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"Here they come. No turning back now."
Audrey, Qeios Episode 3: BEYOND THE KILLING!

Qeios was a 2014 Machinima series written by Bethany Frye of the Venturian Tale crew, and created in Garry's Mod with the help of her siblings, the online group the Pudding Street Gang, and a few friends and fans. It is based on the manga of the same name.The disclaimer at the beginning states that the bad animation and voice acting is intentional.


The story is simple; in a Post Apocalyptic Dystopia where the world as we know it has been left barren in a terrible war with Dragons, the last survivors stay within the titular walled city. The city is ruled over by King Rothlyn, who is an unwitting pawn for the guardians, who are actually keeping the people trapped inside the city, destroying the outside world to expand the city limits, and abducting citizens who discover the truth that the air outside is actually breathable.

The series protagonist, the king's daughter the princess Rivatha, goes outside on the day before her coronation as Queen and is whipped up by a mysterious storm, whereupon she wakes up in the tree-dweller's land of Escent Village. Here she discovers the truth about Qeios and vows to find out everything and set free the people from their oppressors. Along the way she makes allies, including the irritating Woodrow; talking dog Comet; creepy stalker and Miraak cosplayer Jasper; the mysterious Mrs Whitely; and telekinetic twins suspicious Audrey and silent André from the desolated Aviria.


The series was cancelled after three episodes and fans have rallied for a fourth episode since. A spinoff series, titled Qeios: Republik was in development in 2015, focusing on a few undeveloped and new characters from the series (some of which have a striking resemblance to characters from the TV series Lexx), however it was cancelled as the creator would not agree to the series being made. In late 2015, Bethany Frye made a comment on the Venturian Tale channel which suggested she considered the series an Old Shame.

The series contains many similarities to the Technopolis Story Arc in the Western Animation series Super 4 and the Video Game Beneath a Steel Sky.


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