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Machinima / Deus ex Machina

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"The definition [for Deus Ex Machina] is: A person or event that provides a sudden and unexpected solution to a difficulty."

Recent graduate John Brent and Michael Jacobs have grown tired of seeing their graduating class dying. The year is 2552, the last surviving city on Earth is Salvation City, a city plagued with crime and augmentation drugs. There are no cops as the UNSC needs every soldier up in space to guard against Covenant attack, so thus they equipped everybody with Mark VI powered armor, and let the city police itself.


Does this sound like a really, really bad idea? Well, that's because it is, the city has gone to hell, and it's so dangerous that everybody has to carry around tasers (plasma pistols). The backstory may sound silly, but the whole thing is to Hand Wave the required character models that Halo 3 provides, given that it is a machinima.

Moving on, the aforementioned Michael Jacobs modifies John Brent's suit to have super human strength, temporary invulnerability, invisibility, and thermal/night vision. John decides he must have a nickname, so after hearing the page's quote at the top, decides on Deus Ex Machina.

Surprisingly good cinematography for a machinima series, the camera angles and lighting effects make for a very theatrical experience. Sadly, the writing isn't quite so good. John hardly ever uses his suit's abilities when they would actually be helpful. See Idiot Ball for details.


The series has since been discontinued by its creator.

Against all odds, however, it recieved a finale... which was really Jon giving permission to fellow Machinima artist Guitar Master X 7 to create a joke ending as a massive Take That, Audience!.

A four-part remake was produced by Retro Digital in 2014, with a different version of the story, but nonetheless retains its major beats. This series has since been put on private on YouTube.


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