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supermarioglitchy4 (A.K.A SMG4 or Luke Lerdwichagul) is an Australian YouTuber famous for his Super Mario 64 Bloopers series.

In the years since, he has expanded out into different venues. He and his brother, Kevin Lerdwichagul, run a separate channel named Hobo Bros, which has the two playing games together. He has also founded a professional company that hosts and produces web based animations, named Glitch Productions.

Works include:

  • SMG4's Mario Bloopers (2011 - present): A series of Super Mario 64 machinimas starring a stupid, spaghetti-loving version of Mario and SMG4's Author Avatar as they go on all kinds of ridiculous adventures.
  • Guards N Retards (2014 - 2019): A spinoff machinima series made in GoldenEye (1997) starring two guards that work in a spaghetti factory. As of 2019, this series has merged with the main Maro bloopers.
  • Hitbox (2018 - present): Costumed fight scenes with popular game characters as well as recreations of game animations.
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  • Meta Runner (2019 - present): A series about a world where video games and speedrunning are Serious Business, and an amnesiac named Tari discovers she has the power to warp into games.
  • Dumb Stories to Chill and Relax To (2019 - present): SMG4's take on traditional YouTube storytime animations.


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