster turn out to be these in “The Grill”.
    • Defied in “Pool Fools”, where the RED sniper prevents the RED Engineer from building a pool and instead calls a contractor to build it instead.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: The show loves this trope, utilizing it at least Once an Episode. Examples are listed on this page
  • Synchro-Vox:
    • JC Denton briefly switches to this in his dialogue shortly before he sabotages BLU's internet.
    • In "Bush Beaters," while RED Soldier was playing with his toys, RED Scout was watching a Wild West Cartoon that employed this style called "The West [Sucks Ass:] Let's Go East, Instead!"
  • Take That!:
    • The creators like making jokes at the expense of furries and the brony fandom.
    • It's also obvious they're not fans of companies exploiting their monopolies to charge ludicrous amounts of money for their services, as the Air Conditioner ads and the TV broadcasting company's Jerkass attitudes and banners will show.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: The BLU Medic.
    • In "Cable Calamity," when the BLU Soldier is spinning the blackboard with his plan to attack the RED house, he accidentally shows Medic's secret plan to invade France through Belgium which prompts Medic to run away.
    • In "Pool Fools," he awkwardly tries to avoid being seen after finding out the Motherland and Fatherland are back at it again.
    • In "Bush Beaters," When the BLU team notices the RED Sniper, Scout, and Demo leaving, Medic is seen reading Mein Kampfy Chair.
  • Threatening Shark: Frank the Shark, again. Also the unnamed shark that somehow managed to get into RED's pool in "Pool Fools."
  • Tiny-Headed Behemoth: When the Toaster assumes its robot form, it develops a bulky body with large limbs and a wide torso (actually the body of Giant Clank). The Toaster itself forms the head, but it remains exactly the same size.
  • Trojan Horse: In the episode "Pool Fools," the BLU Soldier, Scout, Pyro and Medic hide in a crate labeled "pool toys" to sneak past RED's sentry nest... but since they forgot to add air holes, Reality Ensues and they die from a mix of heat and suffocation.
  • Unlucky Extra: The civilian who neighbors the RED and BLU teams. He's frequently punished for his proximity to the mercs, such as when his car is totaled during the Grill fight or when the two teams are freeloading in his pool.
  • Visual Pun: In "Pool Fools" a literal sentry nest (one big and several smaller sentries in a bird's nest) pops up when the BLU team triggers RED's defenses.
  • We Are Not Going Through That Again: After an ice-cream induced flashback, RED Engineer gets the idea to build a "Super Pool System" as a means for the RED team to cool off from the heatwave. This however, makes RED Sniper imagine that the result will be a repeat of the events of "The Grill," in that the pool will come to life and beat them up, so he turns down RED Engineer's idea and simply calls for a pool construction service to build the pool instead.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: As the RED Sniper demonstrates in "Cable Calamity," all it takes to get the BLU Medic to run home with his tail between his legs is to show him an apple.
  • Wimp Fight: Shortly before BLU crashes their pool party, the RED Demoman and Medic are partaking in one of these.
  • Worthy Opponent: RED Soldier is heartbroken when he accidentally breaks his Napoleon wargame miniature.
    NOOOOOO! Napoleon! You were supposed to live! (Quietly Aside) And then be exiled to an island with stomach cancer.

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