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In a world… where hundreds of characters from dozens of video game franchises coexist, evil abounds, and they all desire one thing: trophies, hapless characters who, upon dying, turn into figurines that can be collected, but can be resurrected if given a hard tap (Just like in The Subspace Emissary). Too bad the path to power isn’t that simple, as other villains compete with them and heroes attempt to dispatch them.


Produced from 2012 to 2013 and released in May 2013 by Gamingallstarsgmod (Formerly Supersmashbrosgmod), Gaming All Stars: The Ultimate Crossover could easily be the most elaborate instance of Garry's Mod in existence, consisting of roughly 4 hours’ worth of story, split up in three giant chunks. About a year later, he decided to give the series a new coat of paint, releasing it as an episode-based animation titled Gaming All Stars Remastered. After he finished that in 2016, he began working on Gaming All Stars 2, with even higher quality animation than Remastered. Alas, GASGM suffered an arm injury in late 2019, leaving GAS 2 with only half of the series complete and causing his other projects (Funny Game Moments, Nintendo Chronicles) to face significantly longer upload delays.

Anyway, the series begins with Mario dealing with Bowser and his goons as usual, but after getting separated from his friends, the bigger picture is soon revealed and a much different adventure ensues, with him and many others teaming up with or fighting against characters from unfamiliar continuities. Sonic and Alex Mercer vs Porky Minch? Check. Crash and Spyro vs Shadow Mario? Check. Mario, The Heavy, and John Marston vs the Babylon Rogues? Checkaroo!


Gaming All Stars: The Ultimate Crossover can be viewed here, here, and here. Meanwhile, the movie version of Remastered can be viewed here, or, if one wants to view the series episode-wise, here. The first episode of 2 can be viewed here.

Tropes included in all iterations of the franchise:

Tropes specific to Gaming All Stars: The Ultimate Crossover

  • Bears Are Bad News: Bearminator, a submarine-piloting polar bear who interrupts Link and his gang from proceeding any further, prompting them to evade his gunfire as they work to sink him.

  • Downer Ending: With a tinge of Bittersweet. After witnessing the remainder of the heroes getting dispatched by Polygon Man and Andross, Master and Crazy Hand create a devastatingly powerful bomb to destroy the moon, intending on stopping Andross in order to alleviate the Earth of the apocalypse he caused. While the people of Earth are indeed relieved of their troubles, the explosion ends up killing Mario, Sonic, and Crash as well, prompting the people to morn them and all of the heroes who entered the moon to combat the ultimate evil.

Tropes specific to Gaming All Stars Remastered

  • Adapted Out: G-Man, one of the primary antagonists in the original version, and a staple of Garry’s Mod animation, only makes a cameo as a trophy, and is replaced with Colonel Radec.
    • Wart and King K Rool, whose introductory cutscene is completely cut out as well. The former is replaced with Smithy, which makes more sense considering he’s the one in charge of the Axem Rangers, not Wart, while the latter makes an appearance in Gaming All Stars 2 as Captain K Rool.
    • Globox, Mumbo Jumbo, Ripto and Gulp all vanish due to their cutscene being removed. GASGM has confirmed the reason for this is because they made that scene last-minute, and felt it should be replaced with original content by the time they were wrapping up production on the Remastered series.

  • Adaptational Karma: Admiral Razorbeard. While he manages to flee with his goons prior to the final battle in The Ultimate Crossover, he isn’t so lucky in Remastered when Radec decides he no longer needs the robo-pirates’ help and turns him into a trophy.

  • Death by Adaptation: Quite a few characters who lived for a good portion of the plot in The Ultimate Crossover are given the boot here, such as Glover and Fancy Pants (the former only shows up as a trophy, getting knocked into lava during the Giga Bowser fight).

  • Demoted to Extra: The Colossus Monk (Or in this case, their entire race) ends up staying behind rather than tagging along with Tails.

  • Hit Stop: As Banjo lands a hit on Nightmare, time seemingly slows down and both of their voices deepen. This happens again later when Giga Mac wallops Mewtwo, just before the impact of the punch sends it flying.

  • Sequel Hook: Following the events of the moon exploding due to Master Hand’s subspace bomb, leaving behind a coin (Mario’s hat in The Ultimate Crossover), a ring, and a Wumpa fruit. Unlike The Ultimate Crossover, the items suddenly vanish, before leading to a scene in which Mario and several other major protagonists come face-to-face with Zinyak, which foreshadows the events of Gaming All Stars 2.

  • Spared by the Adaptation: Vexx, Cole, and Knuckles all survive for a longer period of time here than they did in The Ultimate Crossover.

Tropes specific to Gaming All Stars 2

  • The Bus Came Back: Kratos, after initially appearing in “Limbless Hero” to slay Giga Bowser and never receiving any more screen time after that, returns as one of the main protagonists (Alongside Mario and Master Chief).

  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Specter, Quan Chi, and Sweet Tooth, (All of whom were first encountered in some capacity during the events of Remastered) are given some sort of defeat at some point upon returning in this series.

  • Prison Episode: “Breakout”, the last episode finished before Gamingallstarsgmod’s arm injury, involves a mass prison escape led by Michael and Trevor as one of its pivotal conflicts.

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