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Machinima / Duke Nukem Foreverquest

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Created by the Gmod video maker DasBoSchitt, also known for creating the The Gmod Idiot Box, Duke Nukem Foreverquest is an animation depicting the time before Duke Nukem Forever came out. Starring a deliberately badly animated Duke, it follows his quest to regain his lost money from 3DRealms after Mr. Goldblum emptied his bank account as an incentive for Duke to get off his ass and away from the constant stream of pornography, he goes about the entire job as you would expect - massive amounts of violence to everyone, hostile or otherwise.

One subplot revolves around Metrocop #1 attempting to revive his deceased pal and creator of The G-Mod Idiot Box, DasBoSchitt after accidentally blasting his head off with a shotgun trap in Gmod Idiot Box 10. The subplot serves as Episode 11's prequel.

You can watch it here.

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