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Machinima / Dragon Brawl Z

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What happens when you take Super Smash Bros. and combine it with story elements found in Dragon Ball Z? You get this series, created by machinimator dRage. Set in a world known as "The Convergence," the various characters of Smash Bros. have just finished their annual tournament, and prepare to return to their respective worlds. However, when the more villainous Smashers launch a plan to usurp control of the world, it's up to a band of heroes to save the day.

  • Adaptation Expansion: The series builds off of the premise on why the competitors fight, as well as elaborate on some characters previously being spectators before becoming eligible to fight.
  • Battle Aura: Several characters have one.
  • The Coup: In lieu of a Tournament Arc, the main plot revolves around the heroes quelling a rebellion from the villains.
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  • Fantastic Caste System: Anyone can enter through the portal to The Convergence, but only a select view are chosen to be competitors: the rest are stuck as spectators. The villain's rebellion is an attempt to overthrow this.
  • The Good Kingdom: The Mushroom Kingdom, which predictably falls under attack. However, it comes under attack from Ganondorf rather than Bowser—in fact, the Koopa Kingdom is targeted not long after.
  • La Résistance: Downplayed in that they aren't fighting back against a villainous regime, but fighting to prevent one from coming into power.
  • Portal Door: One single portal connects to all the various worlds that the fighters come from.
  • Shout-Out: Several:
    • Fox and Meta Knight are the top fighters in the tournament, a reference to their dominance in Smash Bros. Melee and Smash Bros. Brawl, respectively.
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    • Fox's "shine," a technique used by competitive Melee players, is used in the tournament.
    • Captain Falcon references the time he Falcon Punched Black Shadow so hard it caused a galaxy to explode, a reference to the famous scene from the F-Zero anime.
    • Sonic references several times where he's seen incredibly strange things. The footage then cuts to gameplay footage of Sonic '06 before cutting back to the action.
  • Tournament Arc: Averted: Unlike most Smash Bros. machinima, where a tournament is usually the cornerstone of the plot, the major tournament has already ended.

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