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Machinima / Combat Devolved

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The main cast. (From left to right: Dr. Cadaver, Scout, Rookie, Sniper, JAKE 17, Heavy and Pilot).

In a non-distinct location far away from the adventures of Master Chief, squads of Spartans are defending the universe (Or perhaps just the maps they inhabit) from the evil Covenant. Combat Devolved follows one such squad, as they fight against not only the aliens, but their own incompetence.

Combat Devolved is a Talking Skullz Machinima set in the Halo Universe and occurring alongside the game series. Currently in its first series, which takes place during the time period of Halo: Combat Evolved. Episodes are scheduled to air fortnightly with bonus videos on alternate weeks.

You can check it out on the Talking Skullz YouTube channel here. The series has begun only recently, but is quickly growing.

Has a Character Sheet for all characters that have made an appearance (Cameos notwithstanding).


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