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Even the wrath of God shall not pass!

  • Absolute Duo has Tōru's Blaze manifest as a shield instead of a weapon (which most Blaze manifest as).
  • In BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense, the protagonist uses her oversized shield to protect herself from the monsters and other possible enemy players in the VRMMO she plays.
  • The Castle of Cagliostro: Zenigata's Japanese riot cops make good use of their shields.
  • Lancelot, Suzaku's mech, uses an energy shield in Code Geass. Early in the second season, Lelouch accepts Guilford's challenge to a duel, naming a riot shield as his weapon, then causes the plate they're standing on to collapse and surfs the shield down it to safety. The scene was iconic enough that the action figure of Zero's Burai comes with the riot shield in addition to its normal weapons.
  • In Delicious in Dungeon, Team Touden will often use Senshi's adamant ancestral shield turned cooking pot as one since none of them carry an actual shield of their own.
  • You wouldn't know it, but Digimon Adventure's WarGreymon's wings are actually two halves of a shield called the Brave Shield. It's used as a power up in Tamers.
    • In Digimon Adventure: (2020), WarGreymon can detach and telekinetically control the two halves of the Brave Shield, which makes their true use as a shield far more apparent.
  • Craniummon from Digimon Data Squad is very proud of his shield Avalon, which is believed to be an unbreakable defense. When the heroes manage to break it, he let them pass.
  • Gallantmon/Dukemon, Guilmon's strongest form in Digimon Tamers, holds a lance in one hand and a shield in the other...and the shield fires an enormous energy beam as part of his Finishing Move. Shield of the Just!
  • Fairy Tail: Erza's Adamantine Armor in the anime sports a huge shield capable of parrying even Wave-Motion Gun rays.
  • ''Gamaran:
    • In the original manga, Ambiguously Human Arimaru of the Muhou School Special Corps is a gigantic, muscular woman armed with a gigantic metal shield that covers her entire body and features a slit to let her poke out her sword. Not only the shield makes her impervious to most attacks, but she also fights on a sandy terrain, which allows her to rush her opponents for a Shield Bash while they're unable to outmaneuver her.
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    • The sequel, Shura, has Shakujii Hyogo, a skilled swordsman excelling in counter-attacks and armed with an unusual combo of western buckler and katana: he can either push the shield against the enemy to blind them or block their incoming attack or use his secret technique in which he delivers a sudden slash at the enemy, using the shield at the same time to block any attack.
  • Konjiki no Gash Bell!!/Zatch Bell!: Most demons have at least one shield spell in their repertoire. For the most notable ones...
    • Main protagonist Gash's spell Rashield protects against frontal attacks, also supercharging them with lightning before launching them back at the opponent.
    • Main character Tio's spells revolve around endurance; her shield attacks vary from frontal to dome-shaped to deflector with her most powerful shield being a pair of bastions that run on willpower, each about as big as the Pyramid of Giza.
    • Byonko's slime-based spells seem to be strongest when used for defense.
    • Koral Q has two shield-based spells. One turns him into a stationary robot with a deflector shield making up most of his body. The other, his most powerful spell, turns him into a robot riding a UFO and gives him mirror-like slabs as big as cars that he can control telekinetically.
  • Gundam 00:
    • Kyrios and Exia both carry shields with integrated weapons. Exia's has a gun with an attached sword blade while Kyrios's has a scissor claw built in.
    • Aside from Exia's Blade Below the Shoulder /shield combo, it also occasionally carries a regular shield in its other arm. Exia's successor 00 Gundam initially carried a shield made up of two connected GN Katars, but eschews them when he gets the 0 Raiser with its GN Field.
  • Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny have them aplenty:
    • Starting with Strike Gundam and going from there until they start introducing mobile suit portable energy shields at the end of Destiny. Infinite Justice has its cake and eats it too with the "beam carry shield", a solid shield that mounts a beam shield emitter (as well as a grappling claw and a beam boomerang that is occasionally used as a shield-mounted sword).
    • Before the Infinite Justice, the Victory 2 Gundam of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam had the Mega Beam Shield as part of its Assault armor mode.
    • The original shields were known as Anti-Beam Shields, which were shields that were coated with Laminate Armor, which many battleships used. The Impulse Gundam's shield was known as the "Mobile Shield" and all it did was expand and contract depending on which form it took up.
    • Shinn used the Impulse's shield as a weapon during his duel with Kira, throwing it at the Freedom — then firing his beam rifle at it to attack from a strange angle.
  • All of the Gundams in Gundam Wing have shields with varying levels of offensive capacity. Wing's is occasionally used as a punching weapon (and Wing Zero's has a pneumatic tip to facilitate this), Deathscythe's can function as a flying beam drill, Heavyarms' has its beam Gatlings built into it, Sandrock's has blinding lamps inside and can combine with its shotels to form a crushing claw, Shenlong's was thrown a few times, and Epyon's (as well as Spiritual Successor Tallgeese III's) mounts its heat rod. The Mercurius Mobile Suit also has one of these, having a Beam Saber shooting out in the middle of the shield.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team is particularly notable for having one of the weirdest shield designs out there. In contrast to the enormous riot shields used by most Gundams, the MS here use what appears to be a buckler with the back end of a clawhammer attached. That said, the strange design allows the bottom part (the "clawhammer") to dig into the ground and stick straight up, just high enough to double as a level for the various high-powered long range weapons. And while it is incredibly small for a Mobile Suit shield, it's big enough to protect their hover truck, which they do near the end, protecting it from a super-hot shockwave from the Apsaulus. Also, smaller shields make sense given the area of operations in the show. The thick jungle and dense urban areas all combat in this show takes place in provide decent cover, and a larger shield would make a bigger target who'd have a harder time moving around.
  • Kamichama Karin: The resident talking cat can transform into a Greek-looking shield which can reflect other people's attacks.
  • The Valkyries in the Macross franchise start to include buckler-ish shields from the VF-11 Thunderbolt onwards. They are typically reinforced by the fighters' pinpoint barrier system, and doubles as a knife sheath for the VF-25 while the VF-27's conceals a forearm blade. But these pale in comparison to the Macross Quarter, whose entire carrier deck is used as a shield in its mech mode, and in addition to reinforcing it with the pinpoint barrier it also conceals missile launcher destroids specifically for pulling off the MACUROSSU ATTACKKU!!
  • Wendi's Riding Board in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS is a Swiss Army Weapon that can be used as a surfboard with flight capabilities, a BFG with modifiable ammo, and yes, a massive, human-sized shield.
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Even though it's rarely shown, the Maxter Gundam's surfboard also doubles as a shield.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam carries a body shield. It serves as a sort of inanimate Red Shirt; we know the situation is getting serious whenever part of the shield is blown off. Eventually however, the solid shields are mostly replaced with Beam Shields, which are basically Laser Blades shaped like shield sections rather than sword blades. Crops up a lot in the alternate Gundam universes as well.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion took this to its logical extreme during the sniper battle against Ramiel, with the only thing protecting unit 01 from the angel's wave motion gun being a shield carried by unit 00 (a shield that in the TV series used to be the bottom of a space shuttle).
  • One Piece:
    • "Iron Wall" Pearl deserves a mention: he's entirely covered in shields of various size, and even uses a pair with metal studs to attack. As a result, he hasn't bleed in more than 61 fights.
    • Parodied by Franky Shogun's "General Shield" which is the proportional size of a drink coaster and Franky only bothered to pull out after his enemies' attack failed to do any damage even with a direct hit. Realizing how useless it is, he tries to throw it, also to no effect.
  • In Rave Master, the shield is one of the most used forms of Musica's Silver Necklace.
  • In Reborn! (2004), Lambo's Cambio Forma is 'Lampo's Shield', used by Vongola Primo's Lightning Guardian. Lampo's Shield also has some offensive abilities on top of its high defence.
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero 's Naofumi Iwatani was summoned as the eponymous Shield Hero into a fantasy world, along with three others (who became Heroes of the Sword, the Spear and the Bow). The twist here is that aside from the one weapon they were assigned with when summoned, the heroes are unable to use anything else. As in "trying to pick up another weapon not of their chosen Legend Weapon-type electrocutes him" and "trying to attack with fists only hurts the fists." And also sometimes electrocutes him. In return, though, as the Shield Hero, Naofumi's defenses are far and away the best of the Cardinal Heroes, to the point where he can take attacks from the other three heroes fairly easily, despite his much lower level, and survive attacks which would be fatal to most (Including attacks which would easily take down the other three heroes). The Legendary Shield is also the Legendary Weapon that gains skills the fastest.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Usui Uonuma uses a shield made from a tortoise shell, which is hard and round enough to deflect katanas. He is also found of shoving it into his opponent's faces to blind them. In the end, Saitou Hajime manages to penetrate the shield with his strongest attack, Gatotsu Zeroshiki, killing Usui.
  • Saint Seiya:
    • The Draco Cloth's shield is said to be the strongest in the world, but was broken several times by strong enough opponents. The Cygnus Cloth and a few others have shields too, but those aren't used much.
    • Among the Silver Cloths one is associated with the constellation of Scutum (shield), and of course it comes with a shield. Being higher-ranked than the Draco Bronze Cloth, the Scutum's shield is proportionally stronger.
    • The Libra Golden Cloth has six different pairs of weapons, including two shields that double as such and as projectiles since a warrior autorized to use the Libra Cloth can flail them around by their chains and handles. Seiya uses one of the shields to demolish one of Poseidon's pillars, launching it almost as if it was a mix of flail and throwing discus.
  • Heathcliff in the first story arc of Sword Art Online is one of the strongest players in the game, and by far its best tank thanks to his unique "Holy Sword" ability which allows him to use his massive tower shield as a weapon, in addition to giving him superior defense. Because of this, his health has never actually dipped below 50%. Heathcliff's usage of a shield actually allows him to beat the Dual Wielding protagonist Kirito in a duel but in reality it's because he's actually Akihiko Kayaba, the Big Bad and is using his GM abilities to godmode.
  • The Tower of Druaga seems to love shields. The main character specializes in them. In the first season he has some kind of shield which sticks a spike into the ground to stabilize itself and in the second season he gets a buckler that folds up when not in use. Also, armies of the Kingdom seem to use Phalanx-inspired tactics and often set up rows of shields. All of these shields often get enhanced by mages, becoming some kind of Deflector Shields hybrid (when you're blocking a dragon who can just step over you a normal sized shield isn't too useful), but the strength of the shield holder is always emphasized, rather than the power of the magic.
  • Tower of God's Endorsi possesses a set of flying shields that protect her very well, until she faces off against Hong Chunhwa's Narumada, which breaks them. Having lost her defense, she quickly beats him up and borrows his sword.