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  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl has a number of these, generating a Love Dodecahedron. However, the comic focuses mostly on SandyxMikexLucy, though AbbeyxDaisyxAugustus also appears, as does AbbeyxDaisyxMike].
  • A Love Triangle is the whole point of Groovy, Kinda. Nerd Larry loves The Alcoholic artist Edison Lighthouse, who likes Hot Librarian Anya Langerak, who wants Larry too, but he's not sure.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, there's the one between Bob, Jean, and Voluptua; and later between Bob, Jean, and Slick.
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  • Platinum Grit has the protagonists in a massively dysfunctional love triangle. Jeremy likes Nils but beats himself up over thinking naughty thoughts about her. Nils enjoys teasing Jeremy but is terrified at the thought of developing a real emotional attachment to anyone and is retreating into no-strings casual sex with strangers. And Kate (who may or may not have had a badly thought out same-sex relationship with Nils at some point) initially just felt pity for Jeremy, but is finding herself more and more attracted to him, but she's too embarrassed to come right out and say it. If she did, he'd almost definitely beat himself up for suddenly thinking naughty thoughts about her too.
  • In My Roommate Is an Elf, both Jacinda and Sebastian more or less start flirting with Griswold as soon as they meet him. Griswold seems more attracted to Jacinda though, but Sebastian sees it all as a competition.
  • Girl Genius has several with the main one being the one between Gil, Tarvek and Agatha.
    • Amongst the minor characters there is a love quadrilateral. Both Violetta and Snaug are interested in Moloch who in turn fancies Sanaa, who in turn possibly fancies Tarvek, thus linking the triangle and quadrilateral into a septagon.
    • There was also a love quadrilateral in the previous generation, with Bill Heterodyne, Klaus Wulfenbach, and Aaronev Sturmvoraus all in love with Lucrezia Mongfish. She wound up marrying Bill, but now Gil and Tarvek, the sons of the two unchosen suitors, are courting Lucrezia's daughter, Agatha.
  • In Sandra and Woo Sandra and her friend Larisa have both fallen in love with Cloud who seems to prefer Sandra.
  • In Nip and Tuck, Gilly overestimates his chances in one of these.
  • In Maggot Boy, Davey is in love with Sam, who loves her boss, who loves no one. Later, Davey and Carville are both competing for Sam, who still is in love with her boss.
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  • In American Barbarian, Rick is glad when he realizes this is not a possibility: the other man is Uli's brother.
  • In Blue Yonder, Kevin thinks he's in one, and that Jared is the Romantic False Lead. Lena disabuses him of the notion.
  • Homestuck has a few, complicated by the great amounts of Ship Tease and the fact that the trolls have several different kinds of romance, in each of which only they are expected to be monogamous.
    • Firstly, there's the Dave-Terezi-Karkat-Jade love square. Dave and Terezi are friends, with Dave possibly having feelings for her; Terezi and Karkat have something going on in the red quadrant but it's unclear exactly where they are; Karkat canonically gets a crush on Jade later on, who rejects him; and Jade has had a bit of Ship Tease with Dave. A later update reveals that Terezi has now separated with Karkat as matesprits, if they ever were in the first place, presumably due to a) Karkat seemed to want to be in every quadrant with Terezi and b) their relationship was continuously rocky and on-off, both of which frustrated her. Terezi now appears to be seeing Dave, but this is yet to be confirmed. Jade is now dating Davesprite, which John highly disapproves of (though not in a Crazy Jealous Guy-type manner). Upon a Cosmic Retcon and the conclusion of the story, Dave and Karkat are canonically a "thing", though it's not specified exactly what kind of "thing" (it seems to have both black and red elements, somewhere in the vicinity of Vitriolic Best Buds).
    • Secondly, there's the Kanaya-Vriska-John-Rose (and Gamzee-Tavros-Jade) dodecahedron. Kanaya canonically had a crush on Vriska, who never found out; Vriska canonically has a crush on John, who returned her feelings at first but doesn't seem to anymore; John has some Ship Tease with Rose; and there is some indication Kanaya developed a crush on Rose, though it was more likely to simply be admiration. To complicate matters, Vriska also had a..."thing" for Tavros, who didn't feel the same way, instead crushing on Jade, who also rejected him, thus bridging the two squares. And not to mention when Gamzee hit on him that one time.
    • Among the trolls there's also Eridan and Sollux both having feelings for Feferi (and Eridan having unrequited black feelings for Sollux), and both Sollux and Equius having red-ish feelings for Aradia, who seems to maintain a simple friendship with Sollux, while not interacting with Equius.
    • Finally, Jane, Dirk, and Roxy all have a thing for Jake, plus sometimes Dirk's autoresponder, and Roxy also has a bit of a crush on Dirk as well, while Jake has a crush on Aranea, who doesn't really feel the same way, though admits it's not out of the question.
    • The trolls' romance concept in general allows this (or more precise, a Type 8 relationship). Let's say Troll A is in a flushed relationship with Troll B while being in a caliginous one with Troll C. Troll B and C are "platonically" involved in a pale relationship. And there you go.
  • In No Rest for the Wicked Perrault speculates about some gallant woodsman who helped November and promised not to tell November's fiance.
  • Questionable Content:
    • The Marten-Faye-Dora triangle was seemingly resolved starting with "The Talk", when Faye told Marten that she didn't believe that she could be more than his friend due to her personal issues, freeing up Dora to pursue him. However, lingering angst and Dora's trust issues eventually torpedoed their relationship, although they eventually became Amicable Exes.
    • Marten, Padma and Elliott have a very short-lived triangle as well.
    • Elliott seems to be headed this direction again. He's admitted to attractions to both Brun and Clinton. Clinton's made remarks hinting at attraction to Elliott, but seems to also have some interest in Brun. Brun's feelings toward either Clinton or Elliott have not been stated yet. For bonus complication, Brun's friend Renee is also attracted to co-worker Elliott, who apparently does not reciprocate in this case, but still considers her a friend.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: At Seren's suggestion, Ran and Shizuki decide to resolve their rivalry over Tamaryu by having Shizuki become Tamaryu's wife, Tamaryu become Ran's wife, and Ran become Shizuki's wife. Tamaryu immediately mauls Seren and runs off.
  • College Roomies from Hell!!!:
    • Mike/Marsha/April is a pretty basic one, in that Mike and Marsha are deeply in love and April just trying to get in the way because she's crazy (and possibly being influenced by Satan). ...okay, maybe not that basic.
    • Dave/Margaret/Blue is all over the map. First, Dave was just Margaret's stalker. Then Blue (Mike's sister) came to visit, fell for Dave, and started stalking him a little bit. Dave and Margaret slept together to save Dave's life (though he didn't realize it until after) because she does love him, just not romantically. Then Dave and Blue slept together to help make him feel better, and around and around it goes. Mike points out that eventually Dave is going to have to choose between the two, and it's not as easy as Betty and Veronica (the friendly and understanding Blue is the Betty and the crazy survivalist Margaret is the Veronica). If Dave chooses Margaret, he will have to deal with Satan. If he chooses Blue, he will have to deal with Blue's mother. And, in all seriousness, no one knows which is worse. In the end Dave eventually chooses Blue, after having a long talk with Margaret and realizing he's just obsessed with her.
  • Tripp: Tripp, Coco and Proxy.
  • General Protection Fault has the (in)famous Ki-Nick-Trudy triangle, though for Trudy it was both to 'harass Ki' and later to 'Get a hold of Nicks inventor gene'. Even after the sojourn to a parallel dimension where Trudy was left behind this triangle kept simmering because in fact the parallel Trudy managed to get the original Trudy to return and when Ki disappeared for a while, Trudy tried grabbing Nick for herself again.


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