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Machinima / Elites Of War

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And so the Legion comes to the stage...

"The War between species wages once more."

Deep within the reaches of space, "The Legion" is a mercenary organization lead by a domineering leader and his comrades on a galaxy wide journey to achieve sweet, alien vengeance on "The Council", a gathering of Sangheili elders. Along the way, the story brings the viewers through multiple characters, missions, and veering plot elements that mix mystery with science fiction to create a longstanding tale of redemption.

Elites of War is multi-generational machinima series, set immediately after the events of Halo 3, during which the war between humanity and the Covenant has been disrupted by an internal crises between the alien races of the Covenant in a fight over control. It's creator, a group by the name of Trigrams Productions has spread the story over all the Halo games, from Halo 3 (Season 1), Halo Reach (Season 2), and Halo 4, which was seen as a testing ground until the limitations of the game were deemed too strict to be used.


Scattered around are various offshoots of the series, which warrant seperate naming:

  • Elites of War: Chronicles: This series follows the exploits of Gharst Omeluum, a Sangheili who has been betrayed by the High-Council, and is now building up an army to reclaim his honor.
  • Elites of War: Vita De Militis: A series of comic-style shorts, the series provides further background on the leader of Raptor Squad, a Sangheili named "T'kan Ghan" (Codenamed "Boss"), and his induction into the main story. The style is different in that while the majority of the series takes place in standard film/animation fashion, Vita De Militis episodes are a slideshow of still images detailing past events.
  • Elites of War: Valkyries: A working title, this off-shoot will be covering the side-story of "Valkyrie Squad", an all-female (but with one Male Medic) squad meant to operate in parallel to the protagonist group.

A third season has been announced, including the potential of a fully rebooted Season 1 (Due to obvious improvements in technology, writing, and voice acting cast over time) that promises to titillate.

Tropes Included in the Series (So far):

  • Evil Versus Evil: The inevitable situation when the Legion comes up against equally shady groups (i.e. The Council)
  • Four-Man Band: Arguably Raptor Squad of Season 2.
    • Boss: The Leader
    • B.A.T: The Big Guy/The Smart Guy
    • Cy: The Lancer
    • Rex: The Smart Guy/The Chick
  • Ray Guns: Averted. The Legion, despite being lead by Sangheili with more than enough technology to wage a war, prefers to outfit it's troops with standard human weaponry. Sometimes becomes Good Guns, Bad Guns when facing The Council, a seperate group that stick to traditional alien weaponry.
  • The Syndicate: The Legion can be seen as one of these, being a large mercenary group.

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