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The quest to kill a black get chicks.

Chronicle of the Annoying Quest is a Machinima series produced by Baka Savant Productions, and set in the World of Warcraft universe. It seems to have been inspired by Red vs. Blue. The story follows a novice Paladin, John Jacob Ellers, and his Warlock companion, Voliostromort Guy, as they seek out a Black Dragon. They need the dragon's head so that Ellers can prove his worth to the other Paladins so he can drink with them in their tavern (really it's just so they can get rid of him). Guy is forced along because the Paladins threaten to arrest him for his use of demonic magic. They are joined on their quest by Hana, a night elf Druid, and his human lover Kit, who also want a black dragon to create an aphrodisiac.

The series plays out like a long quest chain in the MMORPG it's based on. After finding someone who can tell them where to find a black dragon, they must lift a curse on his two brothers to get the information. The brothers, James and Eric, are trapped in swords. So the group sets off to find a way to lift the curse, meeting several amusing characters along the way, such as Hana's ex-girlfriend Flayme, a draenei hunter named Rora, and a gnome with the very odd name of Deuce Ex Machina (Not to be confused with Deus ex Machina). Hilarity Ensues.


On the other side of things, there are the antagonists, led by the undead Warlock Dirim. His followers include his blood elf "girlfriend" and Valley Girl Stephie Ilumvari, the orc Warrior Orgrath Axeblade, the tauren Shaman Hawkwynd Bighooves, and the troll Rogue Jin'zul.

Guy and Ellers are both massive Otaku, and often exasperate their colleagues with their incessant discussions of Anime and other forms of Nerd/Geek culture. Flayme is in a Love Triangle with Kit and Hana, often resulting in catty words exchanged between the two women. Despite their generally keeping quiet (relatively speaking), Hana and Deuce have both exposed their geekiness as well. Perhaps they've been spending too much time with Guy and Ellers?

Unfortunately, the show hit a snag in season three, when Real Life interfered, and the crew was scattered (much like their characters in that season). After a long hiatus, the show has returned after nearly four years, with a few cast changes.


You can view the series on Youtube as well as BSP's website. There is also a Remake of the series in progress with Episode 6 being the most recent release.



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