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EVERY SIMS MACHINIMA EVER (Parody), as its name suggests, is a parody of The Sims videos on Youtube.

Ever since The Sims 2, there's been a genre of videos that use Sims games to tell a story. Many of these deal with harsh and mature topics but have little-to-no subtlety in their approach. EVERY SIMS MACHINIMA EVER (Parody) pokes fun at these melodramatic type of videos.

The video stars a girl named "Ella". She's an average middle schooler with an average life. Well, except for the part where her abusive mother turned to alcohol and camming after the tragic death of her husband three years ago. Other than that, Ella has a perfectly average life. This all changes as Ella ages: her best friend backstabs her, her First Love moves away with his parents, etc. More and more drama seems to follow Ella as she grows into a teenager.


EVERY SIMS MACHINIMA EVER (Parody) provides examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: Parodied. Ella's mother being abusive is mainly an Informed Attribute. The worse she's seen doing is insulting her twice by calling her "useless" and sending her to her room. She could be emotionally abusive (and a comedically exaggerated one at that), but the plot-point is quickly pushed under the rug.
  • Affectionate Parody: Of Sims machinima stories. It pokes fun at the teen drama-esque plots and melodrama of them.
  • Alpha Bitch: Madylyyne, to the point where she's introduced as "Madylyyne the bully". She has a Girl Posse consisting of Beta Bitch Jessica and Ella's ex-friend Chloe.
  • Blatant Lies: Early in the video, Ella narrates that "My family didn't have much, but we were happy"... while onscreen we can see a) their massive three-storey house and b) Ella's parents fighting while she sobs in the background.
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  • Cam Whore: Downplayed with Ella's mother after her husband dies. She looks sexy while gaming so guys on Twitch will donate money.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: Brandon tells Ella he's been in love with her since second grade.
  • Crash-Into Hello: Brandon and Ella reunite after years apart at a party by bumping into each other.
  • Diabolus ex Machina: After Ella decides to runaway from home, of course Madylynne has to show up out of nowhere and shoot her because she had sex with Brandon, who was her boyfriend. Information neither Ella or the Audience was made aware of. This obviously parodies how contrived Sims machinimas are written, leading to endings just like this.
  • Disappeared Dad: Ella's father died three years prior to the story. He was just standing in the middle of a road when a car crashed into him.
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  • Downer Ending: Ella ends up running away and then is shot by a jealous Madylynne for having slept with her boyfriend. For reference, prior to that scene it wasn't even mentioned that she was dating Brandon.
    Ella: And there I laid, dead and lifeless.
    Ella: Because f*ck you and your happy endings.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Several characters get these, which often illustrates their only personality traits as well.
    • Ella's "Instagram baddie mom" is an alcoholic who verbally abuses her and posts sexy videos of herself while gaming to make money.
    • Ella kindly informs us that her childhood best friend Chloe "turns out to be a backstabbing bitch."
    • Brandon is the hottest guy in school and a budding "f*ckboy" who kisses Ella without her permission.
    • Madylyyne "the bully" and "her token black friend" Jessica are introduced making fun of Ella's appearance.
  • Everyone Loves Blondes: Brandon Peters is a light blond and the most attractive boy at his middle school.
  • Informed Poverty: Played for Laughs when Ella goes on about how her parents lives in modest conditions, despite the luxurious 3-story house they live in.
  • Law of Inverse Fertility: The first time Ella sleeps with Brandon, she gets pregnant... because of course she does. She even lampshades it.
  • Machinima: It's a machinima using The Sims 4.
  • Most Writers Are Adults: Ella and her friend Chloe use Instagram as middle schoolers and generally act more like teens.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: Madylynne catches Ella and Brandon having sex. She later shoots Ella (who didn't previously know that Brandon was dating Madylynne. Neither did the viewers, for that matter).
  • Older Than They Look: Even into Ella's late teens, her mother still looks like she's her sister.
  • Ordinary High-School Student : Parodied. Ella describes herself as "your average kid with an average life", yet her life is anything but average.
  • Preppy Name: Madylynne's name counts as the My Nayme Is variant.
  • Satellite Love Interest: Lampshaded when Ella mentions that her "only personality trait is boy crazy". Brandon Peters, the object of her affections, only exists to be a love interest.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Parodied. After being teased about her appearance by Madylynne and Jessica, Ella gets a makeover and becomes popular on Instagram and in school. There wasn't actually anything wrong with her appearance to start with and her description of how she achieved her makeover is less than flattering:
    Ella: Five lip fillers, titty implants and a bad fake tan later, it was over for those hoes.
  • Shout-Out: Ella's name counts as one to Cinderella. There's also a brief Shout-Out to Rihanna's "Umbrella".
  • Single-Target Sexuality: The only person Ella ever seems to take notice to is Brandon.
  • Skewed Priorities: Parodied. When teenage Ella informs her mother she is pregnant with Brandon's baby, her mother is relieved, saying she thought she was getting fat.
  • Struggling Single Mother:
    • Ella's mother looks sexy while gaming on Twitch to get men to give her money.
    • Defied with Ella as she's shot before she can give birth.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Ella and Brandon have sex once at a party. Ella ends up pregnant afterwards.
    Ella: Yes, we had sex. And yes, I got pregnant.
    Ella: You really thought you'd escape the inevitable teen pregnancy part?
  • The Runaway: After becoming pregnant, Ella decides to run off. This coincides with the creator deciding to do a Genre Shift into a "runaway teen" story.
  • Time Skip: There's a five-year time skip from middle school to high school.
  • Troperiffic: As the title suggests, the video uses just about every cliched character type, storyline and plot twist commonly found in Sims machinima for the purposes of parody.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Brandon has a low voice for a middle schooler.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Brandon is revealed to have cheated on Madylyyne with Ella, prompting Madylyyne to shoot her.


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