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Machinima / New Smash Bros Zero

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Everything you loved about the old one, but New!

New Smash Bros. Zero, frequently called NewSBZ, is a Brawl Machinima series created by YouTuber, White Blade Zero and a reboot of an earlier Melee machinima. The series revolves around a variety of different players of an online game, each with a different character and color palette as their in-game avatars, however, the main focus of story is on a Low-Rank player named Axl-Blade; as well as his girlfriend, Alora; their friend, Mistychu, as well as a ton of other players. A tournament has been announced and many players have begun to register in order to compete and prove themselves as skilled fighters.


NewSBZ provides examples of:

  • Digital Avatar: All of the players in the series are represented by their in-game character of choice.
  • Fantastic Rank System: The players within the game are all categorized by 3 ranks:
    • High-Rank
    • Mid-Rank
    • Low-Rank
  • Game Lobby: Most of the story takes place in servers throughout the game.
  • Level Editor: The players are able to create and play on their own Custom Stages.
  • One-Episode Wonder: This series only had 1 episode. Even though it was a two-parter.
  • PVP Balanced: Averted. Meta Knight, a character who has built up a reputation for being overpowered, was banned from the tournament.
  • The Remake: On June 8th 2013, it was announced that New Smash Bros Zero was going to be getting a remake. He said before that the series was cancelled, but now he plans on redoing it with the problems he had with the first episode fixed. Most of the original cast will be returning. He also plans on renaming the series. However this remake was recently canceled. See What Could Have Been.
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  • Ring Out: Matches are won when the opposing player(s) is knocked off of screen.
  • Rules of the Game: Before starting a match, the characters will first agree on the terms of the match. Like how many lives each player will have, if items are on, and how long the match will go on for.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, there was going to be a remake with a revised plot and characters, however due to a lack of motivation, the creator decided to cancel it.