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Cult of Personality is a Team Fortress 2 Machinima created by LoneWolfHBS using Source Filmmaker. It is a Sequel Series to his FYI I am a Robot video.

After a failure involving an intelligence-capturing mission, a BLU Medic from Turbine was fired and forced to return back to his hospital. After finding more outcasts abandoned by RED and BLU, the Medic swore to destroy both organizations and founded a cult of personality, the o.W.n (Our World Now). Their primary objective is to invade as many RED and BLU territories as possible and free the mercenaries of both teams from the stalemate war, either through forceful assimilation or being kept prisoner. As the o.W.n invades, taking out their enemies and recruiting more RED and BLU mercenaries to their cause, a few remaining mercenaries banded together to stop the tide crashing down on them.


The series is ongoing with five chapters as of this writing, plus two shorts, and a comic adding more depth to the story. The series has its own fan base in the Steam Community here, as well as an in-game mod by Lone Wolf for players to play as oWn (taking place of the BLU team) and a mix of RED and BLU (as the RED replacement).

Not to be confused with the Trope Cult of Personality.

Tropes Associated with Cult of Personality.

  • Anti-Villain: Most of oWn are no less moral than other characters in RED and BLU, mostly because the mercenaries who joined oWn have their personalities largely intact despite their changed loyalties.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Rescues happen here and there throughout the series. One example coming to mind is a RED Sniper saving an Engineer from a BLU Spy.
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  • Cult of Personality: It's... in the title.
  • Darker and Edgier: The entire series, while maintaining Team Fortress 2's lightheartedness and Dark Comedy, is noticeably more serious and somewhat more mature in tone. Because Death Is a Slap on the Wrist in the original universe, oWn resorts to assimilating or capturing rather than killing to make sure the rebellion doesn't become another stalemate. The oWn Medic, in particular, isn't against torturing his prisoners, as shown when he tortures a captured BLU Fem!Medic with his own modified Medigun. Drama and relationship conflicts is also very common throughout the series, especially the relationship between former Fire-Forged Friends, the RED Turbine Fem!Scout and the oWn/former BLU Turbine Medic.
    • The Legion's first appearance involves a sudden and horrifying vision in which a few of their masked members (except the Demoman) staring blankly at the camera within a dark room. The Demoman was instead making creepy smiles alongside a masked Medic. Screams can be heard, along with voice clips asking about insanity. After the vision's similarly abrupt end, a nearby robot Pyro goes berserk and almost killed the oWn Fem!Scout, arguably the nicest oWn member in the series.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Anyone who dies will respawn, feeling the pain from what killed them but shake it off before long.
  • Enemy Mine:
    • The RED and BLU teams in Turbine, after losing some members to the oWn, banded together to try and bring them down not once but twice so far.
    • The oWn faction as a whole can be this as the whole group comprised of members from both RED and BLU united under one common cause despite prior conflict between members. Even the group founders, a former BLU Medic and a former RED Engineer, were both from different teams and tried to kill each other before realizing their similar situations and becoming allies as a result. With the former helping the latter in replacing a missing limb, they have since then became close friends.
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  • Evil Costume Switch: Anyone who joins oWn gets a black uniform, but the lieutenants and the leader himself have more unique outfits after defecting.
  • Evil Weapon: Attention is being drawn to a specific Eyelander in the oWn's possession, which has voices from within it speaking to its user and sometimes directly controlling them to do its bidding. The oWn Demoknight, who is the current wielder, was almost charmed into attacking his former friends from Turbine if it wasn't for an oWn Spy snapping him back into reality.
  • Expy: The Deviantart character bios state that Cult of Personality was modified from an original story Lone Wolf was making, tweaked to better fit with the TF2 setting. Every major and secondary character is partly based on one of that story's characters.
  • Family-Unfriendly Death: During the invasion of Turbine, the RED Fem!Scout is ripped in half by an oWn Heavy with his bare hands. Most of the gore was not shown, though a spew of blood can be briefly seen.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: In FYI I am a Robot, the titular Robot Soldier is disguised as flesh and blood, but makes no effort to hide what he is, constantly spouting out robot nonsense. The lead BLU Soldier only sneers whenever he speaks up and walks on.
  • The Lady's Favour: A platonic example. After surviving the robot invasion in FYI I am a Robot, the RED Turbine Fem!Scout gave the Turbine BLU Medic a thorny rose as a sign of truce. After he's fired, he leaves the rose behind, making it the Fem!Scout's Tragic Keepsake.
    • Upon his return more than a year later as the leader of oWn, he retrieved the rose after the RED Turbine Fem!Scout was captured by his followers. It was this retrieval that becomes The Reveal to the Fem!Scout as she finally realized who he truly was.
  • Man Behind the Man: Since this takes place before Mann Vs. Machine, the then unknown Gray Mann is supporting oWn with funding, weapons, and prototypes of his robots in exchange for combat footage to better said robots.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: The RED Turbine Scout is given one by the RED Soldier for sabotaging the Fem!Scout's gear. Upon defecting, the Scout repeatedly beats the Fem!Scout with his bat.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni:
    • The oWn Medic is the blue to the BLU Turbine Soldier's red. While the Medic is generally calm, collected and stoic, the Soldier is very prone to getting angry and often employs aggressive tactics.
    • The RED Turbine Fem!Scout is the red to the oWn Medic's blue. Unlike the Medic, the Fem!Scout is, like most Scouts, cocky and very sure of herself. She's also highly energetic and very cheerful. She's also extremely aggressive, often charging into combat with little regard for her own safety.
  • The Reveal: Any time a merc from Turbine learns that the leader of oWn used to be one of them.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Shades of this are being shown in the form of the Legion, a group who are supposedly stuck inside an Eyelander discovered by the oWn Fem!Scout.
  • Shout-Out: Lone Wolf is a wrestling fan, and it reflects. oWn is based on the New World Order and its lieutenants have personality traits based on some of the members. For example, the oWn Scout has some of Scott Hall's "Bad Guy" traits and the oWn Heavy and Soldier both being in the Co-Dragons role like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall did.
    • During Chapter 5, a BLU Heavy winds up with a bucket on his head and dancing to a catchy song. The end result is taken directly from the 2013 Saxxy Award Comedy Winner's entry: Disruption.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: The oWn Scout is very full of himself, but has none of the skill to back up his boasting.
  • Start of Darkness: Chapters 1 and 2 show how the Turbine BLU Medic ended up where he was, and why he swore vengence on RED and BLU.
  • Those Two Guys: The RED 2Fort Sniper and Spy, even after they joined oWn.
  • Through the Eyes of Madness: Naturally you're going to see Pyro's colorful view of things on occasions. Arguably the instances with the Legion could be considered this as the Legion's very presence tend to cause a bunch of colorful effects on the screen.
  • Time Skip: One year passes between chapters 2 and 3.
  • Villain Protagonist: Chapter 3 focuses almost entirely on the perspective of a RED 2fort Spy who willingly joins oWn alongside a fellow RED Sniper, betraying their team in the process.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: The oWn tricks one of Turbine's BLUs into opening the gate with their Fem!Scout calling for help.


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